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bad boy’s good baby episode 2 & 3

( He’s A Bad Jerk… )


By, Summer Gold R


K3 Apa-rtMENTt**

“What do you think King is doing? Did he get her?” Keith asked and Kylan shook his head

“I doubt that” he said

“And why are you so sure? Do you know her?” Keith asked and Kylan smiled but didn’t reply,he brought out a cigarette

The door suddenly opened and they looked up,,Kingsley came in with a smiley face.

Keith and Kylan exchanged glances

Kingsley walked closer to them and took the cigarette Kylan was holding,he lightened it and started smoking.

“How was it?” Kylan asked as Kingsley sat down

“She’s..something else” Kingsley muttered when he remembered how she walked out

“I told you,just give up” Kylan smiled

Kingsley scoffed

“I always get what I want,,don’t worry. I’m going to get her no matter what” He said

“That’s the spirit dude,go for it” Keith said and Kylan laughed

“Seriously? Fine,I will wait” He said

“How about a pa-rty tomorrow?” Keith asked

“Yes of course” Kylan replied

“I’m going to post it on the school blog” Keith said

“I wonder if that girl is going to come” Kingsley said and stood up

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in pa-rties” Kylan shook his head

“I know,she’s kind of boring” Kingsley scoffed

“But for a reason,I wanna get into her pa-ntbadly. Just watch me” Kingsley smirked and went in

“I don’t think he’s going to give up,,you should know him” Keith said

“I know” Kylan muttered



Summer was alone in the room studying,,Her eyes not leaving her laptop for once,,one of the [email protected] subjects in Computer Science,,Calculus.

She took the milkshake on the table and sipped from it through the straw,she dropped it and continued.

The door opened and Naomi came in

“I’m back” She [email protected] and fell on the be-d

“Welcome” Summer said without turning

“What are you doing? @$$ignment?” Naomi asked

“Yeah,,have you done yours? Calculus” Summer said

“Oh please,,we are to submit that damm @$$ignment on Monday,,I will just do it later” Naomi replied

“Okay” Summer said shortly and silence followed

Few minutes later,she was done. She stretched out and closed her laptop before facing Naomi.

“Finally I can see your face” Naomi smiled

“I should be saying that,,I can finally see your face,since last night” Summer roll her eyes and Naomi laughed

“Are you jealous of [email protected]?” She asked and Summer scoffed

“No,,why would I?” She said

“We should go to the mall tomorrow” Naomi said

“Why?” Summer asked

“What do you mean why? Tomorrow is friday and there’s going to be a pa-rty,I need a hot outfit” Naomi grinned and Summer nodded


“And,,you’re going to that pa-rty,,,”

“Thanks but no,,I will follow you to the mall,that should be enough,but count me out of the pa-rty. I hate crowds” Summer said

“You can’t do it for me? your best friend?” Naomi pouted and Summer laughed

“Best friend indeed,,I am sure once we get there,you will only ditch me for [email protected],so it’s a no. I will stay in my room and study,,or maybe I will watch some K dramas” Summer said and Naomi nodded

“Fine,, ”

“Thanks” Summer Smiled



Naomi was on her be-d fast asleep,Summer was also on the be-d trying to get some sleep but she couldn’t. She sat up,she suddenly remembered the work she was given by Prof Ben.

“Gosh!” She sighed and immediately got down from the be-d,she rushed into the dressing room and dressed up. She took a pen, a note and her phone.

“Where are you going with a pen and a note?” Naomi asked from her be-d

“Oh,,Prof Ben gave me a little @$$ignment and,,,,”

“For h*ll sake Summer,take a little break. You can do that tomorrow,,,”

“It’s not something [email protected],,I promise.” Summer smiled

“Fine” Naomi muttered and closed her eyes again

Summer rushed out of the room immediately.

She walked until she got to the [email protected],it was silent as expected. She started searching for the textbook in a hurry,,she was still looking for the textbook when she started hearing tiny voices,wondering if there are people in the [email protected] She traced the voice carefully

“F**k,,,yes King”

“Oh fas-ter please,,yes”

“I’m cu-ming!”

Summer covered her ears with her fin-gers and immediately turned back

“Disgusting” She muttered and continue searching for the textbook

After some minutes,she found it.

“Thank goodness” She said and immediately placed it on the table,she only need to write something out of it. She haven’t sat down when Kingsley came out from another side of the [email protected],she looked up and their eyes met.

Kingsley stopped walking

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go” The bitch beside him said trying to hold his hand

“Get lost” Kingsley snapped


“Go” he cut her off

The bitch glared at Summer before walking away angrily

Summer started packing her stuffs too,,his prese-nce alone irritates her.

“Hey” Kingsley called but she ignored him totally,she opened to the page and lucky for her,she found what she was looking for. She snapped it with her phone and returned the textbook,she was about going out when Kingsley grabbe-d her hand and she faced him with a dangerous glare before throwing his hand off

“Who gave you the permission to touch me?” She asked

“Permission?” Kingsley asked like he’s confused

“You are not allowed to touch me anyhow,without my permission. Do you get that?” Summer snapped and walked away leaving Kingsley speechless again

“Permission?? To touch her?” He asked himself and before he knew it,he was already laughing

“This is insane” He muttered and ran out of the [email protected] to go after her.

