Bermuda final Episode

BERMUDA(a place of no return)
Episode 11
Written by Nnenne uju izuanagbara.
i woke up that morning and noticed my room was flooded. i was Actually floating on water. I thought i had left my water system on until i saw hair, a very long hair. Only one being i know of is capable ofhaving such hair, THE QUEEN. I turned and behold she was standing behind me. The next thing i received was a sl@p.
-Throu-gh you, MORIAH was tra-pped. Throu-gh you again, Samasa has been tra-pped. You were told to wipe them off completely but no, you chose to keep them alive. I am going to make your life a living hell. You will seek for death, it will not come. so you would know what’s this…
She pointed her staff to the water and i saw what happened. Mama was outside at the middle of the night praying. She had the Holy communion in her left hand and the bible on her right hand. She was spraying the Holy communion in the air.
-Are you seeing that? Now see this…..
She pointed her staff to another side of the water and i saw samasa pinned un-der the ground, chained allover.
-All because of your stubborness. I Will reap you off everything i have given to you.
I pleaded. i begged, i promised to do anything. Then she said to me….
-The only escape route is killing your mother. She is an inferno, a terror. She must die and you alone can get to her.
i promised i will do as she has instructed. IMMEDIATELY she farnished, the water in my room dried up. i called my driver. He took me to the market. i bought wra-ppers, sli-ppers, headties, beautiful ones. i bought things she likes. When i got home, i placed them on my altar. The first thing i commanded into those stuffs was weakness. As she uses any of those things, weakness to pray would crip her. The only problem i have with her is her prayers. Indeed, the prayer of a righteous man AVAILETH MUCH.
My driver and i set out for the JOURNEY. i got home. Mama saw me and started crying . i wasnt surprised though because after franklin’s outbur-st, i haven’t heard from mama. i was scared to call her too. She doesn’t knoe about the Accident. We went in..Mama sat close to me..
-Kelvin, she called, what is this? when did this happen? why wheelchair? is it that bad?
i wasn’t expecting her to be that caring. i have alre-ady deviced a means to win her back but the way she showed care showed she wasn’t angry with me afterall. I told her about the accident. She cried. Then she said to me…
-Jesus will make you walk again. you cannot be crippled.
I replied amen but in my heart i laughed. i brou-ght out the gifts i got her. She was so happy. She held them in her hands and danced.
-God bless you my son. God bless you. are you hungry?
-of cause mama, i replied.
-ok, i made ofe onugbu (bitterleaf soup). let me get yours.
The queen herself c@m£ to my room.
-you are a fool. how dare you eat that food??? who feeds on the table of his enemy? don’t you know she is your enemy? you both are two parallel lines. i am sorry kelvin, but this is the end of the road for you. She sl@pped me and that was the end…..that was all i could remember.
-Good day, people of God. First, i must thank the Lord for his grace upon my life. Secondly, i must say, it wasn’t my intention in anyway to lead my son into the hands of the marine spirit. As human as i am, i felt sad and felt sorry for my son kelvin too. He is the one who is a lover of God and the one suffering the most. The other two are just church goers. Every December they say alot of things against him, mocking his faith in God. All i intended doing was to provoke him to cry out for a change in his life.
little did i know that this will weigh him down enough to the level of the devil.
It all started when i had a dream. In my dream, franklin, my second son parked his car. I saw a lady open the car and was removing the br@kes. i ran towards her and bounced on her. i beat the hell out of her and threw her into the gutter near by.
i woke. i was made in the spirit. who is that mountain before zeru-babel. i knew the f0rç£s of darkness were out to set accident for my son. i fasted that day. i called my son and told them to fast too. 12 midnight, i c@m£ out. i had the blood communion and my bible. By faith i started to decree and declare, this is the blood of Jesuschrist, the blood that was shed for my REDEMPTION and santification, for my freedom and liberty. The blood of Jesus christ, the bible tells me that i overcome by the blood of the lamb, when they see the blood, they must pas-s over. i started sprinkling the blood of Jesus christ of NAZARETH in the air. I commanded that demon of accident and death to be tra-pped by the blood of Jesus christ. I did that for three good days. The bible says in matthew 17:21 that” this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”
That was how God saved me from shedding tears and saving my son and his family. I knew someone or something was behind it. There is no smoke without fire. So i started praying again, that the Lord will reveal to me who is behind these attack. God opened my eyes, i saw my so kelvin in the mist of red wolves. i was calling him to come out. The wolves spoke to him to attack me. Kelvin started chasing me. i woke up. i cried. How can the enemy be my seed? my own child? the one with the seal of God? i bec@m£ weak, i was sad and tired. My son, an Anointed man of God, what happened??? my Brethren, God spoke to me, he said i contributed to it. My intention was right but my approach was wrong.
i cried for mercy. i cried unto the Lord..My brothers and my sisters, i cried my eyes out. How art the mighty fallen!!! While i prayed for my son, the Lord spoke to me to sit up. They are coming for me throu-gh him. That wasn’t a time to cry and regret. That was time to pray. i started praying. The Lord ministered he will come home.
When he finally did, the food i served him, i added the Holy communion, The things he bought for me, i sprinkled the holy communion. It repres£nts the blood of Jesuschrist. I knew things where alre-ady happening in the spirit realm. As i prayed that night i had my son STRUGGLING. i ran into his room. THE SIGHT WAS TERRIBLE. i almost fainted.
episode 12
-i walked into my son’s room and saw that he was above the ground level. As in, he was on the air and his eyes were very red. i could no longer see the black eyeball. Bloof was dripping from his mouth. I Wanted to shout but couldn’t. I Decided to run out and call someone, my reverend, rev okoye. The door was shut.
