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Because I love you Episode 17 & 18

Because I love you
♥️♥️Episode 17♥️
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
I walk downstairs to Bryan’s office
“Guess what” I said
“What” Bryan said
“He accepted, I never knew it will be that easy” I said
“Like seriously” he asked
“Of course, he said we should invite the press” I said
“But how did you manage to convince him” he asked
“I told him that I will help him get those who are after him but he needs to tell the press who he is then he asked if he can trust me, I said yes” I said
“Just like that….what have been trying to do for many years” he said
“Don’t dare the power of a woman” I said
“Wow….. thank you so let call the press” he said
“But you haven’t tell me the next step and as a matter of fact, who are you….. what’s your plan” I asked
“Hmm…..I am Bryan” he said
“No don’t try to fool me…..tell me your real plan, what were you searching for in his office the last time I saw you” I asked
“Oh…. actually, I am a mess£nger of Miguel’s uncle, he want him dead by all means but the fact that Miguel keep hidding his identity and nob©dy knows his place makes everything worse and not easy, so I was told to come work here till I get necessary information about him and to be sure he is the real C.E.O” he said
“Can i meet that uncle” I said
“Don’t even try it, he is a dangerous man” he said
“Well as long as miguel is gonna die then am okay so call the press” I said
“Okay” he said and put a call throu-gh the press “hello, this is Bryan from Sonwealth company, the C.E.O is around now and want to meet you guy’s…….no trust me, I mean it this time…. okay be fast” he said
“What do you mean by you mean it this time” I said
“Oh so you don’t Know I was the one who told the press to come there other day” he said
“Oh really, I was stupid to have stand for him then, I should have direct the press to his office” I said
“It’s gonna work this time” he said
“So after this, what the next plan” I asked
“I can see you really want him dead, you keep asking for the next plan” he said
“Of course I do” I said
“Well after telling the world who he is, then his father’s opponent will be after him, that would be his target while we carry out our operation with letting him know” he said
“What operations” I said
“Very soon a news letter will be s£nt to him, it will be like a threatening to kill him, so he will want to leave his place for a safe place you know” he said
“Okay…” I said
“And that is where your work start, you will tell him you have a safer place to take him to where nob©dy will notice him, I will s£nd you the address of where to take him to, there he will see his uncle and I then we kill him there leaving no trace but be sure he comes along with the do¢vment” he said
“Wow brilliant idea…..I think the press are around, I can hear some noise downstairs” I said then we both stood up and rush downstairs, the press were alre-ady outside so I rush back to Miguel’s office
“Sir the press are here” I said then he sigh
“Am scared Clara” he said
“I know how you feel but just trust me, I will help you get out of this mess” I said
“Hmm., okay let go” he said and stood up
“Okay” I said then we walk downstairs
“Ladies and gentlemen, like we’ve promise to let you Know when our C.E.O is back from the state, so he’s back now and here we introduce to you our C.E.O Miguel” I said while Miguel walk out, I can see he looks scared,
👩 Sir can we know why you decide to keep your identity as a secret all this while
👨 When will you going back sir
🧓Are you here to stay or you still going back
🧒Can we know your full name sir
👧Why did you name the company Sonwealth
Questions from every corner, he stood still not knowing what to say, av never see miguel in this kind of mood, I just can’t st©p laughing….they were taking pictures and video of him, he turn back and walk in, the press wanted to follow him but the guard st©p them
“You can now go back plea-se, he needs to rest” I said and rush in to meet him
“Clara..,why did I trust you this much” he said
“Sir…trust me…you won’t regret this, I rather [email protected] life than to see you dead” I said
“I pray I don’t regret this” he said
“You won’t” I said and walk back to Bryan
“This is awesome” he said
“Yeah…he is really worried” I said
“So what I need now is his address” he said
“I hope they won’t kill him there” I asked
“No…..we won’t want to leave any trace, we just want to deliver a letter to him” he said
“No prob about that, I will find it out” I said
“And be fast about it” he said
“Okay” I said and walk back to my office, now my plans are working out, I just can’t wait to see the end of everything.
Miguel’s P.O.V
I just hope am not doing the wrong thing, Clara has been faithful to me all this while and I think I can trust her,I pray I don’t regret this, I took my phone and logged in to internet, picture of me everywhere
C.E.O of Sonwealth has been known
Sonwealth company has the cutest C.E.O ever
The unknown C.E.O of Sonwealth company has reveal his identity
Different headlines everywhere on social media, am sure my dad opponent will be glad to see this now they will be re-ady to attack, I need to act fast…. should I just fly out of the country…..I really don’t know what to do.
