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Believe 3 episode 3 & 4

💚💙episode three💚💛
I nodded my hear negatively,
I also don’t know what that mark is, while I was growing,I got so many marks.
“come let me see very well”the queen said.
I widened my eyes as I followed her to where there was lights.
she was holding her phone and she turned on her torch lights,
she checked the mark,
using her f!ng£rs to touch it.
“I injured and cut my waist” I said and she stopper touching it.
she turned off her phone torch,finally she looked the waist chain for me then she helped me fix two little earrings,
she poured the remaining asccesory on the bed and picked the tray..
“remember I did this for my son…I wonder what you gave him to eat” she said,I even nodded many times.
some mother in laws are as hot as fire,you can imagine her acting to me in this manner just because her son loves a nobody.
hmmm my life would have been better if I find someone to call mother avd even the father I have is living like a dead.
lotanna entered and I quickly smiled.
ohh my god where is my wrapper.
he came to me before I could even move to get my wrapper.
“what did she say to you..did she hurt you with words?”he asked.
“no she didn’t,she now likes me”I said.
“I always knew you were born a criminal” he said.
I smiled…ohh he caught me.
“anyways let’s go to bed”he said.
I packed the accessory and joined it in lotanna’s jewelry box,
then I slept in my side.
lotanna turned on a particular phone and a device,I didn’t see what he was doing because i was backing him.
next I heard all what his mother said to me screening on the large flat screen.
“excuse me” lotanna said,
he went out.
does he wants to go and meet his mother?.
honey wait!!!! I ran after him.
I was on the stairs,he was already at the door,there were like four guards on the sitting room.
“your highness” one said and rushed to open the door.I needed to stop him
“baby I love you please don’t go and meet her” I said.
“I said I love you,don’t go”I said.
he turned and came up the stairs,I went in and slept on my side.
“I’m sorry okay”he said.
“its fine but don’t blame her”I said.
“really”he said and laid his head on the dermacation thank God the light wasn’t really bright, it had been dimmed…. meaning my body is safe
he removed the demarcation then layed his head on my laps.He stayed well until he drew me to himself.
what a tight contact?.
he klzzed my neck slowly with his hands trapped in my laps,I chuckled at every of his touch.
“you’re corrupting me”I said.
“seriously”he said and took my hands away from my chest.
so he trailed the klzzes into my chest,he touched my br£@sts,he tickled the two at the same time…
“lotanna”I g@sped.
he wasn’t done, he klzzed my n!pp!es from the singlet..
he unlocked and look in my face quietly,I covered my chest.
“one last time” he smiled out dimples,I turned my back…
he klzzed me deeper anywhere on my body till I turn back.
my body shivered in lots of sweetness the feeling was soo sweet and soft..
did he see my body through this transparent nightie.
no,lotanna doesn’t see at nights.
I looked in his face,he smiled and rest his head on my br£@sts.
soon,he slept off… so handsome in sleep.I pat his back and sing softly in his ears till I slept off.
Akuna’s p.o.v🎷🎷🎷
I was the first person to wake up that morning,I was so confused and frustrated but I had to leave before the queen comes to me,
she find out am not what she thinks I am….she would have stopped lotanna at the party but she couldn’t because I couldn’t hold the incense staff.
when my mom called yesterday night I had told xara not to explain things to her,she will feel so bad and I don’t want her to get bothered.
I hastily got dressed,Sharon walked in,she looked at me in with shock.
“umm princess akuna your mom is-
“did you pick my calls when I slept last night”i said.
“no I don’t..
but she has s£nt maids and giads to accompany us home”she said.
I followed her out that early morning.
what will I say to her?
lotanna is my only hope to getting to greater heights,his appearance gives me so much joy but I lost him,
I got shamed
I became a laughing stock in the eyes of those that held me in high self esteem.
“should I inform the queen we are leaving alresdy?”Sharon asked.
“oh no” I said,we walked out.
nkem also strolled out.
I arrived home,I don’t want to talk to any body so I went into my room.
