Bad Girls – episode 6

I caught the look on her face as I pene-trated her, she looked like she was in heaven! She started slowly rocking herself back and forth on my c0ck, grinding it de-ep inside her.
I couldn’t believe how good she felt, she felt silky smooth and after what must have been hours of teasing her cunt was doing an excellent job of cooling down my c0ck.
She then started easing herself up and down the length of my shaft, m0@n ing every time she got to the bottom, I just couldn’t believe how good her honey pie felt, she was now doing it quite fast and my c0ckwas easily sli-pping in and out of her, her m0@n ing was getting louder and Mutinta had just noticed.

I saw her st©p pla-ying with her tits, look up and then a look of horror spre-ad over her face as she realised what was happening. “NATASHA!!! , what the fv¢k do you think you’re doing?” Mutinta asked She shouted, trying her best not to make it audible to Precious who was still handcuffed in her be-droom. “You know we aren’t allowed to have S-x with him, just tease him, that’s all she said we could do. Get off him now!”

“Oh but, mmmmmmmmm” Natasha protested, still sliding herself up and down on my c0ck. “Get off him!” Mervis shouted.
Having heard Mutinta shout and seeing what was going on. Natasha reluctantly unmounted me, her honey pot jui-ces glistening on my c0ckas it stayed standing to attention. “What the fv¢k were you thinking?” Mutinta asked.
“I don’t know, I was just so hor-ny, and he was so big, I just had to have it inside me and then it felt so good I couldn’t st©p.” Natasha stammered,

“I’m sorry, but you won’t un-derstand until you’ve had it inside you.” “But I couldn’t do that to her” Mutinta said, referring to Precious
“Come on, what difference will it make, I’ve alre-ady had him after all, besides, she’ll never know.” Natasha tried to persuade her. I could tell Mutinta wanted me in her, I could tell by the way she looked at my d*ick.
Besides if she had stayed on me any longer she would probably have ended up doing the exact same thing as Natasha did. “OK, I suppose, but only to see what it feels like.” She said, giving in easily.

She positioned herself on my l@p, lined the head of my c0ckup with her glistening slit and then slowly, impaled herself on it. “Holy $h!t, he’s big” Mutinta shouted in glee.
Despite the abundance of Natasha’s honey pie jui-ce, my c0ckwas having a difficult time pene-trating her fully, I was stretching her honey pie to double its normal size. “Mmmmmmm you’re ti-ght!” I told her.
Finally the last inch of my c0ckdisappeared inside her honey pot as She m0@n ed in plea-sure, I must have easily been filling her completely. “$h!t, that does feel good” She exclaimed,

“I thought I’d never get it all in me!”
She grinded against me for a while before getting off.
I caught a glimpse of the hvge gaping hole that was now her honey pie as she dismounted, looking at the size of her compared to it I couldn’t believe it actually fit inside her! “I thought I was going to be split in half there!” She said, a broad grin on her face.


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