bad girl love episode 27 & 28

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.


He pressed his lips f**king hard into hers, kissing her with insane hunger as her right hand grabbed his jacket in the front, pulling him deeper into herself.

Richie sighed against her lips, kissing her harder , and the pace even increased. The sound from the collision of their lips could be heard in the room, sounding so cute as they kissed hotly.

Lovelyn’s hands travelled up his chest and around his neck. The world melted away, she wants this so bad, and the only thing making her stand on the ground right now is his neck she’s holding.

She melted completely into this guy already, and it’s doing things to her brain, she’s not thinking anything, just his lips matters right now.

The way it moulded softly and perfectly into hers at each drive, it’s making her want even more. He tastes like honey.

She clinged onto him like he’s the one thing that’d save her, the kiss was filled with passion.

Even though it’s her first kiss, but she’s sure no other kiss would be as electrifying and magnetic as this.

She ran her hands over his shoulder, and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning as he nipped at her bottom lip.

She opened up, and the tip of his tongue reached out. Hers was already waiting. He ran his tongue over hers, grabbing her waist as he pulled her closer to his body.

He wants to taste all of her mouth, everything there in that small mouth of hers, he wants it all, and as the kiss went wilder, he went crazier over her, so much that he had to lift her by the @ss.

There’s no table in the room, so he placed her against the wall, her back was resting on it.

“Richie…” Lovelyn whispered breathlessly, her lips swollen just like his own.

“What are you doing to me? Lovie.” He whispered, trying to catch his breath. His gaze so affectionate.

“I dunno” she replied and impatiently grabbed his face, crashing her lips on his own again.

It got heated once again, each losing the count of time as they kissed breathlessly.

They were both shaking nervously when they broke it, and he gently dropped her down, hugging her instantly.

“Don’t tell me to stay away from you anymore, won’t listen. I’m good at following people around, and I won’t mind following you around like a lost puppy, I’ll stick like gum” he whispered, and Lovelyn smiled before, hugging him back even tighter than how he’s hugging her.

“I’m just scared of your family. Your dad hates me, and Ruby warned me to stay away from you, then.. Celine…

“I’m never gonna get married to her, I swear” he said, breaking the hug to hold her face.

“No other girl caught my attention like you did, Lovie. I don’t even wanna imagine myself without you anymore. Yeah it happened so fast, but i have no control over it, it’s my first time” he whispered, and she stood on her toes to kiss him lightly.

“You had my first kiss” she said, biting her lip.

“You’ve never kissed?” He squinted.

“Not even once” she replied, and he smiled widely before hugging her again.

“Was wondering why your lips taste like cherry” he said, and she chuckled.

They were still hugging when they heard students talking outside, and he broke it.

“Let’s get out of here” he said, taking her hand.

He pulled her out, and they started running to the back of the center.

Lovelyn suddenly removed her hand from his, and she held his hand instead, and their race continued till they got to the back of the building.

She was about to move further when Richie pulled her back and pushed her to the apple tree.

He claimed her lips again right there, and she closed her eyes, giving in to his charms as she wrapped her arms on him.



“Mira I need to go find Richie, what if he’s hurt? He’s not picking up and he has been gone for twenty minutes” Celine said worriedly.

She’s sitting with Mira on a table for two in the stream of students.

“Richie is not a kid, I don’t know why you’re this worried. Wait, is he in support of the wedding?” Mira asked, and Celine’s face fell immediately.

“No. I don’t think he’s into me, but I believe he’d develop feelings for me once we get married and start living together. Don’t you think? Some romantic relationships starts with hate” she said, and Mira sighed.

“I don’t think that’d ever happen”

“Why? Wait…he doesn’t have a girlfriend right? The Americana who wounded him will soon be punished. Mrs. Kim flew to America this morning to meet her family already. I heard she’s the only girl she has ever gotten involved with” Celine replied.

Mira took her cup of wine and drank silently.

“Mira you’re not saying anything, is there another girl?” Celine held her hand.

“No. There’s none” Mira said, and her eyes brightened.

“Really? Then I still have a chance. You see, I’ve never really been in a relationship cos I was always scared of heartbreak, I might just die if Richie ends up with another girl” she said, and Mira choked on her drink.

“Mira are you ok?” Celine blinked.

She hasn’t replied when Vista came to the table, and she looked up.

“Any problem?” She asked.

“Can we talk for a minute?” He asked.

“Oh… Mabel hasn’t arrived yet, if you’re bored, look for another girl” she rolled eyes.

“I mean no harm, just three minutes will be ok” he replied, and she rolled eyes before standing.

