bad girl love episode 31 & 32

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.


“I f**king missed your voice, all night” he whispered affectionately, leaning in to bite her lip lower lip slightly before finally crashing his lips down on hers.

Lovelyn gasped at the hardness, making her arms climb up to his neck.

She made them coil, pulling him closer to herself as she began responding so hot, feasting addictively on his lips.

Richie’s palm stopped on her mid-thigh, and she gasped again when he parted her mouth with his tongue, sliding it in with hers.

“Lovie” he whispered on her lips, feeling the uncontrollable sensations surging through his whole body. It was crazy, and as it went longer, he lost more and more of his self control, and the desire to take off her shirt began eating him up.

He was controlling it well at first, but the moment Lovelyn dipped her hands under his shirt, he quickly broke the kiss and held the hands, releasing heavy breaths just like her as their eyes met.

“I can’t… touch?” She asked.

“Not that, the thing is….*

He paused, and she blinked in anticipation.

“Is what?”

“I’m a freak Lovie, and I might lose it in here if you touch me that way” he said slowly, and she blinked again.


“Damnit, s*x freak. It’s already so hard to control it while kissing, but the moment you touch me, I don’t know what I might do…to you in here” he said cautiously, and Lovelyn’s eyes widened when she finally got what he’s talking about.

Her cheeks reddened, and she began fanning herself with her palms, making him smile.

“Now will you answer me?” He asked. His palm still didn’t leave her thighs.

“Actually…last night…after you left. I got drugged from behind with an hanky, and I was thrown into a river” she said, and his eyes widened.


“But thankfully, Bernie Han was able to get me out early, and though I didn’t see the face of the culprit, but I’m sure it’s Jessica. I inhaled the perfume” she explained, and he hardened his jaws.

“Honestly, all i was thinking about last night was cutting connections with you, and that’s why I bounced your calls and didn’t reply your texts” she said, and he held her hand.

“Then…why did you come here when I messaged you? You almost died cos of me” he said slowly.

“I planned to come here and cut connections with you actually, but when I…when I saw you….i…I dunno” she said, and Richie pulled her into his arms immediately.

“I’m sorry, forgive me” he apologized.

“It’s not your fault” she replied, and he broke the hug.

“No it’s mine. If only I broke up with Jessica in America, if only I didn’t bring her here, I’d have met you without any problem” he said guiltily, and she raised her right hand to his face, caressing it gently.

“I think I now understand why you had to keep her with you despite the fact that you feel nothing for her. Cos of your freakiness?” She asked, and he nodded, raising his hand to her face too.

He began caressing her cheek as he spoke.

“Not only that, I also can’t sleep alone on a bed unless someone sleeps beside me, else it’d be nightmares and bad dreams” he said.

“Why is that?” She asked.

“Something happened to me when I was schooling here, related to Everest Han” he replied.

“Bernie’s senior brother?” She blinked.

“Yeah, but I’d tell you everything in details later. For now, I just wanna hug you” he replied, and she smiled as he hugged her tightly again.

“About Jessica, mum is currently in America to meet her family, I’m sure it’d get settled between today and tommorow, so keep calm ok? It won’t happen again I promise” he whispered, kissing her neck.

“I believe you” she replied, hugging him back.

Somehow, she feels safe whenever she’s with him, but safer in his arms. He felt like her home, someone she could confide in and share her secrets with.

She badly wants to tell him about everything. Her dad, the clubhouse, everything hitherto, but the courage is not building, and she hates herself for that.

Obviously, he’s trying his best to get to know her better by telling her about himself. She knows almost everything about him, but it feels like he knows nothing about her, and it’s true.

She hugged him tighter when she thought about the clubhouse again. What’d be his reaction when he finally finds out? Will he cut her off?

That thought shook her a lot, and she hugged him tighter again.

Can she do without him right now? She can’t even imagine it.

“Lovie” he whispered.

“Yes?” She replied.

“I think you should go back to class now” he said, and she broke the hug.

“Do you wanna go play basketball with me tonight? Just me and you. I know a spot” he said.

“Sure” she smiled, and he pecked her cheeks before helping her down from the table.

“You’re not having problem with calculus anymore, I assume” he said.

“Thanks to your tutoring the other time, I can tackle any calculus question now” she replied confidently.

“Cool” he said as they walked out of the lab.

“I’ll call you, make sure you pick” he said.

“Sure, bye!” She waved, and he let go of her second hand.

He blew her a kiss, and she blushed as she ran out of the silent corridor.

She got to the end and turned back to blow him a kiss too, then she left.

“She’ll be the end of me” Richie smiled before making his way to the park.

