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Believe 3 Episode 9 & 10


💚💙episode 9💚💛


Adeife’s p.o.v👇👇👇
lotanna rolled out of me,he still pecked my cl£@v@g£s.
did he think am sleeping?.
I also rolled but he already walk out.
mother where are you?
God please I need a miracle.
my phone rang where I kept it,I checked it and it was ngozi.
“the dresses you s£nt for tomorrow’s party…which one exactly,so many patterns gives me headache”she said.
“the red one”I replied.
“okay”she said and hung up.
I turned and lotanna was watching me.when did he walk into the bedroom?.
he already changed into another royal robe already,his hair fell free.
we have not even spent more time together as couple.
he deep his leg well in the white bedroom sl!ppers and checked his phone before moving into me on the bed.
“let’s leave tomorrow for destiny,what will be will be”he said.I nodded and moved out of the bed to the toilet.
I walked out and gently crawled into the bed.
“your hair is pretty”he said in a sweet smile, I smiled and he came to my back and tied the white sleeping cap for me.
he took my hand and helped me lie on the bed..
“honey”I smiled when he moved me to lie on his body.
hmmm tomorrow night,
am a very shy person… how am I sure I can stand lotanna seeing my n@k£dness.
he wrapped his arms around me,
I smiled sweetly and relaxed my face on his cheat but he was still pressing his phone and the room light was dimmed.
📲 Jedinna,I keep asking you when did you get like this?….
do you think I really want to become the king??? cut it off and don’t spoil my good mood.
you know how I get whenever am angry”,I heard him say into his phone
he hung up and threw the phone.
hmmm and I thought Jedinna is as calm as a dove..
I bent in a curl and used both of my hands to touch lotanna then klzz him quietly…. he smiled and klzzed me back.
I balance well and held him,
then brushed my f!ng£rs behind him.
we klzzed p@ssionately, locking and unlocking, eating into tongues.
he klzzed my neck into my ears
then my l!ps to my neck then to my cl£@v@g£s…
I m0@ned into his ears.
his hands moved underneath my thighs,the klzz got intense…
he touched my p@nt line where I got scared.
I unlocked from the klzz and look in his eyes then I quickly turn my back against him.
he followed my back.
He klzzed the line of my body that was exposed in the robe…
I g@sped when I felt something h@rd against my robust butt….
don’t tell me…lotanna just
I got shy…I still felt it hand and godd it was so sweet.
lotanna smiled and stopped the klzz.
he watch me feel shy,
the air conditioner made the moment more pleasurable..
it felt sweet,soo strong and intense.
lotanna must be a bad boy to have hit the right spot.
He moved into me again.
“your body is for only me remember” he said and klzzed my ears in an half hitting manner..
I smiled as I felt sweet in the inside and he gently pull me to himself with the hand where he wore his diamond ring.
he brushed me up from my back down to my p√b!c bones, his f!ng£rs down my butts.
the he carresed my hips and butts deliciously.
I felt it again…so sweet.
but lotanna– I closed my eyes.
“baby look at me”he said.
“hunn I don’t want to”I replied.
“she’s getting spoilt already”he said and dipped his hands in between my thighs.
“honey…my p@nts—
“shhh,I just want to play”he said.
“play with what–don’t shift my p@nt- you know”I was saying.
he klzzed me.
“you don’t trust your–
“fine, I trust”I said and turn well for him..he rearranged my waist bed and left his hand there.
A maid knocked.
“his highness”we heard voices as a result of the intercom.
lotanna left me,I crawled out of the bed and went to answer the door.
it turned out to be chioma.
“”she stammered.
I moved out properly and closed the door.
“what???”I said.
she had her head down…I will be a queen tomorrow,I think she still find it difficult to believe.
young queen the new…”she stammered.
“who s£nt you to me?”I asked,I really don’t trust chioma.
“someone is waiting for you outside” she said.
“who?”I asked.
“ngozi”she said.
“ngozi didn’t tell me she is coming and even if she will,she always get me notified” I said abf brought out my phone from my robe pocket,
I called ngozi small phone,
she pick up.
“baby are you at the gate?”I asked.
“gate kwa…am at home,in fact sleeping your call woke me up…
its even good you called,the chubby woman called my number and asked for your other name should I tell her?”she asked.
“tell her Ifedioku”I said.
“bye”she hung up.
I looked at chioma.
“are you planning to sell me out because I don’t understand you.Now go back and tell the person that s£nt you that you didn’t meet me*I says and entered.
