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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bad boys girl Episode 31 & 32

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🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 31



Chris’s POV
We both moaned out loud as I increased my pace bit by bit.

Our moans filled the room, I’m sure that someone outside should hear it, we were very loud.

Seriously, I’m really enjoying it. Because of the damn poison given to me by a dame a*s hole, I haven’t had bit*h*s for days.

My mouth was slightly patted as sweats started building up my fore head.


She continued moaning.

She’s also enjoying it I guess.

After about an hour I felt my cum building up, don’t no why it took that long but I’m glad it did.

Although I’m not still satisfied but I’ll have to end it here.

I’ll get her again some other time, I thought as I pulled out of her and left for the toilet to release there.

Can’t risk a f**k*ng bit*h getting pregnant for me so I always do this after s*x.

I turned on the shower and washed off the sweat that filled my body and later came out with a towel wrapped around my body.

I met her still lying on the bed.

Huh! Why isn’t she getting up? I wondered.

She sat up immediately she saw me.

I heard her cough.

“Can I use your shower? I can’t put on my

clothes like this?” She asked lowly.

“Yea, you can” I replied and walked to my closet to select a new clothing for myself.

I was still putting on my clothes when I started hearing running water.

I guess she already started bathing.

I’m not disappointed, she’s sweet, but I bet Natalia could be more sweet.

Its unfortunate for me that chase likes her and its fortunate for chase that she also likes him.

I could have found a way to taste her lolly but come to think of it, if it weren’t for that bit*h that poisoned me I think I might have already found a way to have her.

Well, I’m glad something distracted me at least but I still wish to taste her.

I smirked at my own thoughts and finally left the room.

She knows what to do when she comes out.

I’ll go down to them to see what’s happening.

Cindy’s POV
I sighed as the cold water wet my body.

Why did I get so lost? It was only supposed to be romance right?

But…I let him have his way with me and I even pressed him to do more.

Yea, its cause I like him. I really do and hope he likes me back, I thought and turned off the shower after a while.

I came out from the bathroom and couldn’t find him.

Hmm where is he? I thought as I took my clothes and put them on.

I finished wearing my clothes and decided to go down.

I climbed down the stairs gently and slowly but paused when I heard

his voice.

“Seriously? She gave in? Yo she’s more easy than I thought, I should have had her myself, I just wanted to test her” I heard Charlie’s voice and instantly knew they were talking about me.

“Yea man, keep your voice down, she should be done by now, we’ll continue talking as soon as she lives” I heard Chris said – whispered to him.

I forced a smile on my face and continued going down making sure I made sounds with my feet so they could really no that I’m coming and stop bad mouthing me.

Seriously? He thinks I’m that cheap? I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t fall in love with him.

I did it because I fall for him the first day we met, well I’ll make it my mission now.

My mission is to get him to fall in love with me at all cause.

I’ll surely make him mine in a couple of days.

Natalia’s POV
After a long while of waiting for them I decided to go home since Cindy might not be coming down in minutes.

She must be having s*x with him now.

Its not too shocking anyways.

But I sincerely don’t like that she’s like that, at least I don’t totally hate her.

She’s my cousin how can I hate her?

I wish she can just reduce that her behaviour.

I stood up to leave but was stopped by chase.

“Lemme escort you out to the gate” he suggested and I smiled and nodded recalling how we kissed few minutes ago.

I think I like that game, since it made chase to kiss me then I like it.

I wish we can play that game everyday so he can kiss me everyday, I thought and slapped myself mentally.

Kiss me everyday? We aren’t even dating, even if he loves me I don’t think he’ll easily ask me out with his shyness.

Maybe I’ll have to wait for a whole year or I will have to ask him out myself but I’m not planning on going for the second option but the first option too is really bad. I might even get tired from waiting, I thought dolefully.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asked when we had gotten outside.

“Yes, I’m good” I replied flatly and walked ahead of him.

I stopped at the gate and looked at him.

“Bye, see you tomorrow or the next” I cooed and immediately went into our house.

Chase’s POV
What is wrong? Did I perhaps do something wrong again?

But, I only offered to escort her which is a good thing.

Why did she suddenly look sad? Is it because I didn’t kiss her good bye? But I haven’t asked her out yet.

Oh yea, she must be sad because I didn’t ask her out earlier.

Well, I had no confidence for that, I could only go as far as kissing her, nothing more.

Maybe I’ll have to build up courage and ask Charlie or Chris how I’m gonna ask her out.

Yes, I’ll do that soon.

I’ll ask her out.


Episode 32

Natalia’s POV
I got into the sitting room and sat down.

I recalled the kiss again and started feeling heat.

I cupped my cheeks and fanned myself, oh gosh, I’m blushing hard.

