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Best friend episode 11 & 12

(Have been in love with him 🧑but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 11✌️✌️✌️
“What do you say,Should he know the truth? “Dave asked starring down at me
I looked at Nick who was now looking at us,If Dave tell Nick then certainly he would not want to be friends with me,He wouldn’t even want to be close to me and I don’t want that
I would rather have him not knowing the truth than to lose his friendship
I starred back at Dave who was starring at Nick too
The jerk,He would certainly tell Nick and I can’t let that happen
Taking hold of his hand, I began to run and having no option he followed
“Hey Alexia,What are you do…..”
“Just keep on running”I said and he did
When I was sure that we were far from Nick and everyone,I stopped and let go of his hand
“What was that all about?”He asked as he breathe in heavily
“Nick must never find out,He mustn’t know that I like him,I won’t let you tell him that”I said looking at him angrily
“Wow,So fierce! I like that” he said smiling
“Just tell me what you want in exchange for keeping quiet”
” What I want?”He asked suddenly looking serious
“Yes,What the hell do you want?”I asked fed up already
He began to walk towards me and I moved back
“You really want to know what I want”He asked still looking serious
“Y….yes” I replied feeling nervous already
He kept on coming until I felt the wall behind me
I would have move if he hadn’t put his hand on the wall
“You really want to know?”
“W…..why are you behaving this way,Tell me what you want me to do and stop……”
“You will be My school maid”He said cutting off my s£ntence
“Your what?”
“My school maid! You will answer to every of my needs no matter the time and place, If you accept my l!ps are sealed and if not I will just have to tell Nick ”
“This is crazy? You don’t really mean it right? “I asked
“I mean every single thing I say,So tell me? What will be your answer?”he asked smiling at me
“Fine,I accept to be your……your…your school maid”I said closing my eyes
“That’s a very good girl,Common SM let’s go to cl@ss,The way we took off earlier people will think we are in some kind of relationship ” He said
“They wouldn’t and by the way what the hell is SM?”I asked
“School maid,I just made that up,Isn’t it nice”
“Nice my foot”I said and began to walk off
“Hey SM wait,I said Wait”he kept on saying behind me but I never replied
Later that day,We were in cl@ss studying literature
Nick was sitted beside me and he didn’t say anything
Could he be angry that I still went ahead to talk to Dave
I got a m@ssage on my phone and I stared at it
“This literature cl@ss is really boring me,get me some water,Am dying of thirst,my SM” knowing who the message was from,I starred at Dave who was at the front
He turned and gave me a smile, At first I didn’t want to go but I remember that he had my secret with him and I stood
Making the teacher and other student stare at me
“What’s wrong?”the teacher asked
“I…. I need to do something urgently sir, it’s really urgent sir”I said holding my stomach
“Fine go”He said and quickly I ran off to get Dave his water
I came back with a bottle water and went straight to him, I put it in front of him and then I went back to my seat
I knew Nick was starring at me but I pretended not to see his questioning gaze
As soon as the literature left the cl@ss,I turned to Nick to ask him something but when I saw the look on his face,I stopped
“I told you to stay away from Dave right?”He asked
“I really want to but I…..”
“Whatever,It’s your life,Not mine,Have already warn you as a friend should”He said and just then the bell was rung as soon as the teacher gave us his @ssignment and left,Everyone stood up to leave for the next cl@ss
Nick too stood up after receiving a message from Someone,No doubt Stella.
“Have already warn you as a friend should” once again he had address me as his friend, Where the hell did he put the BEST in the s£ntence
All this started yesterday and some how I feel that Nick and I are drifting apart slowly………..
Chapter 12✌️✌️✌️
“Common,let’s go to the hall quickly or we will be late for cl@ss” Jessica said as she pulled my hand
“Common, We are not even late yet, So what’s the rush?”Mary said as she walked behind us slowly
“That’s so easy for you say, After all you are part of the brightest kid in our school, If you get to cl@ss late, The teacher wouldnt scold you while us the dullard get scold in return” Jessica said
“So your saying the both of you are Dullards” Mary asked
“Am not that bright like you but I don’t see myself as a Dullard” I said starring at Jessica and we all laughed
Its been a week, A week since I started success high and I would say that things have been going well.
In just a week have made friends, Jessica and Mary, The pretty girls of success high, Well one is pretty and smart while the other is pretty and dumb.
They’ve been a great friend, guiding me through all the cl@ss and also telling me the things I need to do for a particular cl@ss
I always thought that Nick would be the only friend and companion I have here but it turns out that he is busy too making friends of his own.
Ever since the day in cl@ss, Nick h@rdly treats me like his friend
He doesn’t have time for me again all he thinks and talk about is Stella.
