bad girl love episode 29 & 30

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.


… Farewell” the voice of the person said before walking away in the opposite direction.

A minute later, Bernie came running, and he stopped beside the river, breathing heavily.

He was actually still searching for Lovelyn earlier when he saw someone dragging another person into the forest.

He wasn’t interested at first since he didn’t see the face of neither, so he brushed it off and continued his search, but his head banged when he found Lovelyn’s earring under the apple tree, and that was when he realized she’s the one getting dragged.

He trailed them here by the line that was drawn by Lovelyn’s shoes as she got dragged.

“Lovelyn Jeong!” He shouted, turning around on his spot.

“Lovelyn Jeong!” He shouted again, but when he looked at the water, he decided to try his luck.

He jumped in without thinking, and he began swimming around the river in search of her.

He dived deeper, going to another angle, and that was when he saw her sinking.

His eyes widened in the water, and he began swimming to her, crazily fast till he was able to catch up.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her up, hugging her body before starting to swim up with an hand.

It was so hard to do, and his arm almost broke before he got to the surface.

He carried her in his arms to the shore and dropped her gently on the ground.

She’s still unconscious, deeply.

Bernie took a loud inhale before holding her face.

“Lovelyn Jeong!” He shouted, shaking her so much.

“Yah! Lovelyn Jeong wake up! Yah!” He shouted fearfully, breathing high and low

He placed his ear on her chest, and when he heard her heartbeats, he placed his palms on the chest and began pressing it, but it still didn’t work after several presses.

“Lovelyn Jeong!!” He shouted loudly again, and without waiting anymore, he blocked her nose with an hand, then he used the second hand to open her mouth.

He bent over her, placing his lips on hers. He began giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation, blowing air into her mouth repeatedly till he ran out of air to give, and that was when she coughed back to life.

“Lovelyn Jeong!” He called, and she continued coughing, vomiting water

“I’m so glad, f**k” Bernie sat on the ground, breathing heavily as he watched her come back to life.

Lovelyn’s eyes finally opened, and she sat up slowly.

Obviously, the shock she experienced before sleeping off is still in her body plus the cold from the water, so she’s shaking so much as she turned to Bernie.

“Are you ok? Who threw you in?” He asked, and she started crying slowly.

“Bernie Han” she muttered, and he came closer, kneeling in front of her.

“Tell me who threw you in” he said.

“I didn’t see the face, I was caught from behind” she cried gently, still shaking so much.

Bernie pulled her into a light hug, and she continued her silent cries in his arms.

She might not have seen the face, but she perceived the perfume sharply before she fainted, and there’s only one person she perceived it from. Jessica.

She remembered clearly, it’s the same perfume she perceived from her the day she wounded Richie.

She almost died because of Richie again. What if she really sank to death? What if Bernie didn’t come? She’d have been long dead and leave her poor mum all alone, her poor dad would have rotted in jail for life.

All the thoughts made her cry harder in Bernie’s arms, and he started patting her.

“I don’t know how to console people cos I’m an @sshole, but this is the second time I’d be consoling you. You’re a legend, Lovelyn Jeong” he said, and her nose made runny sounds immediately.

“Lovelyn Jeong I swear if you do that shit on my body, I’mma get you arrested” he threatened, and she broke the hug.

She stood from the ground and walked two feet away to blow her nose.

“Let’s go back, you’re shaking like a drenched chicken” he said, and when she made to take another step, she fell as a result of her shakiness, and he rushed to her.

“Just get on my back” he said, bending in front of her.

She immediately imagined when Richie did the same thing at the arcade, and when she climbed Bernie’s back, she couldn’t help but imagine it as Richie’s.

She closed her eyes, wrapping her arms on his chest as she thought about her craziness right now.

She almost died because of him just now, and now she’s thinking about him?

Bernie didn’t say a word to her till they got to the center, and he took her into a curtain room.

He placed her on a chair and sighed.

“Stay here, I’d go find something for us to change into” he said and walked out of the room.

Lovelyn looked around the room, and she hiccupped when she realized it’s the same one she shared her first kiss with Richie in some hours ago.

She imagined Richie trapping her to the wall, and she quickly closed her eyes.

“I don’t understand myself anymore, why can’t I control the f**k” she muttered, and Bernie came back changed already, though his hair is still wet.

He’s wearing a blue joggers and matching hood, and he handed her same.

“We’re matching outfits?” She said, looking at the clothes in his hand.

“It’s fine if you don’t want it” he said, but she quickly took it.

He left the room, and she took her time changing into the new clothes.

She was drying her hair when he came in again.

“You don’t suspect anyone who’d do that to you?” He asked.

“Thanks for saving me” she replied, avoiding the question.

“Then compensate me” he replied.


“Buy me lunch tommorow at school, steak and my favorite wine” he winked.

