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Believe episode 35 & 36

[I know,u can’t stay💝]
Episode 35🎻🎻🎻
Aaaah Aaaaah ngozi,you must be joking-
I laughed although I still feel shocked and unable to comprehend what she just said..
she dropped the cloth in her hand.
“Who tell you am joking? when olamma came here,she dropped the doll over there,not quiet long mama chidiebere twins kids came,they were fighting over the doll,the noise was disturbing my ear drum,I collected the doll and threw it in the river to settle fight finally” ngozi said.
I saw her seriousness.
chimoooooo-i screamed.
😭😭😭 I feel so heated up,this is not yet the time.
“where exactly do you throw it?”
I asked again.
she laughed as she clapped her hands dramatically.
“why so much weeping expression just because of a doll,for your information I threw it at the center in the far far end so that the kids will stop fighting over it” she said.
“Ngozi are you insane…why did you even touch the doll,Kai all your helpers will run away” I cursed.
“taaaarh tufiakwa(may the gods forbid it).Madam do not display madness or else I will show you that mine is in the highest grade…
can’t someone wash cloths in peace again” she fired.
I couldn’t comprehend the type of big bangs that recreate in my memory and I did all these because of myself and my daughter-
I jolted out of my thoughts,
ngozi was already back to her spot, she hissed disdainfully.
“NGO,what audacity do you have to hiss so rudely in front of someone that is capable of being your mother” arinze said.
“are you draft,when you came here you should have asked what the situation was before interfering… anymore words from you there,I will whip that mouth of yours that look as wide as your great great grandmother v@gln@.
I don’t know why we still have to open some people brain so that we can put s£nse in it…
person wey no get brain suppose know how to keep quiet” ngozi said.
I watched keenly,I felt like I was dreaming!!
ohhh noo chimooo😭😭😭😭
Aaah finally this Adeife finally escape my wraths!
why did I even pity her,aaah I should have eliminate her from birth!
the doll is the only thing that repres£nt her third live spiritually.
She has three lives,three world’s.
have already killed two and this doll repres£nt her last world.
I p@nted so heavily as I got uncomfortable.
“is fire burning you…well,I leave”
ngozi said and left.
I started searching,
she must be joking right?
I searched and searched and searched,it was not found.
“what are you searching for?”
arinze asked…
I ignored him. and left the stream to the dibia’s(magician) house,
he was not there.
4more hours⏰, I felt hopeless,
my world is crumbling right in my pres£nce like a seal planted in a dead desert.
I trended a lonely forest and wasted another one hour.
I stopped at a particular spot,the place my great grandmother was buried.she was a very powerful witch and she’s an immortal..
everywhere was dark but I found her resting spot.
🚹 mama mooooo
🚹 nne,save onome oooo!!
I shouted with whistling and clapping.
Few seconds later,
the ground started shaking and soon enough a very scary old woman with crown on her head appeared.
Her eyes was purely red.
she’s more dangerous than a monster.
“who are you?” she shouted harshly.
I flinched as I coughed,smokes filled everywhere as she shouted.
“it’s me onome the daughter of Osagie,Osagie the son of Oseremen,Oseremen your son….
mama you’re my great grandmother”
I said….
“you didn’t visit me close to 40years now,why are you here today!!!
she said,I coughed cos of the smokes.
“that is why I love you mother….
it is about Adeife my rivals daughter.
Adeife the daughter of Adesola, Adesola the daughter of Adesewa, Adesewa the daughter of Aralola”
I said.
she hissed and laughed scarily.
“is it because if that one” she said,so evily..
“wise one but the doll is missing, the spell will soon be broken” I said.
“teeths are gone,laughter now becomes a difficult thing…onome am sorry there is nothing I can do” she said.
“chai mama no dey do like this, you be the only supporter wey I get..
please do not forsake me” I cried.
“the only advice I can give you to get her away from that palace,she is already close to limelight and would sing any moment from now…
Her voice can’t be seized because her tears already touched the skin of her true love…not even a god or any mortal can seize her voice” she said.
chimooooo,I will go and get her,
Adeife am not selling you again, come back to my house .
I ran to the palace.
Adeife😍Adeife😍 p.o.v
the cloud got darker,
gloominess drips like perspiration beads I find myself in a parallel universe back to the end of time….
I felt it was getting cold and I could clearly see twilights.
“Ife stay well” ebere said.
“sorry,is it still much?”, I asked.
“no,am done. Just fixing the beads, your hair is long..didn’t you cut it right from birth” she asked.
“my mom wasn’t there for me to cut it” I sighed.
“ohhh am very sorry” she said.
soon she was done.
