Bad Girls – episode 2

18 Years and Above
“Now, let me explain what’s going to happen” Mutinta told me,
“We’re going to be asking you a number of questions, what happens depends on how you answer them, and at the end, the number of them you get right will determine what happens next.

That’s all we’re going to tell you, the rest you’ll find out as we go along!”
Mervis asked me the first question, it was about Ancient Lusaka History, something I had absolutely no clue about, and duly got the answer wrong, the consequences of which being my shoes were re-moved.
The next two questions were just as ha-rd , leading to my socks and trou-sers being re-moved, leaving me in just my shi-t and bo-xers.

I thought I saw where they were going with this, until the fourth question was asked, which was amazingly easy.
I managed to get it right, which wasn’t a big feat, but I nonetheless felt proud of myself for doing so. I soon felt even better as I saw Mervis reach behind her, un-hook her lacy pink br@ and slowly re-move it! Her br@ wasn’t lying, she did have quite small br**sts, maybe at most a small B cu-p, but they were very perky.

I was definitely starting to feel happier about this whole thing now! I also got the next question right, and this time it was Mutinta’s turn to reach behind her, un-hook her black br@ and with a smile reveal her br**sts to me. They were bigger than Mervis and probably about the same size as my Precious at a C cu-p, they sagged ever so slightly, possibly due to weight loss but the thing that stood out most was the size of her big chocolate coloured aureoles, they seemed to be about the same size as the bo-ttomof a drink’s can! I wasn’t given long before Mutinta fired the next question at me, it was another easy one, I couldn’t believe that these girls actually wanted to str!p for me!

I quic-kly got it right and turned my gaze to Natasha, as soon as she heard Mutinta say ‘Correct’ her hands had gone straight behind her back, she seemed desperate to str!p, and even if I’d been in a position to, there was no way I was going to st©p her. She un-hooked her br@ and slowly pu-ll-ed it away from her che-st, showing off a pair of hvge br**sts, they must have been at least a D cu-p, if not a DD, unlike Mutinta, Natasha had very small aureoles, but most surprisingly, considering their size, her br**sts seemed not to sag at all, for a second I debated if they were fake, but decided that they looked too good to be and she was only 20 after all.

I now had three t©pless, h0t girls standing in front of me, this was fast turning into the best birthday I would probably ever have!
Mutinta (who by now I had worked out was obviously the ring-leader of this) soon interrupted my thoughts to inform me “The next question will be slightly different in that it’s more of a choice for you than a question and you can choose which ever option you want.” She told me.

“Now the question is…
Would you like to carry on with the previous format, OR, just for this turn would you like to make a trade?”
Natasha continued. “In return for us removing your shi-t, we’ll take it in turns to let you svçkon our n!ppl!s.” Mervis finished.
I weighed up the two options and quic-kly c@m£ to the decision that I was going to end up with my shi-t re-moved one way or another, so I may as well get something out of it!

“I’m going to let you re-move my shi-t.” I told them.
“I thought you would.” Mutinta informed me with a knowing smile.
She then walked over to me, flanked by Natasha and Mervis and started to un-bu-tton my shi-t, before pu-lling it off my b©dy as best she could considering I was still handcuffed to the chair. Then she ran her f!ngersdown my che-st, saying

“Mmmmmm, you do have a nice che-st don’t you.”
Finally she thrû-st her che-st into my face, and I eagerly took each of her n!ppl!s in my mouth l!çk!ng and su-cking on them until they bec@m£ ha-rd .
Mutinta then moved back to allow Mervis to get her n!ppl!s su-cked, who in turn moved a side to allow Natasha access to me, as I took each of her n!ppl!s in my mouth I heard her let out a ba-rely audible m0@n of plea-sure, she was obviously enjoying this a lot and seemed disappointed when Mutinta said we’d now continue as before.

I as-sumed the next question would be much ha-rder than the previous three and thus result in me losing my bo-xers and being completely n*ked. So I was really shocked when I was asked yet another easy question.
Once again I answered right and was rewarded with Mervis sli-pping her f!ngersun-der the w@!stband of her thong and pu-lling it down, so that she was now completely n*ked, she had a landing str!p of dark hair which led down to some quite prominent honey piel-ips, she had a good b©dy, but it wasn’t anything special.


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