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Bad boys of b Kay high finale

Richmond str!pped her of her p*nties and pu-ll-ed down his own too, his di-ck stood er£ct , re-ady to pene-trate, he used protec-tion and Pearl’s breath quic-ken, watching the monster coming for her

Richmond k!$$£d her bo-ttoml!pand su-cked on it for a while, squee-zing her b00bs gently, causing her to m0an sweetly

“Oh Richie…

“Gosh .. feels good..

Richmond let theirl-ips stay on each other as he pushed his di-ck inside her warm ti-ght V, she gro-an ed, holding him ti-ght

Richmond felt like he’s in heaven, she’s so ti-ght and the warmness in there is second to none,,

“You’re so ti-ght honey, so sweet” he whispered directly to her ears as he gently started ban-ging

“Richie….oh my!

“Gentle .. fv¢k!, My V!


“I love you” Richmond said, breathing fas-ter as he pounded with a fas-ter pace

” I love you…gosh!, Love you more baby…” She replied, turning her eyes and rolling it upwards

Richmond wi-de-ned her legs more and went h@rder, slamming dee-per and ma-king her scream

“Richie…no … This is painful … Oh my gosh!!!”

“Sorry honey” Richmond said, slowing down and moving in circles inside her

” That feels better…ok…ok” Pearl m0aned, k!ss!nghim as he proceeded

She pu-ll-ed his head towards her n*pples and he gladly su-cked again while ramming de-ep into her p*ssy

“Ouch!, fv¢k yeah, I’m going crazy….. Richie I love this….

The plea-sure is sure shooting into her system alre-ady and she’s in another world entirely.

“m0an my name louder, I want to hear you say my name honey” Richmond said, k!ss!ngher n£¢k

” Oh Richie…. Richie I love you…. fas-ter plea-se ….”

“fv¢k!” Richie said, going insane with only that, he held her legs and raised them up to his w@!st so he’s tra-pped in her middle

He started pounding h@rd and de-ep, not giving her any space to breath

“Sh0t!…. Richie

” Yeah…. right there…

“Something is coming out…

” You’re about to c-um?, No not yet .. hold it in for a while ok?” He said pleadingly and she nodded

Her whole b©dy is alre-ady shaking

Richmond held her hands to the be-d and fv¢ked her h@rd for the last minutes, hitting the de-epest place in her till she’s almost out of breath

“I can’t take it anymore… I can’t” she breathed heavily and Richmond slowed down, pu-ll-ed out of her and coll@psed beside her

Pearl fell into a de-ep sleep immediately and Richmond k!$$£d herl-ips softly before falling asleep beside her too..

Next morning**

Pearl woke up to a sweet morning and smiled when she remembered last night

“My Richie..” she whispered and looked at her side but he’s not there

“Where’s he?” She wondered and got up from the be-d, she’s still n@ked so she went to the bathroom to clean up before going to his closet and found a long sweater to wear before walking out of the room

She c@m£ downstairs and can perceive the smell of fish in the air as she walked to the kitchen

Richmond is right there, his back on her, definitely frying fish but this doesn’t smell like fish alone

She smiled and admired his back figure for a while, l!çk!ng down on herl-ips as she stared at his cute abs and biceps

She walked slowly to him and hvgged him from behind, resting her head on his back

“Honey” Richmond said

“Morning baby” she replied and Richmond faced her

He’s actually frying fish cakes

“Fish cakes!’ she said and her face brightened up

” Since you love it so much I looked up the preparations online and decided to make it , you just have to wait a bit it’ll soon be done” he said and leaned in to k!ssher de-eply

He win-ked and she li-cked herl-ips after they broke it

“I love you so much Richie, don’t leave me ok?” She said and Richmond smiled

” I should be telling you that cos I have no plans to do that, I love you to the moon and back” he replied sweetly and she hvgged him ti-ghtly

” Summer holiday is ending soon” she said

“I know right?, Should we go visit Natalie and Artemis in Manche-ster with the remaining two weeks?” He said

