Bermuda Episode 9 & 10

BERMUDA(a place of no return)
Episode 9
Written by Nnenne uju izuanagbara.
I wasn’t supposed to feel soft. Maybe because Moriah was tra-pped . Her VENOUM lost it’s potency. I sat down confused, PERPLEXED. I do not know what to do.
San-usi called me throu-gh the inter-call. There were men waiting to see me. I looked throu-gh the window, the people i saw looked like prominent men. i went down stairs.
-Good day prophet, one of them greeted
-God bless you i replied. you are all welcome.
-Thank you prophet. We are ministers of God from southafrica. We have a br@nch here in Nigeria. aflame christain center, is the name of our church. We are having our crusade by February and we want you as our guest minister. We have heard what the Lord has been doing throu-gh you here in Nigeria and we want people in south africa to also p@rtake in witnessing the move of God throu-gh you. plea-se, i hope your schedule is free on that month. It is going to be from 5th February to 7th February.
-praise the Lord, i replied. you are favoured. i do not have any engagements on those d@t£s. NEVERTHELESS, i.nee-d to enquire of the Lord. Whatever he says, is what i will do because the power and ANOINTING working throu-gh me is from him. I am nothing but empty vessel without him. So,plea-se drop your contacts, i will get back to you by weekend. i will be going to the camp from tomorrow. You will get my response when i return.
-ok sir.well, we have here a little token. (the handed over an ENVELOPE) It is not right to visit a prophet empty handed.
-wow, God bless you. God open doors for you.
As i prayed, i saw in a trance a man and a woman ma-king out behind one of the men who c@m£. i heard an echo, Jephetah and kalian. i thought i had lost the gift from the marine. i could still see. I paused. Then i said to the man.
-sir, who is jephtah?
-my as-sISTANT in my br@nch sir.
-hmmm, i sighed. and who is kalian?
-wow!!! the man EXCLAIMED kalian is my wife.
I was shocked.
-Alright. i will like to see you pri-vately after this. plea-se.
-ok prophet.
After praying for them, i took that man away pri-vately.
-sir, i began. what i saw while praying is dirty, disastrous, great evil but the mercy of God is plenty enough. Your as-sISTANT is having an inti-mate affair with your wife. I saw it.
-prophet, he said, what should i do? my as-sISTANT lives with me un-der my roof because he has problems. His wife left him According to him for so many years with the children. Since he bec@m£ a pastor he has been living with me. So this is what pastor jeph does behind my back? argh!!! but prophet, what should i do?
-hmmm, it is in your hands. if you wish to forgive her. if you wish to s£nd her away, it is in your hands But you must throw out that as-sISTANT from your house.
-Thank you prophet. Henceforth, you are my prophet.
I felt the wind from the marine b!ow over me, i shivered and spoke in the marine ton-gue. I heard the echo from the sea and it said to me….
“Tell him to buy one native chalk, give him the confusion oil let him grind the native chalk to powder into the confusion oil. When he gets home, at night, he should drop it at the four corners of his house and see action”
I told him and he was grateful. He asked for my account number. They left. In the envelope was three thousand dollars. One hour later, i got an alert. Alert of two hun-derd thousand. I was smiling SHEEPISHLY when the princess from the marine c@m£ in. This time she did not knock.
-The queen has s£nt me and this are her exact words…..
i allowed you, so you can see what you would be missing if you choose your people over your life. I will make you great. I will expo-se you all over the world. It has started. Do you want to throw all these fame, wealth, prestige, international recognition, away??? be wise kelvin, be wise. Just say yes and leave the rest to us. They tra-pped a marine princess, they must pay for it. They must die.
I stood up.
-No, take my man-hood instead. make me impotent.
-you are alre-ady inpotent. yes you are.
-Take me instead. Do whatever it is you wish with me but plea-se do not hurt my family.
-you do not know what you ask for kelvin. I should do whatever i wish with you???
-yes, i l@ymyself on your altar of sacrifice. i will work for you. Whatever you wish, use me for it but spare my family.
-kelvinnnnnn, you do not know what you wish for. I am interested in you, very much kelvin. I am giving you a loooong rope too. i do not nee-d anyone’s PERMISSION to kill whoever i wish to kill. I hope this family you stick yourself out for is worth it…..i just hope.
Those words sank de-ep and really hit me de-ep. The princess left then i got a call. My younger brother…
-kelvin, shame on you. are you hearing me? shame on you.
i was shocked. what is going on was the question going on in my mind as my brother was talking to me over the phone.
-Franklin, i called. do you know who you are talking to?
-yes of course. before i thought mama was hallucinating but now i know she is saying nothing but the truth. You are a demon from the pit of hell. Agent of darkness posing as agent of light. God has expo-sed you. You s£nt cat from your kingdom to kill mama. You forgot so soon who your mother is. A fire br@nd child of God. Listen to me, mama is still alive. are you shocked? hahaha don’t be. we burnt the cat. Rev ejike okoye, c@m£. You know him na. A true servant of the most high God. He revealed who you are. Kelvin, you will not kill us oooooooo. Jesus is with us, you will not kill us. Don’t come home o. Whatever between us as family has be cut off. I can’t be brother with someone who is evil. Rev ejike has opened you up. Stay in the city. Dont come to the village. Don’t cometo my house in Abuja. You seize to be my brother, the day you attem-pted killing mama.