I wish it never stopped but we can’t stay kissing forever right?

I seriously wished he had kissed me good bye back there but we aren’t dating right.

So, who I’m I kidding?

I was still blushing silly when the door opened and Cindy showed up.

She walked dejectedly towards me and sat down looking moody.

Huh! Isn’t she supposed to be jumping now she finally got what she wanted? I wondered.

“Hey, what happened?” I asked her after a while.

“Don’t I look pretty enough? I’m I ugly, why is he not in love with me?” She rushed her words looking sad.

“I don’t understand, did Chris say anything? Did he say that you’re ugly?” I questioned her.

“Of course, not, but I found out he actually only wanted to use me” she replied.

“What? He just want to use you? Why? Why should he use you?” I snapped.

“I gave myself to him but he only wanted to taste me, that’s what I heard them saying, they said that I’m cheap, but I love him, am not cheap” she mouthed.

For a while there I felt sorry for her but she caused it herself and she has done something much worse than this.

“ should ignore him, his just a freak, just a freak” I replied consoling her.

“But, I’ve not given up, I won’t stop till I have his heart, I’ll make him beg me for s*x after that” she said looking confident.

“Okay, you can but I’ll advice you don’t so he won’t end up using you again” I advised.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself” she replied and left.

Chase’s POV
I got in to hear their discussions.

Wait, Chris really did it?

I walked up to them and stopped.

“Did you..did you have the hot romance with her?” I asked.

Chris looked at me and then he started laughing with Charlie.

I pulled a confused look at them.

“What’s funny?” I inquired.

“Hot romance? What’s that sh*t or you want to say you don’t no Chris?”

“He had s*x with her not just romance” Charlie replied me.

“What? She had s*x with him?”

“I saw her at the gate with a moody look, did you perhaps force yourself on her Chris?” I asked him.

“I’ve never forced a girl before, I just kiss them and the deed is done, its simple as that” Chris narrated with his hand.

My mouth fell open.

“She just allowed you? I thought she was like Natalia, you guys are not even dating although I have a feeling she likes you.”

“How on earth could she be like other girls?” I asked in shock but they both kept laughing.

“You still have a lot to learn kid brother because I sense you’ll become more bad than us” Charlie pointed to me.

I pointed to myself too.

“Are you referring to me? I’ll never be like you, I’ll never have a lot of ladies.”

“I’ll just concentrate on one and which is”… I paused.

“Natalia” Chris and Charlie both chorused and I stopped myself from smiling.

“Do you really like her?” Chris asked looking at me.

“Yes, of course I do, I love her” I replied without feeling shy or embarrassed.

I guess I’m gonna have to learn not to be shy.

“Wow chase! I envy you, she’s all over you, she likes you to the core” Charlie laughed.

“Why do you envy me?” I asked curiously.

“You don’t no? You don’t no that her type are rare? Take a look at other girls and her, she didn’t fall for my cute face and didn’t get used after countless effort.”

“Her type is damn rare, her shapes kills Chase, she’s a definition of perfection” Charlie explained.

My mouth and eyes were opened as I listened.

He has never described someone like that.

I guess its true, I’m really lucky, I thought and broke into a wide smiles.

“Don’t let other guys snatch her away from you, instead you can give her to me” Chris added and I scoffed.

“Give you my a*s” I replied and ran upstairs.


Natalia’s POV
I got down from mom’s car with Cindy.

Immediately we waved her bye and was about to go to our class I met Frank standing there starring at me.

I smiled and walked up to him.

“Hey frank” I greeted.

“Hi Natalia, you look more beautiful today, what’s the secret?” He asked walking down the hallway with me.

“Well, a good thing happened to me a day before yesterday” I replied.

“Hmm nice. Do you mind sharing the news?” He asked.

“Well…” I said and smiled.

“A guy i like kissed me yesterday” I beamed.

“Wow! Really? Who is he? Chase?” He asked surprising me.

I stopped walking and turned to face him as he also stopped walking.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Well, firstly, you guys are neighbours and two you like him. Even a fool could figure that out, the way you ran after him at the cafeteria made me a bit jealous” he replied.

“Huh! Jealous?” I questioned and he laughed.

“I’m just joking, don’t take it serious” he laughed and touched my shoulder slightly and I also laughed.

We turned to go but I heard my name.

“Natalia?” I turned to see chase and I immediately flashed him a smile but he didn’t return it.

“Can we talk?” He asked as if angry making me wonder if I did anything wrong the last time we met.

“Okay” I replied and followed him to what ever place he took me to.

“So, what is it? Why are you with that face?” I asked immediately we got there.

“Can you stop talking to that guy, Frank?” He asked shocking me.

“What? Why?”




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