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Best friend episode 17 & 18

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 17 ✌️✌️✌️
“Why did you bring her looking like that?”Stella yelled at me
After every one had seen Alexia,Stella had pulled me off to her father study to talk with me.
“I pitied her”I replied
“This is not how we plan to take our revenge Dave”She said
“I know”
“Then what the hell are you doing ?”
“She likes him”I said
“Likes who?”
“She likes Nick or better yet, She is in love with him and that’s a upper hand for us”I replied
“That girl really is some thing, Does she think a guy like Nick can like her”Stella asked
“Knowing Nick,I doubt if he would ever see her as more than a friend,So your job here is to make sure Nick becomes yours”
“I already have that up for my sleeve but you? Isn’t it worst knowing that that girl is in love with Nick”
“I know and that’s why am pretending to help her but what you are going to do tonight will shatter her and that will make her open up to me”
“I like that! She will really be a mess when she sees what I have in store for the party”
“I just hope that you do it right”
“And I hope that you will do it right too,I don’t want you falling for her and ruining the whole plan” She said
“When it comes to keeping my promise,You can trust me”I said and she gave me a smile before leaving the room
Why do I think that I wouldn’t be able to keep this promise? I thought as I let my troubling thoughts out
This deal with Stella had been going on well until today,Why did I feel my heart beating fast when I saw her in the boutique,Why did I feel proud when I walked into the party with her
When I told Stella that it was just pity I felt why did I feel that I just said a lie.
I went out of the study and back into the party and the first thing I saw was Alexia in Nick arms and they were dancing
I felt very angry seeing her in Nick arms and I knew then and there that whatever I felt for Alexia is some thing very very strong.
Have never once been the centre of attraction but being one today made me feel happy
This is the feeling Stella always feel whenever a lot of guys stare at her,Being the spot light for once made it all feel like magic
A magic I knew for sure would be broken but it doesn’t matter right!
Tonight will only be the night I get to look this pretty, So why not enjoy myself.
I was wondering where Dave could be when suddenly some one held my hand
I turned and saw Nick behind me,Ever since I came in with Dave,He has been doing his best to avoid me or was it justy imagination,I thought.
“Let’s dance” He said and before I could pull away,He drew me to the dance floor and at that same time the music change to a slow beautiful song
Nick pulled me into his arms and at first i was surprised by the contact with his body but gradually I began to let go and just be in his arms
He didn’t say anything but I knew that he wanted to say some thing, It was why he brought me to the dance floor
“Say what ever you have to say”I said to him
“You know me really well,don’t you?”He asked being caught that he only wanted to ask me a question
“Why? Why did you have to do all this with Dave?”He asked
To make you see me? To make you jealous and to make you fall for me, Those are the answers I would have like to give but I stopped myself
“Because I had no dress for the party and he took me to a boutique and they made me look pretty”I replied
“Is some thing going on between you and Dave?” He asked
“Of course not! Where did you get that idea”
“Because you refused to come to the party but when he asked, You said yes and was here with him”
“Believe me when I say this Nick,There is nothing going on between Dave and I”I assured him
“That’s good to hear”He replied
“Why is it good to hear?”I asked
“Dave is nothing but a trouble some guy and he hates me,Knowing that you are some one I care for,He might be getting close to you just to get back at me”He said
“So You are saying Dave only got close to me because he hates you”I asked getting pissed already
“Yes,So just…….”
“Let go of me Nick”I said
“I said you should let me go,I don’t feel like dancing”I said and he let me go
“You really know how to ruin some one self esteem”I said and left him standing there.
He thinks that Dave is only around me because he hates him!
Can’t Dave think of me as some one attractive and follow me around for it.
I went along with Dave idea just to get Nick to notice me but the only thing he noticed was that No one could like me because he has it in his darn head that there they are only getting close to me because of his popularity
I was heading outside when I felt some one pull my hand,I turned and saw Dave behind me
“Where are you going?”he asked
“Home,I want to leave”I said
“But why? What happened?” He asked starring down at me
“It’s nothing,I just want to leave”I said
“But we can’t,At least not yet,The party is about to end, So why not just stay”He said
“Ladies and gentlemen, I know you all have been wondering why I had this party,Well your questions is about to be answered”Stella said as she stood on the podium taking every one attention,Even mine
“First of all I would like Nick to join me up here” She said and I knew that whatever she was going to say,I wouldn’t like it at all.
