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July 23, 2021


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Bad boy’s next door Episode 3 & 4

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💞 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪
[ Crazy Neighbors 💋.]

💙 Episode 3 💙



💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜

Finally it’s time for lunch, I carried my backpack and held out of the class immediately. I suddenly bumped into someone,,,

” Are you blind!!! Oh my God,, ” The person shouted

I locked up and it’s a pretty girl starring at me angrily,, two other girls on her two sides

” Am sorry ” I simply said, I don’t want any trouble in this new school

” You better watch out next time,, I might not forgive you!! ” She hissed ” Let’s go girls ” SHe said and they all left swaying their butts.

What are those?

” Hey you ” Someone tapped me on my shoulder, I turned back and she smiled which I returned

” Hi,, am Lilah. Mind going to the cafeteria with me? ” she asked

” Of course not ” I said and we both started walking

” You are Vanessa right? ”

” Yeah,, who are those girls? ” I asked

” Oh you mean Tessa and her crews. They are the school hotties ” she said

Now I know why they are rude,, they also dress too exposed

” And those boys in class the other time? ” I asked

” Alex, Harry and Oliver,,, They are the hottest guys in our school,,, they are also fucking brilliant. Every girl has a crush on them,, especially on Alex ” she said

” Alex? Why? ” I asked curiously

” Can’t you see? He’s the hottest!! And Tessa always claim him ” she whispers ” But as far as I have being in this school, Alex have never dated anyone even though his friends are players ” She said

” Really? He never dated? ” I asked again

” Am being serious here ” she said and winked

Wow,, that is amazing. I guess am not the only one who has never dated,, seems cool.

We got to the cafeteria and took our orders,, we continue talking as we eat.

Just then Alex and his friends walked in,, students started murmuring again

They look so cute anyway,,,, The other two guys got girls with them, flirting things.

Alex was only focused on his phone while eating,,,

” Do you like him? ” Lilah asked and I chocked on my milk

” What??!! Of course not ” I said

” But you are starring at him ” She said

” That doesn’t mean I like him,,, what about you? Do you like him? ” I asked curiously

” No,,, I like Oliver instead. But am not even up to his taste,, he’s such a player ” She said sadly

” Don’t worry,, you are even more beautiful than those sluts ” I smiled

” Thanks ” She said and smiled

I stole a gaze from Alex one more time and faced my food,,,

We had three more lessons and it’s finally school is over,, I walked to the school park and waited for Stanley.

I won’t be surprised if he come late,, girls will probably be his problem.

I took my phone and started doing some stuffs to keep myself busy,, my stomach make a horrible sound. Gosh I can’t believe am hungry again,, I’ve been eating too much these days.

” Waiting for someone? ” a voice said

I looked up and it’s Alex, I smirk

” Yeah,,, my brother ” I said and faced my phone again

” care if I give you a ride? ” He asked

” Never mind,, he will be here soon ” I I said and my phone rang almost at the same time

📲 Hey Stanley,, I’ve being waiting. Where are you?

What??? But I don’t have any friend yet, so how do I go home.. Fuck you jerk,,!!!

I yelled

” See? You need my help ” Alex said and I sigh

” I guess so ” I replied

We were about walking to his car when the girl from the other time,, oh yes Tessa ran to Alex and hugged him.

What the fuck

” Hi ” Alex said and pull her off slightly

” Hey,,,, can you please give me a ride? my car broke down ” She said


” But,,, ”

” Please!!! ” She pleaded

” Okay,,, come in ” Alex said

” Thank you ” She said and got in

” You won’t come again? ” Alex asked

” Never mind,, I will just find my way home ” I said with a smile and walked away immediately.

Stanley is just an asshole,,,

” Hey beauty ” Someone tapped me and I looked back,,, I recognize him,, he’s one of Alex Friends

” Hi ” I said

” Why are you here? ” He asked

” Uhm,, nothing ” I said

” I can just take you home if you want,, you live beside Alex’s house right? ”

He must have told them about me

” Thanks ” I smiled and that was how I found myself in his car.

” What’s your name? ” He asked

” Vanessa ” I said

” Beautiful name for a beautiful girl ” he said and winked

Is he trying to make me blush right now?