“Celine, will you be fine on your own?” She asked, and she quickly nodded.

Mira left with Vista, and when Celine picked her phone to dial Richie again, a guy sat in front of her.

“Do I know you?” She blinked.

“I’m from Royal High, and I mean no harm. My name is Chris by the way” he gave her an hand, and she looked at it before looking at him again.

“You’re alone, we can just vibe till your boyfriend arrives” he shrugged, and she reluctantly took the hand.

“Celine” she said.

“I know, your dad is the fourth richest” he smiled, and she nodded before returning to her phone.

He resumed trying Richie’s line, and while she’s at it, Chris secretly slipped a pill into her drink.



The car conveying Mabel and Yuri halted just now, and they came down to meet Ruby waiting already.

“Thought we planned to come together” Mabel smiled, holding her arm.

“I was impatient, had to come before you guys. All our enemies and friends are here, I guess this night will be a dirty one” she replied, and Yuri laughed.

“I organized this night out for a reason” Mabel grinned as they started walking in

“Wait Ruby, let’s talk about your virginity here” she suddenly said.

“The gift!” Yuri gasped, rushing back to the car.

“What gift?” Ruby asked.

“Don’t be so impatient” Mabel chuckled, and Yuri finally returned with a box which she handed to Ruby.

“How to use it is in the manual, you should try it out” Mabel said and went in with Yuri.

Ruby didn’t wait to read the label before opening it, and her eyes widened when she saw a vibrator!

Someone suddenly walked past her, bumping into her.

The vibrator fell from her to the ground.

“Are you sick?” She faced whoever it is, but she was already walking away, so she only saw her back.

“Wait… that looks like Chloe’s backside” she muttered.

She eventually dismissed the thoughts and picked the vibrator before going in.



“Why did you bring me here?” Mira asked sternly, standing in front of Vista who’s smiling.

“Calm down, do you hate me that much?” He replied.

“You know what’d happen if your dog of a girlfriend meets me here” she replied.

“I’m only playing with Mabel” he said.

“I don’t get you”

“You’d understand later tonight” he replied, and she sighed.

“Then why are we here?”

“When I’m done playing with her, why don’t we get to know each other better?” He said, and she scoffed.

“Seriously? Listen Vista, I know you’re a playboy and the only mistake I made was having a crush on you last semester, but I promise you it’s over now. I’m not the type that’d jump happily at you just cos of your handsome face so let me be, thank you” she rolled eyes and walked out of the room.

Vista smiled as he walked out slowly too, hands in pockets.

“She’s effortlessly drawing my attention, nice” he said, leaving the curtains to join the loud crowd.

“Vista!” Mabel’s voice called from behind, and he turned to see her running to him, dressed almost nakedly in her usual short skirt.

She jumped into his arms when she got to him, and she kissed his neck before facing him to kiss his lips.

“I want you to f**k me all night, I missed your c*m in my mouth” she whispered in his ear, and he smiled.


The world changed totally for Celine immediately she gulped just a mouthful of her wine.

It’s blurry, and at the same time dwindling. She lost her senses completely, and she started straining her eyes as if she’s drunk.

“Hey, Celine” Chris called beside her, and she looked over at him. Even his face is blurry.

When Chris noticed the drug started working on her already, he got under the table and crawled to her.

He widened her weak legs and started pulling her panties down.

He succeeded and widened her legs even more. Thanks to the wide table head, no one will know what’s going on underneath, they’d only hear her moaning and think she’s drunk.

He just needs a p*ssy to eat tonight, and she’s just the right choice.

He shoved his head into her middle and was about to taste her when hands banged on the table.

“Hey motherf**ker! Come out here!” Mira’s voice shouted.

“F**k” he muttered, and she banged the table again.

“Come out here!!!!” She yelled, and all attention turned to her as Chris crawled out from under the table.

“Was only trying to pick something” he said.

“Jerky scum!!” Mira shot and did an handstand immediately, kicking him in the face.

👥 Whoaa!!!

Videos started already.

He fell with a wounded mouth, and she pulled him up.

“B**ch! What do you think you’re doing!” He shouted and punched her, but she immediately returned it, and he bled more.

“You wanna eat her out? Was that not it? Huh? What the hell did you put in her drink!” She shouted, punching him again.

“Damnit!” He made to punch her back, but someone stopped it before it could reach her, and in the next minute, he was flipped to the ground.


Mira turned around to see Vista, and she breathed calmly.

Vista continued giving Chris punches back to back, and within three minutes, his face became so bloody and he could barely be recognized.

He passed out, and he was thrown out of the hall.

