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Bad Girls – episode 5

18 Years and above
Mervis then got up from her chair, walked over to my chair and straddled me! She started running her f!ng£rs up and down my chest and then to my immense surprise shifted herself forward so that her honey pie. was against the shaft of my ¢0¢k and started rubbing herself on me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, I had three n*ked women in the room with me, I had s√¢ked their n!pp!es, then they took it in turns to s√¢k my ¢0¢k and now, here was Mutinta rubbing her honey pie up against the shaft of my ¢0¢k.
Surely the only thing left after this was s*x, but I couldn’t believe for a moment that Precious would agree to that.
After a while She got off me, but Mutinta was quickly there to take her place, she instantly had her honey pie pressed against my D*ick and started gyrating.
Am She was wearing a broad smile, and it was obvious she was enjoying it as her n!pp!es had h@rdened considerably and she was now playing with her tits whilst rubbing her crotch against my ¢0¢k. She stopped abruptly though, obviously catching herself and got off before she went too far.

Immediately straddled me and started to rub her honey pie against my ¢0¢k, it wasn’t long before I felt w€tness starting to ooze from her slit onto my ¢0¢k, I took my eyes off her honey pie and tits and looked at her face, she just smiled back at me.
Soon my ¢0¢k was covered in her cunt juice and she was playing with her big tits as she rubbed herself on me, she looked down and saw a bead of pre¢vm forming on the tip of my ¢0¢k and wiped it onto her f!ng£r and then hungrily put her f!ng£r in her mouth and s√¢ked it off.
She then shifted backwards a bit so she was sitting close to my knees and taking my ¢0¢k in her right hand, she then guided the tip of it to her cl!t and started rubbing her cl!t with the head of my ¢0¢k. She began m0@ning with pleasure, too quietly for the other two girls to hear, but more than loud enough for me to hear.


once again took my eyes off what she was doing with my ¢0¢k to her cl!t to look at her face, but there was no smile this time, she was h**ny and all she was bothered with was getting herself off; I could see where this was going but I had no way of stopping it.
I had only ever slept with one person in my life, Precious, and although I always quite fancied the idea of having s*x with someone else, just to see what it was like, I never planned on actually doing it, as I knew exactly how much it would hurt her if I did. I looked over to where Mutinta sat and saw her still playing with her br**sts, I glanced down to her honey pie and saw her slightly protruding l!ps glistening with her honey pie juice.
I moved my gaze to Mervis, legs spread wide, sawing her f!ng£rs in and out of her obviously sopping honey pie. I couldn’t believe they were both getting off on the sight of Natasha getting off on me.
I turned my attention back to Natasha just in time to see her stop rubbing her cl!t with my ¢0¢k.

She then proceeded to hold it upright as she lifted herself slightly off the chair, moved slightly closer to me and then positioned the tip of my ¢0¢k at the entrance to her honey pie, there was no way I could stop her now, even if I wanted to stop her;
I was about to cheat on Precious with her best friend, but all I could think about was what Natasha’s honey pie felt like.
She seemed to hover just above it for ages, and then she sat down and my ¢0¢k speared easily into her sopping w€t honey pot.



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