I saw Nick going towards her and I felt hurt seeing him.
A lady walked towards them holding a box ,Stella smiled and pulled out a necklace, one had a heart engraved on it and the other had a key engraved on it
“If you would come close Please”She said to Nick who moved towards her
She then put the necklace around his neck and asked him to do the same for her.
“What’s really happening Stella,Are you proposing or what?”Some one asked from the crowd
“Do you remember the question you asked me not long ago” She asked and he nodded
“Well this is my response Nick, I will be your girlfriend” she said and while everyone cheered for them
I stood starring at them,Feeling so shattered and with my heart broken
“The necklace I gave to you is some thing dear to me Nick,You have the key to my heart because I love you so very much”She said again and I felt the tears threatening to come
“Say some thing Nick,Our Angel is proposing,Give her a reply”A girl yelled amongst the crowd and i knew what his answer would be even before he replied
“For me too,It’s a Yes,I accept your heart “He replied and the tears fell from my eyes unwillingly.
I didn’t notice that Dave was starring at me.
“Kiss her,kiss her,Kiss her” The audience yelled and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to bear it if he kissed her
They moved close and their lips was about to touch when suddenly Dave pulled to me to him,Hugging me tight……..
“Don’t look at it”He whispered holding unto me and I held him back and slowly the tears fell from my eyes……..

I held onto Dave as the audience Kept on shouting that they should kiss each other
I looked up at Dave who still held me in his arms
“Please take me away from here”I said and he did as I said
Putting his arms around me,He walked me out of the party,To his car and while he came to seat down beside me I didn’t dare look at him,It was much more easier when I was in his arms but now,I can’t cry, I can’t let him see how Nick is hurting me.
I was deep In thought and didn’t notice that Dave was not taking me home but instead he was taking me somewhere else.
It was until the car stopped that I noticed we were in front of a studio
“Why are we here?”I asked still not starring at him
“Come with me”He said as he got out of the car
I wiped the tears off my face and got out of the car.
He had brought me to a boxing gym, But why? I thought starring at him
“Why are we here?”I asked
“Come with me”He said and pulled me in.
While we were going in,He turned on the lights
“Dave,I think we should leave,No one is here and the owner might think we are thieves”I said
“That won’t happen because am the owner,now come with me”He said and pulled me to where a punching bag was
“Now Alexia I want you to hit it”
“Dave am really not in the mood to do this”I said
“But you have to,Think that this is Nick standing in front of you,Whatever you want to say or do to Nick right now,Do it on this, let out some of your anger”Dave said.
I thought about it for a while and began to hit the bag,Gently at first but more aggressively.
“I hate you,I hate you for doing this to me Nick”I said hitting the bag continuously
“I hate you so much”I said as I stopped punching the bag, I knelt on the floor and began to cry.
Dave came to me,Wrapping his arms around me
“Why Dave? Why can’t he see that I love him? For years I waited for his return and I thought that when he arrived he might see me differently but still he didn’t and I don’t know how to stop myself from loving him Dave! I don’t know how”I said crying
“There are things we just have to stop no matter what”He said still holding me in his arms
“But I can’t stop it Dave,I tried,I really tried but I can’t stop loving Nick”I said as I kept on crying .
When I had stopped crying and could cry no more,Dave released his hold on me and starred at me
“Am sorry,Have been such a cry baby right? I even ruined the pretty dress and make up”I said as I cleaned the tears on my face.
“You still look beautiful to me”He said suddenly and I stared at him
He stood up and went to sit at where a piano had been placed
I hadn’t even noticed it,I thought starring at him
He began to play the piano,the song he played was a well known song and it was also a song I like so much,I found myself relaxing and enjoying it
He stopped and starred at me “come and sit beside me”He said and I went to seat beside him
“Now try playing”
“But I don’t know how”I said
“Just try”He said and I did as I was told hitting the wrong chord and making it sound some how
I smiled as I did another,bringing out a terrible sound,I laughed and began to touch the wrong chord all together and Dave didn’t bother to stop me.
