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Betrayed trust batch 1

💔Betrayed trust🙆
🌷The heartbreak💔
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 1
My name is Deborah but many people calls me sister Debby because of the family I come from. We fear God and does all His will as our power could reach.
This is my story, my parents suffered childlessness for fifteen years before they got me, am their only child. My father and mother were a devoted Christians, the pastor knew them so much because the participate in every activities in the church.
Eight years after my birth, my parents had an accident and died.
I became an orphan, my uncle (Sam) came and took me along with him and his family.
Sam’s wife Sarah hates me for nothing, she turned me to her slave and never allow me to rest in the house which my parents built.
I became a slave in my own house, they withdrawn me from my school and put me in government school, I was hurt about that at initial time but got used to it as time goes on.
Their children hated me for no reason, they threw me out of my room and drove me to the boysquatre.
The house chores was so difficult to me at the beginning but within 3months, it became part of my body.
One afternoon after my BBCE, I was in the house when uncle Sam came back from work so early unlike him.
He ordered me to make jeloff rice for him, cooking is the least work I was doing there, I finished the cooking at a twinkle of an eye and served him the food in his room as he instructed.
“Stay here and watch me as i eat”he said and I sat down watching him.
After eating as i came to collect the plates, he held my hand so tight.
“What have I done?”I asked shivering.
He held me so tight and started pressing my small b—bs roughly.
I tried escaping but he held me so tight, “Okay, now remove the clothes urself else I will tire all of them!”he yelled and s£nt shiver all my body.
He stripped me n@k£d and pushed me to the bed with great force, I noticed that I can’t escape him easily.
“Excuse let me help u, u will enjoy me more if we start this with klzzing and romance”I said as I remembered what our biology mistress taught us on how to aviod rape.
He smiled and klzzed me from my l!ps down to my p—-sy, he stood up with his h@rd d—ck gallantly standing firmly.
I had no chioce than to take the risk, I kicked his scrotum so h@rd and he fell on the floor gnashing his teeth in pain, I tight my n@k£dness with the wrapper there and ran out.
I ran to my pastor’s house and his wife was so surprised to see me after many years.


The pastor’s wife was very surprised in seeing me, I just explained everything to her and she was disappointed.
“Anyway, I have discussed with my husband about what U told me in the afternoon and we have agreed that u should be living with us”the pastor’s wife announced that night as were eat and i was more than excited in here that.
Pastor Dayo is a very nice man and a very good friend of my late father, him and his wife had only one child Rechael.
Living with them revived my damped spirit once more but the problem was that Rachael never liked me.
Am not blaming her, as the only daughter she thought that am coming to take the love her parents has for her but that was very far from what I wanted.
I am the same age with Rachael, am more beautiful than her but she is the most brilliant girl I have ever seen. We (Me and Rachael) never walked in the same way, she always yells on me as a maid which I was.
Pastor Dayo always encourage me in my studies, he enrolled me in the same school his daughter was attending too and i became a happy person again.
Richael was in science cl@ss while I was in art cl@ss, we studied so h@rd when pastor Dayo promised to surprise us if we makes our WAEC.
As God had it, we all made the WAEC and obtained admission in the same university (University of Jos).
Pastor Dayo and his wife remain my one and only hope, they rented two apartments for us so that we will not have any misunderstanding.
I kept on worshipping and praying to God so that i will become a teacher after graduating, I want to be teaching so that i will have time to be telling my stories.
I joined prayer group in the campus and they made me the choir mistress because singing is one of the best thing I can do without hesitating.
One night, I received call from the pastor demanding that we should come home for the short vacation, I wanted to ascertain what the problems was but he insisted that we should come home first.
We went home the next day and they were very happy to see us home.
During dinner that night, pastor Dayo announced that a man asked my hands in marriage.
“Do u mean Raphael the chaplain master, the handsome guy?”Rachael asked.
“Look dad, am not ready to date and perhaps, I don’t like him”I said they continued persuading me to pray over it.
I can’t doubt pastor’s word nor his wife’s, I agreed and it worked for me….

