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Believe 2 episode 29 & 30

[you’re my heart’s crown👑]
olamma’s p.o.v😳😳
I got angry as I stared at ife,
ngozi laughed making jest of the scar on my face.
“just smile,you look do not mind ngozi”Ife said..
I dropped the nylon I was holding and moved close to her.
“how dare you make me a laughing stock!
I said with fury,
then I raised my hand to slap Ife.
she caught my hand and twisted it down…
I raise my other hand and wanted to hit her,she still caught it.
“you’re still my sister…..
next time you raise your hand against me,that day I might not forgive you”
she whispered,
I jacked my hands away.
her voice sounded more like music,
has she been singing lately?.
something cut on my face
I felt pain in the place I was cut.
one of my mother’s maid came,she faced Ife.
“did you cut her face like this”,
the maid asked.
Ife looked around like she wasn’t the one the maid was talking to,
then she walked away.
I felt like crying.
“Olamma let’s go and get ointment”
the maid said.
I grumbled avd collected a piece of cloth which I use to cover the cut in my face.
“will this heal?”I asked.
“well it will heal but your face will not be like it was before”she said.
I got so angry for so many reasons,
I ran.
I ran because I got boiled and humiliated at the market square in front of so many people,
I ran because I got mocked by ngozi and Ife,
I ran because I saw that expensive waist chain on ife-
who gave her that?
she isn’t meant to wear that-
I ran till i got to our house.
“my precious jewel”I heard mother.
I looked at her with a sad expression.
“who did you like this?”,she asked.
I dropped the cloth I was using to cover it.
“mother it was prince jedioku’s royal servant,what exactly did you collect from him-
now see!!
my face is ruined!
“calm down” she said.
“but my face is ruined” I said.
“it will heal okay” she said.
I burst into tears,
then I ran inside.
Jedinna’s p.o.v🎤🎤
I sip in my wine quietly,
so she was trying to give me all those things so that i won’t bother asking for the throne.
what does she takes me for?
I already acquire wealth;
I have everything,what I want now is the throne.Simple!.
someone knocked,
I stood avd took the remote of the projector I checked it was chioma.
“come in” i said.
she entered and bowed humbly.
“my prince the royal dinner is ready”
she smiled as she bowed.
she looks so hot in that skimpy traditional attire,
I watched her with desires.In as much as I love *pussy*, no girl is beautiful enough in my eyes.
“my prince, shall I bring dinner here for you…..if you don’t want to join the royal delicacies waiting for you”
she said.
*I’m not interested” I said as I took another sip of my wine.
she sighed in disappointment but quickly replace it with a smile.
“okay” she said and turned.
the key she was holding fell or she dropped it intentionally.Either way.
her wrapper was as low as her hips,
everything was on display as she bent.
“umm sir do you need a female to warm your bed in this cold weather?” she asked.
“is your body as sweet as in between your legs?” I said.
she smiled.”you won’t know until you give it a trial”.
I took my lips in and moved closer like I wanted to kiss her,then I tickled her wire like waist,
she shivered in esctacy.
“where is the poison I asked you to get?” I whispered.
“its here sir,the cure is very difficult to get” she said.
I collected it from her and moved out.
it was really dark; can Lotanna be sleeping by this time.
I entered his suite since it wasn’t locked.
like six phones were on a couch,
all are on flight mode:
he doesn’t want disturbance.
two guards were seen loitering around.
‘long live prince Lotanna” they chorused..
“I’m not Lotanna” I said and wakhed out .
by this time⏰
where can he be..
is he with mother?
I moved out of the prince empire and stepped into the royal empire and walked into the throne room .
I could hear mother’s voice,
she’s with the council of minister.
“have finally decide,if the gods choose Lotanna so be it.The journey of his king reign will start in the next one moon.First the “tridax” sacrifice will be done for him”
I heard mother.
“but queen mother,tridax sacrifice is the most powerful.No kingdom knows it apart from ours and besides our forefathers didn’t practice that”
elder okoro said.
