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Believe episode 33 & 34

[the girl he never noticed💦]
Episode 33
how will you say I should remove Akuna from your life?
in my eyes,Akuna is a very beautiful lady in the inside and on the outside,
she is a humble and well mannered princess who was taught well and in fact, she is educated too.
she does not cause trouble and she is the type of lady every guy always turn to look at twice.
Lotanna you must be joking,
I always dream of someone as humble as Akuna for a daughter in law…
“Omalicha nwa(my sweetheart😍) give her more time,I swear she is a good and very very considerate humane..
or have you forgotten what you usually call her when you were six years,then she was barely four.
You usually calm her “my wife” because she usually come to the palace more often,you usually play with her then…no one touches you, then if anyone touches you,you usually cry and even wash your body but if Akuna touches you,you usually smile,she was your playmate when you were a kid.
You traveled abroad when you clocked ten and now that you’ve returned,you suddenly forgot everything from the past…..
“Akuna is a good person okay”
I said and and bent to look in her face,he was fast asleep with his head on my laps.
soo cute and worth watching that I always treat you like you are a kid.
I removed the little diamond earring he wore and used my f!ng£rs to search for royalty beat in his hair,
no where to be found.
did he lost this one again?
still finding it difficult to adapt to our culture.I know with time,you will get used to this….
this is the only opportunity i have to steal your time,
although you already choose music as your life but you’re more than that,there is something more stunning in your destiny that i pray you achieve sooner or later….
I know it,I always dream people from far and near will come to bow for you, very soon it will come to reality.
finally,I found the royalty bead in the drawer where he kept the phones,
I brought it out,it tangled with another bead; a female waist bead.
Lotanna is not really into females, he is not so close,what is this doing here??
I tried untangling them,it didn’t separate..
Ife💕💕💕 is it ifeoma or what???
or did he just keep it for keeping sake????
I sighed and dropped it back since the bead does not want to untangle with his own..
I tucked the slivery bed sheet on him properly,I slower down the volume of the stereo and left his bedroom.
soon, I arrived at the living room and p@ssed the dining,
it was filled with different delicacies, even the fruits were surplus.
Lotanna do you really have problems with foods? seems you enjoy starving yourself…
these foods are getting cold seriously. A maid came in as I was uncovering the foods.
“my queen” she bowed humbly.
“yes” I said.
“umm I want to replace the fruits” she said.
“go on” I said and approached the door..
Tracy should be back,I guess.
Akuna’s p.o.v🎻🎻🎻
I fell on my pillow,
I still haven’t gotten myself since morning,all my thoughts are on the mysterious princess..
I mean who is she?
where is she from?
what is she?
what does she want?
why does she always show up?
why is she so different???
I still remembered how her skin glitter,
she is so so pretty and curvy,
just the perfect African figure eight shape that made many princes go crazily wide with desires…
I mean she was crazily set and firm.
I can’t believe Prince Iyke and Prince Ameafule,they were drooling like mad. Even Jidenna s£nt his guards to tip her.
I knee Lotanna might have gotten captivated if he was in the party,good thing he wasn’t in.
if he sees her,he might also go wild with desires..
guys will always be guys,
they always love thick girls… I mean everybody like good thing and best best taste of women.
but where is this girl from???
I still don’t have an answer.
I brought out my phone and googled everything about Lotanna.
not all princesses are opportuned the way I am,
I just got lucky.
***I opened a video online***
Lotanna actually worth more than I thought,such a good catch,even the interviewer speak to him with so much respect.
I paused the video and played a recent video from trending gists.
😭 why does he avoids me,is it because he is so famous and wealthy😭😭😭
😭 I always call him but he never picks😭😭😭😭
😭 the day I text him, his reply was “without you am fine,girl”..
sounds harsh right????????
I opened a video on trending gist.
📢Today’s promises to be bomber package as we are gonna be discussing about celebrities and fame…. guess who is coming in~~
the pres£nter said.