/> Episode 3

…..I couldn’t remember whom Raphael was.
“…and who is Raphael?”Rechael asked with concern.
“He is the chaplain master in ur school….”
“U mean the handsome and intelligent Raphael I know?”She asked again and her mum nodded, “Wow!! This is so interesting” she added.
“Am sorry ma, sorry sir, I can’t date anyone now, I don’t even like the man”I said.
“C’mon Debby, u are a Christian, why can’t u pray over it, ask God to direct u pls”pastor said and I nodded sluggishly.
We spent nice time with pastor and his wife before we went back to school, I prayed as pastor told me.
Raphael started coming closer to me and I started loving him.
Raphael is a very handsome guy, the choice of every women in the campus, maybe he was attracted by my beauty.
He is a very devoted christian, we started developing an intimacy in ourselves that I can’t eat without hearing from him.
Raphael never let me down, he always support me all the time with all he can to make me happy, I told him that I was still a v!rg!n and he became more in love with me.
He encouraged me to keep the v!rg!nity till our wedding night and i was so surprised to hear such from a man.
****** ****
I was in my 299level, I was still in a good term with Raphael, Rachael comes around me now unlike before, we dines and gists together with Raphael anytime he come in our hostel.
Pastor and his wife was so happy for my relationship with Raphael and i wasn’t excluded in the joy.
One day, Raphael took me and Rachael for outing, I wasn’t good in such, I pressured him till he brings us back to the hostel, we spent time in my room before he left with Rachael.
That night, there was no power, the weather was so hot that I felt like melting in my room.
Since I was living alone, I removed all my clothes and slept n@k£d on my bed spreading my two legs for the little breeze that were penetrating since I have looked everywhere.
I was deep asleep when I felt a touch on my laps. I slowly opened my eyes and behold three guys were there with me starring at my n@k£dness.
“God!!! What are u doing here and how did u get in here?”I asked trying to cover myself but they held me.
“Good question, we are here for U and nothing more” the leader answered.
I begged them that I was a v!rg!n but they refused.
“How I wish that we can let u be but we have been paid off already” he said and forced his manhood in my tight p—-sy mercilessly.

Episode 4

I tried begging them that am a v!rg!n and i haven’t done this before but they didn’t gave any listening ear to my pleadings.
The leader forcefully inserted his r—d in my tight p—sy and i felt a pain I never feel before.
He gave no damn care to my cries, he dealt with me till he ¢vmmed and stood up p@nting.
I thought that it was done but the second person climbed me and continued f—-ing me too.
They all had s£× with me and i couldn’t help myself but to curse them that it won’t be well with them in this world.
The next day, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t stand from my bed, I starred at my bedsheet that was soaked with blood and i wept more.
I burnt the bedsheet because leaving it in my room will be reminding me of the incident always.
I didn’t have morning lecture that day, I took my time in cleaning myself before going to afternoon lecture. I came to the lecture hall and met my friend Sarah crying bitterly.
I tried asking her what was the problem but she showed me her phone.
My heart skipped as i saw a video of me and that rapists.
“So he vidoed this?”I said with tears.
“Where did u get this?”I asked her in tears.
“It’s everywhere in this campus and the talk of this school”she said and bet down in disbelief.
“Did u do this?”She asked again.
“I was raped last night, they were three and i can’t overpower them”I explained to Sarah.
She was still with me when my phone rang and it was pastor Dayo.
“Thanks for paying me back with evil but am giving u 24hours to leave the apartment. U may find how to pay ur feels again”he blasted and hung the call.
I couldn’t defend myself, nobody believed me.
I left the lecture hall and went to my hostel, I met Rachael waiting for me at my door post.
“Now I see why u kept pretending that u are a v!rg!n, so u have been fooling Raphael since?”She said.
“No, I was….I”
“Spare me that! ! U whore!! U are trying to blackmail my family because we are trying to help u?”She interupted me.
I tried calling her back but she left me, I laid on my bed with tears streaming down my eyes.
I received call from Raphael that he is outside and i met him there.
“So u are not what u claimed? Am disappointed in u”he said and left.
“Baby!😭 are u leaving me too in this situation?”I cried but he didn’t gave a damn care.
I became a being of my own, even Raphael who claimed to love me left me in darkness.
I made crying my best friend.


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