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Betrayed trust batch 3

💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷Rich@rd is in prison😭
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 9
“U have to apologize to him tomorrow pls” the pastor’s wife urged me, I nodded to aviod much argument but deep inside me I know that i will never do such and not even regretting my actions.
The next day, I came back from school and met pastor and his wife in agitatve mood.
“What is going on and why are u people looking so worried?” I asked as dropped my hand bag, pastor’s wife collected Chinaza from my hand still looking so weired.
“Doctor Rich@rd was arrested this morning” the pastor broke the news.
“For what? What did he do?”I asked so agitated.
“He is not only arrested oh, he was arrested and now in prison as we are talking with u here”the wife added with tears.
“U never answered my question, what did he do?”I asked again.
“He mistakenly injected wrong medicine to a patient and the person went into coma, the woman’s relatives arrested doctor Rich@rd for the incident”the pastor explained.
“We are just waiting for u to come back so we can go and check on him there”the wife said.
We went to the police station that evening and was giving 5minutes to talk with Rich@rd at the counter.
Just a day he has stayed in the police custody but he is already looking so shabby.
We met with the police officers who told us that he will remain in the prison till the woman recovers but if the woman dies he will be s£ntence to life imprisonment and his hospital will be sealed.
The hospital doctor Rich@rd was working in is his inheritance from his father since he is the only child of his parents as the pastor and his wife told me. Lossing the hospital will not only cause harm to him but to his family that was why he never wanna tell his parents about his arrest.
I continued visiting him after school just to make pastor and his wife happy. My problem remain that I never love Rich@rd but he never smile seeing me in that prison. He always takes food I brought to him and went back with tears.
Am doing all these not because i love or even like u, am doing it to respect the pastor and his wife.
After 6days Rich@rd has been in the prison, the relative of the victim made their final decision.
They said that Rich@rd must treat the woman till she regain consciousness again and if she dies Rich@rd will go for life imprisonment.

“Do u know that the woman might die on the process of treating her because she is already old?
This is a very big risk”doctor Rich@rd said as we disclose the condition given by those arrestors.
“I know but God can do it, it still baffles me that u made such mistakes and it will equally shock them when they will hear that the patient has regained conscious” the pastor advised him.
He took up the challenge and decided to take the risk, we spent three days fasting and prayer waiting for the woman’s recovering.
I came back from school after three days and met the pastor’s wife dancing round the house happily.
“What is happening here?”I asked her.
“God is really great! Rich@rd has been free, the woman has regained conscious this morning and am here dancing for God who did it for Rich@rd”she said and continued her dancing.
“Wow! This is miracle indeed! Am happy for him”I said sincerely.
“U have to go and change because u are taking this food I made for him to his hospital now pls. Don’t forget to ask him for forgiveness of how u talked to him that day”she said and I nodded positively and went inside my room.
I got to the hospital and pres£nted the food to Rich@rd and began my apologies just as the pastor’s wife directed me.
“Am really sorry for what happened last time doctor, I wouldn’t have talk to u like that but i was hurt badly because of love and i don’t think that i can love again pls” I apologised but he frowned his face.
“U are sorry when I almost lost a life in my hospital just because of u? U are sorry when i almost lost my hospital which is my only inheritance because of u? What are u sorry for Debby?”He kept asking but i didn’t get it.
“What do u mean by ‘because of me’?”I asked confusely.
“Since I lost my wife (Deborah) during child birth, I never loved nor wished to love again.
I developed intimacy from the first day I set my eyes on u. U insulted me more than I ever expect from anyone. I got to the hospital and they brought the woman in the emergency ward, I wasn’t myself and i misused the medicine made for her with another one and that was how the woman became unconscious” he explained with tears.
“Hmmm, am sorry for ur wife and sorry for this recent incident but am not ready to love anyone pls”I said and stood up to leave but he held me.
I stayed and glanced through his teary eyes and felt some pity.
“Am sorry for being the cause of ur…..”