I locked the door and carried the plate of apple to lotanna,I placed the neat tray on a pillow.
Lotanna ate apple from my hand.
“since when did you fall in love with me?”he asked.
“love?? I don’t know what that means then.Does a person who always get maltreated feel loved..
that first day we met,when I wound you with my pot…I didn’t fell in love oo and those times I helped you, I always pray I should not fall in love with someone that is too perfect to be mine”I said,
he smiled cutely and also fed me with apples.
“if I were still ugly,will you still like me?”I asked,he smiled.
“am not after beautiful face…
I actually fell in love with you that day at royals when I saved you from drowning in the cold river…
I knew you were my type of girl.
a girl I can trust,
someone who isn’t cheap,
someone who is not after material things..
I loved you when I find out it as always being you but was scared to say it for some reasons”he said.
“and you snubbed me….why? am I too local to be proud of?”I asked.
he smiled and pressed an apple against my l!ps.
“I didn’t snub you….maybe that’s what you see my attitude as.
You also need punishment for always hiding”he said.
I laughed.
“take off your robe”he said.
“’s transparent–
“honey but–
“off off off”he said.
I kept the apple tray aside and removed the robe in his pres£nce.
the innerwear was so transparent,
lotanna satisfied his eyes.
I fell on him,we cuddled into sleep.
Arinze’s p.o.v😊😊😊
I already arrived at the stream,
no one was there.
I wanted to see nkem since he always come here very early in the morning…
then it hit me what today really is,
today is a celebration day.
I rushed off to the golden hall where the coronation of king lotanna would take place and gosh,everywhere was crowded with people..
nkem where are you?
I looked well,it was nowhere to be found.
*Adeife’s p.o.v*
ngozi was with me that morning and she was even the one ordering the maids… how sweet.
aunty tracy came in.
I got happy as I rushed to klzz her but I felt something in her tommy- a small baby bump..
is it pregnancy or she ate too much?
“aunty I miss you”I said.
she smiled and peck my cheeks.
“you see,I came here for you…after today am leaving to America”she said, I nodded.
“thank you ma’am”I said.
she klzzed my cheeks again and left
the door was opened for whosoever that wants to greet me.
Akuna and her crews catwalked in.
she still doesn’t have shame after everything.
“Akuna look at the low lifeless bane lotanna choose”xara said,Akuna smiled.
“Ife are you really marrying lotanna?” she said.
“Am not only going to marry lotanna, have also agreed to give his mother a grandson”I said.
“a grandson when they didn’t pay your bride price because your father disowned you”Akuna said.
“well it is a good thing my father disowned me…so that someday he will realize how worthy of a rare gem he lost”I replied.
“hmm her eyes has opened…she now wear clothes brand higher than Akuna…I heard she advertise for spavox,lucky her” Adaeze said.
I faced Ebere,now my friend.
not a maid anymore.
where is shadia,I miss her.
*Olamma’s p.o.v*
the queen was coming,
Akuna quickly hide.She still hasn’t gotten enough courage to face queen chiamaka.
she’s not suppose to come out.
I wonder what is so important.
Lotanna came out,behind him was Jedinna.
All the girls to my right screamed.
this life is not balance at all, isn’t this the same set of people that always praise Akuna..
now no one notice her.
Akuna shucks out,I followed her.
“if I were you,I wouldn’t even come here today”amarachi said.
Akuna got angry and left.
I followed her.
“my mother said she will come here and shout that she didn’t give Ife out and the coronation will be canceled. My mother is still IFE’s guardian,
she have right over her”I said.
“now,can we go and change”
Xara said when she saw a set of cute princesses from far kingdom walking in..
“okay”she said and we all left for my house where we planned to dress.
“my daughters!! my mother beemed as soon as we entered.
she was already dressed.
“didn’t you promise to get Ife back, you are still are guardian,the queen really thinks you will let her be” I said
“you just watch! Adeife shall never marry the king,not when am alive” my mother said.
“Am me there” she said and carried her slivery purse.
A car drove in,
my father I guess.
I checked the window,it was him.
“perfect…my father always listens to my mother. They won’t put hand and Ife won’t marry the king.
it’s either the coronation is canceled or they help lotanna get a temporary wife”.
I smiled to myself,
we all got dressed.
“dear,can you imagine Obiageli(that’s the name my mother use to call Ife in the pres£nce of my father… my dad doesn’t even knows who Adeife is)..
“yes obiageli…that stupid girl”
my father said.
I smiled.
“you know I told you she ran away from the place we asked her to work as maid….you won’t believe the king that suppose to marry your own mma choose her”my mother quickly Lied.
