Believe Episode 13 & 14

[the girl he never noticed💦]
The royal guard mother as-signed yo always follow me around traced the direction of my eyes,he seems perturbe-d with my mood.
“your highness,nothing is there”
he said…
I hurriedly look away,I faced him.I remembered I told him not to address me as highness not too long
The other guards went ahead to check,they c@m£ back 20minutes later…
🚺 Nothing is there…
🚺 Yes,we’ve search nooks and cranies…no one is really there.
the guards choroused.
“but where was that voice coming from?”, I asked.
“such voice does not exist in our kingdom,I don’t think the voice is real, it might be a spirit that was singing and besides Akuna has the best voice even though she is from the next kingdom…she has no rival.
Let’s just conclude it’s a spirit,if it were to be a maiden,the voice would have been recognized during last year’s voice hunt”Ikechukwu said.
“spirit” that sounds wired- it looks like something that has no meaning. How can a spirit sing sooo beautifully as if it were angels-
I stayed quiet.
“the royal feast,have you forgotten” he snapped me out of my thoughts.
I stood upright and followed the guards, I better not fail mother this time around.
I strolled out with the guards,and met footprints beside the stream.I look at it properly.
Someone was really here….my mind doesn’t decieve me….. but they said it is a spirit.
“does spirits have footprints” I asked, smartly..
“Yes,your highness. .spirits can appear in form of anything.It usually appear in forms of very beautiful and S-xy maiden beside the stream,also in the form of mermaid,forms of animals in the forest,Spirits are usually very tempting”.
he explained.
“Are they bad?”, I asked.
“most are bad,only few bring fortunes” he said.
Waooow….I g@sped as I check my phone..
💌 online meeting by twelve pm!
Rissa s£nt…
The feast between my family and Akuna’s family was on by the time we got to the palace.
Everywhere was glittering with light, aroma of different delicacies was everywhere.
I entered my room and dropped the recording device where I had record the spirit voice.
A knock c@m£ on my door,
I answered it and it was Jidenna.
“Hey….” I said softly as I tuck my hands into my sweat p@n-t pocket.
“Mother calls for you” he said.
“fourth floor-the royality dining” he said,and left.
I checked time,and turned,
Nkem alre-ady c@m£ in.
He’s always wanting to talk to me but my snubbish character never gave him chance or should I say my introvert lifestyle.
“I pas-s by to say hi” he said.
I nodded and was expecting him to leave as usual but he didn’t.
“thinking you would like to have some palmwine” he said and stretch forth a rare flask.
“it’s taste nice and it’s freshly tapped” he said,nicely.
I stared at the flask blankly,I don’t take things like this,rejecting if would mean that am shutting him out.
He filled two glas-ses halfly and pas-s one to me,he drank first,I took a sip.. and waooow,it’s sweet.
I gulp the whole quantity..
“yeah,I love good palm wine.. you know our grandfather was a lover of it…before he pas-sed away” he said.
“are you sure” I asked.
“hmm what do you even know about your family” he smiled and covered the two glas-ses with lids,we both left for the royal feast.
I saw many unfamiliar faces,
Nkem and I took our seats silently, Akuna quic-kly exchange seats and made sure she was close to me.
“hi” she said.
mother smiled immediately she said that and I wondered why.
“Hi” Akuna said again.She also knows how to speak English fluently.
“hello dear” I replied.
She blu-shed persistently. Jidenna and I exchange glances.He was like how was she able to differentiate us.
I stayed quiet,the maids dish out foods..
I was personally served plantain and beef sauce by mother.
There was silence as the two kings discussed.
“is my dress pretty?”, Akuna asked.
I stayed quiet,a corner of my eyes stared at what she was putting on…
Just soo expo-sed.
“Do you like what you’re seeing?”,
she asked happily.
“To be frank,I didn’t even see a dress” I replied… mother t©uçhed me..
“Lotanna you’re harsh on her”
she said.
“then let her mind her business!
I said and dropped my spoon,I stood up and left the gathering for my online meeting..
😍 Adeife😍Adeife😍
I felt so happy I sang with him but I still don’t un-derstand why he didn’t sing back with me…
is my voice ugly to him as my face is? or did I cause him trouble unknowingly!