” I’ll gladly do that” she replied, ma-king bunny faces

” Yourl-ips is too tempting, damn!, I can’t resist it” he said, leaning in for another k!ss, dee-per than the first, dropping the spoon with him to press her b*tt

“Uhhm” she m0aned into his mouth and he quic-kly let go

“Why did you st©p?” She asked

“What’s today’s d@t£?” He asked

” 12th” she replied and his eyes wi-de-ned

“It’s Natalie’s birthday I’m so dead!” He almost screamed and turned off the g@s cooker, thankfully the cakes are done

“How can you forget something like that” she said as they both ran out of the kitchen to the be-droom upstairs to get his l@pt©p which they video called Natalie with and almost immediately, she picked, she’s with Artemis and they’re both in be-d, she’s resting on Artemis che-st while Artemis is stroking her hair

“Natalie you’re free to swing stones at me I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday…” Richmond said

” We’re sorry Natalie, he never told me” Pearl said and Natalie smiled

” It’s ok,I know Richmond has a small br@in so it won’t be big enough to remember my birthday” Natalie replied

” Say anything you want I’m just sorry, happy birthday best sis in the world, many more years to live and more life, I love you” Richmond said

” Thanks baby brother I love you more” Natalie replied

” I wish you the happiest of birthdays sis” Pearl said

“Thanks best p@rt” Natalie replied

“Artemis” Richmond win-ked

“What’s up bro” he replied and Pearl waved too

“Are you celebr@ting a be-d birthday?, Get up and go have fun” Richmond said

” We plan to spend all day at home like this then at night we go out” Artemis replied

” Sounds cool, but plea-se take it easy on her ok? ” Richmond said and Natalie smiled, running her hand throu-gh Artemis che-st

“per-vert ok” Artemis laughed

“Much love!” Pearl said

“Love you” Natalie replied and k!$$£d Artemis

“You should have waited for me to cut the call, gosh!” Richmond said and shut down the l@pt©p

” I’m glad she’s happy with him” Pearl said

“Just like us” he replied, holding her face and smashing hisl-ips on hers h@rdly

” The fish cake..” she said into the k!ss

“It can wait….” Richmond replied, going down on the be-d with her.


B-KAY Vacation Suite**

“I love what you’re wearing” Kingsley said, staring at Jewel who’s just walking out of the main suite in only an extra short free go-wn

They’re actually on a vacation till the summer holiday will be over and right now they’re in an open p@rt of the suite, enjoying the cool evening breeze

“I know you love it, isn’t that why you got it?” She replied, taking a cup of coffee from the table

“It’s one of the short go-wns I got?” He asked

“Of course” she replied

“Can you just turn around and twerk for me?” He said

” I don’t know how to do that” she replied, dropping her cup

“St©p kidding me baby, just shake your b*tty nothing more” he replied, playing a pop song on his phone

“Ok don’t make jest of me else I’ll kill you” she said

” Ok baby, I’m watching” he laughed and she shyly turned around, bent her b©dy with her hands on her l@ps then p@rted her legs slightly

She started shaking, bending and whining, Kingsley watched with interest and got h@rd with just that

She c@m£ to him and sat on his l@ps then started a killer l@p dance

Kingsley closed his eyes and rested back on the chair, enjoying what she’s doing to him

She looked back at him and k!$$£d his ba-re che-st while still rocking on him

She can feel his h@rdness on her alre-ady and she loves that kind of effect, he opened his eyes and their eyes met, she smiled se-ductively, still moving on him

He quic-kly unbolted his belt and re-leased his hungry monster then folded up Jewel’s short go-wn,,

He pu-ll-ed down her p*nties before she sat on him, accommod@t!ngthe whole of his di-ck inside her, she m0aned as she felt him inside, taking in her lowerl-ip

“Ride me witch” he whispered, holding her to himself, she held the chair arms and started riding on his c*ck gently at first but increasing her pace eventually

“Oh witch!,

“My jeez!,

“You’re driving me crazy…

“Jewel gosh!,

*fv¢k, I’m going nuts..

