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Being Mrs Spence Episode 17

Episode 17.
She wheeled him carefully into the house, straight into the sitting room before leaving him to go and drop things in the room.
Lizbeth was setting up the dining table.
He looked towards the dining and saw the varieties of food that was set up with wine, he has many questions on his mind but he decided not to say anything.
Madam Gold looked at her son for a long time, Cole looked up at her and said.
“Mom… what’s the problem? You make me uncomfortable with those look of yours. I have been throu-gh a lot alre-ady, I don’t need judgemental look or words…”
“Coleman, this whole saga nearly take you to the grave, you should be thanking me for still being alive. I have been waiting for the right moment to say exactly what I wanted to say to you. Since is over three months… getting to the fourth month, I guess is the right time. Do you know how much all the different physiothera-pist that have been attending to you charged? different doctor’s appointment, exercise and many other drugs and injections. money is seriously going down just to fully resuscitate you back to your feet. It has not been easy Coleman especially with the spending. I’m glad you’re getting better but You practically made me broke and I had no choice but to sell one of your father’s @sset. He left two buildings, each is three storey building in the estate. That’s the only thing he left for me that I have been living on. The hvge amount you received as his only son, you used it to build this house and squander the rest…. can’t tell what you did with the remaining money….
Cole [email protected]£ impatient with whatever his mother was trying to narrate.
“Go straight to the point Mom, st©p beating around. You’re getting me uneasy. What exactly are you driving at…
Madam stood angrily.
“You see… this is the same attitude of yours that got you down into a wheelchair. Impatient, pride and stubbornness… this are the same attitude your father had when he was still alive. What I’m trying to say is that I sold the building. Now, I’m only left with just one. I used the money to settle both your hospital accommulated bills, and I paid for that of Marina’s…
Cole interrupted.
“I never asked you to pay for Marina whatever, she is the reason I’m in this mess. She has my money and can treat herself. I wonder why she is not dead anyway…
Madam Gold angrily [email protected] him on his cheek.
Cole made a fist and tries to move from his wheelchair but he couldn’t.
“…. what is the meaning of this Mom? Why the hell will you raise a hand and [email protected] me… Hope you aren’t mistaking me for a 15years old teenager you can dictate and [email protected] anyhow. Because I’m limited to a wheelchair doesn’t make me less of a man… don’t you dare treat me like an earthworm…
Florence [email protected]£ out of the room and ran straight to the parlour as Cole and madam Gold’s voices were rising.
Lizbeth stood at a distance watching in silent.
“What is going on? What are all the noise for…?
Florence asked moving closer.
“This stupid ungrateful husband of yours, this ingrate of a son is not even a bit thankful for everything I did for him within this saddening months, I sold my best @sset for his health, I’m left with just one that I can’t count so much on. I used almost all the money for his health, and to pay up Marina’s own. Instead of him to be thankful, he’s here raising voice at me. Coleman, you forgot in a hurry why they call me madam Gold… let me remind you that I’m a no nons-en-se woman. I prefer the action that comes with my name, is equivalent to being addressed as Mrs Spence. I love being Mrs Spence because it comes with war and victory for me, madam Gold add action spice to my personality. Aging won’t make me turn into a vegetable. Whenever you open your mouth to talk back at me think again. I will not mind the fact that you are my son, I will take you up the stairs, push you down from there and watch you fall like a rolling coaster breaking your remaining bones in the process. Nons-en-se element like you. Listen to me, Florence is the only one that can tolerate your rubbish. I never tolerated your father’s own, I will never tolerate yours. Get that straight into your head.
“Madam Gold, plea-se calm down. that’s enough…is probably his pres£nt [email protected]£nt that is getting him agitated. Cole appreciate your efforts, he might not say it but he sure do..
Florence said, trying to calm her down.
