Because I love you Episode 5 & 6

💚💛Because I love you ❤️💜💙
Episode 5♥️
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V
The work itself isn’t stressful but Miguel made it a stressful work for me, he keep s£nding different errands, demanding for things which I can’t find, I un-derstand he was trying to revenge so I know I caused this, looking at him I know he is not someone like this he was just f0rç£d to behave this way to me, I pray he overcome this hatred he has for me so I can leave peacefully….after a long work, I was close for the day, I packed my things and lock the office, now another problem is how to go to his office, at least i nee-d to tell him am done for today and where I would be meeting him tomorrow, I walked into his office
“Sir” I said
“It your first day and you are alre-ady going against the rules” he said
“Am sorry sir, I just wanted to tell you something” I said
“So what is it, and raise your head while talking to me” he said
“But sir you just said no eye to eye contact” I said
“Am listening” he said
“I want to asked where I will be meeting you tomorrow” I said
“I’ll call you when I want you to come, just drop your number on my desk” he said
“Sir I don’t have a phone, I st©p using phone the first time I met you” I said
“You must be stupid….do I ask for an explanation huh” he said
“Am sorry sir” I said
“I will email the address to you…..out of my office” he said
“Sir, the office key, should I keep it” I asked
“Drop it, that will let me know if you come late or not” he said
“Okay” I said and drop it on his desk and made my way out, I started trekking home and soon a car packed beside, the glas-s whined down and I saw the manager
“Good evening sir” I said
“Are you going home” he asked
“Yes sir” I answered
“Come in, let me give you a ride” he said
“Nevermind sir, my house is not that far from here” I said
*C’mmon am not gonna hurt you” he said
“Okay thank you sir” I said and hopped in into his car then he started driving
“So how is work today, hope he is not harsh on you” he asked
“Not bad, m coping” I said
“My boss is actually a nice person, as times go on you will like him” he said then I smile, soon we got to my place, I alighted from the car and bid him goodbye
I got home feeling weak and hungry, I undress my self and l@yon my be-d soon I sle-pt off
The Next Day
I got up from the time and check the time am dead it’s 8:15 alre-ady, Good why is this happening to me, I logged into my system, I checked my email and check the address , I don’t even know what to wear and he said I must always dress corporate, I quic-kly rush to the bathroom, took my bath and cream my b©dy, I remember I still have the go-wn I wore on my Convocation, I quic-kly check my bag where I kept it, I took it out and wore it, I checked the mirror, despite all the sufferings am pas-sing throu-gh, the curves are still there, I smile to myself, I packed my hair, put on your shoes and made my out, I ran to the bus st©p, took the cab to where he is.
“plea-se hurry up” I said to the driver, soon I got to the place, I paid the driver and hopped down….i look around searching for him, soon I sp©tted his car, I ran to his place….the sight of him make a loose my mind, I Never knew he is cute as this, he was resting his back on the car, with a sunglas-s non his face….I was lost staring at him
“Is this the right time you should be coming” he yelled which j£rked me up from my thought
“Am really sorry sir” I said avoiding his face which looks more cute even when he looks angry
“This should be last time you will come late, I won’t take this from you next time okay” he said
“Thank you sir” I said, the he started walking while I walk behind him, I was a lil bit far from him since he said we should keep distance from each other, I watch his steps, it amazing, with his hand in his pocket, his structure are awesome, broad shoulder, tall and straight….Clara st©p this….you can’t fall in love with your boss, I said to myself hitting my head with my palm, we walk into the bar, he got himself a seat and order for a drink, I also got myself a seat at the edge far from where he is but I can still see him clearly, I re-moved the sunglas-s, I continue staring at him, brown eyeball, long eyelashes, full eyebrow, pinkl-ips, he is just too cute, soon a lady wearing a skimpy Sk-irt and a armless t©p walk in and sat beside him, I frowned my face, so he brou-ght me here to meet a lady, not like she is that pretty, I watch her k!sshim and c@r£ss!nghis b©dy….I can’t stand this, I better get myself outta here, I got up and walk out “Clara” I heard him call, I quic-kly walk to where he is
“You called me sir” I said
“And where are you going” he asked
“I just want to stay outside” I said
“And did you ask for my permission before going out” he said
“Am sorry sir” I said
“Listen am your boss, u only do what I ask you to do, you don’t just decide on your own okay” he half yelled
“Am sorry sir” I said
“Now fo back to your seat crazy wench” he said
“Yes sir” I said trying to keep the tears that were about to drop from my eyes, I rush back to where I was sitting, and bur-st out the tears, I don’t think i deserve this embarras-sment from him, even in the pres£nce of his girlfriend….am I that irritating
♥️♥️Episode 6♥️
Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
Few minutes later the lady left and I was a lil bit relieved, he stood up and made his way out, I quic-kly stood up and follow him, we got to where his car is
“I have some things to do at home so you are free to go home now” he said
“Okay thank you sir” I said
“And for some reasons, I will be going to the office tomorrow, so let meet there” hesaid
“Alright sir” I said and watch him enter his car and drove off, he can’t even give me a ride… rude, I took a cab and head home….I got home meeting my landlord meeting at the entrance
“Good afternoon sir” I said
“I hope you get the letter I s£nt you” he said
“Yes sir” I said
“Am giving you a minimum of 2weeks to pay my money else I will pack your things out of my house okay” he said
“Ahmm….sir plea-se….I just got a new job and I will be paid at the end of the month, I’ll be happy if you can pardon me till then….pls sir” I said plea-sing
“You just a got a job, where?” He asked
“Sonwealth company” I said
“What……how do you manage to get there” he said then I smile
“It luck sir…..pls sir I promise to pay by the ending of this month” I plea-sed
“Well, since you got urself a job, I will wait till then” he said and left
“Thank you sir” i said and walk in.