“What! You know my financial status so how do you expect me to buy you such expensive lunch?” She replied.

“I don’t care, just buy me the lunch,that’s what I want” he replied and walked out.

“I knew he’d never change for life, that psychopath!” Lovelyn dropped the towel with her and rushed after him.

“Bernie Han I’m not buying you that!” She shouted, running after him in the hallway.

“You’re buying” he replied, knowingly walking faster.

“Bernie Han stop joking! I don’t have money! She walked faster too.

“Then sell your kidney” he replied.

“Yaaa!!” She screamed, and he stopped walking to look back. He was already laughing so hard.

“Whoa, blue looks good on you” he winked and walked out of the hallway completely.

“That scum” Lovelyn muttered and left the hallway too.

Surprisingly, the night out is still going on despite the absence of the host. It’s even merrier now.

“Baby Love!” Mira shouted from behind her, and she turned to see her just coming in.

She dropped Celine home and had to come back for Lovelyn.

“Where did you go with Richie? And why are you wearing this? What happened to your former dress?” She asked.

“Someone drugged me and dragged me to the water at the forest after Richie left me” Lovelyn replied.

“What the f**k! Are you ok? Huh?” Mira quickly turned her around.

“Luckily, I was saved by Bernie” she smiled.

“That psychopathic jerk? I guess he’s not totally jerky” Mira replied.

“But I’m very sure it’s Jessica who did it cos of Richie” Lovelyn said and Mira nodded.

“I know, and that’s why you should distance yourself from him, i don’t want Jessica to do anything worse again” Mira replied.

“Where’s Celine by the way?” Lovelyn asked.

“Poor girl almost got eaten out by some scum. She got drugged”


“But she’s on her bed now, sleeping it off. Obviously she fell in love with Richie at first sight just like you, but she has more chance since her family is richer” Mira said.

“I know” Lovelyn said sadly.

“C’mon stop pulling that face and let me gist you about Mabel! Her X video was broadcasted on SNT!” Mira said, and her eyes widened.


“Come baby! You need to watch!” Mira pulled her to a table.



Mabel arrived some hours ago, and since then, she has been in Lady Genevieve’s arms in the living room.

They’re seated on the couch, and she’s crying so much.

“I already promised to handle whoever did it tommorow so stop crying. You can’t get your face bloated with the tears , don’t ruin your skin” Lady Genevieve said, stroking her hair.

“It’s Seoul National TV mummy, everyone in this country saw me s*xing myself with a candle. How am I supposed to go to school or walk the streets?” Mabel cried.

“What are you talking about? You’re the queen of Horizon High so no one would dare say it to your face, and about the streets, I’d get anyone who taunts you locked up. I had the broadcast deleted from the TV station too and I’m gonna sue the station, you’re the one who have to tell me who you sent that video to” Lady Genevieve replied.

Mabel raised her teary face to talk again, but the door flew open, and chairman Lee came in furiously.

He got to them and pulled Mabel up by the arm, and like whim! He slapped her, making her fall on the ground.

“Chairman!!!” Lady Genevieve shouted.

“Don’t call me Genevieve! Now everyone knows my own daughter as Candleholder? The heiress of Lee conglomerates shoving a candle into herself on screen? If you try to defend her, then I’mma divorce you tonight!” Chairman Lee yelled lividly, his eyes so red with rage.

“Dad I don’t know how it happened, I didn’t send it to anyone. I don’t know how it left my phone!” Mabel cried on the ground.

“So now you’re admitting that you made that video yourself? How long have you been doing it? What else did you shove into yourself? Huh!!! Mira is a million times better than you slut of a daughter! And yunno what? I’m getting your VIP tag seized for now, b**ch!!!” He yelled and started going upstairs.

“Dad no!!! You can’t do that to me!!! Dad I’m sorry!!!! Dad!!!” Mabel began rolling on the ground.

“Chairman you’ve gotta be kidding me, chairman!” Lady Genevieve rushed after him.



The doctor left an hour ago, and since then, Richie has been trying Lovelyn’s line, but she’s not picking up, three times already.

“Is she ok?” He muttered, chewing gum slowly to keep himself awake as he walked around his bedroom, staring at her contact.

He decided to check her WhatsApp, and she’s online surprisingly, so he typed a text.

• Lovie, are you fine?

She viewed the message but didn’t reply, and he dialled her line again, but it’s off this time.

“Is something wrong?” He muttered worriedly, and he got a mail from his dad immediately.

• Handover in two days, get prepared.

He sighed after reading, then he saw a picture frame on the table, though it was facing down among the others.

He took the frame, containing a young version of him and a young version of Everest, Bernie’s brother.

“When is he returning to Korea? Need to pay him back for what he did to me” he muttered.