A minute after he left, Bernie came out of the second lab and started walking down the hallway.

He saw them actually, everything.



As expected, Mabel’s seat is empty, she’s absent in school though her friends are present.

“Since Candleholder uses candle, I guess Yuri uses cucumber” a student said, and everyone laughed at it.

“And Ruby… Since she’s a new member of the gang, hers will be a broomstick” another student said, and they began laughing again.

Ruby suddenly stood from her seat after banging on her table with her palms. She went to that particular girl with a bottled juice which she emptied on her face and uniform, ruining it completely.

“I’m still a VIP student yunno? I have my tag right here so saying rubbish about me means you really wanna die! Fool!” She shot and left the class.

“Now something interesting” Mira laughed from her seat, and Lovelyn entered the class.

Students swooned on her immediately.

👥 Are you really dating Bernie?

👥 When did it start?

👥 Can we be friends?

👥 Who fell first?

👥 Can you join my squad?

“Ok this is insane” Lovelyn muttered with wide eyes as the questions kept coming.

“Richie Kim came the other time too and held you. Who’re you really dating between the two hotties?” A student said.

“Definitely not my brother. She’s not Richie’s type” Ruby said from the door. She came back already.

“And what do you mean by she’s not your brother’s type? You’re not him girl” Mira stood.

“You shut up when I’m talking, Mira” Ruby glared.

“Mira stop” Hwasa whispered to her, but she didn’t listen.

She was about to go meet Ruby when Lovelyn rushed to block her with a hug.

“Stop it Mira, you can’t get into trouble cos of me again” she whispered, and Mira rolled eyes.

Ruby left for her seat, and Celine came in.

“Celine” Hwasa waved.

“Guys! I came late cos I was so tired when I woke up this morning. Dad didn’t want me to come but I can’t spend all today at home without you guys” she said as she settled down.

“Luckily, our first period class didn’t hold, so you didn’t miss anything” Mira said and stood.

“I need to go use the restroom” she said and left the class.

“By the way guys, why did I sleep off last night?” Celine asked.

“You were drugged by a MF” Lovelyn replied.

“WTF!” Celine gasped.


Mira finished her business in the restroom and came out feeling on top of the world, but at the same time, Vista came out from the opposite washroom with a girl from their class, and she’s busy adjusting her skirt.

“Thanks Vista, let’s do this frequently” she kissed his chin before rushing off, and Mira scoffed before starting to leave.


“If you say one more word, then I’mma kill you” she threatened and resumed her walk, but he suddenly held her hand.

She immediately pulled that hand to her shoulder, flipping him easily.

“F**k!” He groaned when he landed on the ground.

“Even the heaviest rain can’t wash away the skin of a leopard, you’re never changing” she said and walked out angrily.

Vista stood and dusted his uniform before sighing.

“She’s a tough one, I should have known” he smiled.



“You’ve been behaving edgy since you came back from the restroom the other time, any problem?” Celine asked Mira.

They’re with their lunch already, ready to start eating.

“I saw an annoying scene, but I’m fine though, just can’t wait for Candleholder to come back to school. I badly wanna laugh at her” she replied, and Lovelyn made to laugh, but when she remembered she’s a stripper, she suppressed it.

“We’re having a chemistry practical tommorow guys, we’d be distributed to groups by Mr. Luke” Hwasa announced.

“Cool, chemistry practicals are always fun” Lovelyn smiled.

“And guys! Tommorow is the company handover. Richie is becoming the President of Sleek Cosmetics tommorow!” Celine announced.

“Really?” Lovelyn asked surprisingly. Richie didn’t tell her earlier.

“Of course! And there’d be an after-party at night. I’d have loved to invite you guys, but the invitations are limited” Celine replied.

“Don’t feel bad, I don’t really like procedural parties anyways, so let’s just eat” Mira said, and they digged into their lunch at once, but Bernie appeared almost immediately.

“My lunch” he told Lovelyn, and she stood without a word

She grabbed his hand and pulled him to a table, making him sit there.

“Wait here, I’ll bring the food” she said, and he smiled as she left for the kitchen.

Five minutes later, she returned with a tray of food containing rice and sauce, then kimchi as a side dish.

“What’s this?” He said with a disgusting look on his face.

“It’s what I can afford, and if you can’t eat it, then I’mma return it” she replied and made to carry the tray, but he quickly picked the spoon.

He started eating, and she smiled before trying to leave.

“Lovelyn” he called.

“What again Bernie!” She turned back swiftly.

“Can you sit in front of me? Till I finish eating”


“Please” he replied, and she blinked as he pulled her to the chair.