“no one knows it is the reason why we should use it for Lotanna.Being able to do what no one has done is “bravery” that will make him different from the past kings history had and as for Jedinna,
he might think am being partial,
the truth is that I love my sons equally…
After this last test,whosoever pass in terms of strength and intelligence will be the king-
if it is jedinna,the citizen will accept fate…
but if it is Lotanna,so be it for fortunes will follow-
I left before I would be caught as a spy….
finally I got to the golden dinning,
that place I saw Lotanna.
like six maids were there,
them like twenty guards all scattered around.
🚺 your highness do you like this..
🚺 eat enough, it is good for your health…
🚺 hmm should I add more meats!
I joined in the royal dinning
and sat just one chair enough from Lotanna.
“brother”he called in a timid smile.
“idiot” I replied.
“fool” he replied in a smile.
well that’s our way,
and he trust me a lot, we are close in our ways.
He got a call and excused himself,I already picked the poison in form of little stone with will dissolve in anything aqueous.
I picked his glass of milk like I wanted to drink but I had put the poison.Then I dropped it quietly.
Lotanna came back and sat.
I poured myself a glass of water,
I drank and watched my brother drink in milk fully.
“you should drink water” I said and filled a glass.
“thanks boo”he said and drank halflly.
he got a call again…
he stood up and left.
Adeife’s p.o.v🎤
finally,ngozi finished up with my hair.
I had told her to plait “inverted corn rows” for me with my natural hair.
soon I arrived in the palace,
everywhere was so quiet,
there was no lights…
this was very unusual.
The guards guiding the gate got much.
what happened?.
“hey why are you coming from?”
a security asked..
“why are you just coming?”,
another asked.
“are you a spy?” another asked.
“umm noo,am only a loyal servant who went to plait her hair” I replied.
“let her in” I heard Nkem.
I was allowed in.
“sir thank you” I said.
he nodded,he didn’t talk.
is he avoiding me?.
he stopped walking but didn’t turn.
“is anything wrong?” I asked.
“just go to your room and be safe! as you can see everywhere is calm and the palace is on fire cos Lotanna is in pains” he said.
“I think a spy…he got poisoned.The cure is very rare,he might die”
he said.
nkem covered my mouth so I won’t shout.
“now go to your room” he said and left..
I got shocked,confused,
if Lotanna should die,then my hope to BELIEVE die.
if he dies,I know i will suffer
cos I won’t have anyone to call mine.
Mrs okafor passed,
I hastily wiped my face.
“come and help me with this” she said.
I followed her to the kitchen and helped her in carrying a calabash of hot herbs.
I followed her quietly till we got to his suite…
we were allowed in.
I dropped the calabash on the dinning, she turned to leave, I didn’t move..
“Ife…”she called.
“umm I want to pack these plates” I said.
“okay,meet me outside” she said and left…
I quickly move upstairs to lotanna’s bedroom,he was laying on his bed.
I could see him gasping for breath.
“obim” I whispered.
his eyes didn’t open…
“obim” I whispered.
his eyes didn’t still opened.
I moved close and felt his temperature,soooo hot.
I picked a napkin and find ice cubes in the freezer.
“come on my laps,I will sing for you and take care of your body temperature” I said.
he didn’t still open his eyes.
I moved close and gently lift his head on my laps…his breathing was slow.
I got scared as I use the cold napkin on him…
I heard footsteps…
I got more scared…umm I better hide
the door to his bedroom opened,
the queen entered,
our eyes locked….the napkin i was holding fell.
I quickly remove his head from my laps and placed it gently on the bed.
“you….again! she said and stared at me,only me with so much expression
[you’re my heart’s crown👑]
I got scared and couldn’t look into the queen’s face.
obim gasped for breath on the bed,
I felt is pain so much.
I paused and hastily picked the napkin.
“are you seeing my son?”she asked.
“mother…”I couldn’t speak.
“am not your mother”she said.
“are you seeing my son”she said.
“my queen-
“that dream in which you imagined Lotanna marrying you…do you know what it is called?”queen asked.
