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Believe 3 Episode 5 & 6

💚💙episode five💚💛
I got confused watching the palace gate through my window
until one of the maids tapped me,
I turned,it was a new young maid.
“Young queen you will end up getting cold looking through the window” she said and helped me lock the window properly.
Another maid walked in and bowed before speaking.”young queen I just finish steaming the fish for rice and I have made pepper soup”.
I nodded and still checked the window,
Jedinna have left
it was even raining.
“should I bring mackerels or fishcake?”she asked.
“okay” I replied and followed her,
there were like three guards loitering around my bedroom door,
isn’t that lotanna’s handwork!.
chioma stood at the door beside ikechukwu,I followed the second girl to the dinning and dished out what I wanted to eat.
“who cooked this?”I asked.
“ebere ma’am”she replied.
*okay”I sauf and ate the pepper soup with relishment.
she poured water for me to drink,
I drank and took a blue berry to eat then a cold sliced pineapple.
the maid reduced the air conditional and went ahead to turn on the television.
We both watch till it was my sleeping time… you see I already got dizzy.
I told her,she switch it off and followed me upstairs to my room.
she hastily re arrange my king sized bed which I lay on,the other maids matched in.
they always stay like that to watch me while I sleep,
of course chioma is always among.
isn’t God a multi purpose God??.
“I will say a story”Ugoma said and knelt beside my bed.
“okay but I don’t want crowd~~ only you and Idera should stay, the rest can go back to the maids quarter”
I said in a sleepy manner.
“but this is our duty,
his highness will be angry and we might get punishments for not doing it well”Adapuruche said.
“If you won’t leave then stay in the living room,I feel so uncomfortable my soul doesn’t want much people around” I said.
they bowed and left except for Chioma.
“whaaaaatt! she grunts.
“what are you saying?-
we should leave when we are instructed to watch over you…
imagine is it because you now wear expensive clot—
“chioma what’s your motive of coming here…as at the last time I checked,you wouldn’t love to watch over the one you hate” I said.
she stayed quiet,
looking like someone who is lost.
“remember Adeife is not a maid anymore…sometimes watch how you speak to a queen,next time I might not be too kind” I said.
our eyes locked,
she looked away and went out.
only Ugoma and Idera stayed with me.
I kept dreaming of lotanna
he talks to me in my dream,
he klzz me in my dream
he cared for me like in real life,
he also took me to places.
I didn’t even know when I started praying for him in my dream.
He laughed as I did.
what I never wanted is happening right in my eyes,yet i couldn’t stop it..
the worst part is that he will get that girl pregnant and if luckily she gives birth to a son,
he will be the heir,meaning the next king after “Lotanna”.
nothing will make Mother more happy if not for a grandson.
so I will have to deal with lotanna first,he knows how much I loved to be a king yet he went for the throne all because mother said “the ways if the gods are different from the ways of man”.
to hell with the gods.
I trailed my paths near the bush and perceive something stinking,I brought out my handkerchief and used it in covering my nose.
how do these people cope?
in all these dirt’s…
finally,I arrived at my destination,
gosh….Holly fv¢k!
the place look like hell.
is this the place chioma described for me.
A girl in a white wrapper hastily rushed out.Her sl!ppers cut.
she smiled and took off her sl!ppers, she dust it and kept it under her armpit…
seriously,what type of life is this.
“my prince”she bowed humbly, her fair skin reminds me of that girl.
what’s her name again?.
Adeife~~she seem to be the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
I had practically not said any girl is beautiful but that Ife is.
🚺should I talk about her nails or hair?
🚺or her eyes which comes into
bloom each time she smiles?
🚺 yes I always kill his girlfriends so that he won’t have a son to call his own and because if they grow they will inherit the throne…
🚺 but that particular girl Adeife interests me that’s why I won’t let her end like the rest..
once I take lotanna away,
I will inherit her as my wife.
Am sure lotanna will not touch her now so I have to be fast.
I will make her learn to love me.
“my prince!!!
the maid servant jolted me out of my thoughts.
“call your father out! you can’t expect me to enter your smelly hut do you” I said, she smiled shyly and played with the tip of her wrapper.
soon the dibia stepped out,
that was when I turned.
“onuwo this must be a secret between us”I said and brought out a huge back of money.
“he must not survive this one,
if you do this successfully, I will reward you more greatly once I become king with powers” I said.
the dibia smiled revealing his ugly set of tooth,such a horrible sight.
I couldn’t look
I just nodded in a little smile and look sideways.
“mind coming in” he said.
I wore my face mask and followed him in his shrine..
everything inside was scary and strange…
there were skeletons of different animals, the one that puzzled me most is the skeleton of a huge scorpion that have blood all over.
The dibia started his incantations.
“Lotanna am sorry I did this,
next time if you come to life again, you won’t trust anyone,not even your blood”I didn’t know when I called his name…
fire blazed out of the calabash the dibia was holding.
is this some kind of magic?
the fire spread to a side in the shrine and started burning things..