“what nons£nse,that must be canceled”my father said.
Akuna maid servants were also ready.
“get into the car—
Another car drove in..
so expensive car.who can this be? I mean we are not expecting any visitors or did the person miss road.
the owner step out,
Akuna quickly turn back.
“Akuna is this what you are?”.
the woman asked.
“ma’am!!! I…I…”Akuna stammered.
“is there something you came back to pick?”my mother asked the woman.
“is there something you knew I would come back for…
wó wèré ni gbógbò wa asó ló bó iwa everybody….
omo mi daaaa!!!(we all are mad, cloth is what cover our behavior, where is my daughter).”the woman said.
a deaf would knew she is Ife’s mother,the woman was a hit….
sooo clean from her hair to the nails of her feet.
“Adesola” my mother called with furry..
“Ndidiamaka!! the woman also called
my father looked so confused.
“Adaobi!!!!! my mother shouted.
our house help quickly rush out kneeling down,the woman look over to herrrr.
“is that my daughter???


💚💙episode 10💚💛
“is that my daughter?”
she asked and walked to where Adaobi was,she turned swiftly to Akuna.
“do you have a bigger motive for not telling me where purity is?”she asks.
“mama”Adaobi said.
“what are you still waiting for,meet your mother already”Akuna said.
the woman clapped her hands dramatically and grabbed Akuna by her hair..
“where is my daughter! next time you try this nons£nse by deceiving me like a fool,I will beat you like a small child”mrs Adesola said and held Akuna’s hair more tightly
Akuna’s guards couldn’t move.
the woman left Akuna’s hair,Akuna fell down.
“and you—-
am I your mother….are you looking for your mother.hump I will advice you not to follow whatever thing they might have said to you! Mrs Adesola shouted sternly at Adaobi.
Xara flinched from where she stood.
“aah this woman is as hot as fire” nneka whispered,
she quickly run to the gate because of the fear of the unknown.
“since you don’t want to tell me where my daughter is in peace,I will make you say it with stick”.
my dad watched everything like a movie. only me knows that what happened to him is not ordinary.
“where’s my daughter!
say it now!! Mrs Adesola shouted at my mother,a diamond stone fell from her cloth but she doesn’t care.
“where’s purity?
“who is purity?”,my father asked.
Onome faced Adesola.”did you ask me to watch over her and besides when did I become a daughter watcher”.
Mrs Adesola grabbed my mother and locked her top like she’s dealing with a criminal,she used her other hand to remove her head tie,
one of her guards caught it.
“Adesola,if I touch you this time…you will die”mama said.
“eeeeh eeeehh oya touch me…
start touching me,
I will ruin your reputations. You still don’t want to show me my daughter abi.. okay,I won’t leave until I enter your nose you this slimming worthless gold digging whore made from the product of and unwanted sperm!! Mrs adesola said.
the people who were watching covered their mouths.
isn’t it obvious that the insult is much
“listen it is obvious you are looking for trouble and that trouble you will get it…..”mama said.
“Ndidiamaka you’ve done enough,
it is obvious you’re a witch,
you’ve tried so h@rd in hypnotizing my husband so he go against me and you also made me forget my pasts..
now that I am back to take my child, I will fight you with the last drop of my blood”Mrs Adesola shouted.
our compound was already crowded,
more crowd tropped in,
I didn’t know when I started mama is being humiliated like a play thing in my pres£nce.
“what is it,my mother doesn’t have your daughter”I said and picked a nearby iron rod.
“who is this little rat?”she said.
people were trying to separate them but Mrs Adesola didn’t agree.
I got frustrated and raise the iron rod to hit her.
someone collected the rod from me.
“what are you trying to do
“hit me with the rod???” she asked,
next I felt the prints of her hand on my cheeks, for one minutes I could not see well.
Mrs Adesola slapped me with the back of her hand as Arinze took the rod from me.
behind Arinze was nkem.
my dad looked confused as he didn’t move from where he was standing.
“where’s purity before I call my lawyers”Mrs Adesola said.
nkem went to her and said some things to her.
“Adeife right? you look like her,she must be your daughter” nkem said.
🚺 hmmm Adeife’s mom…
🚺 IFE’s mom!!!!!!
🚺 but what could have happened..
🚺 hmmm this is tough..
she nodded and left my mother.
