Because I love you Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
Unknown P.O.V
For the past years, Sonwealth Company has been the leading company, they are rated No 1 among all other companies
there Service are the best, they specialize in all types of goods,
the owner of the company is said to be a young guy who only come to work twice in a week, the other days are meant for fun,
News made it clear that he is cute but his identity is never disclose to the world due to some reason best known to him,
His name is MIGUEL
“Wtf” Clara said after re-ading the info about Sonwealth Company online, “why will a man use five days out of seven days for fun and work only for two days and yet his company is rated No 1
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️
I am Clara Benard, am a graduate who still seeks for Job,
I ha-rd ly get 3square meal per day but I still find a way to feed myself,
life hasn’t been fair to me, all my effort to always get a Job was futile, I Know Sonwealth won’t even approve my application but I will give it a try,
I quic-kly login to their website and tender my application form there, I shut down my system, it’s 9pm alre-ady, I nee-d to get a rest, no supper tonight, I jump to my small be-d and sle-pt off peacefully
The next day
The sun reflect throu-gh the window, I tossed left and right on the be-d, after few seconds I manage to open my eyes it was alre-ady 8am, I quic-kly got up from be-d and rush to the bathroom, I washed my face and brush, my Tommy we’re ma-king some crazy noise, am hungry but there is no food stuff at home,
am only left with some money which I earned from clothes I washed yesterday,
I Walk to my system and turn it on, its too early to hear bad news but I summon courage and login to my Email no messages yet “I said it, it just waste of time, I better go find some work to do” I said to myself feeling disappointed “why will Earth choose to hurt an orphan like me, my parent died in a motor when I was 10 years old, ever since then everything bec@m£ worse, I work as a maid to further my education after secondary school, my salary was used for my school fee, Even though I got beaten everyday for no reason I Still endure hoping I’ll get a good job after school but I haven’t been able to get a job for the past two years, I can’t even afford a good dress by myself, it’s either someone give me or i buy the second hand clothe, am tired of everything” I rest my head on the table crying when I heard a message pop in to my email, at first I ignore it while I continue crying, soon I wiped my tears and was about standing up, I remember I had a message on my Email so I decide to check what a message from Sonwealth company, my eyes bec@m£ clear immediately, I cli-ck on the message, my mind skipped a bit at what I saw, shockest news of my life
“Dear Clara Benard”, your application form has been submitted to the C.E.O table and you are among those who are to come for Interview first thing Monday morning by 8am
Note: coming late is not allowed, if you are a minute late you won’t be allowed in for the Interview
Best of luck
“Wooooow” I screamed on t©p of my voice, is this really happening, though I haven’t been given the Job but at list there is 50% percent as-surance of getting the job, today is Saturday, I don’t have an office dress, I nee-d to go get a Cheap one, but first the money with me isn’t enough so I nee-d to go do some work, I alre-ady promise a woman to come wash some clothe in exchange for money today, I quic-kly put on my bathroom sli-ppers, tied my scarf and walk out, I got to the woman house “good morning ma” I said “oh morning Clara, how was ur nyt” she said “cool, so where are the clothes ma”I asked “okay, they are in the bathroom and pls make sure you wash them clean, don’t use the washing machine, I prefer hand washing okay” she said “no pro ma” I said as I rush to the bathroom “What” I yelled “hope everything is okay” I heard the woman say “yes ma” I said, when am not a slave, this clothe are just much and am just collecting a thousand naira well I gat no choice, I just have to do it, I hope everything turns out well, even if it just a cleaner as long as it is Sonwealth Company, am okay with it, I said as I started washing the clothes.
Two hours later I was done washing the clothes, I Walk to the sitting room where nrhe woman is sitting “am throu-gh ma” I said “oh thank you” she said opening her pause and brou-ght out one thousand “here is ur money” she said stretching the money to me “thank you ma” I said collecting the money “ahmm….do u have tfare” she asked “ahmm, my house is not that far from here, I will just trekk home” I said smilling “oh no let me give you tfare” she said giving me five hundred naira “oh thanks alot ma” I said then I Walk out, I have to add this money to the one I have bfr so it will be enough to get a nice dress, I trekk home, took my bath and get dress in a go-wn which is my best clothe, I board a cab to then nearest mall, I got there and walk in, these clothes are too cost and I only have 5thousand with me, after walking round I later saw a dress which I can afford, I picked and payed for it as I made my way out of the mall, I was about walking out of the mall when a message popped in to my phone, I took out my phone and was re-ading the text message, the next thing I saw was my phone landing on the floor what the heck, I raised my head up only to see a guy staring at me with his hands folded “did you just smashed my phone on the floor” I asked “yeah I did, next time you don’t stand at the entrance pressing your phone okay” he said “wait so u mean because I was standing the entrance u collected my phone and smashed it in the floor” I asked “u deserve it” he said and walked out on me “and not even a sorry huh” I said “does it feed your generation” he said and this word pissed me off, i immediately walk to him and the next thing I saw was my hand on his cheek, I just sl@pped him “dis you just sl@pped me” he said tou-ching his cheek “that serves you right, next time you learn how to talk to strangers, do u even know what I went throu-gh bfr getting myself a phone fool” I said while he stood there without uttering any statement, I walked out angrily, he just ruined my day.