I turned, Kelvin was alre-ady sitting on his wheel chair. Kelvin said something but it wasn’t his voice. The voice was strange. That was when i knew what was going on. I Laughed. i br@ced up IMMEDIATELY. Then, i knew what was going on. The voice said to me……
-what are you doing here? who invited you here?
i asked back….
-what are you also doing here? i am in my house. IS this place your house?
The voice said again….
-wicked mother, you are the reason your son is like this.
i laughed…and i said…
-wicked spirit, deceiver of the people of God, cunny, subtile, evil, thief. Today marks your end in the life of my son, kelvin.
The voice laughed TERRIBLEly…
i bur-sted in Holyghost ton-gue. when the laughter st©pped, i opened my eyes. Kelvin my son was now sitted on his wheelchair but was looking different. i moved closer to him….
kelvin, i called. i called my son, there was no response from him. I t©uçhed him, Jesus!!!! the kind of h0tness on his b©dy was something else. The temprature was like a burning coal. quic-kly, i rushed to call Rev okoye. The door was shut. The marine demon shut the door. I started praying. I bur-sted in ton-gues, as i prayed, i noticed, the whole room was Actually becoming h0t. The h0tness was INCREASING. I was practically burning. I was also becoming weak to pray. Then i remembered the story of the three Hebrew boys. shedrach, mescah, and abenego. HA!!!!, i shouted. Jeeeeeessssuuuuusssss, the fourth man in the fury furnace, you are he that opens and no one closes. you close and no one opens.
i just do not know whatelse to pray but my faith was strong. I know the God i serve, he has never failed, he will not fail me. i started singing this song…
-There is one thing i know (mama started crying)
everywhere i go, JESUS CHRIST
never failed me yet..
Never failed me yet
Never failed me yet
Jesus christ never failed me yet.
As i worsh!ped, i noticed the door opened. i raised my hand in worsh!p. i t©uçhed my son’s b©dy it was still BOILING, infact he started turning black like someone who was burnt with fire. i ran off to Rev okoye.
Rev okoyo was about going to onitsha when i got to his house but i met him fixing his car. My God held him for my sake. He was me running towards him, he ran up to meet me. i was short of words. Immediatly i got close, the car started working. God is a master planner.
We drove to my compound. By the time we got there, my son kelvin has burnt beyond repair. i couldn’t hold back my tears. I cried. Marine spirit is very wicked. Unseen fire burnt my son. How i cried. Rev okoye started praying.
Hmmm, my brothers and my sisters, we prayed, fasted and interceded for days . i cried until i had no tears remaining to cry. on the 8th day, my son opened his eyes. All he could say was “MERCY LORD, FORGIVE ME LORD.”
Two days later, my son started singing…
ichoro udo(do you want peace)
Ezi udo(real peace)
udo n’enye ezi ndu(the peace that gives life)
kwe ka Jisos bata n’obi gi(Allow jesus into your heart)
njo gi k’o og’ebupu(he will take away your sins)
abali a ghoro gi ehihe(your night will be turned into day)
njo gi k’o og’ebupu
abali a ghoro gi ehihe
njo ji k’o og’ebupu
abali a ghoro gi ehihe
kwe ka Jisos bata n’obi gi(Allow Jesus into your heart)
-onye g’ekewapu gi,n’ihunanya nke christ(who will seperate you from the love of christ)
obu nsogbu oke mpka?(is it problems, or so much lack)
obu mkpagbu, oke onwu?(is it persecussion, is it death)
obu igba oto, m’obu ize ndu?(is it n-kedness, or fear of loosing your life)
obu mma agha(is it the sword)
onye azoputara tulie (child of God, think about it)
chineke m(my God)
ekwe na, ka ihe obuna we kewapu m(do not allow anything seperate me)
n’oke ihunanya gi, di Ngozi(from your great love that is a Blessing)
jigidem, n’ebere gi, n’okwukwe nkwere na gi(hold me in your mercy and with the faith i have in you)
weruo mgbe ebi(now and forever)
I cried as my son sang. He said to me…..
-mama, i sold my soul to the devil. for money, for wealth. i sacrificed my b©dy on the altar of the marine. Let my confession be recorded for others to learn…….
My son’s confession almost killed me because upon all my righteousness, fervent in serving the Lord and as a fire br@nd, i contributed to his downfall. Let us be careful, satan can use you no matter your level or position in the things of God.
ENCOURAGE people. You do not know how many souls you have s£nt to the kingdom of the devil because of what you have said to them in one way or the other. You may be acting holy, santified, purified but a soul has been lost because of you.
After my son’s testimony which took almost three day to record, He requested to see his father in the Lord. We alre-ady contacted him and he called to say he was on his way.
My son’s b©dy was alre-ady peeling. Arrrrgh!!!! GOD’S GREAT INSTRUMENTS, LYING DOWN LIFELESS AND HELPLESS. OH MY SON!!!
Mama cried uncontrollably.
-daddy, he called my father my father, i have gone to BERMUDA, indeed, it is a place of no return. Tell the world my story. Satan uses and deforms, God uses and transforms. daddy……pray for me.
-Mercy Oh Lord,.mercy………
Brethren, we are in times when the kingdom of darkness are rising fast and more powerful. If you name the name of the Lord, stay away from evil. EMbr@CE God, hold God ti-ght. For these are last days, perlious times are here…
Nothing, i repeat, nothing is worth trading your salvation for because at the end, the cause of your downfall will not suffer the punishement with you.
Lord if i found favour in your sight
Lord plea-se hear my heart cry
i’m desperatly waiting
To be where you are
i’ll crossed the h0ttest desert
i’ll travel near or far…
For your glory,
i will do anything
just to see you
to behold you as my king.
(a place of your glory not a place of no return)
THE END!!!!!