“I don’t even care if he appreciates or not. He should be lucky that he has a mother like me. Aside his traumatizing health issue, Marina suffered alot of broken bones and damaged b©dy tissues that needed replacement. She had many stitches both from her head down to her leg. Her [email protected] was almost at the verge of sticking up. According to the doctor, Marina wouldn’t have made it alive if not for my prompt response. Now, she is in the ICU recuperating. She is on a high percentage of suffering mental break down in future. I was there when they shave off her head and began each surgical procedure. de-ep down I don’t want her to die because Coleman will be charged for homicide. He may think he has a strong defence edge against her but nothing justifies murder. If you don’t have a good lawyer, your sorry @ss will be resting in prison even with your condition…the law doesn’t care at all. Each of those surgeries for Marina cost money, each one for Coleman equally cost money. All the money is all gone and his treatment is done yet. Even if Marina has his money she will be needing allot of it for corrective surgery because I have alre-ady tried my best for her. The pay back I get from him is ungrateful speech. Coleman you’re unapologetically s-en-seless. Take a long look at me, I’m not your wife who cares enough to return back to take care of you. I’m not soft, you should know me better than anyb©dy else. Your father tried some $h!t with me and I gave him the seat he deserves. Don’t you ever mess with me… don’t you ever Coleman…”
Florence walked up to Cole and asked him to apologise to his angry mother.
“I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful…I do appreciate everything. I’m sorry…
Madam Gold picked up her bag and car keys.
“Yeah, you should be really sorry. I’m cleaning the heavy mess you made. You live with Marina for almost two years you never care to pay attention if she was truly pregnant or not. She deceived you ones and was starting another phase of the deception yet you did not know. If not for your house help that cares enough to draw your attention to it, you wouldn’t have Known until she disappears. Your foolish mind was clouded with the crazy S-x which blocked your [email protected] from knowing any other thing. She was almost perfecting her plans Coleman before you found out. I used to think is Florence that has the issue but I think I know better. Despite all the money i put into you and Marina, no single grandchild, I only got paid back with more heavy mess to clean up. Anyway, try all you can and get back on your feet so that you can pay me some of the money I poured into your health… even if is quarter of it o don’t mind. I’m not so generous when it comes to someb©dy that has no s-en-se. I wonder if they exchanged you in the hospital or you are the same son I gave birth to. Look at your sister, she is just like me. A no nons-en-se lady but you, I don’t know where to place you. You live in the same house with a woman for almost two years and you never knew she was faking a whole pregnancy, wearing fake pregnancy bu-mp, giving you fake hospital test results. You continued pouring your money on her while she went ahead to wash your stupid head with lies. I’m so angry right now. If I don’t get out I will end up hating you…
Madam Gold stormed out. Florence called her to come back for dinner atleast but she ignored.
She left and the house [email protected]£ so quiet.
Florence tries to say something but Cole quic-kly shun her.
“Florence, if you want to walk out like my Mom just did, then be my guest. Go… everyone should just leave me alone. Enough of the bashing. I know I messed up big time but haven’t I be punished enough. What else do you all want. Maybe I should have died instead of all this unnecessary added trouble… I’m tired. Just tired of this whole life…
Florence [email protected]£ to him, she gently [email protected] his shoulder ma-king him relax back on his wheelchair.
“I wasn’t going to bash you like you thought Cole, I wanted to ask if you are re-ady for dinner. Lizbeth has set up the table…
Cole inhaled de-eply, he squee-zed Florence hand gently.
“I saw when she was setting it up, what is there to [email protected]… because I saw a bottle of wine and cups. Different delicious looking food… The money where did it [email protected]£ from?
Florence smile and said it was just a little money she gave Lizbeth to prepare dinner.
Cole k!$$£d her hand and thanked her.
She wheeled him to the dining table, helped him up to a sit.
she asked Lizbeth to join the table.
Lizbeth obliged as Florence gave her a pleading look.
Florence said a short prayer before dishing out the food.
After meal, Florence poured wine to the cups and they toast to life. She thanked God for giving Cole another chance to life.
She later helped Cole upto the room, then to the bathroom. When he was done with the bathroom, she helped him out to the be-d
She @ssisted him to get properly dressed for the night.
She gave him all his drugs just as prescribe-d and he took it.
After she was throu-gh with Cole, she freshened up before retiring to a table to re-ad and pray.
Cole watched her pick up her bible and began to re-ad on the dresser.
He called her.
“Sweetie… plea-se hurry and come to be-d.
Florence who only started slee-ping on the same be-d with him a week ago did not reply.
She later close up her Bible before checking her phone.
Maxwell has been calling and s£nding messages but she has been ignoring.
She tries to avoid seeing him too.
What will she tell him if she decided to answer his call.
Maybe she will think of what to do with Max but Cole needs her.
She can’t abandoned Cole at this state of his health. She is not a heartless human.
The divorce is still pending, Cole doesn’t want to continue with it.
He has pleaded with her not to proceed with the divorce case anymore otherwise he is as good as dead without her in his life.
Florence left the whole divorce thing aside as she take up the challenge of returning back to her matrimonial home for the sake of Cole’s health.