I glanced through his teary eyes and felt some pity.
“Am sorry for being the cause of ur pains, I never dreamed to pay ur back with…..” I was still talking when he hugged me so tight and heaved a sigh of relieve.
“I love u Debby and it get why pls” he said with much sincerity.
“Thanks, I have to take my leave now before my child start looking for me” I said as an excuse to leave and he agreed.
Chinaza has grown into a beautiful child, she is now 3years and was already in primary 2 cl@ss and was doing so great.
Doctor Rich@rd never stopped buying something for her and me. It was Chinaza’s 3years birthday, after the indoor celebration Rich@rd took me out to drink.
We spent much time and went to a lonely garden, just me and him.
“I once had a sister called Sarah”he said with a low tune.
“What happened to her?”I asked with much attentiveness.
“She was raped when she was eighteen years by two guys and got pregnant on the process.
My parents was so ashamed of keeping her with the pregnancy because of the shame she may bring to our family. My father and mother conspired and decidedto abort the pregnancy. It was on the process of the abortion that Sarah died😭”he explained with much pain.
Gosh! What pain? The most foolish thing a lady can do is the risk of abortion, even when the person responsible for the pregnancy denies it, keep the child u don’t have anyone’s life in ur hands.
Abortion is not the best alternative of retaining uryouthful age, it’s a curse and one of the most sinful act that cries to God with pain.
“So sorry, pls forget about it baby” I consoled him.
“I tried getting the pain over me but it was so h@rd for me to do so, Deborah was my childhood friend then and she never stayed away from me. She advises me to be strong, it was during the pain and the mourning that I pregnanted Deborah. My parents did all the marriage rite and we wedded legally. During delivery, she p@ssed out with the child and i decided to remain single for the rest of my life till that day I set my eyes on u Debby” he said with much pain.
Gosh! What a tragic departure?
May we never witness any untimely death in our families🙏
“Am sorry hunie” I said and klzzed his l!ps seductively.
“I never thought that i can love again till I met u Debby, I am here with this sign asking, will u marry me Debby?” He asked with a golden ring in his hand.
I felt a butterflies…….
Episode 12
I felt butterflies in my stomach as he klzzed me back p@ssionately.
“I love u Rich@rd” I confessed and he chuckled.
“Are u for real Debby?” He asked.
“No, am joking mama’s boy” I said playful and he chased me round the garden till we became tired.
We went home so tired, the pastor’s wife noticed the joy in my heart, I explained everything that happened to her and showed her the ring in my f!ng£r.
I was in Rich@rd’s place, his dad and mum were waiting to hear from him first.
“Dad and mum, meet Debby the woman that has stolen my heart” Rich@rd said to his parents and i felt shy.
Chinaza was already in his mum’s laps without minding whom she is.
“That’s nice to hear, My daughter, how are u doing and how do u meet our son?”the father asked.
“Nice to meet u dad and mum, my name is Debby and i met Rich@rd in…..”I was still talking when Rich@rd interupted.
“I met her in my hospital and she has been good to me since then dad” Rich@rd explained further.
They welcomed me warmly and i felt like staying there forever.
“Pls Debby, I want to advise u my daughter, my son Rich@rd has witnessed many heartbreaks and he is looking forward to meet someone that will mend his broken hearted and am sure that u can do it” the wife explained.
“I have told her everything and am interested because we almost has the same story” Rich@rd said.
“Really? That’s good to go my children. Can I give u my blessings?”He said and we knelt before him and received the blessing.
“Amen!!” We said curiously.
“Let me take her home before the pastor start calling, I don’t need his problems pls” Rich@rd said and we all bursted in laughter.
We wanted to leave but Chinaza refused to go with us demanding that she wanna stay with Rich@rd’s parents.
“Pls leave her with us at least for a week” they requested but i insisted that I must let the pastor and his wife decided before allowing her.
I called the pastor and his wife and they concurred immediately but spoke with her to be sure that she is comfortable with them.
This child won’t kill me.
Chinaza spent a week with them and still insisted to stay there.
“Let her be since the school has not resumed nah. My parents need someone that will be keeping them company since no child is left in the family”Rich@rd demanded and i had no option than to agree since Chinaza was enjoying her staying there.
She later started school there


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