I paid her,she didn’t collect money so nice of her.
“thank you” I said and went into the palace so I can return the money to Tracy since she didn’t accept money for my hair.
I entered aunty Tracy’s suite,she was on call and was holding a very pretty silver was a cut off with no hand,it look so pretty.
I admired it as I returned the money on her purse.
she dropped her call and asked me to test the cloth.
There are also many brands.
she is a barrister right-
does she have a boutique in the city?
“okay ma’am” I said and felt so shy to change in her pres£nce.
“should I divorce my husband so that we can both be single” she said.
I nodded in disagreement and changed shyly in her pres£nce.
I caught her eyes on my body,I felt more shy.
“how old are you?” she asked.
“umm 20” I said.
“ohh I love your shape” she said as she used her phone to capture me but didn’t show my face.
A guard knocked.
“come in” she said.
“yes ma’am,Adeife step mother is outside.She said she needs Adeife to follow her home” the guard said.
“hunnn no no no😭😭😭😭
Aunty Tracy I don’t want to go,she will give me fresh marks,she will lock me up without food, Aunty do not let me go” I started crying.
Aunty Tracy went outside…
my fears started cooking up.
she took so long and I checked time, 11pm on dot.
“Ife aunty Tracy is calling you outside” where came in.
“go go I will come” I said with full fears.
later I went out.
someone took my hands, it was nkem.
He used his thumb to wipe my tears completely.
“this cloth suite you but the cry doesn’t fit you” he said..
“common,your step mother is waiting for you outside” he said and dragged me out.
I saw on one first,she didn’t see me.
Aaaah death has finally come for me.
“no I don’t want to go,nkem please help me escape” I said.
he held me well,his face suddenly came close.
finally he helped me p@ss through the back door.
“I will hide beside the water fall” I said in a whisper.
“be careful, I will come and stay with you” he whispered back.
I didn’t wait,I ran.
in life,everyone is a fighter…
in fight,a person lose💔
the other win💘…..
I know am not a loser, but I don’t know how i want to do it…
either way,I will win💗💗💗💗
maybe I should try to believe in all that can be🎤.
I got to the waterfall side,I smelt Lotanna… like he is around.
I looked around and finally saw him facing the water fall..
I bent and used the flower to cover up.
“why didn’t you show up all these while,you don’t use to help me like you use to do again,is my sin that much,it’s been long you sang with me…..
Jeeez I can wait for forever,
forever is too long, just stop keeping me in suspense” he muttered..
I smiled out tears and checked the crown tatoo he drew on my hand.
is he looking for me? is it my own Ife?.
I still peeped, and look at him very well.A band was dip into his hair after which he used a bracelet to pack it up….he wore two simple diamond earrings and two simple black rings.
He looks so ethereal,
I could see his reflection on the pure white water…
he turned back,I quickly bend.
he looked so bothered and clueless.
“fine,I will sing with you one last time” I said…
“please show your face” he said.
I stayed quiet.
“okay sing” he said.
“no you start and I will add my part” I replied..
I heard approaching footsteps.
someone is coming,
must be nkem.
🎶 it’s shining to remind you
🎶 that I love you
🎶 as each new day begins,
🎶 I love you,believe let me in.
I smiled out tears and sang.
🎶 I will stay with you,
🎶 today tomorrow and forever..
🎶 just believe am pretty,I will let you in my heart” I sang.
the footsteps still approached.
Lotanna sang.
🎶 be with me,do not go
🎶 stay stay with me
🎶 today tomorrow and forever.
I smiled out tears..
🎶 one day,I will let us meet
🎶 I will let you wish forevermore
🎶 I promise I won’t take long.
I opened my eyes, Lotanna was already in my pres£nce.
I got scared as I saw my own reflection.
is this me?? why am I so beautiful or is my eyes paining me!!!
“you’re the ife,right” Lotanna said and took my hands,he revealed the tatoo and I saw him smile for the first time.
he held my hands so tenderly.
“I stay at the palace,am the ugly Adeife… I think I was under a spell” I said…
he brought out that needle tatoo drawer..he took my right hand and wrote something I can’t read..
I didn’t go to school,so I can’t read.
“ouuuchhh” I screamed the moment the needle touch my skin.
“sorry” he said..
I couldn’t bear the pain the needle was giving me.
“please,for my sake” he said.
I look away from his eyes,i get so scared.
“Adeife!!!!!!!! someone called my name…
I turned,it was Nkem.
He stared at me,only me in such an enchanting manner.
“let’s leave” he said.
I hastily collect my hand from Lotanna and went to Nkem.
season one ends here…


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