Kingsley m0aned and gro-an ed as she continued riding possessively

“Love the way I’m riding?’ she said, looking back and st©pping for a while

“I love it but I love you more, continue baby, …

“I love the way I’m feeling….fv¢k!,

“Baby you’re really a witch,

“What are you doing to me…..

“I’m insane damn!


Jax’s office**

After a good fv¢k in his inner office room, Jax c@m£ out with Romina and fell on his chair

She sat on the table in front of him and smiled

“You’re good at that and every other thing” he smiled

She placed her leg on his l@ps and and smiled se-ductively

“I know, the first day I tasted it,I bec@m£ a professional” she replied

Jax is now the CEO of Styles group of companies since Artemis is not around

“We’re resuming two weeks from now, I’m good in every other subject besides maths and literature, you’ll help your baby right?” She asked, bending over him to brush her nose of his..

“Sure, anything for you, I’m average in math but I’m good in literature so we’re good to go* he said and she smiled, b!tt!g down on her l!pbefore k!ss!nghim

“I’m going on a spree with C@ssy, see you later” she said

“I love you” he replied

” Love you baby” she replied and stood upright, took her bag, blew him k!sses before leaving.


A beach**

“Refreshing!, Yay!!!” Love screamed, di-pping herself in the warm pool, so warm on her delicate skin

Ryder hvgged her from behind and k!$$£d the back of her n£¢k gently

They c@m£ over the water and she faced him

“Thanks for bringing me here, it’s really cool” she said, smiling while hanging her hands on his n£¢k

” I’m glad you love it, where should we go next from here?” He asked

” I have no idea yet” she replied and he k!$$£d her nose before moving to herl-ips

They k!$$£d in the water and when they broke it, Ryder pu-ll-ed down her bikini stra-p then k!$$£d her w€t shoulder

She smiled and walked out of the water into the Winnebago

She got to the door and looked back then win-ked before going in

Ryder smiled and stepped out of the water too before going inside the bago, he Zi-pped it up, locking them in

Love’s m0ans rented the whole place some minutes later….


The president’s mansion**

“Should we go on another round?” Ronny asked after getting down with Veera for the second time today, it’s dark alre-ady

“Don’t even start, it still hurts you merciless b©yfri£nd” she replied and Ronny laughed, putting on his P@nts then coming back to place a k!sson herl-ips

“I’m so sorry baby, I’ll go easy the next time” he win-ked and she hit him

” Let’s go out and have fun” he said

“Sure, help me dress up” she replied

At the most expensive shopping mall in the city***

“Night shopping is really the best right?” Veera said and Ronny smiled

” Of course, you see the world in a different way” he replied

“That!” Veera said, pointing at a red bag

” You love red so much” he replied, picking it

More than four attendants are following them

“You know it’s my best colour” she replied

“Whatever” he replied

” That’s Len!, Len and Ashley!” She said as she sighted them

” And that’s Romina and C@ssy” Ronny said, sighting them too

“Then I guess we’re in for a group shopping tonight” Veera said

” Guys so you do night shopping too” Len said

“It’s the best” Ronny replied

“Bro!” C@ssy exclaimed, finally getting there with Romina

“Gradually stealing your bro away” Ashley said, holding Len and resting her head on his shoulder

“I’m hurt” C@ssy pouted and everyone laughed

“So let’s do group shopping” Romina said

“Yes let’s get it started!” Veera screamed.


Two years later**

“What exactly happened?, I’m in suspense tell me” Jewel said, rushing down the stairs of the school

” Just be fast, it’s something shocking but not sad, it’s happiness” C@ssy’s voice said on the phone.