The dibia looked confused.
He opened his mouth to the fire,it wasn’t reducing…
“throw the bones out to the dogs and leave it to fight with the spirits…!!
we heard voices..
from where????
💚💙episode six💚💛
Adeife’s p.o.v💋
I slept peacefully but not until i started dreaming about him again..
it looks like he’s been hurt,
it looks so real to be true…
like someone is trying to kill him.
“young queen,are you alright!
ugoma tapped me in my sleep,I jerked out of that dream where lotanna is being hurt.
I woke up,I felt my tears drop.
seriously,I was crying for real all for a mere dream.
ugoma got me my face wipes.
I took two of the wipes and entered my restroom.
lotanna who is trying to hurt you again?? who is doing this to you again??
I know you’re in danger.
my dreams always come true.
the day onome seized my voice I knew she was going to do that but I saw it as a dream.
is this also going to happen to you?.
no,I won’t let you die.
this is how much i love.
I went back to my bedroom and took my nightie jacket.Ugoma made a puzzled look.Next I took a scarf.
“madam are you going out?”
she asked.
“yes,I want to quickly go somewhere do not tell anybody”I told her.
“but young queen it’s midnight”
she said.
“and that’s why you shouldn’t tell anybody”I said.
she opened her mouth in a surprised manner..
“but— she starlted and closed her mouth quietly.
“the palace gate is locked”she said.
“exactly,I want you to help me get the key from the queen’s room”I said.
“whaaaaatt! she g@sped.
“perfect,you’re going to tell her I said my step mother called that she is sick and that Olamma traveled there is nobody to take care of her so I want to go and stay with her..
her house is not really far,
I will get there in time” I said.
She nodded,I tied my scarf.
she went out,I followed her.I had to lie to the guards using “onome” name.
luckily,Ugoma helped me to get the key to the palace gate.I went out,
I almost get lost self,
the roads have been recontrusted it’s been so long I came this road.
soon,I arrived at old nana’s place.
her compound was deserted,
I knocked at her door with a little stone.
“by this time,who can be there?”
I heard her voice.
“it’s your daughter”I said..with that she would recognize me since she always call me her daughter.
“Adeife what brings you to my house by this time,what if you get raped on your way” I heard her as she opened her door..
I quickly enter and she dropped her lantern on the pavement.
“how is your boyfriend?”she asked.
I nodded.Am a very shy person.
“I see he takes care of you but how are you coping with his mother,she doesn’t looks happy when her son chose you*she said.
“its her son I love… have tried to impress her many times but she detests me”I said.
“you won’t give up on her..
If she doesn’t likes you,there will be war”she said.
I nodded.
“hmm I came to collect the pot,I want to go to that cold river again… someone is trying to kill lotanna”
I said.
“whaaaat…are you sure you want to go again? this time it will be h@rder because you won’t fetch water 202times…this time it will be 404times..that’s the highest and after that,no one will be able to hurt him spiritually”she explained.
“404times…won’t I die?.
this seems h@rder.
old nana watched me keenly as i meditate..
“but after this 404times no one will be able to hurt him spiritually right?” I asked.
“yes but are you ready for it?”she asked..
I toyed with the golden bars on my clothes…
“the worst thing is that you might not return..remember 404times”she said.
“but no one will have powers to hurt him spiritually?”i asked again.
“yes plus he will get fames more faster…and everything good will come is way…no man will be able to kill him after this 404times”she explained.
“okay,can I have the pot”I didn’t know when I spoke.
“you might not return,this is not like the first one”she explained.
“I accept” I nodded like stupidly.
“does he loves you the way you love him…do you know you’re risking your life for him”old nana explained.
I already took the pot.
old nana shook her head and watched me carefully like a movie, she followed me outside.”Truly behind every successful man is a woman” I heard her say.
I walked hurriedly and intentionally p@ss ngozi’s house,I knocked on her window.I need to say hi in case I won’t return again.
“ifeeee,by this time”she squealed.
“I love you…imagine what my life without you will look like,
maybe meaningless” I said.
“what are you talking?”she said.
“next time,I love you”I said and ran off soon I got there and started fetching the water.
once I pour a pot of water on the idol, I would say a word of prayer for lotanna with all my heart.
Jedinna’s p.o.v👇👇👇👇
the blazing fire went off and the dibia carefully dropped the calabash.
“what now?”I asked.
“a palm tree climber is not expected to tell everything he sees up above” he replied.
“you speaks in parables”I said.
“two more hours and he will be gone…I congratulate you in advance to the throne of your father”he said.
I took my l!ps in and went out,
the maid servant was still there flaunting her face in a best smile.
she must be mistakening me for lotanna.
I stared at her for a while she smiled back and played with the tip of her top..
neatness… no she looks so dirty.
I brought out my phone to check some things.
“sorry am smelling bad,I was actually doing something that has to do with smoke wh….”she sturtled and starred at me with desires.
“and you’re telling me because??
I said cutting her off rudely.
