Because I love you Episode 3 & 4

💚Because i love you
Episode 3♥️
♥️Clara’s P.O.V
I got up from be-d feeling weak, yesterday stress weaken me, I went to the bathroom and washed my face then brush, after that I went to the kitchen to get the left over rice which I started eating as I make my way to my be-droom, at least I nee-d to eat so as to survive, I went to my l@pt©p and switch it on, I don’t have anything to do so I just wanna pl@ygames, I turn it on then a message from my Email popped in, I quic-kly login to check it, I cli-cked on it and re-ad aloud
“Dear Clara Benard, this message is s£nt to you from Sonwealth Company, we are hereby announcing to you that your request to be a worker has been accepted and you are to resume work tomorrow by 8:00am, Congratulation once again
The Manager.
“Oh no….am I dreaming, I can’t believe this…. oh, oh, thank you Lord” I said happily, now my sufferings are over, at Least I’ll be able to feed myself and clothe myself, even if it just a cleaner am still okay with it, I better start preparing for tomorrow but which clothe will I put on tomorrow now, I’ll still have to manage the one I wore for the interview .
The next day
I quic-kly got dressed and made my way to Sonwealth company, I got there exactly 7 am, to fast right, I just don’t want to loose my work on the first day , I walk in and went to meat the receptionist “good morning ma’am” I said
“Good morning, how may I help you” she said
“plea-se is the manager around” I asked
“No but he will Soon be here” she said
“Oh okay thanks” I said and sat down at the reception, I was still looking around when the door open and here comes in the same guy I met at the mall, I wonder why we continue seeing each other this days, he actually look cute, I was lost staring at him when he walk up to me
“I think I told you not to let me see you again” he asked
“Oh, you should have tell me not to walk and go out anymore” I said hissing
“And by the way, what your business here” he asked
“Hey young man, mind whatever you c@m£ here to do and let me be….am sure you are here to get a job, now let me tell you….you can never get one” I said then he chuckles
“Oh really….are you the C.E.O and what makes you think I won’t get a job here” he asked
“People like you don’t deserve to work in a big company here… son of nob©dy” I said
He stared at me for a while and left, I shouldn’t have said those words to him, I can see he got angry” I said to myself, I stood up and walk to the receptionist
“Excuse me ma’am”I said to her
“Yes” she said
“Sorry if I may ask, who is that guy that just walk in, what is his work here or is he just a customer” I asked
“Am sorry ma’am, we don’t tell the identity of any worker or customer here” she said
“Okay tnx” I said and walk back to my seat then the manager walk in, I quic-kly walk towards him
“Good morning sir” I said
“Morning ma’am” he said
“Sir I am Clara Benard” I said
“Oh you got the message right” he said
“Yeah and that why am here” I said
“Okay, congratulation…. follow me to my office” he said
“Okay sir” I said as I followed him, few seconds we got to his office then he sat down “sit” he said then I sat down
“Congratulation ma’am, u are given the work of a P.A to the C..E .O and I hope you are okay with it”the manager said
“P.A…..of course am okay infact I love it* I said
“Another thing, we don’t make the identity of the C.E.O known to the public, and that why I was the one in charge of the interview, so plea-se you are opportune to see, speak and be with the C.E.O 24hrs, do not make a mistake of ma-king his identity known okay” he said
“I promise I’ll” I said
“Here is the file, everything you nee-d to know and do is here in the file, so let me take you to the C.E.O now but I will nee-d to call him first”
“Okay” I said then he placed a call to the C.E.O
“Hello sir…..the new P.A is here, should i bring her, okay sir…. thanks” he said and hang up the call….so let go” he said as made our way to the C.E.O office throu-gh the Elevator…soon we got the t©pmost floor, the C.E.O office was made with glas-s and tinted Black, we can’t even see from outside….is he that ugly that he scared people might see him huh” I said to myself as we walk in, The C .E.O was sitting with his back facing us, is he scared I might run out because of his ugly face, am not even here for that
“Good morning sir….here is the New P.A” the manager said
“Good morning sir” I said C
“Oh okay” he said then turn around, I was eager to see his face, what he looks like, how ugly he is though he back doesn’t looks like an old man…..He turn his face to us and I almost fell down if not for the help of the manager
“What….. you” the C.E.O said, I can’t believe he is the same guy I sl@pped, and call the son of nob©dy, what have I gotten myself into….am dead
“Out of my office right now…. manager take this thing out noooow” he yelled, I took to my heels immediately as I ran back to the reception crying….I just lost a Job on the first day
♥️♥️Episode 4
♥️♥️Managers P.O.V
“But sir, why did you chase her out” I asked
“I just don’t want to see her, get another person, she doesn’t worth being my P.A” he said
“But sir” I said
“Get out” he yelled
“He alre-ady saw your face sir” I said trying to convince him
“Not like am using a mask bfr” he said
“What if she decide to show the press your identity, she’s a woman, she might decide to revenge” I said
“Manager, do you know what this crazy wench did to me” he said
“What sir” I asked
“She sl@pped me and even call me a son of nob©dy this morning” he said
“What…..she shouldn’t have done that” I said
“So for that reason, I can’t take her” he said
“But sir…..I believe she has learnt her mistake, y Don’t you just pardon her, her CV speaks a lot about her, she has the best knowledge of this work” I said
“Manager….is there something else behind these huh” he said
“Am sorry sir” I said
“Get me another person now, infact bring all the files of those who c@m£ for the interview, with their pas-sport attached, I will choose who I want myself” he said
“Alright sir” I said and walk out, I got to my office, get all the files and head back to the C.E.O office
“Here are the files sir” I said as I place it on his table
“You can go, I will call you when I find one” he said then I walk back to my office
Miguel’s P.O.V (C.E.O)
Over my dead b©dy will I make that fool my P.A…..never, I better start looking throu-gh these files
Few minutes later
What all these for crying out loud, I can’t even get a suitable one, it either one is old, or too ugly….and thinking of this what if that girl expo-se my identity, what if she brings the press to my office…hmm, I nee-d to act fast….I dialed the managers No “hello….see me in my office now” I said and hang up the call.