” To where?” Jewel asked

“Han-Gang river” C@ssy replied and hung up

Jewel got in her car and drove off hastily

She’s aware without anyone telling her these past two years that she has changed, facially, academically… everything

She got more beautiful and more curvy, she got more brilliant too, now a second year student of Dreams college, studying English

Love, C@ssy and Pearl are studying in the same university, Pearl is into cyber, a brilliant computer student

Romina, Ronny and Veera are studying in a different college too

Beverly is in her final year in B-KAY high, now a pretty girl and like she once said, she gat the curves just like Jewel and currently the h0ttest girl in B-KAY

The Kings… The four per-verts, the four pillars that refused to fall since they started

Throu-gh misun-derstandings and minor fights, they stood and never broke

The three s£niors graduated from same college just three months ago and are currently the most successful young billionaires in Asia with Kingsley as the t©p 1

They changed, not only in looks but in everything

They bec@m£ more handsome and popular, more influential…

Their modelling career is still on, they went from the most popular teen models to the riche-st young models and of course the most popular

Artemis and Natalie got married since the beginning of the year and right now Natalie is carrying a baby, a mother to be

Ashley is a mother of one alre-ady, a pretty boy who looks a lot like his dad

Rosie and Joey are still the silliest lovely couple though they grew older but richness covered it all

They’re glowing in riches likewise Ria and Josh who are growing younger everyday

The four are in the list of the most successful couples in Seoul


Jewel got to Han-Gang river and met C@ssy waiting alre-ady and a ferry is on the water

“What’s up?, I’m still in suspense” Jewel said impatiently

“Get in the ferry, the surprise is waiting at the other end of the river” C@ssy said

” Oh…. Ok” she replied and got in

C@ssy smiled knowingly before getting in with her

They sat in the upper p@rt of the ferry and it moved

“Tell the driver to be fast I’m about to die of curiosity” Jewel said impatiently

” Calm down it’s just a little bit left” C@ssy replied

“Gosh… My heart is beating fast” she replied and brou-ght out her phone

She decided to see pictures to while away time

During that, she c@m£ across a video

This will be maybe her fifteenth phone over the two years and she has always transferred it to every phone she gets.

Kingsley’s confession when he was drun!kduring his first visit to her house two years ago

She smiled and watched it with her earpiece on and after watching it, she had a rethink and smiled wi-dely

“I get this” she muttered

The ferry suddenly st©pped and she looked up to see red balloons coming out from the base of the ferry, floating in the air

“MARRY ME WITCH” was written in white on the balloon bodies

She covered her mouth with her hands and stood

C@ssy left her side and confetti of various colors fell on her, her heart is thumping alre-ady

“Marry me….. Jewel Hales” Kingsley said behind her and she looked back swiftly to see him on a knee alre-ady

Her handsome j£rk, smiling at her with a diamond ring, it’s surely diamond obviously

“Kingsley…” She whispered, too happy

Though she’s aware this is gonna happen but it’s still surprising

“I don’t have much to say cos….” Kingsley st©pped and smiled then looked at the ground

“fv¢k, I’m short of words” he muttered before looking at her again

“I just love you and you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me Jewel, I want you to be the first person I’ll forever be seeing every morning when I wake up and the last person I’ll eternally be seeing every night before sleeping, the only one who’ll have my heart forever and the only girl who’ll carry my cute babies…..let’s get married, I got tired of d@t!ng…. let’s become Mr and Mrs Mendoza… Forever, be my bride” he said

A loud scream erupted from the base of the ferry and everyone that hid c@m£ out

Every single one of them including pregnant Natalie and Ashley

Len, Artemis… Beverly and her b©yfri£ndDylan… C@ssy’s b©yfri£ndDavis…. Her sisters and the rest of The Kings then many of her course mates and new friends

She stood dumbly for a while before pointing her f!ngersforward

“Yes!…yes!! yes!!!…why are you just asking now I’ve been expecting this for ages I love you like fv¢king crazy Kingsley” she said, unable to contain her happiness

Kingsley slid the ring into her f!nger and stood then hvgged her ti-ghtly

“k!ss!!!, k!ss!!, k!ss!” They all started shouting

” Destroy herl-ips dude!’ Jasmine said loudly

Kingsley broke the hvg, held her w@!st to himself and pressed hisl-ips de-eply on hers..

“OMG!!!!!!!” c@m£ the loud screams of joy from everyone

And it ended in happiness…


This is my longest story and also one of my best..

Thanks for staying till the end

What’s your saddest, happiest and funniest scene?

Lesson learnt???

Tell me something sweet


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