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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bad boys next door Episode 7 & 8

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Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪

Written ✍ by summer gold __________

Episode 7 💜💋



💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜

Finally school is over, I rushed out of the class. I know Stanley will be waiting already,

” Where are you going rushing like someone who lost something? ” A voice said and I turned back

” Alex? ” I called

” What ” He said and smirk

” I need to go home right now,, Stanley is waiting ” I said and ran off.

” Hey Stan ” I said breathing heavily

” I guess you are missing me already ” He said and winked

” You don’t know how much am gonna miss you ”

” Let’s go,,, our parents will be waiting ” He said

I nodded and entered the car

” Do you like him? ” He asked and I faced him

” Who? ”

” Alex of course ”

” Why are you asking? ‘

” Come on,, I saw the way you always look at him. You really like him ” He winked

” I do ” I said

” Finally,, I think my wish is,,,,, ” I interrupted him

” But he doesn’t Even like me back ” I said

” How do you mean? ”

” I don’t know,,,, but am not sure about how am just feeling. Am so lost ” I said and we

both laughed

” Am so jealous hun ”

” Stop flattering me ” I said and slapped him softly

” Come on darling,,, you don’t have to be sad. Am like your mother ” Alex mother said and hugged me

” Thank you mam ” I said

” Alex,, take her to the guest room ” She said and walked into the kitchen

” Come with me four eyes ” He said and I followed him without any interruption

We entered into a room,, I breath in the air

” I think I will enjoy my stay here,,, since you are here ” I said and winked

” You are unbelievable,, nothing is gonna change even if am here ” He said and scoff

” Really? I thought we are friends ”

” I told you am only doing that because I don’t like Tessa and I don’t like you either ” he said

” I don’t care either ” I winked , he moved closer to me and I also moved back until my back touched the wall

” What are you doing? ” I asked

” You are gonna regret it if you fall in love with me four eyes,,,, am telling you this because,, ”

” Because you like me ” I said

” No ” he said

” Then why? ”

” Just enjoy your stay here, and try to avoid me ” he said and walked out of the room

Why is he making everything hard? He should just understand


” Hello class,,, for this year final exam. We are going to have

a project work done, so it’s going to be easy for everyone ” The teacher said and all the class shouted happily

” So,, am going to group you,,, and it’s gonna include just two people in a group. I hope you understand that ” she said

” Yes mam ” we all replied

But who is going to be my partner,,, I looked back and search for Alex. He’s not even in class,,, but his two friends are here. So where is he?

I sigh and turned back to the teacher

” Who are you looking for? Alex? ” lilah asked and giggle

” Of course not ” I lied

I walked out of the class with Lilah after the teacher went out

” I cant believe Tessa is gonna be my partner,,,, we are gonna kill each other in the name of project ” Lilah said with a scream

” That will be fun ” I laughed and then remember my partner

” Oh Harry, gosh. How can that teacher do that to me ” I said shaking my head

I just wish I was grouped with Alex, it’s gonna be better. Why do I keep on bringing him in everything?

” Don’t worry,,, I know he’s a really nice guy. But,,,,, ”

” Don’t say it,, I know. But I don’t think he like me,,, he’s just like a friend. But am glad my partner is brilliant, not that arrogant Tessa ” I said and we both laughed

” What did you just say? ” oh no it’s Tessa

I turned and faced her

” Did you just call me arrogant? ”

” So what? Are you not arrogant? Always feeling like you owns everything,, I really hate your gut ” I hissed

She slapped me and I faced her angrily and slapped her twice,,,,, by now students are standing watching the scene

Oh God,, I hate attention

” You still have the gut to slap me? After what you did? ” Tessa said faking tears

What is she saying?

” YOU stole my money and you are still acting cool like everything is fine!! ” she yelled and everyone gasped

” What the fuck are you talking about? You liar!! ” Lilah yelled while I only kept quiet

How can someone lie this way?

” Vanessa say something,,,” Lilah said

” She can’t say anything,, am saying the truth ” Tessa said still faking her tears

💋 She look really cool, never knew she’s a thief
💋 we should all be careful when we are with her

Tears rushed out of my eyes,, I ran away immediately. I went into the garden crying my eyes out,,,

I can’t believe she said that to me,,, am such a loser

” Of course, you are a loser. You should have replied when she said that to you ” my inner mind said and I wipe my tears

I am so stupid,,,,,

” Why are you crying? ” A voice said

” Why do you think am crying? ” I asked without turning to the person

” I hate it when you cry you know ”

I turned back immediately I heard that,,,,

” Harry,,,, what are you doing here? ” I asked almost with a smile

” I guess you are happy to see me ” he said and sat down

” Yea ” I said

He wipe my tears with his thumb

” Do you have to cry on every little thing? You should learn how to fight for yourself ” He said

” I know,,, but I hate it when I cause trouble. ” I said and we laughed

” It’s a good thing you are different though ”

” We are partners in the project work,, so how are we gonna do it? ” I asked trying to change the topic

” My house? ”

” I don’t know,,,, ”

” You can come with Alex,,, ” he said and I nodded

” See you tomorrow ” I said as he stood up

He ruffled my hair and left,,,,, I wish Alex is also nice me,, it’s gonna be cool


❤❤ Episode 8 ❤❤


💜 Alex Pov 💜

I waited for almost an hour after school but she refused to come out,,, am really getting fed up already.

I walked back into the school and unfortunately for me I met Tessa in the class alone,, I immediately turned to leave

” Alex!!! ” She shouted and ran to me

” Get out of my way this minute ” I said calmly

” Alex please look at me ”

” And why the fuck will I look at you? ” I asked with a disgust voice

” If you don’t look at me,, am gonna kiss you ”

” You won’t dare do that,, am gonna kill you ” I said and pushed her out of my way

” Don’t go please ” She hugged me from the back

All these is because of Vanessa,, I shouldn’t have come back here.