Three days later
I got home that evening and found a letter at the entrance, I picked it and open it
“BE re-adY TO DIE” it was written in a bold letter, I was really disturbe-d, who knows my address, I walk in then dailed Clara’s number
“Hello sir” she said
“Clara am scared” I said
“What is it sir” she said
“I just got a letter now saying be re-ady to die” I said
“Really……. don’t worry but I think you need to leave that place right now” she said
“Am thinking of flying out of the country” I said
“No….I have a safer place where I can take you to” she said
“Are you sure am safe” I said
“Yeah….trust me……let meet tomorrow in the office” she said
“Okay but I think I’ll need to check in to an h0tel tonight, I can’t stay here” I said
“That’s fine” she said
“Okay till tomorrow” I said and hang up the call
I took my car key and and walk out.
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V ♥️♥️
I dailed Bryan’s number, to be sure if he’s the one who s£nt the letter
“Hi Clara” he said
“He just called me now about the letter” I said
“Don’t panick I s£nt it” he said
“Okay so what about the address of the place you told me to bring him to” I said
“Check your email….av s£nt it” he said
“Oh okay” I said and hang up the call, I checked my email and saw the address……I pray this should work out well
The Next day
I got to the office and walk in to Miguel’s office
“Good morning sir” I said
“Morning……” He said
“We need to leave now” I said
“Leave to where” he said
“Just follow me” I said
“I hope you are doing the right thing” he said
“Are you still doubting me” I asked
“Not really….. okay let go” he said
“Give me the car key……I will be driving you” I said
“Okay” he said and gave me the car key, we walk downstairs, we hopped into his car and drove off
It took us some an hour before getting there, finally we got to a area where I guess it’s the address, we got down and walk in throu-gh the bush
“Clara let just go back….am getting scared” he said
“Just follow me” I said then we continue walking, soon we got to an uncompleted building then we walk in there I saw Bryan and Miguel’s uncle
“Bryan……uncle…..Clara” Miguel exclaimed
“Are you surprised… thought I’ll never be able to see you again… you think you’re smart” his uncle said
“Bryan….why did you do this to me” Miguel said
“I owe you no explanation” he said and point a gun at Miguel
“Wait…..” I said standing in front of miguel
“Clara, leave there and let me complete my work” Bryan said
“Won’t you ask for the do¢vment first” I said
“What we’re after is for him to die….leave the rest to us” he said and pointed a gun him, then I adjust from him
“Clara……” Miguel said
“Freeze everyb©dy” the policemen rush in and sorrounded the whole place
“Drop your gun now” a police man said
“Clara you betrayed me” Bryan said
“What do you expect, you expect me to kill a man, I layed downy life for, who does that….all this was a plan, though miguel himself does not know much about this, I started suspecting you the first time I saw you in his office and I knew you were up to something so I decide to act like I was angry and wanted him kill and like av planned you fell into my tra-p” I said laughing
“What……” Bryan said the policemen handcuffed him and Miguel’s brothers and lead them out
“Truly you are a God s£nt” Miguel said to me
“Thanks for everything…..I really appreciate”
“Anything for you sir” I said
“Now how about my dad’s opponent” he said
“We will find a way to get you out from them” I said
“Tell me Clara……if this is not love…. Then wat is it” he said
“C’mmon…… let’s go” I said smiling
♥️♥️Episode 18♥️♥️
♥️♥️Bryan’s P.O.V♥️♥️
I was a fool to have believe Clara, she’s smarter than I thought, she ruined me and my plans. It wasn’t my fault to have plan evil against miguel but I just have to, his uncle help me when I was in need of help, he stood there for me when I lost my mom, my dad got married to another woman who treat me like a slave, I was f0rç£d to run away from home and that where I saw his uncle who took me home, s£nd me to school, and I did this as a pay back, he threatened to kill me if I don’t do it, now the death am afraid of has finally come, I just pray I find favor in God’s face.