He got out of the [email protected] and saw her still walking,he was about running to her when Reed showed up and he stopped

“Hey Summer” Reed called and Summer turned back

“Reed” She waved,smiling

Kingsley scoffed

“So her name is Summer” he said

“Are they dating?” He muttered

He put his hands in his pocket and walked away.

“Where are you Coming from?” Reed asked

[email protected]” Summer replied

“Oh,how about Naomi?”

“Room” Summer muttered,her face stuck with her phone as they walked

“I……..” Reed wanted to talk but Summer cut him off

“See you tomorrow Reed,take care” She said and walked away

Reed sighed staring at her

“Hmm” Someone cleared throat behind him and he turned to see Gavin smiling

“What” Reed asked

“Nothing,nothing” Gavin grinned

“Stop smiling,nothing is funny” Reed scoffed

“You should just confess your feelings to her and stop acting like a good friend,you’re madly in love with…..”

“Shut up” Reed snapped,walking away

“Are you scared she’s going to reject you?” Gavin followed

“I don’t wanna talk about it so just give up already” Reed said

“Okay” Gavin smiled


K3 Apa-rtMENT**

Kylan was the only one in the living room watching a movie,his eyes are pa-rtially on his phone though.

“Goodnight” A voice said and he looked up to see Keith coming out shirtless with a girl beside him,it’s obvious they just had s*x.

“Bye Kylan” The girl waved at Kylan and he replied with a nod staring at the girl ujruk she was out. He faced Keith

Keith smirked at him

“I wonder how many d**ks that has entered her hole,,she’sfu-cking loose” Keith said and Kylan laughed

They suddenly stopped when the door opened and Kingsley came in with a serious look. He didn’t bother looking at them,he went in straightaway

“What’s wrong with him?” Keith chuckled

“Who knows” Kylan muttered



“Are you going already? I thought we still have an hour left before our [email protected]$$” Naomi said seeing Summer about going out

“Yeah,I need to give prof Ben these” Summer said showing Naomi some notes in her hand

“Okay then,,I was hoping we should have breakfast together” Naomi said

“Call [email protected]” Summer winked before going out

“Seriously?” Naomi laughed and stood up from the be-d,she was about going into the bathroom when her phone started ringing,a call from [email protected]

“Hey baby wanna have breakfast together?” [email protected] asked

“Sure,,I’m about taking my bath” Naomi replied

“You should hurry up,,I miss you” He said

Naomi smiled and hanged up,she walked into the bathroom immediately.


Summer left Prof Ben office and started walking toward the school cafeteria but suddenly a bike stopped right beside her which made her stop,,the person on the bike removed his helmet and it turned out to be Kingsley.

She let out a scoff,walking away

“Hey Sunny!” Kingsley walked after her and she faced him

“What did you just call me?” She asked

“Sunny? Your name is Summer right? So,,I guess Sunny is perfect,,or,,how about Sunshine?” Kingsley let out his usual nau-ghty smile which Summer hates alot

She roll her eyes,walking away.

Kingsley wanted to hold her but when he remembered that he have to ask for permission,he stopped.

“Summer” He called and went after her

“Or,,do I need to ask for permission before calling your name?” He asked but Summer ignored him totally


“Shut up” Summer suddenly faced him with an angry look

“Don’t give me any silly nickname,Sunny? Sunshine?? Don’t call me that,,understood?”

“Oh,,okay,,Summer,,,,” Kingsley stammered,it came as a shock because he never felt that way in front of a girl,she’sfu-cking hurting his pride

“Don’t call my name either,,I don’t like the way it sounds when you say it out” Summer said and walked away

Kingsley bite his li-ps,staring at her

‘Calm down King,,she’s only proving [email protected] to get’ He thought

“But like what thefu-ck,,I’ve never tried this much,they come to me,I don’t need to [email protected]$$ through all this shits” Kingsley muttered and turned back only to find Noelle and her friend,Jacqueline. They are the most popular girls in school,no guy will dare talk to them because of their high standard. But for Kingsley it’s different,no one can ever resist his face,or maybe his d**k.

“When did you start talking to that….I don’t even know what to call her” Noelle puffed

“Is she your next target now? Oh no,you can’t do that. She’s too low,she’s not your style at all” Jacqueline said

“Right,she’s innocent. I’m sure you don’t like innocent girls” Noelle smiled touching his che-st seduc-tively

“Not in the mood” Kingsley said and hold her hand before dropping it

“Then,should I come over tonight,after the pa-rty? I miss you inside me” Noelle said and pecked his li-ps

Kingsley smirked at her

“You sure know how to get me” he winked and sma-ck her bu-tt before walking back to his bike,he rode off

“Can’t wait for tonight” Noelle said and Jacqueline rolled her eyes


Immediately the professor left,students started going out of the [email protected]$$ one after the other.