I locked my phone and headed to where I told the palace guards to wait for me.
They shouldn’t know the place I went to right??
they put on the royal umbrella and we headed back to the palace..
I entered my suite and removed my cloths,
I wore a black short.
I feel so hot even when it is cold and raining.
I tied my hair and picked my phone.
I picked the pack of cigarette from the drawers as well as a bottle of wine.
I walked in to where the swimming pool is in my suite and placed everything on the pool table.
I dived into the water and swam deep for a while.
I sat beside the table and took the wine.
my phone guess was right!
the priest had called me with his small phone.I checked the time,two hours have completed.
the news of lotanna’s death is suppose to be out.
I picked the call.
“I don’t know who always help him in the secret,he survived this one too” he said.
“waaaaattt!! I dropped the call immediately..
I threw all phones into the water as well as the bottle of wine and the table.
why is all these happening at once!
I lighted the cigarette then covered my face with both hands.
I emptied the first gl@ss of wine and threw the gl@ss cup into the pool.
I emptied the stick of cigarette and dropped it.
why is my life falling apart?.
why do I not always get what I desire the most?.
in the pasts,it has always been easy to get lotanna down,why does this particular one seem difficult.
I moved my hair with the have where I held the stick of cigarette.
the smoke got much it filled my sight
I am so frustrated.
I broke my promises to my future kids..
what am I going to tell them tomorrow?
they won’t be kings…as it stands,future kings would be chos£n among the kids lotanna will have…
so what will happen to my own kids tomorrow??.
Deeerah kingdom,are you running away from me.
I looked at the used cigarette on the floor,I almost emptied the pack,
I took a deep breath as I wiped water off my face and turned.
waaaaattt mother was watching me quietly.
I got shocked… when did she gets here.
she moved over to me and sat beside me with her legs dipped in the pool.
“what happened?”she asked.
I looked away to the other side cos tears filled my eyes,she gently turned my face to look at her.
“it’s nothing…I mean I lost an expensive contract”I lied.
“really”she said.
I nodded and look back.
she smiled and took the cigarette from me then threw it in the water.
“it’s not your fault” she said and hugged me from one side.
I looked at other end in disdain.
“hey won’t you even hold me,its your mother”she said.
I found myself smiling when she started tapping my back.
Lotanna’s p.o.v👇👇👇
the guards covered me immediately I stepped out.
I put on my mask,they still accompany me to my car.
I sat comfortably at the back seat, my driver joined me.
I removed my gold carved mask.
isn’t this stressful,I still have meetings with governors tomorrow when I was thinking I will have time to spend with my heart throb.
“your highness! the driver says.
“ummm what?”I asked.
“did you have issues with anybody?” he asked.
*no why?”I asked.
“hmm it was an evil act s£nt to you spiritually but the priest said you got lucky it backfired”he said.
“okay”I said and got a call then.
🚺 I saw your transactions,
🚺 ninety million naira but first, meet with Salvador.
🚺 okay
🚺 okay s£nd them in.
Adeife💋Adeife’s p.o.v
the cold got much and unbearable,
it was three times colder than it was before…I feel like I will freeze to death but I have to do this for him.
not everyone is happy he will be the king…
who knows what other princes planned for him?.
“399” I counted tiredly and said a word of prayer for him.
my legs were shaking already.
the day will soon be bright,
you see have been here since yesterday.
I walked fast down to the cold river.
something cut in my stomach as I bent.
yeah 4more times.
my eyes got teary because of the cold..
“400”I counted and said a word of prayer for him again.
“401” I poured another one.
I started hearing sounds of approaching footsteps..
who can be coming this early morning?.
no one knew I came here right?.
I rush down to the river again with all my strengths to fetch the last one…
I returned and poured it.
“404”I counted tiredly and said the last word of prayer.
I dropped the pot of water and turned to leave… our eyes locked.
Chineke eeeeeehhhh😱
I quickly look away.
“oh my Ife,what have I done to you..
will you ever forgive me?
am so sorry my daughter—
my eyes reduced when I heard the queen, I cleaned my ears.
its really her,
she was dressed in a precious queen regilia,then many queen bracelets..
“Adeife!!! she called my name.
“ma’am” I replied and quickly turn back, what does she wants to say to me again.
didn’t she say am an abomination!
didn’t she say she doesn’t like me!
“am sorry,I treated you badly…
“Never knew you could go to this extent for my son..
“am sorry…just come!
“come to your mother in law” she said…
am I dreaming??
I mean am just too shocked..I walked to her slowly…
“since when have you been here?” she hugged me as she felt my temperature.
“what are you still waiting for,don’t you know what to do?”she faced the maid….
then she felt my temperature again.
a whole queen chiamaka,I never imagined she could even hugged me.
“Emike,am sorry! she said and hugged me again.
wait! did she just call me Emike(what I seek for).
“sorry Emike,the cold is too much” she collected a face wipe from a maid and wipe my face tenderly.
ummm soo sweet!.
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