🎶 till then!
🎶 Aaaah Aaaah!
I bu-mmed as I catwalked.I reach Ngozi house,I got lucky her step mother wasn’t around.I knocked on the door,she opened up and a smile plastered on her face.
“waooow,your dress is killing…you didn’t tell me you knew how to use attires” she said as she allow me in.
“Who bought this for you…is it Onome?”
“in my dreams” I replied.
“then where did you get money, remember you said you won’t t©uçh your savings” she said.
“Nkem gave me money,we are now friends” I said.I got happy too.
“that’s unusual” she said.
“you’re dressing up,where to?”, I asked.
“Vivian’s place,I nee-d to see her for the stock exchange stuff” she said.
We both went out,we soon p@rt ways.
I remembered the new cloth just as I step into our compound, it was too late as onome alre-ady saw me.
She will tear this one again and probably beat me for daring her.
“where’s my money?”, she asked in a stern voice.
“I kept it in your sto-re” I replied, she stared at my dress.
“hope its not what am thinking”
she said.
“I swear mama, I didn’t use your money” I said.
“ohhh you’ve started selling your b©dy for money.Anyways,it’s your life…..getting pregnant for three different crippled men is your destiny from the start” she said.
I was tem-pted to cry but I hold myself not like it’s her first time as
saying it ..she is always saying it to me.Well,if this is my destiny,then I accept. ..
“why standing like that,won’t you make dinner?” she nagged.
I went in to bring all what I would use outside.
She shouted.”I don’t want outdoor cooking”.
My fear started cooking up as I went back inside.The last time she s£nt me inside to do something,I didn’t know she followed me in secretly and locked all the doors,she beat me blue black- one of the painful experiences of my life.
The marks are still on my b©dy,I don’t even think it will erase!.
I started cooking,I was almost done when she showed up from behind with a tiny wire.
“mama,I did nothing!!!!!!!
I screamed as she wh!pme.
“you sang,didn’t you” she said as she wh!pme..
“I will not do it again! I sgiutrf and wanted to escape,she ran after me and wanted to pu-ll my hair,that was when she tr!pp£dand fell.
I turned back,what I saw was blood dripping out of her forehead and nose…..
“she has killed me ooo” she shouted..
“I didn’t kill you,it was you who wanted to kill yourself” I said as I hastily run out.
I ran into someone!!!
[the girl he never noticed💦]
my b©dy system seem to be in utmost disorder as I ran into olamma behind her was papa. I breathed so heavily as I look down.
Mother😭 just come and take me away from this lion den,
even if it is death,I don’t mind.
Am scared,
I’m scared to leave,
it frightens me so much that I haven’t laughed in a while.
“would you pack yourself one side?”,
olamma said.I moved to one side, she entered.
Papa stared at me.”can’t you hear the smell?Adeife food is burning!
he said.I wipe my sweaty palms on my wra-pper.
“mama ooooooooo!
olamma screamed to our notice, it made papa to rush in.I do not even know what to do.
Bad luck….is it also my destiny?
Olamma rushed out.”You want to kill her like you killed your mother”,
she said to my face, I wanted to sl@p her but I refrained myself.
“mma what are you talking about,I did nothing to mama” I said.
Before I knew what was happening,
neighbors filled our house.
Mother was brou-ght out although she was still bleeding.
Even after the bad things she has done to me,I know she will still lie against me.I can’t believe her wickedness!
🚺 she’s the devil,
🚺 I said it,that girl is an abomination
🚺 Vivian,I will kill you if I see you with her! chai….
I heard murmurs as people start pointing f!ngersat me.
I saw Ngozi too.My father c@m£ to my side, I could not even look…no words.
He left,two armed men c@m£ behind olamma who went to call the physician.
🚺 this case is murderous…
🚺 that’s her!
“No,she didn’t do it,Adeife is a good girl…this is not possibly done by her” I heard Ngozi saying.
“hmmmm you see those silent girls, they always happen to be the baddest…how I wish her attitude can be as attrac-tive as her curves!
mama mmesoma proposed..
I turned to steal a glance at papa,
“you injured her,am I the next victim?” he asked.