“imaginations cos my son will never stoop so low”she said and moved closer to Lotanna on the bed,
I shift away from the road…she bent over the bed and brushed her fingers behind his ears,
then she covered him well,
her expression was pained-
it’s obvious she loves him so much and I won’t blame her for pushing me away.
she turned.
“you’re still standing there… who allowed you in the first instance-
go…am pitying you.Run away and leave my son…” she said.
I ran off..I don’t know why.
I almost fainted with the way she spoke to me but I remembered no one will pay my hospital bills.
soon,I got to the entrance where I met many guards.
I already packed the plates I wanted to,soon I was out to the kitchen,I dropped the plates and returned to the maids quarter.
I feel so not me
soooo sick.I lay on my bed,
chioma was telling the others something fascinating.
“prince jedinna is such a monster in bed…have never had such good sex in the past two months-Reverse cow girl is his best position” I heard chioma.
“he entered me raw-
flesh to flesh-
chaii so sweet…
100gold coin for just a one night stand” chioma said as she showed off the little bag of coin.
Mrs okafor came in,
she stopped talking and went to her bed.Mrs okafor entered fully and called my name,
I stood up.
“Adeife do you want the queen to kick you out of here?”,she asked.
“no no…I don’t dare”I said.
“then stop going close to prince Lotanna suite.I advise you not to trespass nor mess with the queen… you didn’t listen”she said.
“I’m sorry ma’am”I said.
“she is deaf…she won’t listen”
dumebi said,
I scorned her.
Mrs okafor left.
“seriously you think Lotanna can be yours,you better wake up from the nightmare you’re calling a dream” dumebi said.
everyone laughed.
A guard came in.
‘Ife come and get your punishment for sneaking into prince Lotanna’s room”he said and I followed him with a dautless heart.
he took me out of the palace.
“sir,where is my punishment” I said.
he didn’t reply.
finally,we arrived at the stream side where he left me and turned.
I got scared,only me in the dark,
what if a wild animal comes and ear me alive or what if I get raped.
“mr…”I called out
“did the queen ordered this”I said.
“yes,for one hour”he said.
I covered my mouth,I don’t even know what to say.
I smiled…isn’t my soul used to trouble..
ohh mother😱 don’t allow me freeze to death in this river side.
I heard footsteps from behind,I got scared as I turned.
I already caught a lot of huge cold,
everywhere in my body was shivering
and I felt pity for my fair skin….its too soft, things affect me so easily and marks takes long to clear.
I moved when the princesses walked in…is this their plan?.
why are they here…ain’t they suppose to be in their father’s land.
“ohh lotanna’s sweetheart is in the cold”Xara said in a little voice,Adaeze laughed.
shadia appeared in the opposite direction.
“akuna leave that girl alone” she said
“everyone that’s the girl that thought Lotanna can be hers”Akuna said.
I ignored them and tried moving but they carefully pushed me back till I fell down.I got so much affected with cold…
Aku catwalked out and they all made way calling her the future queen,
she felt so proud.
“you thought Lotanna can be yours..
he will be the king in one months time and you think you will be the queen…imagine”she said…and her friends laughed.
she herself laughed..
“you think the queen will ever pity you, you’re really a fool for not noticing you’re not his sperk
🚺 you’re classless
🚺 cheap
🚺 your dad even disowned you
🚺 your mom left because of hunger
🚺 you must have been dead if not for onome.
“Akuna!!!! sharia shouted.
“this isn’t your business,remember we are no friends”aku said.
she faced me.”back to you,by the time I finally sit on deerah throne as the queen… by the time lotanna and i give birth to our first hair,
I will make you wash my baby cloths,
clean my baby room,
clean up for him…..
lastly,you will remain a slave to the throne” akuna said.
I dried my tears and faced her.
“you’re princess doesn’t mean you can speak to me anyhow, what if tomorrow you have nothing…
what if in the future,
luck doesn’t shine on you…”I said.
