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July 30, 2021


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Bad boys next door Episode 11 & 12

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🎷 Bad boy’s Next Door 🚪

♠♠ Episode 11 ♠♠



💜 Vanessa’s pov 💜

I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him back,,,, his hands still on my waist.

The truth is, I don’t know what to think right now.

He unlock from the kiss and stare straight into my eyes,, I looked down to avoid his gaze.

” Hmm,, I will just go now ” I said and walked out his room,,,

What just happened? This is just more than a friendship kiss,, then what. Is he in love with me already?

But he never said he loved me right? Then what!

I collapsed on the bed,, a smile escape my lips as I think about the kiss again.

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I touched my lips and covered my face with my palm

He kissed me,, and even held my waist oh gad ( 😂😂😂)

” Am I really a good kisser? ” I never knew when Alex came in

I sat upright immediately,,,

” What do you mean? ” I asked and cleared my throat

” You were blushing ” He said with a smirk

” So what? ”

” Anyway,, am only here because mom asked me to check on you. I don’t know why,, but I guess you are fine. Bye ”

” Wait!! ” I said almost in a scream

” What ”

” Uhm,,,,,,,, nothing. You can leave ” I said and fell back on the bed.

” You mean,,, Alex kissed you? “Lilah asked

I covered her mouth immediately

” You are shouting ” I said and smiled

” Awwwn,,, that’s cute ” She said and chuckle

” I know,, but he haven’t Even tell me anything,, why he kissed me and all that. Am just feeling somehow right now ”

” Don’t worry,,, he’s just proving hard to get. And have you asked his friends who Ana is? ” Lilah asked

Actually I told lilah about how I saw Alex starring at a picture and keep on saying something like Ana

” oh yeah,, maybe I should go now ” I said

” Are they not in the basketball courts? ” She asked

” We can go together ” I said

” What do you wanna know? ” Harry asked

” Who is Ana? ” I asked

” Alex’s Ex girlfriend ” He replied and I gasped

He still love her a lot,,,,

” Where is she? ” I asked

” I don’t know? She left some days after they broke up ”

I wish she never come back,,,

” Why did they break up? ”

he told me everything and a tear dropped from my eye

“Thanks ” I said and turned to Alex who was smiling at the other boys

” You are the only girl who he ever talked to freely after what happened,,, he really don’t wanna fall in love again. But I guess you are different ” Harry said with a wink

I left immediately without calling Lilah,, am so sad right now

So,,,,,, that’s why Alex keep on starring at her picture when he’s alone. Am sure he still fucking love her.

What if she comes back? I wish I never fall in love with him. But what do I do right now?

Am so stupid,,,,, I wipe off my tears and went back to class

” Hey loser ” Tessa said and the class laughed

I faced her with anger when I remember what Harry told me,, all these is happening because of her.

” Don’t tempt me Tessa,, just leave ” I said coldly

” So what if I don’t leave? ”

I ignored her and started walking out of the class,, she held my hand and winked

” let go off my hand ” I said folding my fist

” Are you crying? ”

I slapped her and pulled her away,,

” When next you cross my path,,, am gonna kill you ” I said and walked out of the class.

Finally school is over,, just what I’ve been waiting for. I walked to Alex car,, he’s waiting already.

I entered without saying anything,,, he kept quiet also and drove home.

We got home and I got out of the car,, different thought filled my mind.

I went to my room and threw my backpack on the floor almost angrily,,, why did you fall in love? Why is your first love complicated like this?

I looked up and found Alex starring at me,,, I sat upright and kept a straight face

” Why are you acting weird? ” he asked and sat beside me

” Am not acting weird,, am cool “.

” And what were you discussing with Harry? You guys look serious ”

” And why do you even care,, you are making everything really hard for me. I almost fell for it that you like me,,, gosh. You love someone else ” I snapped and a tear dropped from my eyes

” What are you talking about? ”

” Ana,,, you still love her right? ” he kept quiet ” I know,,,, and am sure she’s gonna come back. Am just so stupid to fall in Love with you,, I should have,, jeez ”

” Stop!! Just stop,,,, why are you making me remember her when am trying hard to forget everything? I actually thought I can never love again after what happened but I was wrong,,,,, I just discovered that I really love you alot. Why are you bringing her up now? ” he said and stood up

I also stood up and held his hand

” You really love me? ” I asked and blink out tears

” I love you so much ” He said and hold my face in his palm

” But am really scared,, what if she,,, ”

” Just forget about her ” He said

I smiled and hugged him

” I love you so much ” I said

” I Love you too ” He said



💚💚 Episode 12

💜 Vanessa’s Pov 💜

Suddenly the door opened and we disengaged immediately,,, mom came in and cleared her throat

” Am I disturbing you guys? ” She asked and I looked down to prevent her from seeing my blush

” No mom,,, ” Alex replied and hold my hand

” Okay,, I will just leave. Vanessa you should see me in my room ” She said and went out

” Are we in trouble? ” I asked

” Of course not,,, just go on ” He said

I nodded and went to meet her,, what will she say? Tell me to stay away from her son? Or what.

” Hey darling ” She grinned

” Hi mam ” I said softly

” You see,, am so glad my son fell in love with someone like you ” She said and I smiled

” Thank you mam ”

” And,,, please don’t ever leave my son no matter what. He really suffered a lot when Ana broke up with him,,, ”

So his mother know everything? So cool

” I know mam,, I can’t leave him. I really love him alot ” I said

” I know ” She said and peck my cheek

” Thank you ” I said

” You can go,, he will be waiting ” She winked

” Mom! ” I shouted and she laughed

What type of woman is she anyway,, I left the room after that.