Florence said a prayer before going to join him in be-d.
Cole tries to pu-ll her up to himself.
“What are you trying to do…
She asked frowning.
“What does it look it? I’m trying to cudd-leup my wife, k!ssher and if possible make love to her. I have really miss you sweetie…” Cole replied as he tries to r0ûghly squee-ze Florence brea-st.
She [email protected] off his hand
Florence laughed out sarcastically.
“Wait Cole, which [email protected]!st are you going to use and make love? Is it the same one the doctor warned you not to stress due to the shifting of the figment. You were warned not to think of a woman yet until your physiothera-py exercise is over. Do you want to remain on a wheelchair for the rest of your life? S-x should be the last thing on your mind right now Cole. Chanel your whole energy in getting better and bouncing back. Another thing Cole, don’t ever t©uçh my br£@st like you r0ûghly tries to do now or any [email protected] of my b©dy that way… I’m not your former crazy S-x mate…Marina. I’m Florence [email protected] Adam. Hope we’re clear?
Cole was quiet at first before replying.
“You’re Florence Spence. That makes you Mrs Spence. You are no more bearing your father’s names. You’re my wife and despite everything that happens we will remain together. Isn’t that the purpose of the wedding ring on your f!nger? I love you… hope you know that alre-ady? I may not have showed it like I suppose to but you remain my wife and I will never take you for granted ever again. I’m sorry for doing so in the past, it almost s£nt me to an early grave. I know is because of your Love for me that made you return…I appreciate it.
Florence was lying facing up. As a lot of things filled her mind
“Why…why didn’t you tell me that you had £r£¢tile dysfunctional issue, your percentage of ever getting a woman pregnant is 15percent which is nothing but a miracle. Why do you make me take those pills for years? Those pills almost caused big issue for me if not that I tackled it with everything I got. Why Cole… When the doctor said it three days ago, you didn’t look surprised. You knew all this while…so Why will you think you even pregnanted Marina when you know you are not alright medically. I have been silently thinking about it, waiting for you to raise the t©pic but you are not saying anything concerning that…
Cole moved uncomfortably.
“Florence, I didn’t know at first, That’s the truth, I made love to you perfectly and effortlessly in the beginning of our marriage. It sound funny but I had no issue with £r£¢tion and still don’t. It was when I started going de-eply into watching p©rn, taking some S-x booster and enhancer that can make me spend several hours on a woman that my man-hood started malfunctioning. I didn’t bother about the negative effect of the booster neither did I pay attention immediately, but it got worst. I visited a doctor friend of mine who runs some tests and told me to st©p taking the S-x booster because it has damaged lot of things. I st©pped, truthfully I st©pped it and started taking the prescribe-d drugs from him but after five days I felt very alright, active and fully back with my old action self. I was meant to take the drug for two weeks and three days after which I will take four injection. After that five days of the prescription I felt very fine, I saw no need of completing the boring process so I threw the medicines away. I thought I was really alright Florence. Asking you to take pills was because I wasn’t re-ady for responsibility…I was not re-ady for children. I saw children as too much responsibility…that’s the truth. But when Marina told me that she was pregnant, I was de-eply troubled but I had to settle with it because she said she won’t re-move it. I began seeing kids differently… The more I think about it the more I wanted to have the baby. I literally fell into her tra-p of deceit. I [email protected]£ desperate for a child and that’s how she got me and also got Mom. I’m sorry… de-eply sorry. we can make use of the 15percent with your strong faith in God, he will give us a miracle. I can also try other fertility drugs to see if it will do the magic…
Florence bite her lowerl-ip, trying [email protected] to suppress her angry emotions
She was quiet, digesting everything Cole said.
Cole asked her if she was angry with him and she replied that she doesn’t even know how to react to the whole information.
She asked Cole to tell her every other thing that he was still keeping away.
It was time for truth.
Cole told her about putting the house on collateral and the illicit act he did in his company and he could have gone to prison because of fraud but due to his condition they decided to pardon him. He was dismissed at work, his boss fired him and gave him six months to pay up the loan he took from the office.
As he was still talking he felt sleepy.
“I think the drugs is taking serious effect on me. I’m tired…I need to sleep.
Florence watched him dozed off within a second.
She sat up thinking [email protected] and long, wondering if she can handle all of Cole’s excessive baggages or she should just proceed with the divorce and settle with Maxwell who cares for her and handles her gently unlike Coleman.

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