“I’m sorry” I said.
“oh yeah,me too” he replied.
The two armed men c@m£ to my side and binder my hands,I followed them.The palace,I guess.
we got to the palace,
everywhere was glittering with lights as usual. I looked on as I followed the guards
“there is a feast, the king won’t be able to see her.Lock her up,maybe tomorrow” a guard said.
“Prince Lotanna do not go outside tonight,its not safe…everywhere is dark” I heard a guard saying upstairs.
I looked up,thinking I would get a glance.
Too bad I saw nothing. I will have to think about the stars and my mother whom I got no chance to meet.
“this thing is urgent and very important,okay… network is terrible here…even my spectranet is acting so strange! I heard voices of him.
soo flawless,I still turn around.
my mind says he is somewhere around here and yes,I sa him.
He was backing the bluish pool while operating two phones…jeeeez,his back view was worth seeing.
Not dressing like a prince,he loves simplicity.Just a white t©p, a black jean..di-pped in the back pocket was a red lauded phone..
And the royal anklet on his feet,
sooo adorable and attrac-tive.
“there’s network alre-ady”
he said, he left without turning back.
I watch him walk upstairs,his catwalk was something I would like to see everyday.
He was soon out of sight.
“the feast is still on” another guard said,jo-lting me out of thoughts.
“miss follow me” the one that had brou-ght me here said.
I followed him to a certain yard in the palace,that place is for prisoners and this is the 100th time I would be entering there.
The door was opened,my hands got freed as I entered.They were locking the door, I saw nkem strolling throu-gh the upstairs balcony..
****should I call him??
friends right?
The guards locked me in and left.I looked up to call Nkem,he left
No hope….I had my head down.I wish I have a mother too.
I raise my head to look into the stars, my eyes caught Lotanna in the upstairs balcony.Doing something on phone as usual….something was on the shining stair rod..
l@pt©p right?
I stared at him,I even forgot I have not eaten,I forgot am in a prison, I keep on imaging things that I know will only happen in my dreams!.
most times,he was on phone.
I stared at him with so much de-sires, at times the little tiny diamond e
earring he wore would blind my sight.
😍You named me trouble,yes I like it because its as if you knew trouble is my destiny😍
😍i was the first female you talked to ever since you c@m£ here.”Pardon” was what you said to me and I felt as thou those words are enough… I won’t mind using my last breath to stare at you…Just stare😍
😍 You hope we won’t meet nor see again right? I know and I will try to do so, run away from you so I won’t cause you any of my trouble, it’s my destiny,I alresdy accept😍
😍Nevertheless,I won’t st©p admiring you….and I promise to…..
“Hey!!!! someone shouted and disturbe-d my secret ro-mantic moment. I turned in the prison, it was Akuna.Her dress s-en-se was waoow..
She wasn’t actually talking to me,she was waving at Lotanna who alre-ady got engrossed with his phone.
A maid went to her side,
she frowned and left.
Am guessing the feast is over!
Lotanna left upstairs balcony immediately he saw his twins brother coming….
“mother said you should esc-rt me” Akuna c@m£ back saying.
I stood up in the prison. I nee-d to see him one last time.
🎶One last time,admirer!
🎶One last song,crush!!
🎶One last chance, my prince!
🎶Let me in,this last time.
I didn’t even know I was forming a song in my heart.
I turned,Nkem was coming to the direction of the prison yard.
“sir…..hi!!! I bowed.
*what are you doing here?”, he asks.
“everyone alre-ady knows my mother is dead,they BELIEVE I killed her,they are now saying I wanted to do the same to my stepmother” I SAID.
I covered my face.
He stretched his hands in and t©uçh my shoulder, I got scared.I thought he wanted to t©uçh my che-st!
“sorry” he said,I nodded.
“I didn’t do anything, she was beating me,she always wh!pme,she does it every time like I am an animal” I said to my new found friend.
I looked at him and caught him taking in my curves slowly,he knew
I caught him staring at my h!ps. He hastily look away and blink his lashes…..
“st©p acting sad,it’s not pretty” he said,I nodded.
“this dress,you look h0t” he said and stretched his hand in.
I got so confused as i hastily place my hand on his..