“Hey King” Jacqueline moved to his side as he stood up

“I need to go attend to something” Kylan told Kingsley and Keith before going out of the [email protected]$$.

“King” Jacqueline called again and he turned his eyes from Summer in the front,he faced Jacqueline.

“Hi” He said shortly and Jacqueline smiled

“Wanna hang out?” She asked

“No,I am quite busy” Kingsley replied and turned his face back to Summer but couldn’t find her again

“F**k” He muttered and ran out of the [email protected]$$

“What is going on?” Jacqueline thought

“Hey Jacq,,where’s Noelle?” Romina moved closer and that was when Keith looked up from his phone

“I don’t know” Jacqueline replied and walked away leaving Romina standing

Romina sighed and faced Keith

“Hey Kylan” She let out a short smile but he couldn’t reply,he only stared at her as she walked out of the [email protected]$$.


Kingsley saw Summer and Naomi walking

“There she is” He smiled and caught up with them

“Hi” Kingsley said from the back and they turned

Naomi [email protected]

“Kingsley?” She called and Kingsley smiled before facing Summer who only rolled her eyes

“Hey” Kingsley said

“Naomi,let’s go” Summer said holding her

“Wait” Kingsley hold her and she turned

He immediately released her hand

“I will go alone,meet me in the hostel” Naomi whispers and immediately walked away

“What the h*ll do you want? Don’t you get it already?” Summer asked

“Get what?” Kingsley asked

“Gosh,,He’s dumb” Summer mumbled and bite her li-ps

“Say something,you can’t keep ignoring me” Kingsley said

“I don’t like you” She snapped

“You don’t?” Kingsley asked

“Yes,and I don’t talk to people I don’t like. So please,stop this shits,it’s not going to work” Summer said and walked away

Kingsley scoffed,staring at her. He walked to his bike and ride off roughly.



Summer entered the room and Naomi grinned at her like she’s been expecting her

“The Almighty Kingsley just spoke with you back there,was that a dream or what?” Naomi asked

Summer roll her eyes and dropped her bag on the be-d,she took off her shoes and fell on the be-d also.Naomi joined her

“Don’t keep me in suspense and tell me what happened” She said

“He’s been disturbing me,I don’t know why he suddenly started talking to me. But it’s annoying” Summer said

“Annoying? Are you joking? Maybe he just wanna be friends” Naomi smiled

“Well sorry,you and Reed are enough for me so please let’s not talk about him” Summer said


“We are going to the mall remember? It’s 3pm already” Summer said checking the time

“Oh right,let’s go. I will change my clothes” Naomi stood up

“Me too” Summer also stood up



“See you tomorrow morning” Naomi said to Summer after getting dressed for the pa-rty,[email protected] is outside,waiting for her

“Yeah,enjoy” Summer muttered not taking her eyes from the movie she’s watching.

Naomi walked out of the room

“Where’s Summer?” [email protected] asked

“As usual,,no” Naomi said and [email protected] sighed

“What’s with the sad face? We all know Summer isn’t the pa-rty type” Naomi said

“You look hot” [email protected] smiled, checking her out

Naomi roll her eyes

“You should have said that first” She said

“Sorry” [email protected] ki-ssed her

They got to the pa-rty and joined the multitudes,,loud music pla-ying. Students dancing,some are sitting down having fun,drinking,smoking and others.

As usual,most of the girls are after the K3 especially Kingsley,he was looking so hot,like the bad boy he is.

“Your girlfriend is not here” Keith said

“Who? Summer” Kingsley asked and Keith nodded

Kingsley didn’t say a word,he keep on smoking but in his mind,he was thinking about the best way to get her.

Someone took the cigarette from him and he looked up

“Hey” Noelle smiled and touched his li-ps

“I’ve been waiting” Kingsley said naughtily and pulled her more closer,crushing his li-ps on hers. His hands pressing her bu-tt

They ki-ssed so roughly and immediately Kingsley stood up,carrying her up and they went in to do their thing.


Summer was still watching movies when suddenly she heard a knock on the door,she paused the movie and stood up.

“I thought Naomi won’t be coming tonight” She said to herself and walked to the door

She opened the door slowly and Reed came to view

“Reed?” She called and Reed smiled

“Can I come in?” He asked

Summer nodded and he entered

“Why are you here? You didn’t attend the pa-rty?” Summer asked

“I did,,but it was boring. And besides,I wanted to see your face badly” Reed said and Summer chuckled

“That’s funny” She muttered and sat down,she pla-yed the movie

“I’m going to join you” Reed said and sat down beside her

“I’m still wondering why you left somewhere fun for a boring,,,”

“I’m happy now that I am seeing your face” Reed cut in and Summer faced him

Reed’s eyes went to her li-ps

“Since you’re here,let’s watch the movie together” Summer said with a smile and stood up

Reed stared at her as she opened the mini fridge and brought out a drink before coming back

“Here” she handed it to him

“Thanks” Reed muttered

Summer smiled and sat down,focusing on the movie already but Reed was lost,staring at her.



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