**Lotanna Jewel** his picture screened boldly,
he looked so expensive and extremely handsome with his seductive physique.
He is a famous model who gets huge endorsement of deals as an international run away model,
we meet him at every premiers, launchings,interviews… even at gala nights.
Lotanna went for a three years musical training in America the place he studied and was signed by Reakado Banks.
He did his first debut 💕Believe in me,I will live💕….it’s obvious Lotanna wants to expose believe to the world.
He won Mr Tourism,
He won Mr Universe,
and he also won Mr Nigeria and as we speak,one big telecom company has signed him as an amb@ssador.
Modeling and music are his life… catwalks so amazing….
Waooow😍😍 I was dumbfounded when i heard he is the owner of glamour diamonds,own an oil and g@s company at “Banana island”.
Thursday 9:00pm is his unveiling party as an amb@ssador of “glow”….
I got stunned as I imagined things..
his unveiling party is on Thursday meaning he would traveled maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday.
I smiled.
it is going to be a special day and he will be honored.The pride of every man is his wife,I think I need to be there as his girlfriend,
I will have to travel with him.Those that will attend the unveiling party are top celebrities with their partners in slaying outfits…
the medias and paparazzi will be there too.
Aaaah,it is really good to be educated..I can’t just wait.
Adeife😍Adeife😍 p.o.v.
I knocked quietly on princess Akuna’s door with care,am really avoiding her troubles.
As it is now,my fate is in her hands…
she even knows my history.
“maid right?” the intercom device beeped.
“yes my princess,it is maid” I said.
“speak good English” she said.
“yes my princess,it is a maid”
I corrected and I imagine her rolling her eyeballs…
so harsh and unkind.
“come in” I heard her say.
I opened the door and walked in quietly with two baskets.
“hey,drop it there” she said.
I found the corner and dropped it so I can leave,she called me back…..
what did I do again???
“mind the type of clothes you will be wearing, those clothes doesn’t suite you..gross,they irritate” she said.
“okay” I replied.
“you’re still that same girl that found Lotanna when he was hit…you found his bracelet too.Don’t think I will forget” she said.
“well…I…” I paused.
“Stay away from Lotanna,stop helping him,about the bracelet that you found, do not dare tell him…
continue your life the way it was, ordinary maid…avoid Lotanna,
even if he comes close which I know he wouldn’t cause you’re ugly…
stay away from him,
if you fail to do this,
if you try to tell him you found his bracelet or try to take advantage of the fact that you always clean his room sometimes,
I will make life a living hell for you, I can even kill you and burry you without anybody’s cons£nt, the queen will even support me,even tracy that bought you as a maif will support me because to her, you are just a maid,a house help!!
You’re hopeless,
not educated,a bad luck because your mother died,she couldn’t to stay alive cause you’re a product of an unwanted sperm….
so Adeife,don’t try me…
stay away from Lotanna,don’t always feel like you can take his breath away….
Remember you’re nothing~~~
a house help” she said.
I smiled and still nodded with a bow but deep inside,I was in tears…
how am i a threat to her relationship with prince Lotanna???
I always help him when he needs help doesn’t mean i want to be something to him..
the type of person i am is that,I always help people without collecting anything in return~~~
I don’t even wish to have more friends…
sometimes nothing is preferable..
so does she needs to remind me I don’t have a mother just because I helped him…
“did you say something?” she asked.
“aaaah no,I didn’t” I replied and wiped a tear.
“then leave” she said.
I still bowed and left…
gosh,I couldn’t help it…
have never cried like this…even onome is better than Akuna.
I cried so much that I didn’t even see where I was walking too.
I hasten my footsteps as approached Lotanna’s door…
I wiped more tears and forced to stop the moment i heard Tracy’s voice.
she will support Akuna to kill me cause am an ordinary house help right….
never thought I would ever be something.
Tracy step out of Lotanna room,
I covered my face in tears as i p@ssed,she didn’t even see me not to talk of seeing me crying.
the door opened, Lotanna also stepped out…
I bumped into him,my tears were quick to pour on his hand…
“what is this??????