💜 Lilah’s Pov 💜

” Baby,,, can you go get me some fruit??? ” Mom asked from the kitchen. I groan and dropped my pen.

” Sure mom ” I said and went to her

” Take this ” She gave me the list and some cash

” I will be back!!! ” I shouted while walking out of the house.

I checked the time,,, it’s 7:15pm. I really need to hurry up,,,,

I started walking down to the fruit stall,,, my phone beeped and I pick the call

📲 Hey Vanessa

📲 Hi!!!!!

📲 what the fuck you almost spoil my ear drum

📲 Am sorry,,, am just so glad

📲 Latest gist?

📲 Yeah Bess,,, am gonna tell you everything tomorrow

📲 can you just brief me about it?

📲 No,,,, tomorrow bye. And make sure you bring something for me especially those sweet pancake from your mom

📲 come on,, when are you going to come meet her? She always ask for you ”

I said

📲 Don’t worry babe, soon

📲 Okay bye

I ended the call and entered into the fruit stall,,, I was busy getting the fruit when a familia face walked in.

Omg,, is that not Oliver? Oh he’s the one.

I ignored his present immediately,, even though am crushing on him,, I can’t face him since he have so many sluts.

I continue with my mission,,, someone tapped me and I jerk off

” Hey cool down,,, it’s not a ghost. ” The person said

I turned back and felt shock to see Oliver smiling at me,, I gulp down nothing

” Hi ” I said feeling uneasy

I pray I don’t end up saying rubbish,, this is the first time he’s talking to me

” Do you stay around here? ” He asked

” No,,, oh,,, I mean yes ” I said and smile

Gosh am so nervous

” That’s cool,, am about going,,, we can walk together ” He said while I just stood there starring at him like a lost dog

What???? Walk together? With Oliver??? What the heck,,, how will I walk freely?

” Hey ” He snapped his finger

” I can leave if you don’t,,,,,,, ”

” No!! We can,,,, sure,, yeah,,, let’s go ” I said

So now I’ve turned to a stammerer?

We both walked out of the stall and started leaving,,, there was total silence.

Its really awkward like this,, should I bring up a discussion? No,,, I can’t

Suddenly the ran started falling,, I looked up immediately

” This is bad ” Oliver said and groan

” Oh my gee, what do we do right now? ” I asked

He held my hand and and we started running,,,,,

But wait!!! He’s holding me right now!!! Gosh,, should I just faint? No that’s not good.

The rain poured heavily and we have no choice than to stop somewhere,,, I checked the time. It’s 8:30pm already.

Oh no,,, mom will be waiting

I sat down on the long bench,,, I dropped the bag with me.

Damn am freezing already,,,, I wrapped my arms together,, the cold is just too much right now.

I looked up at Oliver who was standing looking up at the rain,,,,.

He look so damn cute with those wet hair,,, I wish I can just tell him

” Hey Oliver,, I really have a huge crush on you. ” I imagine myself saying

I bit my bottom lips,,,,

💜 Oliver’s Pov 💜

I turned to her and she looked away,,, she have been starring at me.

I checked her out,, she’s really cold already. She’s just putting on a short skirt and a light top.

I quickly removed my jacket and walked to her,,,,, she faced me.

Her hair was all over her face due to the wetness,,, she look so pretty that way.

I cleared my throat and wear the jacket around her,,,,,

” Thanks ” She said

” You are welcome ” I replied and sat down

I watched as the rain keep on pouring down with force,,,, when will this stop anyway

” Do you have any idea when the rain is gonna stop? ” She asked and I turned to her

” Am not God Lilah” I said and smirk

” How did you know my name? ”

” How did you know mine? ” I asked in return

” Who wouldn’t know the hottest boy in school? ” She said and smiled

” I don’t know about that ” I smirk

” So tell me how you know my name

” I guessed ” I said

Damn Oliver that was a white lie,,, you know her name because you have a crush on her

” I know, you don’t have to tell me ” I said

” What? ”

” I didn’t mean to say that out ” I said

” Oh ”

” And besides,, you are Vanessa’s friend, she always talk about you ” I added and she smiled

Cutest smile ever,,, her lips were really red. Maybe because of the cold,,,,,

If you wanna kiss her just ask for it

” Shut up ” I muttered

I really have some stupid mind 😂😂

” I guess the rain has stopped,, let’s go ” I said and grab her hand.

” Thanks ” was all she said

💜 Lilah’s Pov 💜

Finally we got to my house,, I turned back at him and smiled

” Thanks for walking me home ” I said

” Its nothing ”

” Bye,, see you in school tomorrow ” I said and waved

” Just go on ” He said

No hug? No kiss? My mind asked

Come on we are not even friends yet

” Goodnight ” I said and ran in

” Am so sorry baby ” Mom said and hugged me

” It’s not your fault mom ” I smiled

” But who was that? He walked you home? ”

” He’s,, my friend ” I replied

” Really? That boy is a really nice guy,,, he always help me with my stuff whenever he sees me. I never knew you attend the same school ”

” That’s cool ”

” Okay,, just go change your cloth and come for dinner ”

” Okay mom ” I went upstairs

Oliver’s thought brush all over my mind,, I couldn’t help but to blush

” Oh Lilah,, you are going crazy ” I said changing my wet dress




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