Because I love you Episode 7 & 8

Because I love you❤️💛💚
Episode 7
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
I was sitting in the office when I was told there is a meeting, I walk out to the hall where the meeting is being held, I never knew this company has a lot of workers, I find myself a seat, waiting for the C.E.O and manager, soon Bryan the manager walk in and everyb©dy greeted him then MIGUEL walk in, everyone stood excluding me, not like a governor just entered, everyb©dy was staring but I don’t un-derstand
“Miss Clara, whenever the C.E.O walks in, it is our right to stand to our feet” Bryan said
“Oh am sorry, I Never knew he is the C.E.O…. since his identity is not known to me” I said and stood up
“What….you mean you don’t know I am the C.E.O” Miguel said and I was short of words
“Ahmm….ahmmm… sorry sir” I said, I don’t know why I keep getting myself into problem
“Have your seat guys” MIGUEL said then he started talking, but I wasn’t listening to what he was saying instead I was staring at him, hisl-ips, the way he was demonstrating, rolling up his sleeves Everytime….I was begin imagining crazy things, like k!ss!nghim, hvgging him….I didn’t know I was smiling and I everyb©dy was staring at me, I continue imagining different things untill I heard my name
“Clara” Miguel yelled
“Sir….sir” I said and stood up
“Like seriously, u nee-d to be taken to a psychiatric hospital” he said
I heard other laughing, I Know I caused this, everyone started walking out and that was when I realize we are actually throu-gh with the meeting, I can’t believe I didn’t even know what the meeting was all about, I stood there with my face bent down while everyb©dy left and was remaining Miguel and I
“Tell me… you have mental disorder” he said and that pissed me off.
“What… how dare you…..Sir” I was yelling when I remember he is my boss, I quic-kly lower my voice and add Sir to what I just said
“No u wanna tell at me right.. go on” he said
“No sir…..I dare not….am sorry sir” I said
“U are nothing but a fool” he said and walk out
“Crazy being” I mummured to myself and walk out
Soon I was done for today, I lock the office and went to Miguel’s office to drop the key
“Here is the key Sir” I said
“Excuse me, you are my P.A… only close for work when I told you to okay” he said
“But sir…..I….” I stammered
“Now take this files and arrange them now” he said, then I take a look at the files he asked me to arrange….Oh heaven, why is he doing this to me huh, I frown my face and pack the files and turn to leave
“And where do you think you are going” he said…. What the hell is wrong with my boss
“To my office” I said trying to keep my temper that was alre-ady boiling
“Sit here, on the floor and arrange them” he said
“Sir…..” I said
“Don’t make me repeat my words” he said
At least I will be able to see his face then no problem, I drop the files on the floor and sat down then I started arranging it, while I keep stealing a glance of him…..soon I was throu-gh arranging the files
“Am throu-gh sir” I said dropping the files on his desk but the look on his face looks like something is wrong
“Okay…you can go” he said but I wasn’t okay with his look
“Sir are you okay” I asked
“And y asking” he half yelled, of course I was expecting this
“Am sorry sir, so where should I come to meet you tomorrow” I asked
“I will be coming to the office tomorrow, I have something’s to sort out this week” he said
“Okay sir” I said and walk out
I got out and as expected I saw Bryan waiting for me, he is actually a nice person
*Hi Bryan” I said
“What up” he said smilling
“Am good and you” I said
“Same here, get into the car and let go” he said
“Okay” I said and walk in, he drive us to an eatery, we went in and he ordered for drinks and food, it’s been long I took a good and delicious meal, the food and drinks were served and we started eating
“So tell me more about yourself” he said
“What do you wanna Know about me” I said
“Like your, parent, just something about your life” he said
“Am an orphan, I lost my parent in a motor accident and ever since then, everything turn upside down for me, I ha-rd ly get myself three square meal” I said trying to hide the tears in my eye
“Oh am sorry” he said
“It okay” I said faking a smile
We were throu-gh eating, he took me home and he went to his own place, I nee-d money so I went to one of my customers place to wash clothe
The next day
I got to the office, I can feel something is wrong, everyone was putting on a worried face, I went to the C.E.O office but he is not around, this is unlike him, I went back to the reception to have a seat coz I don’t put myself into any mess this morning….soon Bryan walk in
“Good morning sir” I said
“Oh Clara morning” he said
“Is the C.E.O not coming today” I said
“Oh you haven’t heard” he said
“Heard what….what happen” I asked curiously
“He is in the hospital…..I got to work this morning and decide to report to his office then I saw him gro-an ing on the floor so I have to rush him to the office” he said
“What….so how is he now…..where exactly is the hospital” I asked
“The doctor said he is doing fine now” he said
“Can you pls tell me where the hospital is” I asked
“You wanna go there” he asked
“Yeah at least is my boss” I said
“Okay it’s El bethel hospital, not that far from here, you can just board a cab and pls don’t let then know who he is” he said
I wonder why he keep hiding his identity “okay sir” I said as I rush out and board a cab, soon I got there and rush to the reception
“Excuse ma’am I nee-d to see someone, he was rushed here this morning” I said
“This morning….oh you mean one young guy” the nurse said
“Yeah” I said
“Sorry only people close to him like his friends and girlfriend or parent are allowed to visit him, so who are you to him” the nurse said
“Ahmmm… his… girlfriend…yeah girlfriend” I said
“Okay….he is in ward 4” the nurse said then I rushed in to the ward, I saw him lying on the sick be-d, I said it yesterday,the look on his face tells me he is not fine, I move closer to him, he looks cute even on sick be-d….I hope you get better soon, he open his eyes and I quic-kly adjust from himl