-you are a fool. Okoye is a fool too. All of you are fools. Okoye who sleeps with people’s wives is now seeing vision. When i was suffering, who c@m£ to tell you people trash??? i know your pain..Your pain is the fact i no more beg you for the trash you bring home. I am wealthier than you and your sister put together. I did not attempt killing mama when i was poor and. wretched. I am the first son, son of the soil. you do not have any right to st©p me from coming home. You act like you are a saint. I know you have stinking skeleton in your cu-pboard.
-fake prophet.
My brother hung up on me. i bec@m£ very furious.
-just imagine the idiots i am ma-king hvge sacrifices for. wHY didn’t this call come two hours before now.
I cried bitterly. i have alre-ady given myself.
i woke up the next morning to find out one i could not see with my right eye. From birth i have been having issuse with my left eye that’s why im always on glas-ses. My right eye has totally gone blind.
The marine have started working on me. I lost my eye. i cried, Not because i lost my eye but because the reason i gave myself as sacrifice wasn’t worth it afterall.
i cannot see well without my glas-ses. i went for the crusade in southafrica. An all expence paid trip. i went with nothing. All the clothes i wore, they bought,including the shoes. Alot of signs and wonders took place. Right there in southafrica, i was invited to about three more churches. i had my account Constantly credited.
People are only after the signs and wonders. They are only after what they will see. Nob©dy wants the truth of the gospel. Satan stood on this and unleashed a host of his agents like me who will tell people.what they have in mind, what they want to hear, the ph0tocopy of the truth. Indeed, there is no other salvation, deliverance and liberation more legit, powerful and long lasting than the WORD OF GOD.
I c@m£ back from south africa, two days later, i travelled to Ghana on programmes too. i c@m£ back from ghana and RECEIVED INVITATION to europe for programmes too. I started touring the world. I bec@m£ rich, financially, materially, but i had no single joy. My man-hood is no more and my eye too. I do not know what else they will be taking from me. I can not go back now. I have gone de-ep into this, i could not see the possibility of me turning back.
I was invited to a crusade here in Nigeria. While coming back, i had a fatal accident. My car’s br@ke failed. My driver died at the sp©t. (because of my sight, i could no longer drive. I hired the services of a professional driver)
I opened my eyes and found out i’m in the hospital. i also noticed pain on my legs. My head was hurting too. i opened my eyes to alot of people surrounding me. Pastors, EVANGELISTs. and so on. The hospital bills have. been taken care of alre-ady.
I saw wheelchair. i was confused. i couldn’t speak as at that time so i wasn’t able to ask what it was for. My legs were bandaged that i couldn’t even feel them anymore though i felt pains.
i spent one month in the hospital. On the week i was to be discharged, the doctor broke the news to me…….
-my prophet. God spared your life else, the kind of accident you had, you are not supposed to be alive. NEVERTHELESS, we have a problem at hand and it is as a result of the accident. I’m so sorry sir but you may never be able to use your legs again. You may never work again except by miracle.
I felt h0t coals raining down on me. I couldn’t speak. Tears just rolled. So i won’t be able to walk again. I left the hospital on wheelchair. I declared on my page that nothing will st©p me from doing the work of “GOD”. What the devil took was my legs and not my life. I Declared i was grateful that i am alive and because i’m alive the gospel is still alive, Miracles are still alive, signs and wonders are still alive. This i Declared, deceving people.
i bought the heart of many with this declaration. I received three car gifts. br@nd new cars.
I forget to add that samson, the boy who took record of my CONVERSATION with mama died. I visited the home and made hvge contributions.
The situation i found myself, rather than soften my heart to seek for the one and only true God, ha-rd ened my heart the more. One day, while i scrolled to my facebook, i saw my brother, Franklin’s post. He was celebr@ting his 8th marriage Aniversary with his children and wife. i bec@m£ bitter. I will never be able to bear children, i am p@rticaly blind and crippled for life and franklin is celebr@ting. I Decided to wipe them all out, franklin, his wife and kids.
i sermoned the queen herself and made my request known. The queen asked how i wanted it. i replied to avoid traces, i perfer Accident. The queen as-sured me it’s a done deal then she said to me….
-This is what you would have done before now and save yourself all these UNNECESSARY looses. I have s£nt the monitoring spirit to his house. She will mark all his cars and wait for the right time to strick.
i waited anxiously to hear the news. I totally forgot that i have an oracle of God,an obstacle in my family. Attempting to kill franklin was the greatest mistake i made because………… AN ORACLE OF GOD STOOD IN THE GAP, MY MOTHER!!!