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
We got in to the car, then Miguel started driving
“Tell me, what do you want as a payback”he said
“Payback…” I said
“Yeah…..tell me anything you want in return” he said
“I want nothing” I said
“No…do you want a house……money…..just mention anything and I promise to do anything” he said
“I don’t want a house…..I want a home” I said
“Home…..what do you mean” he asked
“Nevermind” I said looking throu-gh the window
“Okay name anywhere you wanna go” he said
“Oh really” I said
“Yeah….just anywhere, Even if it’s out of this country” he said
“Ok…..your heart…..I want to be in your heart” I said
“What….” He said
“Just joking” I said smilling
“Funny you…. okay let go to my place” he said
“What about office” I asked
“No work today” he said
“Okay” I said
Soon we got to his place, we hopped down open the gate while I drive in, the he closed it
“Sir why don’t you hire a gate man” I said
“I’ll….when everything is settled” he said
“Okay” I said then we walk in
“So tell me…what will you like to drink or eat” he said
“For now am okay” I said
“Really” he said
“Yeah” I said
“Okay” he said and sat beside me switching on the TV
“Wanna ask you a question” I said
“Ask” he said
“Do you still hate me” I asked
“Hate…..” He said
“Yeah” I said
“Nope….I don’t, infact I never hate you” he said
“Lier” I Said
“Trust me…..I would get rid of you if I hate you” he said
“Then why are you always harsh to me” I said
“You don’t expect me to be nice to you after calling me a son of nob©dy” he said
“You caused it” I said
“How” he said
“You spoiled my phone, you even said will sorry feed my generation” I said
“And you [email protected] me” he said
“Ahmmm…..well am sorry” I said frowning
“I love it when you frown” he said
“What” I said
“Yeah….you do look like a mosquito and it’s been long I see a mosquito” he said laughing at me
“Not funny” I said pretending to be angry
“U’re angry” he asked
“Does it look like am laughing” I said
“What a rude mosquito I gat” he said
“Really… I look like a mosquito” I yelled
“Go check yourself out in a standing mirror” he said
“I hate you” he said
“Really” he said staring at me
“Yeah I do” I said
“You mean it” he said moving closer to me
“Yeah….I hate you” I said
“Are you sure” he said trying to t©uçh me
“Don’t t©uçh me” I said
“And what if I” he said
“I won’t let you” I said.
“Then st©p me if you can” he said and before I knew it, I felt hisl-ips on myl-ips, I couldn’t st©p him, my eyes popped out👀😱, did miguel just k!$$£d me, why can’t I st©p him, is he k!ss!ngme because he loves me….oh no….I keep saying this to myself then he unlock from the k!ssand smile, I stood still
“Why didn’t you st©p me” he said staring at me
“Oh….. Jesus” I screamed and ran upstairs….I can’t even stand him😱😱
Then I saw him coming upstairs
“And why are you running from me” he said
“No….am not running from you” I said
“U sure” he said
“Yeah” I said
“So tell me….do you still hate me” he asked
“Oh…hate….I don’t” I said
“So do you love me” he asked
“Why are you asking me this question” I said adjusting from him while he move closer”
“Just answer me…do you love me” he said
“I don’t” I said
“You don’t hate me….you don’t love me…..then what” he said, I know he is trying to tease me
“I only like you as my boss” I said
“Oh really” he said
“Yeah” I said, resting my back beside the staircase, he move closer and hold my [email protected]!st
“What….are you doing” I said
“Nothing” he said
“Then why holding me” I said
“I still won’t accept the fact that you don’t love me” he said
“But I don’t” I said
“I will accept on one condition” he said
“What condition” I said
“Okay….stare at myl-ips for just 10 secs, if you can resist it for 10secs then I will believe you” he said
“That’s simple” I said
“Okay let start” he said
“Alright” I said, I know I will defeat him, I raised my head so my gaze can meet hisl-ips
“1” he said
“3” he said, I pray I resist this…..
“5” he said, I got tem-pted, hisl-ips are cute and S-xy….Clara you have to win this…. fighting
6″ oh no…..
“7” he said, then he mentioned eight, I couldn’t stand it, I didn’t even know when I moved closer to him and k!$$£d him, he chuckled, then k!$$£d me back, I quic-kly st©p myself
“So you love me” he said and smile
“Gosh….I really fumble” I Said
“Clara….” He said
“What”. I said avoiding his gaze
“Do you Know what” he said
“What” I said
“I think……am beginning to love you”
“What” I exclaimed
“Yeah……am trying to avoid this feelings, but each blessed day….I find myself falling in love with you” he said
“U’re joking right” I said
“It looks like a joke right” he said
“Of course” I said
“You love me….I love you…..Clara what else” he said
“I don’t….I don’t love you” I Said
“So what about me….am in love Clara” he said more like a whisper
“Who cares” I said
“I know you do” he said
“Excuse me” I said trying to leave his sight but he st©pped me
“What” I said
“Let’s [email protected]£… be my girlfriend” he said
“What…..” I exclaimed and before I could say anything I fell down and fainted.
Miguel’s P.O.V
Did she just faint or what…..I carried her to my be-d room, layed her on my be-d then placed an handkerchief soa-ked with water on her forehead, I guess she’s fainted due to stress, she still needs some rest, she opened her eyes and screamed
“What…..what am I doing here… your….. be-droom” she yelled
“Relaxed… fainted so I was trying nto help” I said
“Help……when did you become a doctor” she said
“Clara you still need rest” I said
“And the best place to rest is your be-droom” she said then I laughed
“If you don’t st©p yelling….. I will k!ssyou” she said
“Says who” she said
“Remember am still you boss so st©p yelling” I said
“And what is my boss trying to do with me on his be-d…..not like we’re arranging some files here” she said
“Rude mosquito” I said
“What” she said and threw a pillow at me, I laughed and walk out, this is how she makes me yelled while I was at the hospital….. it’s a payback .

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