“Jé kin rì apá lará omo mi…iwo ati awon ara ilé eee ma kú si ewón( let me see any mark on my daughter… believe me you and your household will die in prison!!! she said angrily to mama and rushed out to her car,
her driver was quick to open the door for her,nkem followed.
so many annoying questions came up, it made mama rushed in angrily and I followed her.
she locked the main door and paced to and fro in the room.
my dad rushed in.”is there anything you’re hiding from me…I mean I feel lost like something is missing”.
I stood up holding my cheeks,I had crazy tears on my eyes the place the woman slapped was already red.”papa that woman slapped me and embarased mother in front of everyone but you didn’t do anything”.
He got furious.”will you just shut up”.
I wiped my tears with the back of my palms..
“papa you just shouted at me,
it’s me olamma your precious jewel, your sunshine,
your mirror….
the sugar in your tea and garri” I said with crazy tears.
“now shut up before I slap those dirty teeth of yours out of your dirty mouth when did I tell you you’re my precious jewel and why would I calk you my mirror…
which mirror??
Am I drunk——
is it the one that have broken a long time ago—
you will not only see sugar in your tea,you will see salt and sand in your garri” papa bursted.
our housemaid rushed in with ointment in her hand,she was ready to rub that spot.
I covered my face and sob quietly.
I got slapped in the pres£nce of my pres£nce and even forever crush.
“Onome,I demand you to explain all what happened an hour ago.
who’s purity???”he asked.
“it’s nothing”mama replied with a deadly glare.
“I demand to know because am not blind I saw everything”he said.
“mr man go and sit down one place” mama replied like she is talking to a little kid.
“did you use me and what exactly have you given me to eat”he said, his anger was more visible.
hmmm,he is speaking back to mama, this is so unusual,this has never happened.
he always listen to her.
Accept her yes as yes and her no as no…
“what is it,I said it is nothing–.
“what exactly have you given me to eat….any day you try to raise your voice at me,I will make sure you regret it”papa said..
“I will….
the next thing that happened shocked me,the mirror I was holding fell and it shattered.
our house help ran out.
I stood crying watching dad beat mother to a pulp and like a punching bag.
Lotanna’s p.o.v☺😍😘
people who wanted to see the coronation got much,everything was going smoothly but the noise is disheartening,
everywhere got so loud.
where’s Nkem???
Adeife got moddy immediately she saw the crowd,she got so nervous although they are still dressing her up…
she would sit beside me on the throne..
“Lotanna you really want to marry that girl without a bride price?”Jedinna asked.
I looked at him and took my l!ps in.
“I hope this wouldn’t be like the rest” I said.
“hmm”he said.
“but be rest @ssured that I would catch whosoever that have a have in this…..only the gods will save the soil from the type of punishments I planned” I replied.
“so tell me,what punishment have you reserved for the person.”he asks
I looked at him with a corner of my eyes in the royal table section we sat
“are you feeling pity for the victim already…as at the last time I checked, its my business not yours” I replied..
“is there anything you’re hiding from me???”he asked.
“is there anything you would love to hear from my mouth?”I asked back.
my special adviser came.
“your highness… you ought to be inside and not here,it’s not safe for your here”he said..
seriously I forgot I was the king,
I stood up and entered one of the suites where I met guards who wouldn’t stop bowing to me.
I should check on Ife in her dressing room.
I stood up and bounced walked to the door.
“you shouldn’t go out”a guard said.
I opened the door and went out.
soon I found IFE’s suite,
nkem approached in the other direction with a woman by then I already opened the door.
“where’s my daughter?”the woman asked.
I saw the striking resemblance between her and ife..
“good afternoon mother”I greeted.
“same here my king”she replied.
ohh I even forgot I dressed as a king and besides the bead bracelets would tell her i was one.
the queen came at the right time.
“Good afternoon, my queen! the woman whom I presume to be Ife’s mom greeted.
is this not……”mother stammered.
ife quickly step out..
ohh my gosh,she nailed it.
Her appearance was gorgeous, like a real queen.
Soo crazily set,I guess our tonight would be so romance filled…
what a pack of seduction?
such a hit,the resemblance between her and the woman was now very visible
“ohh it’s me.
“Adesola…that same Adesola
“Are you so much shocked our eyes met again—
“it’s me,it’s really me! the woman said..
“this is Adeife’s mom! nkem said.
“whaaaaaaaaaattt! mother g@sped.
“Ade mi(my crown)
“olowoorimi(my wealth creator)
“Ayanfe mi(my beloved)….
“where are you belongings? go and pack them because we are leaving now…I will call my manager to book a flight for Dubai now” the woman said..
“Adesola”mother called.
“chiamaka”the woman replied.


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