Clara’s P.O.V
I nee-d to go sell my l@pt©p bfr the Landlord c@m£ and pack my things out, if I had know I wouldn’t have waste my money on the clothes I bought for the interview, am gonna miss my l@pt©p but before i sell it out, let me just glance throu-gh something’s, I turn it on and enter my pas-sword, I nee-d the re-move the pas-sword first, I cli-cked to the control panel and was about setting it when I got an Email message, I cli-cked to check what it is and to my surprise in was from Sonwealth Company, what is it this time, I quic-kly cl!t on it …
Dear Clara Benard
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are happy to tell you to resume back to work As soon as possible
The Manager
“What….the job is mine again….thank you Lord, I quic-kly put on dress and head to the company
Few minutes later I got to the Managers Office “Good day sir” I said
“Oh miss Clara, am sorry for what happen the other time” he said
“It’s actually my fault sir, I shouldn’t have said those words to him” I said
“Well it’s okay, hope you know the way to his office” he said
“Yeah”. I replied
“Okay he is waiting for you” he said
“Sir, you mean I should go there…..alone” I asked
“Yeah” he said
“But sir…..what if he…..” I said
“Nevermind, he won’t s£nd u out coz he is the one who told me to call you… okay” he said
“Okay sir” I said as I walk out an made my way to his office, I got to the t©pmost floor, my problem now is how to enter, what will I say when I get in, how will I even look into his face….. I summon courage and walk in
Good….. morning….sir…… sorry afternoon” I said stammering but he didn’t say a word, instead he was busy with his system ignoring my pres£nce, I stood there for like some seconds not uttering any statement while he got busy with his system
“Sir…..” I said
“Not like you are blind, you can see am busy so get out, I will call you when am done okay” he said then I quic-kly walk out before he change his mind and sack me again, I stood outside his office for some minute when I heard him telling me to come in, I quic-kly walk in
“Here I am sir” I said
“So you can actually call me sir huh” he said
“Am sorry for everything sir” I said not looking at his face, I just can’t stand it looking into his face
“Keep the sorry to yourself….so what your name” he asked
“I am Clara Benard” I said
“Your discipline in school” he asked
“Business administration” I said
“Now listen, If you want to stay long want to stay long in this work, you have listen and abide by the rules I will be giving you now okay” he said in a harsh tone
“Okay sir” I said
“Rule no 1: you must resume work exactly 8:00am on Monday and Tuesday, the remaining weeks, I don’t come to work but you will have to follow me wherever I want to go
Rule no 2: there must always be a distance between us when walking at least 6-8 feet away okay, and no makeup, no eye to eye contact and you must always dress cooperate, I said that un-derstood
“Yes sir” I said
“Failure to do that, you know what that means” he said
“Yes sir” I said
“The next office after mine is your office, here is the key” he said while I collected the key
“And one more thing, you must not come to my office except I call you or u nee-d to submit files” okay
“Yes sir” I said
“Out” he said then I walk out and head to my new office, I still can’t believe I now own an office, God is great….I wonder why he hate me this much, the rules he la-id down are too much for me, I just have to abide by it I gat no choice, I started arranging the office the I heard the office phone ringing, I picked it “hello sir” I said “in my office right now” the C.E.O said and hang up, I quic-kly walk out to his office “you don’t just barge in like that okay” he said
“Am sorry sir” I said
“Now walk out and come in like a responsible person” he said
“Okay sir” I said and walk out then walk in back
“Good, there is a blue file on your desk get it for me
“But sir….I just c@m£ from bthe office” I said
.”are you questioning my authority” he yelled, I quic-kly rushed out to my office and went back to his office with the the file “here it is sir” I said
“Take it back ion nee-d it anymore” he said
“What…..” I exclaimed
“Out” he yelled, I walked out with tears on my face….I don’t deserve this hatred from him…..Why me

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