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August 1, 2021


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Bad boys next door finalEpisode

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Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪

Written ✍ by summer gold. W

💙💙 Episode 17 💙💙



💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜

We finally got to the hospital,, I rushed out of the car immediately.

Alex parents are outside,, his mom was crying bitterly while his father maintained a straight face.

Immediately I got there,, Alex mom hugged me and I burst into tears.

Why is this happening right now??

” How is he? ” I asked

” I don’t know,,, he’s so badly injured. Nothing must happen to my son,, he’s the only one I have ” She cried more

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” He’s going to be fine ” I said

Soon Harry and Oliver rushed in,,, I was already sitting on the floor.

They both walked to my side,,, I couldn’t even see their faces so clearly,, the tears are just too much.

” He’s going to be fine okay? Am sure when he remember you,, he’s going to wake up ” Oliver said

I only burst into more tears,, when he remember me he’s going to think I don’t love him!!

” What is that bitch doing here? ” Harry said and I looked up only to find Ana standing,, I feel like chocking her, but I don’t even have the strength for that right now….

” what the fuck are you doing here you devil ” Lilah asked folding her hand

” Get out of my way ” Ana said

” If you take one next step,, am gonna kill you ” Lilah said

” You will regret this ” Ana went out immediately

Once the doctor came out,, they all rushed to him. I was just there watching them, am so lost.

” How is my son? ” Alex father asked

” We’ve really tried our best,,,, but he was really bleeding too much, “..

” So???!! ” his mother yelled

” He’s in coma right now,, the only thing he need right now is your prayers ” The doctor said and walk away.

I kept a straight face,, I think I don’t have any tears again to cry out..

” Oh no ” I heard Harry said and I blink out tears again

” This is really worst than I think ” Oliver pronounced and everywhere became silent,,,,, ,,,

” Vanessa!! What are you putting on? You are going to school for god’s sake!! ” Mom shouted at me

” is there anything wrong with my dress? ” I asked

” You are putting on a bathroom slippers ” she said and a tear dropped from my eye

I remembered when this happened,, Alex wore his shoe for me then. But now he’s not even here.

” Am not going to school,,,, until he’s okay ” I said and rushed back into my room

I dropped the bag and went out again,,,,,

” Am going to visit Alex ” I said shortly and walked out of the house

I got into mom’s car and went straight to the hospital,,,,

The doctor allowed me to enter into the ward,,, I sat down beside him and took his hand.

When is he going to wake up?? It’s 2 weeks already and nothing is happening,,,

” Alex,,,,,,, it’s Four eyes ” I paused as hot tears rushed down my eyes again

” I really miss you a lot,, I miss your cute smile i miss your hug, I miss your kiss,, I miss everything about you. And I miss US,,,,,,,, please don’t keep me waiting. Just come back to me,, ,, am sorry for everything. Am sorry for ignoring you,, but the truth is,,,,,,…….. You are the only one I love…… I love you so much Alex…… Please come back to me…….. I promise never to leave you again……. Am going to stay with you every time…….. Am…… Open your eyes Alex. …… Please……. I think am gonna die if you don’t wake up right now…… Am really hurt to see you lying lifeless here……. ” still nothing happened

I buried my face on the bed and continue crying,,, suddenly the machine started beeping,,, I looked up and Alex was gasping for breath…

” Oh no,, what’s happening? ” I rushed out of the room immediately and went to call the doctor.

More than three doctors rushed into the ward,,,

” What happened to my son?? ” Alex mother asked as she come into the hospital

” I don’t know ” I said sniffing in tears

One hour passed,, the doctors are still there. Not letting anyone come in

” Do you think something bad has happened! ” Oliver asked in a sad tune

” If anything happen to him,, am not gonna forgive myself ” Harry said

” Hey bess,, he’s going to be fine ” Lilah said hugging me

Finally the doctor came out like he’s panting,,,,

” What’s going on? ” My mom asked

” Hes out of danger, , but who among you is Vanessa? ” He asked

Everyone turned to my side ,, I stood up .

” He have been calling your name countless times,,, you can go in ” He said

I nodded and went in

Alex,,,, asked for me??

” Are you Vanessa?? ” The other doctors inside the ward asked and I nodded

” I never knew he’s gonna survive this,, you must be someone he really care about,, ” One of them said and they went out

He’s not even opening his eyes,,,, I held his hand and he closed his hand with mine

A smile escape my lips,,,

” Alex?? Please open your eyes ” I said softly and peck his cheek

he opened his eyes,,,, I gasped. He turned to me and i smiled.

” Am glad you are back,,, you almost gave me a heart attack ” I said in tears

He raised his hand to my face and wipe my tears,,,,,

” Am sorry ” I said and hugged him .

” My baby ” Alex mother ran to us and hugged her son.

Everyone came in with smiles,,,

” I told you right??? When he remember you,, he’s gonna wake up ” Oliver said and I blushed a little

” You don’t have to blush too hard ” Harry whispers into my ear

” Shut up,,, I still owe you a punch,,, for hitting my boyfriend on the face ” I said and we all laughed

” Am going to hit him again once his back on his feet ” Harry smirk

” You dare not do that ” I said pointing my finger at him

” Lover girl ” Lilah said

” Shut up ” I said covering my face


💙💙 Episode 18 💙💙



💜 Vanessa’ POV 💜

” Am so glad you are back to school ” I said holding Alex,, have you heard about girlfriends who never let go of their boyfriends?? Am one of them.