♥️♥️The Guys P.O.V♥️♥️
I just got sl@pped by a commoner, I let this go because I don’t wanna create a scenario here, I hope we don’t meet next time coz u won’t like it
💚💚💚Episode 2♥️♥️
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️
It’s Monday morning, i opened my eye to check the time, it’s 6:00am, I quic-kly rush to the bathroom, bath and brush my teeth,
I got in and cream, put on my new clothe which suit me well, I still have a shoe which I wore during my Convocation,
it’s the best shoe av ever had so I only wear it when I have place to go, I brou-ght out the shoe and wore it, it a lil bit ti-ght but I just have to manage it at least I tried to look corporate, once I get this Job I believe everything will turn around for good,
I packed my hair and cream it, apply little powder on my face…am not a makeup fan though,
I checked my broken mirror and believe me I look good, I checked the time “wow i use just 15 min” i think I nee-d to start going, I will get a biscuit and satchet water on my way,
I packed my CV and walk out, Sonwealth is Just some miles away from my place, I’ll have to trekk since I don’t much on me so I started trekking….Few minutes later I got to Sonwealth, it just 7:30, not late and I still have 30min left to rest bfr the interview start, I crossed to the other side and walk towards the company “Wow, what a big Company, the Outside alone describe how awesome the inside would be, I just can’t wait to get a Job here” I said to myself smiling as I walk in, the security scan throu-gh me and I was allowed in, I opened the glas-s door and walk in “Wow” I marvel at the sight of the building….
Now I know y it’s rated No 1, the C.E.O must be damn Rich, thank God I still have some minute left, so I sat down looking left and right, I alre-ady met some people there which I thought also c@m£ for the interview, this people look more better than I am I don’t think I can ever be given a Job here….Few Minute later it was 7:25, A young talk man who should be in his 20’s probably 29 or going to 30, I guess walk to us, I guess he is the C.E.O
“ahm good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Bryan, A manager to this Company known as Sonwealth…the C.E.O told me to pas-s some information to you, he said he won’t be around for the interview for some reasons, so I will be the one in charge of it, your names will be called ones I get to my office then you can come in….I wish you all best of luck” He said
This C.E.O is just a lazy type, I can’t wait to see his ugly face, am sure he must be an old man and that why he is not disclosing his identity to the world but am sure the worked here should know him, a lady walk to us “Pls who is Clara Benard” she asked
“I am” I said standing up
“Follow me” she said, I quic-kly packed my Do¢v-ment and followed her,
“Ma’am, go upstairs the last office by your left is the Managers Office, best of luck” she said and left
“Thanks” I said as I made my way to the staircase, I walk straight to the the office and knock
“Come in” the manager said then I walk in
“Good morning sir” I said
“Sit down young lady” he said smilling while i sit
“So what’s your name” he asked
“I am Clara Benard”
“Your CV pls” he said then I quic-kly gave it to him, he opened and started checking it, I was shivering inside and sweating outside, though my result is good, I c@m£ out as a first clas-s in business administration
“So miss Clara Benard, why do you wish or want to work here” he asked
“Firstly the Company general reputation, it would be nice working with the No 1rated company, and also the Admiration of the product and services” I said
“That good to hear, we will get back to you later, you can leave now” he said
“Thank you sir” I said and walk out with my CV, I Know I perform woefully…God plea-se help me, I was searching throu-gh my bag to get the money I wanted to use for the biscuit while I heard a voice “hey you” the voice said which made me startled, I look up only to see the guy who smashed my phone
“wtf” I said
“And what are you doing here” he asked
“I should be asking you that, am sure you must be one no the mess£nger for the C.E.O”I said eyeing him
“Let not meet again else you won’t like it” he said and walk out*
Who the hell is he telling me let noteet again, who even want to meet a badluck like him” I said hissing as I made my way out of the company”
Few hours Later
Unknown P.O.V
The Manager was in his office when he had a call “hello sir” he said
“To my office now” the C.E.O” said
“Okay sir” he said and got up, took the elevator to the C.E.O office, he Walked in
“Ahmm how far about the interview, how did it go” The C.E.O asked
“They all perform excellently sir” the manager said
“You don’t tell me that, we only nee-d one person, so have you choose who to accept” The C.E.O said
“No sir , I was waiting for you since the person will be your P.A, I think you are in the right position to choose whoever you want” the manager said
“Just Choose whoever you think has the best knowledge of this okay….. leave my office” the C.E.O said
“Okay sir” the manager said and walk out of his company.
Clara’s P.O.V
I got home only to find a letter at the entrance, I took it and open it, it was a letter from the landlord, I was told to pay the house rent bills or I leave the house in the next one week…..this is not good, where am I expected to get the money in the next one week when I can’t even feed myself, am not even sure if the job is mine alre-ady or not, I will have to sell my l@pt©p, coz even if am told to resume work today, aside from this clothe am putting on I don’t have another office dress, I sat at the entrance crying bitterly…..I just wanna be successful.
To be continued after comments