“You should take her home, she needs to sleep so the drug will clear off her face” he told Mira, and she nodded before raising Celine up.

She was about to start taking her out when Mabel appeared and slapped Vista so loud, making everyone gasp.

“How could you fight for her when you know how much I hate her? How could you!!!” She yelled and made to slap him again, but he caught her hand and pushed her back.

“I was planning to wait till 10 before striking, but I guess you’re impatient” he said with a smirk.

“What are you talking about!” She snapped, and he dialled a number.

“Hello? Do it now” he said and hung up.

“I asked what you’re trying to do, Vista” she muttered fearfully.

“You’ll find out in three seconds” he replied, raising up three fingers to do a countdown with.

After folding the third finger, a student screamed out.

“F**k! Check Seoul National TV!” A student screamed, and everyone started getting their phones.

Shockingly, a video of Mabel fingering herself with a candle is on broadcast!

👥 WTF!

👥 Join porn industry!

👥 You’re so good at this Mabel!

👥 Damn! It’s so wide!

“Bang, it’s over baby” Vista smiled.

Mabel was already shaking, though she’s not with her phone to check , but judging by the comments she’s hearing, she knew she was in for trouble.

“Mabel it’s over!” Yuri ran over, showing her the broadcast on her phone.

Mabel covered her mouth with her palm, staring unbelievably at the screen as sweat climbed down her jaw.

“How would I fall for a girl like you so suddenly, and you believed me? Now I understand why you’re not brilliant. I only wanted to payback and I got it. You didn’t send me this particular video, I recorded it myself at the hotel the other day, so there’s no evidence that I posted this cos it’s not even on my phone anymore” he said and came closer , leaning to her ear.

“I’m Vista Kings, and you should know by now that I’m not to be messed with, wide well” he whispered, and Mabel started crying as she ran out of the building, pushing everyone out of the way till she was out of the door.

Vista smiled and looked over at Mira who’s still standing with Celine.

He winked, and she blinked slowly, staring at him.


“Wow! I’m glad I came here tonight though” Savage laughed.

He’s watching the broadcast for the third time, sitting beside Bernie in a less crowded angle.

“What’s so fun about it? She’s too wide” Bernie replied, searching for Lovelyn with his eyes.

“But it’s still entertaining, I need to buy Vista a gift to thank him. I saw the p*ssy of the great Mabel Lee” Savage replied, but Bernie kept quiet this time, and he looked at him.

“Are you looking for someone?” He asked.

“I’ll be right back” Bernie replied and stood, leaving him there.

“What’s up with him? And why is Vista not back yet?” He muttered, but his eyes widened when he suddenly saw someone.

His phone fell from him, and he didn’t bother to pick before running towards that direction, but he couldn’t find anyone.

He came to a stop, breathing heavily as he looked sideways.

“Why were you running?” Vista finally joined him.

“I think I saw Chloe” he replied.

“Chloe? The same Chloe who broke her back and is in a secret hospital? You’re finally running mad” Vista rolled eyes.



Richie and Lovelyn have been sitting at the base of the apple tree since an hour ago, staring at the moon and the stars together with her head on his shoulder.

Right now, nothing is sweeter than the company they’re sharing. and Richie kept playing with her fingernails.

“You’re so obsessed with my fingernails” she chuckled.

“I can’t help it, they’re cute.” he replied, and his phone suddenly rang, but he ignored when he saw it’s the doctor.

“Why didn’t you pick?” She faced him.

“I told him not to come for treatment anymore, dunno why he’s persistent. I don’t wanna leave” he replied.

“You should leave, your back needs total healing yunno?” She replied.


“I promise i’ll call you” she said, and he stood reluctantly.

She hugged him, and he stroked her hair, tightening it.

She made to break it, but he made it even tighter.

“Don’t keep the doctor waiting” she said, and he slowly broke it.

Letting her go was hard.

“Bye” she waved.

“Bye” he bit his lip like her habit, and she smiled cutely as he started walking backwards, looking at her till he went out of sight.

Lovelyn dropped her hand and made to leave too, but an hanky suddenly covered her nose from behind, and her eyes closed immediately.

She slumped heavily on the ground, sleeping off like that.

Just the legs of the person were visible as he grabbed Lovelyn’s hand and began dragging her body on the ground, entering the forest at the back of the center.

The dragging went on for ten minutes before he arrived at a river.

He didn’t hesitate to throw Lovelyn’s body into the water, and she began sinking, eyes still closed as a result of what she inhaled from the hanky.

“Richie can never be yours, but you’d understand better when you get to hell, farewell” the voice of the person said before walking away in the opposite direction.