The both of them have been very close and though we still go home together, Sit down beside each other in cl@ss and talk about unnecessary things, I think that we are drifting apart
We h@rdly attend the same cl@ss again and that saddens me a lot
I thought that my being here with him would get me close to him but it turns out that we are drifting apart, The only consolation I have in all this is that Stella have not accepted him yet
He keeps on telling me how Stella avoids talking about dating him and that he would prefer for her to just say yes
As long as Stella keeps on refusing him, I can be @ssured that Nick will always be single and that he would still consider me his friend
Though am sure that Stella have tried to stop him from being friends with me but knowing how faith ful Nick is am sure that he wouldn’t give in
“You really should change your look Alexia, The way you smiled now just light up your face, Am sure that with the necessary stuff you would be as pretty as THE ANGEL ” Jessica said as we all washed out hand in the sink of the girls toilet
THE ANGEL was a Nick name given to Stella because of her beauty and the kind way she behaves, If only they knew her like I do, I thought
“Stop messing with me Jessica, You know am not beautiful” I said setting my reading gl@sses well on my face
“Yes you are beautiful,The only thing you lack is a change of appearance” Mary chipped in
“You too Mary?” I said already knowing where their conversation is leading to
“With the right make up, You will be perfect, A beauty, Much prettier than that Stella, Ever since everyone gave her Nick name she has been acting like an angel” Jessica said as she used the tissue to dry her hands
“Well she is considered the number one beauty of our set, A lot of guys fall for her and that’s why they gave her that Nick name, if she is so proud of the Nick name, we shouldn’t blame her, The only one we should blame are those guys that call her that” Mary added
“Back biting some one behind their back is something not good at all” someone said behind us and we turned to find Stella and her minions behind us
“Is it a crime to be pretty or is it just jealousy that is eating you three up” Another of her minions said
“We aren’t jealous at all”Jessica retorted angrily
“Then why talk about Stella? You must be jealous because you three are so ugly” Another said
“Look who is calling who ugly” Mary said
“Seems like these three are asking for trouble” the first minion said now looking angry
“No,No fight please” Stella said as she stared at me
“But Stella!”
“Not everyone will like you summer, There will always be people who hate you amongst those who love you and they are part of those that hate me and there is really no big deal there, Am used to those who hate me” Stella said only starring at me
“Bitches!”one of her minions called us
“What did you just say? ” Jessica said angrily
“Its no use Jessy, let’s just go” I said
“Alexia is right Jessy, They are not worth our time” Mary said walking out
Jessica followed suit and I was about leaving when Stella pulled me by my arm
“Put a tight leash on those friends of yours, I might not be able to do anything next time” She said looking at me with hate and instead of giving her a befitting reply I walked off but not before hearing her minions say
“Pretty, Can that ugly ogre be as pretty as our ANGEL”
I walked off to meet Jessica and Mary not wanting to hear the rest
“Gosh I felt like kicking her face” Jessica said still feeling angry
“Just let her be, She isn’t worth our time” I said
“She thinks she is all that because Nick is always following her around” Mary added
“Nick! Isn’t that guy suppose to be your friend? Why would he go about talking to that enemy of yours” Jessica asked
“Nick is some one who makes a lot of friends, if he wants to make more friends who am I to stop him” I said
“But his friendship with that Stella is not a genuine one, I thinks he likes her” Jessica said
“Enough about Nick and Stella guys, Let’s head to cl@ss or we will be late” I said changing the subject
“You are right Alexia, Common” Jessica said as she pulled me off while Mary ran after us.
Music cl@ss had been great but it only lacked the pres£nce of Nick.
For three days now Nick have been abs£nt from school
A sudden call from his manager had him going whether he liked it or not
He never told me when he would come back but it will be in a matter of days, I thought
“We will be heading to the next cl@ss, are you sure that you don’t want to come” Mary asked
“I am sure, I will just be in the library till you finish” I said and they both nodded and went off
I was heading to the library when I heard some students saying “He is back, Gosh I miss seeing him”
“Wow Nick looks so cool dressed in his uniform” another girl said
On hearing that. Quickly went towards them “Sorry but is Nick back” I asked
“Of course he is back, You are his best friend you should know that” One of them said bitingly
Not bothering to give them an answer, I began to head towards the gate
The picture I saw just now was taking by the entrance and he might still be there
Have missed him so much, I thought as I kept running towards the entrance
The big headed guy didn’t even bother to call me, I thought as I kept on running towards the gate
I got to the entrance only to see him smiling at someone and when that person walked out it was to be Stella
“Your finally back’ She said as she went into his open arms to give him a hug
I stood at my exact spot and watched the both of them hug each other fiercely
I had always been the first to know of Nick wherabout but now it seems like someone else is taking the place,I thought starring at the both of them and unknown to them Dave was behind, Looking at me…………..


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