Episode 34🎻🎻🎻🎻
“what is this? aunty Tracy said.
I hastily wiped my tears with the back of my hands and looked at Lotanna’s hand where my tears mistakenly fall on.
I said like stupidly and shift away from their pres£nce.
Am a maid,
I know am a maid and even if i am,
am delicate,she shouldn’t tear me apart because she doesn’t know the type of battle am fighting and where it starts.
Just because i always help him doesn’t mean am dreaming to collect something in return,
am just a maid…I help him as a maid,
the Lotanna doesn’t even knows my name, no need to persecute me.
but I won’t help him anymore,
I will just stay away from him for he is a star and i am a slave,
I will remain a slave,not a helper
I won’t tell him am the girl who always help him,
I won’t tell him i sing…
Aunty Tracy still looked at me,
I stood upright and tried rushing out, she dragged me back.
“what happened?” she asked.
“nothing,aunty” I said.
“isn’t that tears in your eyes” she said….
“aunty, noo” I said and wipe my eyes in pretense.
“Adeife, what’s going on?”
she asked, Lotanna glance at my direction at the mention of my name.
ohh he is just hearing my name for the first time,I saw this surprised look on his face..
soo endowed with plentiful of handsomeness; Ife are you okay?.
“tell me what happened or is it your stepmother again?” she asked.
“am doing remembrance of my mother’s death” I said.
I can’t tell her what Akuna said in front of Lotanna, I will stay away and i don’t want to be a lordy in his relationship with Akuna.
I shifted away and rushed out.
“a minute please” I heard Tracy saying to Lotanna.
she followed the direction that I took.
“Adeife,what you said was a lie?”
she shouted,
even Lotanna turned back.
I stayed quiet.
“meet me in my room” she said and walk ahead of me,I trailed behind her quietly, she opened the door.
we both entered.
“Ife” she said.
“ma’am” I replied.
she crackled and really want to smile.
“sit down” she said,I looked on the heavenly couch,there were many neat package on them.
I cleaned my palm on my wrapper before touching them.
I shifted them on each other to find a place to sit down.
Tracy poured herself a gl@ss of wine,she was even wearing a wedding ring.
I think she is engaged.
but why is she asking me to sit?.
I watch her sip in her wine slowly.
“what is your problem Ife? do you love pain?” she asked.
my fears started cooking up,
does she want to s£nd me back to onome.
“are you scared of me,like you fear your step mother?” she asked.
I stayed quiet.
“am sorry” I said.
what exactly am I to you?
the reason why I bought you from your stepmother is because i want to be there to stop anything that would make you sad,I treat you differently because I want you to be free with me,I want you to see me as a mother if possible….
onome doesn’t own you anymore.. just see me as someone you can look up to or have I ever treated you like a maid?
why can’t you tell me what makes you cry???
what is hurting you—
I got happy.
I thought she wants to s£nd me away,she is just sooo kind.
“Stop being scared of anyone,
be you.. be what you are,
don’t let anyone give you the impression that they are better than you….
am right here for you,do whatever thing that makes you happy-
I don’t like seeing tears” she said.
I stood up happily.
“thank you aunty” I said went on my kneels.
she nodded.
“here,I got you this.It will clear the cane marks on your body,use both soap and cream” she said.
I collected the big nylon with respect(both hands).
“those clothes are for you” she said.
I smiled joyfully.
why does she enjoy helping me???
“there’s money inside the nylon, make sure you plait your hair” she says.
I thanked Her and approached the door,it got opened before I could even reach there.
my guess was right,the queen!.
I greeted her,she didn’t even look at my side not to talk of answering my greetings.
I moved out,
Lotanna was coming.
I promised to stay away right?..
I moved away from the way and created a lot of space.
