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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Because I love you Episode 11 & 12

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Because I love you

Episode 11



♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I got discharged from the hospital the second day, I was told Miguel has been discharged already and he didn’t even bother to check on me, Bryan came to pick me up, he bought me some provisions and some clothe, he is really an angel in disguise, I got home safely, drop the stuff and lay on my bed, oh my phone, I think left it at Miguel’s Office, that will be tomorrow, too weak to trekk back to the office, later in the night, I prepared dinner and ate then slept off

The next day


I got dressed in one of the new gown Bryan bought for me, I pray Miguel won’t talk coz this clothe is tight and making all my curves appear, I put on my shoe, took my bag and walk out, Bryan isn’t here yet, I waited for some minute then I saw his car coming

“Hi sorry am late” he said

“It’s okay, it better than trekking” I said and hopped into the car

“By the way, you are looking hot” he said which makes me smile

“Thanks” I said then he continue driving, we go to the company, andI got down

“Okay see you later” I said and made my way to the office

but Bryan wasn’t around, that means I’ll have to wait again or is he not coming today, oh my Tommy, I think I need to use the restroom, I quickly rush to the staff general restroom and do my stuff then came out, let me check if Bryan is around now, oh the door is open, I guess he is around so I walk in but to my greatest surprise I saw Bryan, seriously searching for something on the desk, he was too busy that he didn’t know I was standing behind him

“Bryan” I called and he quickly turn in fear

“Oh….Clara” he said

“What are you doing here an how did you even get in” I asked

“Actually, the C.E.O gave me a spare key of his office in case of necessities and I came to look for a file but I can’t find it, I think I’ll come look for it later when he is back” he said , I wasn’t convinced with that excuse but I let it go, he is close to Miguel so it’s possible he gave him the spare key, I quickly walk out before Miguel arrive, I don’t want to get into any mess, he locked the door and left.

Few minutes later, Miguel arrive holding his bag, I walk to him and collected the bag from him

“Good morning sir ” I said

“Morning” he said then walk in and sat down

“Sir I forgot my phone here 3days ago” I said

“Here….where……and I thought you told me you don’t

have a phone” he asked

” Yeah but Bryan….I mean the manager bought me one” I said



“What….he did what…..what the hell is happening between you guys….I want to know like right now” he yelled and I was a little bit confused why he behave that way, not like av said anything wrong

“There is nothing between us sir, he is just being kind to me” I said

“Better, coz I won’t tolerate any act of indiscipline in my company okay” he said

Yes sir” I said

“And why is my table scattered” he said

“Ahmmm……I don’t know anything about that sir” I said, this is the first time I liked and it’s because I don’t want to get Bryan into any mess

“Okay, have this” he said stretching a bag to me then I collected it, I checked it and it was milk and tea with some drugs like blood tonic

“Wow….” I said

“Don’t feel too special, it just a payback” he said then I smile

“Thank you sir” I said

“Take your phone, the office key and leave please” he said

“Yes sir” I said and quickly pick those things then leave.

Finally, the end of the month came and as expected I was paid my salary, it was the happiest day of my life, I was able to pay for my house rent and buy myself some food stuff, clothe and shoe.

The new month, new week came and I resumed work as usual, Bryan came to pick me up and drove me to work, but to my greatest surprise, everywhere was crowded by the press, what the hell is happening

“Excuse me, what is happening here” I asked from one of them

“We were told that the C.E.O is around and back from the state, so we are here to see him, we want to know he really looks” she said

“What” I yelled and rushed in to Miguel’s office, I saw him sitting down feeling depressed

“Sir are you aware of what’s happening right now” I asked

“Tell me, how do I solve this” he said

“Sir why don’t u just let them see you, they won’t bite” I said

“I can’t…..for some reasons best known to me…..I can’t” he said

“Oh…. okay” I said

“I don’t even Know what to do” he said, I feel sadness in his voice, I think I have an idea, I rush back to meet the press

“Silence every body, I have a little information to pass to you, I am Clara Benard, a worker of this company, concerning the rumors you heard about the arrival of our C.E.O, it is not true, the C.E O is still in the state due to some reasons but am assuring you, once he is back I and the manager will inform you of my so I beg you all to go back to you various places” I said and just as I expected they all accept and left one by one
“Oh wat a relief” I said and walk back to the Miguel’s office

“Good job….thank you, you just saved a soul” he said, wow for the first time, I heard him say thank you….. this is awesome



Episode 12

♥️Clara’s P.O.V

“It’s okay sir, anything for you” I said

“Anything for me” he said

“Yeah” I said

“Hmm….okay, here is the key” he said

“Okay” I said then collected the key and left for my office.