“That’s it,You look more beautiful when you laugh”He said and I stared at him
For a while I had totally forgot about Nick and Stella but seeing Dave brought me back to reality
“I think it’s better I leave now”I said getting up
“Want me to help you get Nick to fall for you?” He asked suddenly
“You heard me Alexia,Nick is fool and if we don’t push him to see what’s in front of him ,He would never notice” He said and i thought about what he said for a while
Is there still hope of getting Nick for myself? I thought
“There is Alexia,You can still win the heart of the guy you love”Dave said as if reading my mind
“Why are you offering to help me Dave”I asked
“I don’t know,Maybe I hate seeing you cry”He said
“I don’t really think it’s a good idea Dave”
“It is a good idea,Let’s make Nick get so jealous that he starts seeing you as more than a friend”
“Dave this is a crazy plan”I said
“But it’s some thing we can try” he said
“Just say yes and leave it all to me,I promise you that Nick will fall within a week”He said so sure of himself
“Dave I……”
“Shhhhhh……let me take you back home,Think about my offer and give me your answer tomorrow”He said closing the topic.
As soon as he stopped in front of Nick house,I bid him good bye and went in.
I was heading to the maid quaters when I saw Nick in the garden waiting for some one ,Could it be me? I thought.
I was about going to meet him when his phone rang and judging from the expression on his face I knew it was his new girlfriend.
“Hey babe,I just got back home a while ago”He said
“I know,I will always keep it on,it’s some thing I treasure most in this world”He said
“The necklace on my neck?”
“It’s some thing I bought for myself and Alexia”He said
“I can’t really do that Stella,I know but it’s just a necklace without any real meaning,It doesn’t matter if I keep it on or not”He said and I felt so sad and angry
“Fine, if you want that,I will do it”He said and I knew what he wanted to do for her.
“Good night”He said and cut the call.
He sighed before walking into the house.
Whatever he choose to do will determine my answer to Dave tomorrow.
I went to my room and found mom sleeping already.
I changed my clothes,Got rid of the make up and if possible I wish I can forget this night ever happened
The next day I was up early,I got dressed for school and while I stood in front of the mirror putting on my glass,I saw that I wasn’t attractive.
Those girls were right in calling me ugly and that was why Nick never noticed me.
I removed my glass and replaced it with the contact lens and then I put a bit of make up on my face.
I looked like the girl I was last night,Smiling at my self I left the room and went to the kitchen first to tell my mom good bye.
“Good morning mom”I said
“Morning my ……..Is this really you ?”She asked starring at me.
“Of course it is her nanny”Nick walked into the kitchen welding his authority as always.
He looked so handsome,I thought as I stared at him
“My God! Who made you do this”My mom asked
“No one,I just went to a party last night and I…..”
“She is lying,Ever since she became friends with this Guy called Dave,She has been acting pretty reckless”He said as he took an apple to eat
“Shut up Nick”I said throwing the table napkin at him
“But it’s the truth”He said smiling
“This Dave! Who is he?”She asked
“A friend mom,Don’t pay attention to Nick”I said
“So he is the one who convinced you to put on make up” She asked
“No mom,He didnt and oh look at the time,I will be late for school,have got to leave”I said as I began to walk off
“Alexandra come back here, We havent finished talking”My mom yelled but I didn’t wait,instead I ran out of the house.
I was about getting to the gate when Nick caught up with me
“There was no need bringing up Dave”I said
“I had to,You won’t listen to me,Dave is a bad influence on you, See he even made you put on make up”
“What’s wrong about putting on make up,A lot of girls do it right? Even your new girlfriend does it,What’s so wrong about me doing it?”I asked
“Because it doesn’t suit you Alexia Infact you look more uglier on make up, You like some cheap whore” He said now looking angry
“A cheap whore?”I asked feeling so very hurt.
I had put this on wanting him to see me differently,To see my worth and beauty but it seems like I was wrong.
“I….I didn’t mean to call you that,Am sorry”He said
I was about answering him when I looked at his neck,The necklace with my name on it was gone,The only one there was the one Stella had given him last night.
So he had chosen love over friendship,He had thrown away our bond because she asked him to,The tears threatened to pour but I held it back
“Alexia am sorry,I……”
“Don’t touch me”I said hitting his hand away
“Okay I won’t touch you but you have…….”
“Just go to hell”I said and walked out of the gate, pass his waiting car and towards the bus station.
To try to make Nick fall for me will be some thing stupid,No matter what I would never be anything to him.
Its best that I forget him,As of today,I will stop loving you Nick,I thought as I wiped the tears away.
Poor Alexia 😢😢😢


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