Mrs Adesola called.
why should I show you your daughter?
now your daughter is my biggest rival and my most h@rd challenge..
showing you your daughter is like pouring petrol inside an already blazing fire…
I dried my tears,
then I picked my phone.
“I called yesterday but you didn’t pick my calls hope all is well” she asked.
this woman is just so nice.
“no…am good”I replied.
“akuna about my daughter,you said she is in Jerriah kingdom but I can’t seem to recognize her here.
Akuna please tell me what I need to know about my daughter.
I miss her for good 21years already and I want to spend the rest of my life with her,
I am tired of traveling from one kingdom to the other…”she said.
my door opened,it was my mom.
I hung up turned on the tele.
“Akuna you’re such a shameless idiot!!!! how dare you drag me and your fathers name into mud!
do you know what the neighboring villages are saying already…
my little brother came in.
“Akuna,you made me feel the pain I haven’t felt in a long time…you couldn’t even–
*mom!!! I said.
she moved closer and wanted to slap me,I closed my eyes…her hand touched my cheeks lightly.
*do not let me loose my anger on you,you brought me shame..
people are now calling you “open and close” she said.
“I didn’t—
I started crying.
“I hope this serves as a lesson to other maidens who always feel they have everything in this world.
you can imagine that slave taking your place…Akuna a maid took your place! you’re doomed
thank god am not your—
she didn’t finish her statement,she slammed her forehead and walk out.
crystal my little brother scoffed sadly and folded his arms,
my friends stopped talking to me, Akuna what have you done!
he walked out.
Nkem’s p.o.v👇👇👇
I needed to meet some traders that early morning but firstly I need to swim as exercise.
I don’t really like the swimming pool in my suite,I prefer the river so I left.
I will just make sure no one sees me.
I got to the stream and in no time I was in the river in my shorts,I swam happily.I also took off my royal apparel and kept it on the stream side..
it would have been more fun if arinze is here but we are no friends anymore.maybe next year,that’s when I will forgive him.
I swam till the day was clear enough. I swam out,I need to leave before they start coming to wash clothes.
someone approached swam out.
I listened carefully,
then I turned and saw her washing clothes.
she turned immediately I swam out.
our eyes locked.
isn’t that the girl that always insults Arinze and olamma.
“are you sure you still need your eyes? stop staring at me and continue with your dirty cloths” I said..and fixed back my royal apparel
“and why would I be staring at you?
“what will I be staring at in your body
is it that thing tiny thing that looks like spaghetti???
Just call me whenever it is matured enough” ngozi said.
is she talking about my—
💚💙episode four💚💛
did a girl just say that to me
I looked down at the way I look in my swimming outfits,
wait did I suddenly become a play thing and what was her eyes looking for in my shorts?.
my d!¢k isn’t like spaghetti right?.
I looked over to her,
she still laughed using me as play. I don’t think she knows who she is talking to.
I wore my cloths and toss my royal apparel on my shoulders,
a girl approached the stream.
“good morning sir”she bowed humbly..
I nodded and started leaving.
“ujunwa let me tell you what I saw this morning”ngozi started,
I turned back.
wait is this girl alright at all.
she cleared her throat
“please tell it still about chidinma?”Ujunwa asked.
I stopped walking and turned,
I got scared for no reasons.
women have the ability to transport fake,news like wild fire and I know ngozi as a catapult mouth.
“biko tell me now”ujunwa said.
“when I came here this morning…
she cleared her throat again.
“I saw…”she paused and look in my direction then she stood up and moved over to Ujunwa’s ear,
I saw the movements of her l!ps but didn’t get to hear what she was saying to her.
ujunwa laughed,
ngozi also joined in laughing.
Olamma’s p.o.v😱😱😱
my mother has not said anything since yesterday which was the day Ife was selected by prince lotanna.
I thought she talked about taking Ife away but she didn’t.
does she mean she have no authority over Ife again?.
the most annoying part is that princes kept coming to our house to ask of Ife since they all believe my mother is our mother.
the particular one that came this morning got me angry and jealous.
