Bad boys nerdy girl Episode 38 & 39

The bad boy’s nerdy girl
Episode 38 📚
★ ro-mantic episode ★
Ella Mia’s POV
An honeymoon?, In Manhattan? , A beach house?, what is he thinking about, it has been a month and if there is anything he nee-ded it is a ro-mantic honey , I reluctantly packed my bags, he had alre-ady book the tickets, he said we are leaving as early as dawn to avoid missing our plane
I la-id on the be-d after I was done packing our bags , Asher can be so uncomfortable at times, if we were going for an honey moon he should have just stated it since the week began, Okay, it is not like I was re-ady to listen to him, but he could have gave an hint
I dozed off ,I hope he oversleeps
Asher’s POV
I sighed as I stood up gently from the be-d, it was three AM, I had taken my bath but Ella Mia was slee-ping, she looked really tired as she sle-pt on the be-d, I tapped her shoulder gently asking her to stand up, that girl doesn’t even see when she wakes up
“Asher, just one more hour ” she begged, snuggling into her pillow
“Wake up ” I said, raising her up, while she gro-an ed, it wasn’t up to four hours since we sle-pt
I carried her in and led her to the bathroom, waiting for her outside
“Ella Mia, hurry up, we are late ” I called when thirty minutes pas-sed
I entered bathroom, and my wife was curled up in the bathroom, slee-ping soundly, she is a trouble at hand in the past, she was always calm but troublesome, now she isn’t even calm, she is just troublesome, I wonder what should be like in the future
I sighed, carrying her in the shower, while she wra-pped her legs around my w@!st , I managed to pu-ll off her dress, this is not the first time though, the format of you can only see and not t©uçh or get inside is very disheartening
I have been trying to t©uçh her every since I tried it but it was too no avail , thankfully, it was warm water , she only squirming and squealed, before getting off and asking me to get out
The bath wasn’t a long one, she stumbled out, looking for her eyeglas-s, she took out a black denim short and a stra-pless t©p ,packing her hair into pony tail
She wore her sandals, packing everything she nee-ded while I helped her took it out, she made sure everything was disconnected, the power supply and everything, how to I tell her that we are no longer coming here, I will get someone to pack everything we own
That house is filled with a lot of painful memories for Mia, if she stays here forever, I don’t want anymore
We got into the car and I drove off to the airport, the drive was so awkward, she wasn’t saying anything, I took a glance at her and noticed that she was asleep
Ugh, I smiled and continued my drive to the airport
We board the plane and headed Manhattan
Ella Mia’s POV
The waves of the beach was the most astonishing sight , I wasn’t feeling very sleepy as I felt when I Asher woke me up, everything seemed very calm, we could traveled by road, but he insisted that we c@m£ by air, it was just a five minute trip using air, ugh, I walked into the beach house and la-id down comfortably besides Asher, I avoided his gaze, but Damn, I was dying to stare at him, it was just something I was willing to do ,but I was letting my rage take over
His hands met mine and he linked our hands together, my hands was very fair compared to his
I just couldn’t look at him
“Ella Mia ” he called audibly in a whisper, I was f0rç£d to look at him, those temptingl-ips of his, I took my gaze from him
Was he trying to s£dûç£me, like seriously? , this is awkward, but I really wanted him at the moment
My lid turned heavy and I yawned, slee-ping in his arms, it was ba-rely morning, we both nee-ded a rest, it must have been really ha-rd for him, managing his dad’s company and writing an exam simultaneously
I dozed off
The beach and waves woke me up, Asher was no wear to still on the be-d, the wooden structure of the beach off made it ro-mantic, the curtains was decorated white and red with heart shape
The food mat and duvet, the sofa and pillows was heart shaped
I walked into the kitchen, I’m so proud that all of this was for me, but then I remembered that when another girl comes I will be shoved aside like some pieces of trash
I walked into the kitchen, some heart-shaped pancakes should make him feel appreciated
I made it as silent as I could and walked ate peacefully, it has been a very long time since we ate together
I thought of waking him, but I changed my mind and ate silently
I sat on the chair and got bored, I took off my shi-t, wearing a black net stra-ppy br@ and my short
I walked into the beach, taking a swim, giggling as I enjoyed how warm it felt, it was night, I felt very happy, this is so much fun
Asher’s POV
I was woken up buy Mia’s giggles and laughter, I watched from the beach house , this would be an opportunity to get close to her
I smiled stepping into my short, my waves we-t my legs
I smiled watching Mia, splash water on me, it was so warm thanks to the morning sun, my hair st©pped below her shoulder close to her w@!st, it been very long time since I had a clear view of her, she looked extremely cute in this br@’s, she smiled as I splashed the water back on her