” Yeah me too ” Harry said and slap his head

” Stop that,, you are hurting him ” I said

” Chill baby,, ”

” Don’t you dare call my girlfriend that ” Alex snapped and we all laughed

” Guys!!!!!! ” Lilah ran to us panting like someone being chased

” What’s going on? ” I asked

” Ana left ” She pronounced

” What??? But why?? ”

” You should be happy right? ” Alex said and peck my lips

” Get a room!!! ” They yelled

” We will ” Alex replied

” Guys,,, I can’t wait to leave high school finally. Tomorrow is the day!!! ” Oliver said hugging Lilah tightly

You don’t know right?? But they are now couples,,,

We all kept quiet like we’ve planned it

” Why are you guys not saying anything?? ” Oliver asked after leaving Lilah

” You were not talking to us ” Alex said,, Harry and I nodded

” I said guys ” Oliver said

” You hugged Lilah alone ” Harry snapped without looking up

” What??? Do you expect me to hug you?? Okay I have an idea ” Oliver said and grab my hand,,,, he pulled me to himself and hugged me

” Are you crazy???!! ” Alex shouted and drag me from him

We all laughed

” Gosh,,, I thought I was having some heart attack ” Alex said holding his chest

” Oh no,, I remember something ” I said

” What?? ” They asked

” I owe Harry a punch ” I said

” Yeah,,, you should hit him right here ” Alex pouted touching his face

I punched his face immediately,,,,

” What the fuck,,, I said Harry!!! ” Alex winced

” You pointed at your face ” I said

” I can’t believe this ” he said still holding his face

” Am so sorry ” I said and touched him

” Get away ”

” Idiot ” I muttered

” Four eyes ” He replied

” Idiot ”

” Stupid ”

” I love you ”

” I,,,,, hate you?? ” he said and ran off

” Hey!!!! You motherfucker!! ” I ran after him

” I can’t believe we are done with high school stuff ” I said to the group

Alex is somewhere with one of the teachers,, since he’s gonna be presenting the speech.

Most brilliant guy you know 😂😂

” Am so happy,,, but also sad ” Harry said

” Why? ”

” When we leave for different universities,,,,,, am gonna miss you guys a lot ” He said

” I never thought about that,, oh my God. You just broke my heart ” Lilah said

” We can go to the same schools right?? ” I asked and they nodded

🎤 Attention everyone!!!

We all focused on the teacher immediately

🎤 Now,,, we are gonna invite,,, our most honorable student,,, the best student of the year…..he really made us proud,, and right now our school is recommended as one of the best schools which provide brilliant students every year,, and That’s Alex Gemma!!

There was a loud scream from the student,,, everyone clapped

It’s obvious right??? Everyone love him,,,,

🎤 Hi everyone,,,,,,,

Skip skip skip…………….

” Hey guys have you seen Alex?? ” I asked

” He’s with Tessa,,, ” Oliver said

” For what?? ”

” I guess she’s sorry for everything she have done to him,, she was the reason behind everything right?? ” Harry said and I nodded

After some minutes,, Alex and Tessa walked to us.

” Hi guys ” Tessa said

” Yeah ” We all replied

” I know,,, it’s really stupid right now. But I just wanna tell you guys that I am sorry for every problem I might have caused. And,, Vanessa??? Can you just forgive me?? ” She asked holding my hand

I faced Alex and he nodded,,

” Sure,, friends? ” I said

” Thanks ” She said and hugged me

Never knew she can act soft,,,,,


Finally we got home,,, everything was just so different. My parents are not even home. If was Alex mother who came with Alex and I

” Am so happy for you ” I said to Alex

” I have a surprise for you ” He said dragging me with him

” Where are we going?? It’s late ” I said

” Just come with me ” he said

We both left the house

” What about the car?? ” I asked

” We are walking ” he said

What is the surprise???

” We are here ” he said and left my hand

” What is this?? Nothing is here ” I said

” I am here ” I heard a voice

Oh no,, is that not Stanley!!!!

” Oh my God!!! Stanley!!!! ” I shouted and ran to him

I hugged him tightly to myself

” Am so glad you are here!!! ” I said

” Alex asked me to come ” He said

” Really??? I guess he know that I miss you alot ” I replied

” Congratulations kid sis ” He said and pecked me

” Thanks ”

” I have to leave,,,,, my flight is in 10 minutes ”

” When am I gonna see you again?? ”

” Soon ” with that

” And,,,, you’ve got a cute and adorable boyfriend ” he said and I blushed

” I know ” I said

He kissed my hair and disappeared into the dark

I turned to Alex,, I shook my head and hugged him

” I love you so much ” I said

” More than you do ” He said

I pulled away from the hug,,,,,,,,

” Promise you are not gonna leave me ” I said resting my head on his shoulder

” I promise,, girlfriend ” He smirk

” But,, very soon. We are gonna depart ” I said looking straight into his eyes

” Then I will wait for us to come back together ” He said

” Am gonna wait till you come back to me ” I said and kissed him

” I love you four eyes ”

” I love you more,,,, what should I call you?? ”

” Eight eyes??? ”

” Oh shut up ”

” I love you more sweetheart ” I said and kissed him again.




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