I left ybe house angrily and went to the market…
Adanna came to me…
then we left for Akunna’s kingdom.
we need to check on her welfare.
the palace guard allowed us in her suite…she sat on the bed,
adanna moved in first.
“akunna tell me,how have you been?”I asked.
“olamma how can I be happy..should I talk of the shame or Adeife or Lotanna’s mom…I couldn’t even LST her see me before leaving” she said and picked a pillow.
“so what have you been doing,crying all day long and watch Ife take your place?”Adanna said.
“you should see the way princes are dying for her even when she’s taken and every maidens worship her like god”Adanna said.
“am so pained I can’t watch it.He will get intimate with Ife and Ife will get pregnant…. The queen will have no choice than to like her for the saje of her grandchild.And you think lotanna is not a smart person…
he knows what he is doing”akuna said.
“so what,are you going to let Ife take everything?”I asked.
the door opened,we turned it was Akuna’s mother.
her face is not funny at all..
“yes yes yes….
what have you come to do in my palace–
she faced Akuna. “Are these the types of friends you choose…
they are the ones pushing you abi
“no one is pushing me.
Akuna shouted back,she stood up and picked her purse,She joined me and Adanna outside.
“mom what!! what again…you have never support me for once in your life you always take sides with my enemies…
are you not happy of me..
are you not proud that I am your daughter! akuna asked.
“Am I suppose to be happy and proud of you?? your mates have achieved good things in life and are thinking of better things,
all you know is acting like the world is yours,you came home with many disappointments–
you came home with pregnancy on your 18th birthday but you lied and called it fever,
I swear I don’t understand you”.
“but you did say if I like I should come home with pregnancy” Akuna said..
“my god what kind of child is this..
as grown as you’re you are still stupid!! her mom said.
Akuna walked out,
we followed her quietly.
“but why is your mother so mad about him not choosing you?”I ask.
“olamma my mom loves the twins and she wants me for one of them, anyone who would sit on the throne..
their mom also agreed for the sake of our companies since we are into partnership.
umm my mom started telling me that I had a husband right from when I was 3 and am sure the twins mother also did that to both of her sons..
we met when they were 6…
you see I couldn’t even differentiate between lotanna and Jedinna they were so identical.
I loved going to their place but he doesn’t like playing,if anyone touches him he always cry….so he was always in care of Mrs Okafor,
if anyone touches him aside Mrs okafor and his mother, he always cry and even change his clothes..
Lotanna is expensive right from when he was young… he cl@ss himself so much….
if you weren’t told,you would know that king suites him so much so my mom wanted us together simple.
lotanna saw me and ask his mother “who is that girl?”
“why is she always coming here?”
“does she not have a house?”.
his mother replied “that’s your Akuna”. Lotanna was like “your Akuna”.
“yes call her my Akuna” his mother told him then.
“but I don’t tell you I want any Akuna” lotanna would say childishly.
it was so stupid then because we were so young, a week later him and his twins traveled abroad to study he came back now and doesn’t even remember me again….Adeife is a witch!
I wonder what he sees in that idiot” I said.
Xara and Nneka walked to the tree we were staying at,
we walked out together.
Mrs Adesola’s😱😱
purity your creator sees that have tried enough in searching for you..
I really have many things to tell you but time doesn’t want us to be
wherever you are stay strong
for the sake of your mother who is searching for you.
I will have to leave this kingdom first thing tomorrow morning.
ngozi came to me in the palace,
I have never been so happy like this in my life.
I opened my suite door immediately the guards brought her,she moved in and I locked the door.
“ifeee!!! she giggled happily
“I’m sorry I wanted to com—
“its okay I understand”she smiled and hugged me.
“my friend has changed totally”
she said.
“umm thank you”I replied perfunctorily.
she made a bothered look.
“I’m not happy because you’re suddenly forgetting me” she said.
“oh my god I can’t forget you…even if we die we will become ghost and scare people together” I said,
she laughed.