Yuri and Ruby are currently walking around the store, touring in search of things to buy for Mabel to calm her down.

Yuri threw a pack of glucose in the shopping basket and sighed.

“Still can’t believe this happened to her” she said.

“Who did it sincerely?” Ruby asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Vista, but her punishment will aggravate if chairman Lee finds out she has been doing that with guys, and that’s why she’s afraid to mention his name” Yuri replied.

“Now that her tag got seized, what next?” Ruby asked.

“I dunno” Yuri replied and came closer, sniffing Ruby’s blouse.

“What?” Ruby asked.

“You changed perfume” she replied.

“Yeah, saw it online and liked it, so I ordered” she said.

“It’s nice!” Yuri nodded.

“Did you try the vibrator yet?” She asked.


“Do you even have a crush?” Yuri asked.

“Of course!” Ruby smiled.

“Really? In school?”

“No. I’m planning to send him a video of me f**king myself with the vibrator” Ruby replied.

“What! Are you crazy? What happened to Mabel is not enough lesson for you?” Yuri gasped.

“No he’d never do that to me, he’s not someone like that” Ruby replied.

“Can you both move? I need to pick a pack of glucose too” a familiar voice said beside them, and they both shifted.

The girl stepped in, taking the pack, and their eyes widened at once when they saw the face.

“Chloe!” They said at once, and she stared daggers at both of them before leaving them.

They ran after her, but she was already out before they could catch up.

“Chloe Shin, that’s definitely the scholarship student of last semester who got bullied like crazy till she landed in a secret hospital with a broken back, how come she’s walking fine? It was confirmed that she’d never be able to walk again so what did we just see?” Yuri said shockingly

“I dunno, is she a ghost? I’m scared” Ruby held her chest.



Since Richie left Horizon, he has been witch Mr. Kim at the mansion, receiving mandatory lectures from him about tommorow’s handover.

Though it’s really supposed to happen, but he wasn’t expecting it to take as long as it’s taking.

They’ve been on it for hours, and Mr. Kim is not ready to stop yet.

Richie kept checking the time, hoping he’s not keeping Lovelyn waiting yet since they planned to meet at 7, and it’s already past 7

“You going somewhere?” Mr. Kim asked.

“My home treatment” he lied, and Mr. Kim nodded.

“You should leave then, I’ll see you tommorow son” he said.

“Sure dad” Richie stood and rushed out

Mr. Kim heaved as his phone rang, and he picked immediately.

“The cards are ready? Then have then delivered tommorow morning” he said and hung up.

“Cards? What card? Dad” Ruby came downstairs.

“Richie and Celine will be getting engaged at the after-party tommorow, and their wedding cards would be distributed there directly” he replied, and her eyes widened.




Lovelyn took the ball from the ground where it fell at, then she trapped it in her right arm before checking the time on her phone again.

She has been waiting for Richie since 40 minutes, and she doesn’t wanna call, keeping the mindset that he might be busy.

“Is he not coming again? Can’t wait anymore” she muttered and threw the ball again, but just like her several trials, it didn’t enter the hoop.

“So annoying!” She remarked, and someone clapped behind her.

She turned to see Bernie standing there with his headphones on his neck.

“Bernie Han?” She blinked.

“Before you ask what I’m doing here, The Fabulous comes here to play basketball anytime we need outdoor flex” he said, and she nodded.

“Good for y’all” she said, going to pick the ball.

“Are you dating Richie Kim?” He suddenly asked, and she looked up.


“Did he ask you to be his girlfriend? Or did he tell you he loves you?” He asked, and she dropped the ball.

“Does it matter? I know he loves me, and he knows I do too” she replied, and he laughed.

“In this age? Whoa, I never expected Lovelyn Jeong to be so clueless. He schooled in America yunno? And Americans are wild. Just looking out for you though, so it won’t turn out that you’re dating yourself, and I bet he doesn’t even love you” he said, and she swallowed.

“See ya in school tomorrow!” He said without smiling and left her there, walking down the lane.

Lovelyn remained standing as his words resounded in her head, not moving an inch till a raindrop landed on her arm.

Before she could look up, the rain became heavier, and she still didn’t move, thinking of Bernie’s words only.

It’s hitting her even harder as the rain continued falling on her, drenching her badly.

Richie finally showed up, running into the ground fast. He’s already wet with the rain too.

“I’m sorry i’m late Lovie. I’ll explain better in the car, let’s go” he held her, but she pulled back, and he looked her in the eye surprisingly.


“Say it, I want to hear it” she said as the rain wet then both.

“Say what?” He asked in confusion.

“Say you love me as much as I do, Richie. Tell me you’re mine”