“Good morning sir, how is your health” I asked
“What are you doing here…..out” he said
“Am sorry I can’t leave sir” I said
“What….” He said
“I am your P.A, and it’s my duty to be wherever you are” I said
“Oh gosh” he said then the doctor walk in
“Good morning Miss, sorry are you his girlfriend” the doctor said
“Ahh….yes….” I said, the look on Miguel’s face….I can’t even explain
“Miss, you ought to Know he is an ulcer patient, you should try to always make him a good meal at the right time, he doesn’t eat and it’s not good for his health” the doctor said
So he is an ulcer patient “thank you doctor, I’ll try my best” I said then the doctor walk out
“So when did you become my girlfriend” he asked in an angry Tone
“Am just trying to save your identity okay….who even want to d@t£ someone like you” I said frowning
“You must be sick” he said
“Sir you are the one on sick be-d” I said
“Clara out…..out now” he half yelled, I got him angry, I laughed and walk out
Episode 8
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
I went to a nearby eatery and get some food with the money I earned yesterday from the clothes I washed, I went back to the ward with the food
“Sir, you nee-d to eat this now” I said
“Not like i told you am hungry..” he said
“But you just heard what the doctor said, you nee-d to eat” I said
“Clara be warn, Don’t make me loose my temper” he said
“Fine….you are free to loose your temper, shout at me, am use to it alre-ady but sir you must eat this food” I said
“Did you add Poison to it huh” he said
“Yeah….love charm” I said laughing then I remember I was talking to my boss, I quic-kly cover my mouth
“Am sorry sir” I said
“Now get out” he said
“Sir if you don’t eat this food, am gonna reveal your identity to everyone including the press right now” I said
“What…. okay fine…. bring the food” he said, I didn’t Know it’s gonna work, that means there is more to this, he has a reason he is not telling the world who he is, I moved closer and serve him the food, I stood beside him while I watch him eat, I gave him his drugs and he went back to be-d
“At least find yourself a seat and st©p standing like a tree” he said
“Thank you sir” I said then sat down, the door open and Bryan walk in
“Hi Clara”
“Hi” I replied
“How is your health now boss” he said
“Better but the doctor said I would be discharged tomorrow” Miguel said
“Oh okay….Clara it’s Time to go home, shall we” Bryan said, so he actually c@m£ here to pick me up not because of Miguel
“Ahmm since Mig…. sorry the C.E.O will be spending the night here, as his P.A I think it’s my responsibility to stay with him”I said
“Stay with me….for what….no you can go” Miguel said….so rude
“I insist, am not leaving coz if anything should happen to him I will be questione for it” I said
“Not like am dieing” Miguel said
“Who knows” I mummured to my self
“It’s okay, I think I should take my leave then” Bryan said
“Yeah….bye” I said then he walk out
“Excuse me young lady….. Don’t Tell me you are pas-sing the night here” Miguel said
“Sir it’s not because of you, I just don’t want my salary to be deducted, I nee-d to pay my house rent” I said
“You know what just get out, I don’t wanna see you again” he said
“Sir you nee-d rest” I said
“Clara once I leave this place I swear you are fired” Miguel said
“Okay sir, let wait till then” I said and rhe look on his face frighten me, I quic-kly get up and walk out, I don’t want him to kill me
♥️The Next Day♥️
♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️
I woke up and saw Clara sitting on the chair and resting her head beside me, she is just too stubborn, I alre-ady told her to go home yesterday but she wouldn’t listen, I got up from the be-d and tap her
“Hey” I said
“Oh… good morning sir” she said adjusting from me
“Didn’t I told you to go home yesterday” i said
“Am sorry sir” she said then the doctor walk in
“Good morning, hope you are better now” he said
“Good morning, am good now, can I go home now” I asked
“Yeah, here are the prescribe-d drugs, get it in the pharmacy and start using, and miss plea-se try to always let him eat before going to work plea-se” the doctor said, why does he keep calling Clara my girlfriend, she isn’t even my type of woman
“No prob sir” Clara said then he Walked out
I got up, took my car key and walk out while Clara followed me
“What why are you following me” I asked
“Sir have you forgotten I am your P.A” she said
“Oh so you mean I lost my br@in right” I said
“No sir I don’t mean it that way” she said
“You Know what….you are fired” I said and drove off
Clara’s P.O.V
Why is he so mean to me, how does he expect to me get home now, but is it true am fired, like I just lost the job….no it can’t be true, I still have a little change with me, I board a cab home, I know he won’t be going to work today so it’s a rest day for me, I just hope those words are not true, av worked so ha-rd for it, I got home, took my bath, and sle-pt off
Later in the evening, I was cooking dinner when I heard someone knocking, it’s been a while I heardsomeone s knock on my door, or is it the landlord again, I got up and open the door and to my greatest surprise it was Bryan
“Oh Bryan” I said
“Hi, I didn’t see you at work today so I decide to come say hi
“Oh thank you….. come in” I said
“Nevermind, am in hurry so just take this” he said me a bag which I collected
“Thank you” I said
“Ok bye” he said and left I quic-kly check wat in the bag and I saw a new Android phone wow he bought me a phone,am happy
The next day
I got to work and went to Miguel’s office
“Good morning sir” I said
“Thought I told you not to come here again” he said
“But…am sorry sir” I said
“Clara you…..are…. Fired” he yelled then I kneel down crying
“Am really sorry sir, pls pardon me for the last time” I said
“Clara of you make me repeat myself again, I swear you gonna hate me” he said
“Am sorry sir” i said
“Out…” He yelled and stood up in anger, I can see his face boiling so I quic-kly took to my heels and ran out, I ran out and fell on Bryan who was about entering the office,
“What happen, he asked holding me, I couldn’t talk instead I found myself crying .