I led her upstairs to my bedroom.
she smile and fell on my bed,I kepty notepad in the right place.
the person taking me online cl@sss left not quiet long.
“so how’s the queen,she still doesn’t like you”she said.
“of course but only when her son is around…if he’s not she always remind me Adeife the nobody..
you see this is why I want to know if my mom is alive or dead,
I can’t bare seeing onome in my story
I can’t handle Akuna saying trash,
and the queen.
“well I have a solution”ngozi said and opened my jewelry box.
two maids knocked at the door,
I answered it and came back to my best friend.
“the solution is finding about my background.” I said
ngozi picked out of my new clothes, it made me remember those days she gave me cloths too.
“finding your mom is too far…
you just try to get pregnant for lotanna the queen will care for you like an egg” she said.
“did lotanna touch you already?”
she asked.
I coughed.
“seriously! she said.
“I remembered I owe you a gift” I changed topic.
“the only gift I want from you is to see you pregnant for him” she said.
I laughed…
what type of friend do i have.
“I said what I want and you’re laughing”she said.
we talked,soon she left after which I escort her to the gate.
it was night when lotanna came in,
he have been busy with so many things like attending balls,meetings with the subjects and so many more.
will he come tonight?
he will be crowned in the next 14days…and before then,my only wish is to see my mother.
I don’t want onome to take her place.
A knock came on my door~~
I knew it was him.I checked time and went to answer it.
He was on a king robe…a gold earring,gold braclets….gold rings…
everywhere was gold.
“Ifedimma!! he called softly,
I moved out,there was little light cos I dimmed it.
“you’re going again this night,isn’t the stress too much”I said.
“today is my third sacrifice”he said.
I nodded and wanted to move in,
he took my hand and klzz the back of my hand.
He pecked my l!ps quietly,it turn into a klzz…
he klzzed me slowly while his f!ng£rs move to my back.
I g@sped into the klzz when he raised his other hand from my waist into my singlet where he tickled my br£@st, I touched his hand in shock.
i unlocked and looked in his face,
he gently took his l!ps into his mouth and looked down in between my legs in little smile.
he peck my l!ps before klzzing me again,I gently shift my hand and left my body for him,
he took his hands in my singlet again
I felt sweet as he traced my n!pp!es in the singlet while klzzing me again.
I suddenly enjoy him touching me, I m0@ned like carelessly as lotanna didn’t stop pressing and squeezing me softly.
he turned me around and changed the pattern of klzzing, we were in my room,he klzzed my neck down to my cl£@v@g£s…
he held me tight from behind and ate into my n!pp!es from what I wore.
I m0@ned in little scream as his other hand moved in between my legs.
he used his l!ps to shift my singlet back and touched my p@nt lines where he felt my killer hips.
It felt sweeter,
Lotanna romanced me so deliciously and carried me.
something beeped in the room.
the projector~~i guess.
Lotanna left me but still klzz my ear in an half biting manner.
I shivered in sweetness and walked away,he followed me to my bed and hugged me from behind.
“it will be fine” he whispered.
I turned and face him.
“but I want my mom”I said.
he peck my eyes.
“I don’t know how I will do it but I will be the one to find her~~that’s my promise”he said.
I nodded.
The projector still beeped the guards are calling into him.
Lotanna picked my sleeping night jacket and helped me in wearing it..
he tied the rope properly.
Two maids moved in.
Lotanna always bring them to watch over me each time he won’t be around.
he still kids me again,
peck my forehead …
He helped me on the bed and tucked me in properly.
he turned to leave the maids bowed.
ohh god! mother I need you!.
“Young queen” one of the maids said.
I opened my eyes properly and saw that chioma was among the maids lotanna brought to watch me.
she moved her eyes in a roll and bowed for me.
the other maid came to me.
“queen Ife let me tell you a story so that you will sleep soundly” the other said.
I stood from the bed and went to use the restroom,I decided to check the window before sleeping.
I saw Lotanna’s twin brother downstairs…
I looked well,he headed for the palace gate,finally he move out.
where to???


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