After she switched off her phone, Lovelyn got on the bed and hugged the pillow to her chest, staring at the ceiling, but even in the ceiling, she’s seeing his face, so she turned away from it.

Though it’s the hardest task of her life, but she’d try hard to stay away from him, but is that even possible?

Her heart and head aren’t working together, and it’s f**king messing with her emotions.

She thought about the hot kiss again, and before she knew it, her n**ples hardened on her chest, bulging in the fabric of her singlet.

She was tempted to touch her b**bs, biting her lip with closed eyes.

“I’m running mad” she muttered, dragging the cover clothe over herself.



The campus was bubbling with unending gists as students walked into the hallways in groups, laughing and screaming.

Candleholder’s video is the talk of the school, then about Celine who almost got eaten, but the top gist is Bernie and Lovelyn!

Someone captured how Bernie was giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation beside the river last night, then how they wore same outfits.

The pictures were pasted everywhere on the school wall and community.

Lovelyn almost passed out when she entered the hallway with Hwasa and Mira.

“Whoa!!!” Hwasa shouted, staring at the pictures.

“Now that I look at it, I think Bernie looks good with you” Mira teased.

“Who the hell pasted all these! Losers!” Lovelyn shouted, and the students started laughing as she began removing them.

After removing three, she smirked and threw them on the ground, then she started walking to the lounge.



Bernie sat on the sofa, laughing as he read comments about the trending pictures of him and Lovelyn.

Though he has no idea who did it, but he’s grateful to whoever it is.

It’d surely upset Lovelyn, and he’s expecting her to barge in anytime soon.

He kept giggling, the comments feeling like honey as he read.

“Isn’t he getting weirder these days? His laughter is strange” Savage said.

He’s standing beside the chess table with Vista, both holding coffee mugs which they’re sipping from as they stared at Bernie.

“I know, right? I can’t just decipher him these days” Vista smiled, and as expected, Lovelyn barged in.

“I knew it!” Bernie laughed harder.

“Is this funny to you? Huh? You should fish out the person who posted those!” She shouted.

“Of course I’d find whoever it is and reward the person” Bernie laughed again.

“Bernie Han!” Lovelyn shouted.

Vista and Savage were already laughing too.

“Lovelyn Jeong, you should know I love seeing you upset by now” he giggled, and Lovelyn took the book on the table.

“I should have known you’re a never changing psychopath!” She snapped and threw the book at him before starting to leave.

“Don’t forget my lunch!” He shouted after her, and she turned back with a deadly glare before storming out.

“F**k! This is so entertaining!” Bernie covered his face as he laughed again.


“That son of a jerk! He loves seeing me upset? I guess I’d have to teach him something one of these days, he’s so annoying!”

Lovelyn was talking on her own, stumping her foot as she climbed down the stairs.

Her phone buzzed, and she stopped to look.

Her eyes widened when she saw the message.

• I’ll be waiting at the new lab, Lovie.

The sender is obvious, and she has even been expecting him to come to school for her, but she’s ready.

She’d go to him right now and tell him to forget about her, she’s not ready to die young.

She rushed down the stairs and made her way to the new lab.

She got to the door and did the sign of the cross before turning the knob.

She opened the door and went in, but immediately she saw him, she stopped breathing.

He’s dressed in a ripped jean and black shirt, then same color of sneakers. He got a new hairstyle too, and the sides of his hair were blended right now, making him look s*xier.

He’s leaning on the table, but he’s not pressing his phone this time, showing how much he has been craving to see her.

Her throat ran dry, and shamelessly, her n**ples hardened in her brà cups, and just like last night, she stopped thinking, forgetting about her reason for being here.

“Why weren’t you picking my calls, Lovie?” He asked silently, and the moment she heard his voice…

She didn’t know when she walked to him and slid her arms on his neck, standing on her toes as she brought his face down to her level.

She was already kissing him in the next second, and Richie shut his eyes immediately, hardening the kiss as he lifted her up, placing her on the table.

He broke the kiss, both breathing hard as their eyes met.

He was standing between her legs, and his right hand landed on her thigh while the second one went to her lips.

He began caressing her bottom lip with his thumb, and at the same time, rubbing her thigh slowly.

“I asked why you weren’t picking my calls. You didn’t reply my texts either, Lovie” he whispered, pecking her lips deeply but shortly.

It felt like torture to Lovelyn.

He inserted his thumb into her mouth afterwards, and she sucked it shortly before he removed it.

“Why?” He whispered again. His gentle voice went even lower, and his hand moved higher on her fresh thigh

“I…I… dunno, I just wanna kiss your lips” she replied senselessly, staring into his beautiful sleepy eyes.

“I f**king missed your voice, all night” he whispered affectionately, leaning in to bite her lip bottom lip slightly before finally crashing his lips down on hers.