The next day
I was done dressing when I heard a car horn, I didn’t even pay attention to it, not like I have a b©yfri£ndwho is coming to pick me up for a d@t£, I took my bag, lock the door and walk out then I saw the manager standing beside his car
“Good morning manager” I said
“Clara, have been horning since and u didn’t come out” he said
“Don’t tell me you are here because of me” I asked
“Of course yes, I don’t know anyone around here” he said then I smile
“Like….you mean you deliberately c@m£ here to pick me up” I asked again
“Clara st©p this question and get into the car, we are getting late” he said
I smile the enter the and he started driving
“I really appreciate this sir” I said
“It’s nothing, and as from today, I’ll be the one coming to pick you everyday except when u are not coming to the office” he said
“Wow….tnx alot sir” i said
“St©p that sir….call me Bryan, that my name and not sir” he said
“Oh okay sir” I said then he looked into my eyes and we both laugh
Soon we got to the office, I got down and made my way to the office, I checked the time it’s 7:09 thank God am not late, I got out from the elevator and walk to Miguel’s Office, he hasn’t arrive yet and the key is with him, I walk around his office, he even has a room in his office, I Know am pas-sing my boundary but I know it will take time before he arrive so I open the room door and walk in, wow bigger than my be-droom, I saw his picture on the wall, I took it and started hvgging it, he looks cute in this pics….I think am falling in love with my boss but I just have to let go of this feelings, the hatred he has for me is not from this world, it been a while av sle-pt on a good be-d like this, I jumped on the be-d wow….I love it….I was still rolling on the be-d when I heard someone clearing his throat, I jumped out of the be-d only to see Miguel standing at the entrance giving me a deadly look……am dead…..I kept staring at him not knowing what to do, and also continue staring at me but the look on his face….. I can’t tell…I nee-d to act fast… without thinking twice I fell back to the be-d pretending to have fainted, I was waiting for him to do something but instead he stood there not doing anything, now my problem is how to get up, this plan is not working….God help me
Soon I heard him talking on phone
“Good morning doctor, I found a corpse in my office now, can you plea-se come and take her to the mortuary”
“What….” I screamed as I quic-kly stood up
“Thought u died” he asked
“No sir, I fainted and am okay now” I said shivering
“Now what the hell are you doing in my office…..on my be-d” he asked in an harsh tone
“Ahmm……I c@m£………sweep…yes…. sweep” I said
“Sweep on the be-d” he asked
“No…….I wanted….to dust the be-d… I want to l@yit properly” I said
“And you think the best way to do that is to l@yon the be-d and started rolling on it with that stinking b©dy of yours huh” h yelled
“I am sorry sir” I said avoiding his face
“And why are you hvgging my picture”
I can’t believe he saw me doing that “ahmm, I was trying to clean the dust ” I said
“Oh really…. cleaning the dust with you clothe” he said
“Ahmm…..yes….yes sir” I said
“You must be crazy……out of my office now” he yelled, I rushed out from his office immediately… how do I get the key to my office…this is the biggest mistake have ever made, I stayed at the entrance for some minute not knowing what to do, then I remember my bag is in his office….Oh Jesus, I walked in
“Sir….ahmmm….my bag…..key” i said stammering
“Can you just talk in full setence” he said
“Ahmm… bag is here and the office key” I said he took the bag and key and threw it at me
“Out* he said, I quic-kly rushed out to my office…thank God am safe
I got in and sat down remembering all what has happen today, I can’t laugh and I can’t even cry…. it’s really funny….I almost lost this job
♥️♥️Bryan P.O.V♥️♥️
♥️♥️(The manager)♥️♥️
Ever since I saw Clara, I started feeling something….sh is just the type of woman I like, beautiful, intelligent and ha-rd -working….I will give whatever it takes to be her man, I can’t afford to loose that rare gem, she means everything to me
♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️
This girl is just a pain in my as-s, I can’t s£nd her away and I don’t even want her near me, she keeps getting on my nerve every day…..I nee-d to find a way to get rid of her…..I hate her