Soon I was done for the day, I lock the door and went to Miguel’s office to drop the key

“Am going home sir” I said


“Okay and that reminds me, we will be going for a meeting next week, normally I do go with the manager while I pretend to be just a worker, but I think you will be the one going instead of him this time, I will follow you but I won’t go in with you” he said

” But sir…. may I ask you a question” I said

“Go on” he said

“Why are you keeping your identity” I asked

“Will you just get out” he said, I didn’t utter a word instead I just walk out, I got outside and can’t find Bryan, I guess he’s in the office so I walk back to his office to check on him

“Hi” I said

“Oh Clara, come in and sit” he said, then I walk in and sat down

“I went out now and didn’t see you so that’s I decide to come check on you” I said

“Oh, I was somehow busy that’s why but am through now” he said

“Hope it’s not because of me” I asked

“Oh no, am through by the way you did a great job this morning” he said

“Thanks but that reminds me, why didn’t you address those people this morning and I couldn’t find you also” I said

“Since you’ve done that, I don’t have to and I also remember I have an important work to do so I quickly rush to the office” he said

“Oh okay” I said

“So let’s go” he said then we stood up and walk to the car.

The next day, bryan arrive, i got in and soon we got to the, we both got down

“I also need to see the C.E.O this morning so let’s go together” he said


“Okay, so did you later find what you were looking for in his office that day” I asked

“Oh…yes…yes” he said

“Okay” I said, soon we got to the office and both walk in

“Good morning sir” we both said

“Morning” he said

“Ahmm sir I came to remind about the board meeting which is next week” Bryan said

“Yeah, I remember but this time you won’t be going, Clara and I will go to the meeting” Miguel said

“Sir, you mean I won’t be going to the meeting this time” Bryan asked

“Bryan you heard me right” Miguel said

“Okay thank you sir” he said and walk out, I can see he his not happy

“Sir, I think you should let him go since he’s been the one going all this while” I said

“Are you now trying to teach me my work” he said

“Am sorry sir” I said

“Will you take the key and get out” he said

“Okay sir” I said and took the key then walk out.

Soon it was the day for the meeting, I got dressed, I waited for some minute but Bryan didn’t arrive, seems he is not coming today so I quickly board a cab to the office, I got there and walk in to the C.E.O office

“You came late today and you know fully well that we have a important place to go this morning” he said

“Am sorry sir” I said


“You are lucky am not in a bad mood, just get out, I will meet you” he said

“Okay sir” I said and walk out, I decide to go see Bryan, I got there and his office is locked, does that mean Bryan hasn’t arrive and this is past 8, where on Earth could he be, I left there and walk back to Miguel’s office, he was already standing at the entrance

“And where on Earth did you disappear to” he asked

“I went to use the toilet” I said

“Fool…let go” he said, I collected the bag he was holding and walk to where he parked his car, he hopped in while I stood outside, I don’t want to rush in and get disgrace

“And why are you not entering” he asked

“Am sorry sir” I said and enter

“Sir….I” I said while he interrupted

“Silence” he said then I shut my mouth

Soon we got to the meeting

“So you go in and introduce yourself as my assistant, when they ask of me, tell them am presently in the state due to some reasons, and in everything you do there, Don’t forget to use your brain so in case you drive your brain in your bag, kindly pick it and install it okay” he said, that so harsh

“Alright sir” I said

“Now go” he said, I got down, adjust my dress and and walk in to the meeting, I met some cute and old guys seated there

“Good morning, I am from for Sonwealth company and am representing the C.E.O today” I said sitting down


“And what about him himself” a guy said

“He is still in the state” I said

“Okay, let the meeting start” someone said and the meeting started and soon the meeting ended, I went in to the car where Miguel was

“Am back sir” I said

“So how was it” he asked

“It nice” I said

“Be ready to tell me everything when we get back to office” he said

“Okay” I said and he started driving, soon we got to a Tjunction when some guys stopped us

“Who are these fools” he said getting down, I sat in there in the car, I couldn’t hear what they were discussing but I know they were arguing and before bi know, a guy pointed a gun at MIGUEL, I quickly got down

“Now tell me are you the C.E
O or not” the guy said

“I said I am not” Miguel yelled, the next thing I saw, the guy hold the trigger and before he could shoot I ran to where Miguel was and I got shot instead, I fell down, I can still hear Miguel voice from distance shouting my name but I was too far from him, I closed my eyes and that was the last thing I remembered




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