“luck already shone on me.
not even for one seconds have I feel pain… pains are met for your type” she said.
“some words I will only say once….
I really want you to know that am not fighting for Lotanna,you can have him if you want to… it won’t pain me because I already learnt how to let go of feelings….but Akuna I won’t stop until I make you a looser,
I won’t stop until the queen sees your true color–
just wait for Adeife or better still pray I don’t find my mother or better still pray I never make it in life-“I said.
“what did you just say!
chineke eeeh you just called my name–” she moved close and slapped me before I knew it.
I held the place she slapped
and tried lifting my face…
mom ….just come and take me away.
I couldn’t see well,
I couldn’t breath well,
my body was on cold..
suddenly I felt someone slapping Akuna,.
I turned it was princess Amarachi.
“wait did you realize what you’ve just done”amarachi said and slapped Akuna again.
did she do all these for me?.
Akuna wanted to slap Amarachi back
“are you sure you don’t need your hand again…….
I might cut it off if your try hitting my sister with it”Nkem said and moved in from behind.
I stood well,
now I was so soaked.
Akuna looked so shocked.
“do not be too shocked for I won’t tell the queen what you’ve done until she finds out herself”Amarachi said.
“umm our wife quickly come”nkem said and i went to him.
Akuna scoffed and went away with her friends.
Shadia covered me with a wrapper and also left.
“hmm thank you”I said.
“thanks for coming” I said again.
“are you okay?”nkem asked.
I nodded and started leaving.
“but that’s not the way”Amarachi said.Nkem looked me.
“Just give Lotanna more time,I swear he knows what he is doing,he really loves you”nkem said.
Amarachi moved closer and held my hand.
“aunty please don’t leave my brother, this is how much have sacrificed for his happiness” Amara said.
I stared at her.
“I love you”she said to me.
I smiled.
“that’s what you wanted to hear from him…I will say it to make you happy now.”Purity,I love you”
is that how he says it to you”she said
I smiled,so Lotanna told her that.
“should I kiss you too”nkem said.
I laughed.
he came close and peck my cheeks playfully.
“don’t mind our mother,if you mind her you will be in pains…..I know sooner or later,she will soon like you than that foolish Akuna” nkem said.
I nodded and still didn’t go to the palace, I went to ngozi’s house.
I snuck in through her window.
why did I fall for you.
I felt better at ngozi’s place.
“what happened with Lotanna?”, she asked…
“his mother realized I wasn’t her son’s class so she asked me to stay away..” I explained.
“Ife if your dad didn’t disown you….. you should be equal to those princesses in terms of wealth”
ngozi said.
“I don’t even want that…maybe my world wouldn’t be so dark if my mother didn’t leave”I said.
that’s not even the issue,
how do I get antidote to “stone poison”
someone had poisoned Lotanna.
ngozi screamed, I had to cover her mouth.
“that poison have no cure…
shall we go to old Nana’s place to ask?”she suggested.
I nodded,
we both left.
soon we arrived.
Old nana was seen in her compound,sitting bear a burning fire to get warn up.
Ngozi and I greeted.
“old nana what is the cure to stone poison?”I asked.
“the cure is in the hands of the person that used it”she replied.
“is there any other thing” I asked.
Of course!
there’s a powerful ritual…
You will have to go to “river Anumle” with a water pot…
you get water from there and pour it on “lord ogere” 202times with all your heart and he will save him from the deadly poison…
then after them,
you sing for him” she explained.
“I will do it” I said.
“are you really stupid?”ngozi shouted at me.
“why?”I said.
“that place is close to the evil forest, no one goes there and return alive” she exclaimed.
“but Lotanna will die-
“Ife this is risky don’t do this….
and besides if you do it successfully do it,how will you sing for him when his mother doesn’t even like you”
she said.
Old nana stared at me.
I was so confused.
“ma’am,the pot am ready” I said.
“Ifeeeee!!!! ngozi shouted and started leaving…
“ngozi wait” I said.
I followed her but I still stop..
I got confused..
“should I go or wait?.


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