” Am Harry ” He said

” Cool ” I said feeling uncomfortable already

” We can be friends right? ”

” Sure ” I said

” Okay,, see you tomorrow ” He said and that was when I noticed we are in front of my house

” Oh, thanks. You are so kind ” I said

” I guess I am ” he winked making me blush,,,

” Bye ” I said and went in, I couldn’t even walk properly, I guess he’s watching my back.

Butterflies filled my stomach,, gosh what’s happening? I’ve never felt shy in front of any guy. But now?


💛💛 Episode 4 💛


💜 Alex’s Pov 💜

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” I took her home today,,, she’s really pretty ” Harry said with a wink

” So? ” Oliver asked

” I think I have a crush on her ” Harry said

” You won’t dare!! She’s not a slut,,, you don’t need a girlfriend Harry, you are never serious ” I said angrily

” Hey dude, why are you so angry about it? Do you like her by any chance? ” Oliver asked

” What?? ,,, I don’t. She’s just my neighbor ” I said

” So,,, I can have her ” Harry said

I hissed inwardly,,

I don’t have anything to do with her anyway,,, I don’t care

💜 Vanessa 💜

” Hey little sis, am sorry ” Stanley said trying to touch me

” Don’t touch me, am not forgiving you easily this time so fuck off ” I yelled and pushed him out of my room

He’s just so stupid, how can he treat his blood sister that way. Am so angry right now

I opened my window and sniff in the air, so cool. Just then Alex also opened his window,, I turned to him and got lost in his cuteness

” Stop drooling , four eyes ” he said and I rolled my eyes

” Am not drooling ” I said

” Why did you allow Harry take you home? You should have just go home in something else ” he said

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” Move to your left ” he said

” Huh? ”

” Four eyes,, move to your left ” he repeated

I moved and to my surprise, he jumped into my room.

” What are you doing? How can you just bang into a girl’s room that way? ” I asked

” Nice room ” He said ignoring me

He turned to me and I felt uncomfortable immediately,, am only putting on a singlet and a short, talking about a short,, very short short 😂😂😂.

” Nice dress too ” he said checking me out

” Idiot ” I muttered

” Seems you are shy,,, okay change into something better ” He said and turned his back at me

I quickly put on my pajamas

” You can turn,,,, but what are you doing in my room? What if someone finds out? ” I asked

” The person will be happy to see us together ” He winked

” Am leaving anyway ” He said and lean closer to me like he’s sniffing me in

” What are you doing? ” I asked moving back

” Nice smell,, but unattractive face ” he scoff

” What? ”

” You are so ugly,,, not my taste ” he said and I laughed

” Are you a gay? ” I asked

” What do you mean? ”

” I heard you never had a girlfriend in your life,, so maybe you are a gay ” I winked

He kissed me and I was shocked,,, I was about kissing him back when he moved back

” That means nothing,,, I just wanted to prove to you that am not gay ” He said

Nothing? But he just stole my first kiss!!!

” Don’t think too much,, I know it’s your first kiss ” he said

” You should be happy,, because I never kiss girls, they do the kissing. Gosh,, I hate the one who stole my first kiss

” What?? You are just too crazy ” I said

” I hate girls,,, they really disgust me. Especially the flirting ones ” he said

” Am not a flirt ” I said

” Really? How sure are you? ”

” 100% ” I said

” We will see to that ” He said with a smirk

” Idiot ” I said

” Four eyes ” he said and moved to the window

” You are leaving already? ” I asked

” Seems you are missing me already ” He winked

” No am not ”

” Okay,, bye ” he said and jumped back to his room

I stare at him, he smirk at me and walked out of his room.

Such a crazy fellow,, but cute anyway.

” Who was that? ” Mom came into my room

” Nobody ” I said

” Hmm,,, really? ”

” What,,, I said nobody ” I said with a smile

” Do you like him? ” she asked

” Who? ”

” Come on you know who am talking about ” She said

” of course not,, I don’t ” I said and sat down on the bed

” if you say so ” She said and pecked my cheek

” Goodnight mom ” I said

” Goodnight baby,, and don’t be mad at your brother. You know he may be crazy sometimes ” she said and walked out of my room

Stanley Stanley Stanley,,,,,, you are such a jerk. I’ve forgiven you though,,, but am gonna make you suffer for this.

Alex thought brushed through my mind and I smile,, I guess he’s cool anyway .



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