Thankfully, she doesn’t remember she is fighting with me, she smiled at me and I hvgged her ,ru-bbing my hands around her damp hair she smiled raising my my chin, k!ss!ngme softly
I have a lot of plans and ma-king out with Mia is the last thing on mind, let’s make this ro-mantic
Episode 39
Asher’s POV
What do you think about r0m@nç£, having a pla-yboy reputation , I thought I knew everything, but I was only good at girls that have crush on me thanks to my fame and fortune
But with Mia?,I’m extremely vulnerable, I don’t know where to start from, she knows almost everything
She walked into the beach house, in her we-t fancy br@
I sat down watching her walk into the cozy be-droom, how about a little k!ss, No, she is so mad at me, I said on the chair, thinking about what I could do to make her happy
I took a lot at her, she la-id on the be-d quietly, starring at the ceiling
Obviously, she knew I was staring at her, I walked into the bathroom, changing my we-t short, I took a look at her and she was asleep
I walked out the room, and headed out, planning a lot of things
Starting from the dress she has to wear, the silver pair stiletto and a blue sleeveless go-wn or the black ti-ght mini b©dy hvg go-wn and S-xy high heeled boot, I remember the memories attached to it, she got her first k!ssthat night
Her purity and innocence stood out the night she wore it, she looked extremely cute and shy, I remember she didn’t want to come out of the dressing room after she had wore it ,looking so pretty
If this outfit was white, it would be so angelic on her, I ordered a white stra-pped back ti-ght mini go-wn ,it would be here in any minutes, I sat on the chair, managing the company’s affairs, waiting patiently for her
Ella Mia’s POV
This be-d seem extremely comfortable, I could sleep for more hours, but I felt pressed, I stood up gently and walked into the bathroom
To do my business, I felt sweaty, I took a look at Asher and he smiled at me faintly
If he knew he didn’t have anything planned for the honeymoon, he shouldn’t have brou-ght me here
I entered the bathroom and took a shower, walking out with a short towel, tied ti-ghtly around my torso, I walked sat on the be-d, taking a look a short bu-m short and a stra-pless t©p which clearly says wear me
I smiled wearing it, I walked out seeing a balloon tied to the door knob, which had a card board, I re-ad what was clearly inscribe-d on it
It says “follow the balloons ” , I smiled, follow the heart shaped balloons that was floating around the hand rail
I got to the beach, exactly as the sun was almost setting, we got to a boat, it was decorated with balloons ,I don’t know who told him how obsessed I am about balloons ,he held my hand and I got into the boat
It had a small round dinning table, set with dinner, it had heart shaped omelette, gr@p£, wine and everything it was so perfect
He held me with the chair and I sat down comfortably it is just like any other plot, I’m sure he has done this for a lot of girls, I took my cutleries and ate silently pla-ying with my dish
I wish I could turn the dish on the floor and drown him, my mind constantly mocked me about not being the first person
“Ella Mia, are you perhaps, not comfortable with all these? ” he asked calmly and slowly
“I’m fine with it ” I answered curtly
” You are the first girl I have ever done this for ,so if you don’t like this, there is always a second chance, you know? ” he answered, wi-nking at me while I almost smiled
Lies, it is all lies, he is a j£rk, I know him, I took a de-ep breath when he asked me to go asked me to get into a room and change
I changed into a white stra-ppy back ti-ght mini go-wn and S-xy high heeled boot, it was the same pattern of the cloth he bought for me
I walked out gingerly with my heels, knowing on the boat, I sat beside him and we were almost at an island, don’t know what he is up too but it was amazing
The island shone radiantly from afar as the boat slowly approached it, we walked out of the boat gently, but Asher insisted that I remained blindfolded
We walked towards sp©t and I was in a tent with him, it was decorated with candles light ,I was standing inside in heart shaped decorated candles
I don’t know why I suddenly got angry, why if he was doing this to sleep with me of course, Asher has every right above me and he had just gotten us stranded on an island
“Ella Mia….. ” he said and his voice trailed off, seeing as I have st©pped him from speaking
” if this is all about the apologies, you could have done it on the beach house ” I screamed, my hair was flowing on air with the evening breeze
“take me back to the beach house ” I half yelled and he scoffed
“are you kidding me ” he asked angrily
“I have never been this serious ” I retorted
“Ella Mia, st©p being stubborn and childish and let’s enjoy everything I have planned for you ” he said, I sighed
” I don’t wanna enjoy anything , I don’t even want to stay here for about minutes, just take me to the fv¢king beach house ” I screamed angrily, while he gr@bb£d my arm
