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bad boy’s good baby episode 54 & 55

( He’s A Bad Jerk… )


By, Summer Gold R.




Summer and her mom were both in the kitchen preparing dinner,Mrs Wilder prefer cooking by herself,the maid does everything else except that

Mrs Wilder’s phone suddenly buzzed and he took the phone

“I will be back,it’s an emergency” She said to Summer

“Okay mom” Summer replied and her mom left the kitchen

Kingsley came in after some minutes,he kissed Summer’s neck and she turned

“Hey” She smiled

“Wow,never knew people look hot while cooking” Kingsley said

“Are you kidding me?” Summer chuckled

“I’m really serious” Kingsley said and pecked her lips

“What should I help with?” He asked

“You can help me by simply going out of the kitchen,thanks” Summer replied

“Then sorry,I’m not ready to help you. Let’s do this together,I want to learn more” Kingsley said and found some gloves

“Learn more? For what?” Summer asked

“I’m going to cook for you when we get married” Kingsley said and Summed laughed

“That’s funny,I can cook okay?” Summer said and Kingsley faced her

“That sounds like you just agreed to marry me” He said and Summer groaned

“Not again please” She said

“That sounds like a rejection now” Kingsley said

“Wash the meat if you wanna help” Summer said pointing at the uncooked meat

“Yes my lady” Kingsley winked and took the meat toward the sink

“You’re something else,seriously”

They both talk and laugh while they work,Summer did most of the works tho but Kingsley never left her side

“Here,have a taste of the soup” Summer said moving the spoon close to his mouth

Kingsley took it

“How is it?” Summer asked

“Gosh girlfriend you’re just so perfect,” Kingsley said

“Really?” Summer grinned

“Of course,I mean,you’re beautiful,you’re se-xy,you’re smart,you’re intelligent,you’re a great cook,to crown it all,you’re Kingsley Robert’s only girlfriend,isn’t that perfection?” Kingsley asked

“I agree with you,,and you are handsome,smart,cute,amazing,crazy but I love you like that,you’re so perfect and to crown it all,you’re Summer Wilder’s only boyfriend” Summer said and they both grinned at each other

“I love you so f**king much” Kingsley said

“I love you more” Summer smiled

Mrs Wilder came in

“Oh wow,son” She smiled at Kingsley

“Good morning mom” Kingsley greeted

“Don’t tell me you called him here” Mrs Wilder turned to Summer

“Of course not,he came on his own” Summer said

“I wanted to help” Kingsley added

“That’s cute,but you should leave now. We will do the rest” Mrs Wilder smiled

Kingsley bowed a little and winked at Summer before going out,Summer smiled,staring at him until he was out of sight

Mrs Wilder cleared her throat and Summer turned back immediately

Minutes later,they were done cooking and setting the table already. Mr Wilder is not home tho

Kingsley and Michael showed up together

“Great,I was about sending the maid to call you two” Mrs Wilder said

“Mom,Mr handsome promised to spend the whole day with me” Michael said

“Really?” Summer asked and looked at Kingsley

“Yeah” Kingsley winked

“Let’s have a lot of fun today” Kingsley said to him

“Yes dude” Michael said and they knocked their knuckles

“Dude?” Mrs Wilder asked

“We are best friends” Michael replied and they all laughed



Reed and Lily walked side by side going through the beach

“The view is really amazing” Reed said

“Is it your first time coming here?” Lily asked

“Yeah” Reed replied

“Wow,really then I deserve an accolade right?” Lily asked and Reed laughed

“You deserve it” Reed said

“So,what do I get?” She asked

“Anything you want” Reed said and she smiled

“Let’s keep that for Later,you said you’re going on a trip,it’s not gonna be a long one right?” Lily asked and Reed faced her

“Are you going to miss me?” He asked

“I won’t deny that” Lily smiled,staring at his face

“Should I tell you what I want now?” She asked

“Sure” Reed replied

“A kiss” Lily muttered and slowly closed her eyes

Reed didn’t move,he only stared at her

Lily opened her eyes

“What’s wrong?” She asked

“Nothing” Reed muttered

“Then why……” Reed slammed his lips on hers,cutting her off

Lily kissed him back immediately,she held his shirt tightly.

After kissing,they disengaged.