🎶 stay,do not go again
🎶 one day,let’s meet
🎶 I promise the riches of the world
🎶 I promise till death we part.
he was using his phone while humming a song.
something fell from his hair,it was a very tiny diamond.He looked around.
I saw it and bent to pick it since my eyes was sharp.
but I said I will stay away!
okay after this,I promise.
“here,have it” I said and used my right hand.
he took it,I made sure the tatoo was secure.
“ohh thanks… Adeife right?” he asked
“yes,aunty Tracy’s maid” I said.
“are you–
his phone rang,he looked into it and walked away…
thank goodness.
I sighed and hurried to the maids quarter.
Onome’s p.o.v🎤
I returned from the market,
I initially went to buy some stocks for my store…
“what are you doing there?…you this girl have started again right?..
aaaah you can’t kill me like you killed your mothers” I shouted at the girl that replaced Adeife.
I had to get a maid the second day Adeife left…
“I’m sorry mama,I will go and open your store if am done with olamma’s cloth” she said.
“you’re playing with your night food of you don’t know” I said and entered inside.
Today makes it three months Adeife left…why haven’t I renew the spell I casted on her…
I looked around for the black pot I kept under my bed,I found it there was nothing inside.
I started searching for the doll,I didn’t see it,I got so worried,where did I keep it the last time I performed sacrifice???
yeeeeee ain’t I dead???
I screamed.
“Adaobi!!!!!!!!!! I shouted the new servants name..
*mama ooo” she entered in a rush.
I hide the black pot.
“did you find any doll?” I asked.
she scratched her neck.
“doll??? only baby play with dolls” she said..
“did you find any doll? I screamed.
she flinched.
“how does it looks like?” she asked.
“its very ugly with so much marks on it” I said.
“no mama,I didn’t find it…but ~~
she paused.
“but what?” I exclaimed.
“I saw papa throwing it in the dustbin” she said.
I rushed out to the dustbin side,.I poured all the dirty away and even deeped my hands insides with my mouth covered.
I now look so dirty,
still no sign of the doll–
“hmmmm mama,later I saw olamma she took it away from the waste bin but am not sure she returned it” Ada said.
I got insane with anger.
Thank goodness,olamma came that moment.
“mma where is that doll?” I asked.
“mama common what will you be doing with that ugly thing?” she said.
I moved closer and slapped her.
the first time I would raise my hand at my own daughter.
Adaobi covered her mouth in shock, olamma is an apple in my eyes and an egg in my husband’s hand.
what has gotten over me????
“fine,I left it at the river,you slapped me cos of that ugly thing” olamma said in tears..
I breathed in relieve and walked to the dibia’s(magician) house.
“Papa the doll is missing” I said.
He appeared.
“whatttttt…you need to look for it or else,she would turn beautiful if she sings with believe before 12 in the midnight…at this point,there is nothing I can do to help” he said and disappeared like a flash.
“12 in the midnight….aaaah am done, I have just 8hours to look for it!
ohhh goddd!!!
I ran to the stream,I met ngozi washing cloths.
the clothes were much,meaning she has stayed long there.
I searched and searched for the doll, it was no where to be found.
I got tired and approached Ngozi,
she is my only hope now.
“good evening” she greeted.
“were you here when Olamma came to the stream?” I asked.
“yes ma’am, I was here” she said.
I felt relieve,she is my only hope.
“excuse me,did you see her holding a doll?” I asked.
“excuse me madam,when did I suddenly become your daughter’s keeper and watcher?” she flared.
“ngozi biko” I said.
she rolled her eyeballs…
“you’re suddenly acting nice after all you did to my friend,why are you even speaking to me? you usually call me disaster right….
so kindly walk away from my pres£nce” she said.
I sighed, chai😭😭😭😭😭😭
see what an ordinary doll is causing!
these tiny rat speaking bluntly to me.
hmmm Adeife,I won’t pity you this time around” I said in my mind.
“okay please” I said.
“well,she brought a doll here in the morning and dropped it there,I picked it and throw it in the river”.
ngozi said.


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