” Tessa let go off me ” I said

” I love you so much,,, don’t leave me ” She said still holding me

I looked up and found Vanessa starring at us with a sad look,, before I was able to call her. She ran off

” Let go off me you devil!! ” I yelled angrily and pushed her off me

” Is it because of Vanessa? Do you like her more than me? ”

” Even my shadow can’t fall in love with you Tessa,, just stop all these ” I said and ran out of the class.

I sighted Vanessa standing beside the car already,,, I entered and she also did.

💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜

He took off immediately he got to me,,, he did not even try to tell me what happened with Tessa wasn’t true.

Are they couples now? I hope not

” Why do you keep on falling in love with someone who doesn’t even love you? ” My inner mind asked

” He’s gonna love me back very soon ” I replied inwardly

” That’s never gonna happen, just give up ” It said again

” Shut the hell up!!! ” I yelled inwardly

” Jeez,, why are you yelling? You scared me ” Alex said and I gasped

” What did you hear? ” I asked facing him

” Shut the hell up? ”

” Thank God ” I said and sigh

” Why? ”

” Never mind ” i replied

We got home,, I guess no one is here yet

I walked into the room am staying and collapse on the bed. I remember how I saw Vanessa hugging him

“Damn,, it was so tight!! ” I shouted and threw a pillow away

” What happened? ” Alex rushed in

” Oops,,, nothing ” I said and smiled

” You are becoming something else ” he said

” Am gonna follow you to Harry’s house tomorrow ” I said and pouted

” For what? ”

” What’s your business with that ” I asked and smirk inwardly

” Then you can find your way ” He said

” Okay,,, he’s my partner in the project work ” I said

” Okay ” he said and opened the door

” And happy love life with Tessa ” I said and covered my face with a pillow

” Thanks ” he replied

I threw the pillow immediately

” What??? You guys are dating now? ” I asked

” Yeah ” He said

” Okay ” I said and stood up

” You can leave now ” I said trying to prevent my tears,,

” How many times do I have to tell you that I hate her? ”

” But she hugged you,,,, you didn’t even push her away. You like her,, just pretending like you don’t and,,,,, ” he interrupted me with a kiss

I widen my eyes open,,, what is he doing right now

” Gosh!!! What type of girl are you? You should just close your eyes!! Stupid four eyes ” he said and left

Wait,,,,, did,, did,,, did Alex just kissed me?

” What the fuck!!!!! ” I shouted jumping round the room stupidly

💜 Alex Pov 💜

Why did I kiss her again.? Why? The more I wanna avoid her, the more she keep on coming to my mind, and I ended up kissing her again.

But the truth is I still love Ana a lot,, I just wish she come back to me. It’s been 3 years now.

” I really miss you a lot ” I said in tears starring at her picture

” Who is she? ” A voice said from the back

” When did you come in? ” I asked and put the phone away

” That doesn’t even answer the question,,, ” Vanessa said and walked closer to me

” She’s someone you can’t know ” I said

” You,,, cried ” she said and wipe my tears with her thumb

” Stop ” I held her hand to prevent her from touching me

” Am sorry,,, I just wanna help “.

” I don’t need your help,, stay away ” I said and stood up

I was about leaving the room when she held my hand back

” Why are you always hard on me? Some minutes ago, you were nice. You even kissed me,,,, ”

” That was a mistake,,, just forget about it ” I said and a hot slap landed on my face

” I hate you!! Why do you keep playing with my emotions? Do you think you can just do that for fun? Jeez,, you disgust me ” She said and walked out

” Vanessa wait ” I imagine myself saying but I could not

Am just too sad and angry at the same time,, do I really played with her emotions?

” You are such a jerk Alex,,, you told her not to like you and you keep on kissing her. You sure played with her emotions ” My inner mind said

Maybe I should just apologize to her,,, I was about going when I heard mom voice

” Kids!!! Come have dinner ” She shouted

💜 Vanessa 💜

I came out of the room am staying when I heard mom’s voice,,, I bumped into Alex. I immediately ignored his gaze and went downstairs,,

Such an a**hole, am gonna avoid him even if it’s hard

” your face is dull,, are you sick? ” Mom asked

” Am fine ” I said simply and sat down

Just then Alex also sat down just opposite me,,, I wonder why his father always come home late,, just a workaholic like my dad

” Do you guys have a fight? ” Mom asked

I guess she’s just as curious as my mother,,,

” Of course not ” Alex replied

I shot him a glare and focus back on the food,,,

” Jerk ” I muttered

” What? ”

” Nothing mam ” I said With a smile and faced the food again

I just lost my appetite,,,,,

I was about to enter my room when Alex came in before I do

” What the fuck are you doing here? ” I asked

He locked the door and smirk

” I asked a question ”

” I,,,, I am sorry. I am really sorry if I played with your emotions,,,” He said while I just stood there like a dumb person

I don’t know what to say right now

” Am I forgiven? ” He asked

” Yeah ” I said and smiled

” But do you think you can survive it if you avoid me? ” He asked with a wink

” Get out this minute ” I said pointing my finger at the door

” This is my house not yours ”

” I don’t care ” I said and pushed him out

” You can go to Harry’s house by yourself ” He spat out

I opened the door immediately

” Am sorry ” I said and he laughed,, so hard that I also joined him

” I can’t believe you threatened me ” I said

” Am sorry “.

” But don’t try to ignore me again,, never ” I said

” I won’t ” He said

I hugged him without giving it a second thought,,,

” I love you Alex ” I imagined myself saying that




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