“I’m really going to miss you” Lily pouted

“Cute” Reed chuckled and touched her cheek

“Should I just transfer to Stanford?”Lily asked


“Of course,you don’t know how much I like you right?” Lily muttered and pecked his lips

Reed smiled and pulled her into a hug

“I will be back in just,maybe two days” Reed said



“Wow!! Michael you’re so cute” Kingsley said as Michael sang a short song

They are at the park,having fun

“Really?” He faced Summer

“Of course brother,you’re the best” Summer replied

“Why don’t we try that out?” Michael pointed at the merry go round

“Let’s do that” Kingsley grabbed his hand and they both ran off

Summer smiled cutely and followed them

“Sunshine,come on join us” Kingsley said as he climbed out the merry go round with Michael

“No,I’m just gonna watch you” Summer said

Michael waved at Summer

“I can’t believe him” Summer chuckled staring at Kingsley among the kids


“What flavor do you want Michael?” Kingsley asked as they walked to the ice cream shop,holding his hand

“Vanilla” Michael replied

“Now I feel left out” Summer sighed

“Sunshine what about you?” Kingsley asked

“Chocolate” Summer replied

“I think my l!ps will be better,don’t you think?” Kingsley whispered into her ear

“Come on!” Summer hit him playfully and Kingsley grinned naughtily

They got the ice cream and they started walking again

“Hey Michael!” A tiny voice called from afar and Michael turned

“Baby!” Michael called happily when he saw the little girl waving

“Baby?” Kingsley and Summer exchanged glances

“Her name is baby,funny right?” Michael chuckled and asked Kingsley to lean closer to him and he did

“She’s my crush” He whispers to Kingsley before running to meet the girl

‘What the f**k,this dude is gonna be crazier than me’ Kingsley thought staring at Michael who was with Baby already

“I think my brother took after you” Summer laughed

“For real,it’s obvious. But I’m a different guy now,all thanks to someone” Kingsley said

“Who?” Summer teased

“Someone I can do anything just to stay with,forever” Kingsley replied

“Awwwn,that’s cute” Summer said and they both laughed

Kingsley’s phone started ringing and he answered the call,it’s from Josephine

He excused himself to answer the call and returned to Summer

“Is everything fine?” Summer asked

“I’m sorry Sunshine,I need to go” Kingsley said

“Huh? Right now?” Summer asked immediately and Kingsley nodded

“Oh…” Summer bite her l!ps

“I’m sorry” Kingsley muttered and pecked her l!ps

Summer called Michael and he walked over to them

“We need to go back home” Summer said

“Why?” Michael asked with a sad face

“Mr handsome have something important to do” Summer replied

“I can’t believe you’re calling me that” Kingsley laughed

Michael faced Kingsley

“You’re going back home? I won’t see you again?” He asked

“Of course you’re going to see me” Kingsley smiled and carried him

They walked out of the park



“I don’t know why I’m missing you so badly already,I’m so selfish,we’ve been together for weeks but,It’s not enough” Summer muttered

Kingsley hugged her

“Me too,but stop talking as if I’m going somewhere far,it’s just a meeting okay? And I promise to come over immediately it’s done. Okay?” He said



Kingsley’s phone rang again

“You need to go” Summer said as they dis£ngaged

“I love you” Kingsley pecked her l!ps

“I love you too” Summer smiled

They went downstairs together

“You’re leaving already?” Mrs Wilder asked

“Yes mom” Kingsley replied and faced Michael

“See you later best friend” He said and stretched his hand to him but Michael started crying

“Oops” Summer laughed

“You should go already,he will be fine”

After Kingsley succeeded in making Michael stop crying,he walked out of the house with Summer

He entered a cab and left,He’s going to meet Mrs Robert where she’s waiting.



The taxi stopped and Kingsley came out looking around,he saw the car from where he was standing and scoffed.

“Kingsley!!” Someone called and got down from the car

“Scarlett?” Kingsley muttered looking totally shocked,seeing her

Scarlett ran to him and jumped on him in a tight hug

“Finally seeing you again,hottie” She said and klzzed his neck before getting down

Kingsley was still surprised

“Why are you here?” He asked

“Let’s talk in the car,come on” She held his hand

“Car? You really came with mom?” Kingsley asked

“Of course,you know she love me so much,right?” Scarlett grinned

They both walked to the car and entered,Mrs Robert was also in the car,Kingsley ignored her and sat somewhere else,Scarlett sat next to him. The driver started the car immediately

“Are you happy to see me or not? I really missed you so much” She said

“You look so different tho” Kingsley said

“Of course,I look more beautiful right?” Scarlett asked

“Yeah” Kingsley nodded

Mrs Robert smiled as she listened to them.



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