” I have fv¢king apologize Ella Mia, I have changed, I’m a changed person, how else do you want me to prove myself ” he yelled
“You are just a freaking Lair, pretender, character and a bastard get your filthy hands off me ” I screamed angrily
These words, I just wanted them off my mind, lift them off my soul, scream at him to get better
“call the boat and let just go home gently ” I screamed angrily
“You are not freaking going anywhere ” He yelled, pushing me on my bu-tt , I stood up and headed to the waves, trying to swim back, crying my lungs out, while he watched and ruffled his hair, before walking close to me
He held my hand and the beach s£nd a lot of waves of water on us, while I struggled with him, we crashed on the floor, trying to hold me, I could ba-rely see him , the white new clothes he had gotten for me had bec@m£ drenched
“I’m human, Ella Mia, I have emotions ” he said, placing a k!sson my n£¢k, while I screamed out in fear
“I make mistakes I’m not perfect ” another k!sswas on the ti-p of my nose, s£nding shivers, I trembled beneath him , his eyes were pairing into mine
“Asher, get off ” I cried weakly, trembling and shuddering as the la-id on the shore, the sea beach made the tension really h0t, he was literally grinding himself above me , while I bit myl-ips
He brushed hisl-ips against mine while I su-cked in a breath, fighting for freedom, his legs between mine , his erection was definitely affecting me
“do you feel anything ” he asked, while I gulped with my b©dy shoving up and down as he made his movements between my legs, no physical contact but I was so lost in ecstasy and thought
I managed to fight, trying to fight, I raised my hand to scratch him. He held my hand, standing up, squ-atting on t©p of me, with his hands pinning my hands above my head
“I’m sorry Ella Mia ” he said and I scoffed
He lowered his head, brushing hisl-ips against mine
“Do you feel anything?” he asked while I trembled
“you are feeling a lot, right now, you can’t un-derstand it, I have wronged you and I apologized for everything , I love you and I care, I nee-d you, I want you, I want to make you mine, just give me a chance ” he said, while I watched him above me, the waves drenched us over and over again, while he gave me de-ep feverish k!sses
He suddenly st©pped and walked into the tent, while I sat on the shore, waiting for the boat, he alre-ady said the boat would be back in few minutes
Myl-ips were numb from those k!sses, I trembled out of cold and fear, the boat arrived in few minutes and I hopped into it feeling extremely cold from the sea breeze
Asher looked very annoyed ,I caused everything, I should have just enjoyed the moment, within minutes we were at the beach house, I walked out of the boat slowly and headed into the beach house, pu-lling off my white go-wn
I shivered and watched him walk towards me, he held my hands and I k!$$£d him on thel-ips
Asher’s POV
I k!$$£d her back slowly, ha-rd and pas-sionately fierce, my hands slowly taking off her her towel
While she stood stark n-ked in front of me, she un-bu-ttoned my shi-t, taking off
My mouth found her perky rosy br£@st and n!ppl!s
su-cking like there was no tomorrow, giving the plea-sure she nee-ded and the plea-sure i nee-ded ,she flu-shed seeing me n-ked and I smiled
So naive and innocent , I shut the window as It started to rain before walking back to her
Teasing her entrance while she squirmed and………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
🔰 The next morning 🔰
Ella Mia’s POV
I winced in pain standing, waking up in a blue baggy pajamas, it was hurting down there I la-id on the be-d I was so-re from yesterday’s events
How did I end up slee-ping with him , ugh I winced in pain, looking around ,recalling everything that happened, the k!ssing, f!ngering, teasing, pene-tration, I had even cried at the moment ,scratching him and asking him to get off , I blu-shed repeatedly, remembering how he had comforted me, k!ss!ngmy tears off
“should I be worried that my wife is blu-shing like crazy the morning after we consummated our marriage ” he asked, bringing me a cu-p of warm milk
I smiled as I took the milk from him ,gulping it
“it is for your throat, cry baby ” he said and I laughed
Yes , maybe I forgot to tell you guys about the screaming p@rt, but it was just for the best
“I thought you went insane yesterday , you were screaming like there is no tomorrow” He said and I threw a pillow at him
The be-d sheets wasn’t stained and I looked at him, while he smiled
“I cleaned up and changed the bathroom but you fell de-eply asleep after everything ” he said and I smiled
Standing and wincing as I walked towards the bathroom, he swept me off my feet and took me to the bathroom ,while sank my b©dy into the warm water he had alre-ady soa-ked
I thanked him feeling quite relived from the burning s-en-sation
I walked out changing into white short and a black causal shi-t , I couldn’t st©p remembering everything that happened
So glad he is my first