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Bad boys baby final Episode

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 33
Natalia’s POV
“Why should I st©p talking to him, chase?” I asked for the second time.
“I’m not just comfortable with it, I hate it” he replied.
“You hate it? Why? You don’t even no him. What right do you hav…”
“Anyways I can’t just st©p talking to him, chase” I replied folding my hands.
“I’m jealous of him, Natalia, I feel jealous whenever he makes you smile or laugh, that’s the truth and I’m afraid of losing you” he cracked a little.
“You’re jealous? Well but I can’t help it chase, we are just friends, his a nice guy and I can’t fall in love with him because I love you, chase.”
“I love you way too much to fall for another guy, I couldn’t reply you on Saturday because I was too happy too, so plea-se just trust me alright, I won’t fall in love with him too quic-kly I guess” I cooed.
“Too quic-kly? Nat…”
“Yes chase, we are just friends too remember, so I might just fall in love with him if he makes a move” I said trying to make him get what exactly I’m implying.
“Then will you be mine? Will you be mine so you won’t have to fall in love with another?” He asked starring de-eply into my eyes.
I sighed as I realized he has gotten my point.
Oh thank goodness.
I smiled as I starred at him back with de-ep feelings.
“You..are you serious?” I beamed.
He took my hands in his and [email protected]£ closer to me.
“I talked to my brothers, they gave me a better solution and I was planning to make it big but…I don’t wanna loss you Nat, so I’m sorry if..”
“No, its okay, I love it and yes I’ll be your girlfriend, Chase, I’ve been dying to be one because I just love you a lot” I smiled out tears.
He left my hands and cu-mpped my cheek with one hand then used the other to clean my tears.
“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I was so shy and [email protected] and didn’t really un-derstand myself, if it weren’t for that k!ssI could still be keeping my feelings hidden, I’m sorry for being that way” he apologized.
“Hey, you’re better than most guys. I like the way you are chase and I don’t want you changing yourself for anyone. But I just want you to st©p being shy a bit at least for me. Now that we’re a couple I’ll meet your parents and you’ll meet mine” I blurted and his eyes wi-de-ned and he shifted away from me.
“What? Parents?” He asked.
“Yes, is there a problem? Are you [email protected] to tell your parents that I’m your girlfriend?” I pouted.
“No no, I was just surprised. Its okay but…” He paused.
“It’s okay” he replied and held me again.
I smiled and also cu-mpped his cheeks.
“Do you promise to love and trust me?” I asked and he smiled.
“Of course, I will” he cooed.
“Then k!ssme or do you want me to say everything?” I pouted again and he chuckled and planted a quic-k k!sson myl-ips.
“What’s that? Is that a pe-ck? Do you know how long I’ve been dreaming of k!ss!ngyou? And yet you pe-cked me?”
“I want a very long k!ss. Very long one like the Saturday’s own” I explained.
“Saturday’s own?” He asked and I nodded.
“That will be later Nat, we got [email protected] now” he cooed.
“Let’s go” he added and started going but I pu-ll-ed him back and k!$$£d him.
Since he doesn’t wanna do it then what keeps me from doing it.
Today, I’m not gonna leave him too easily because I’ve been wishing and dying for this day to come so I’m gonna surely exhaust him.
I slowly held his head down to me since he’s way taller than I am.
And he wra-pped his hands around my [email protected]!st as I enjoyed the slow personate k!ss.
Just as I wanted it, it lasted for a long while before we both st©pped and I placed my forehead on his.
“I love you chase, I love you so much” I muttered.
“You too Nat, I love you” he whispered back and we both hvgged each other.
We headed back to [email protected] after some quite time and met the teacher alre-ady teaching but he let the both of us in.
My eyes ran into Frank’s as I went to sit.
But I can’t just st©p talking to him.
Chase seriously needs to reconsider, the guy just wants to be my friend and nothing more.
And beside I don’t have a single friend here so he should let me have him as friend at least.
I’ll talk to him later about it cause I can’t just bring myself to do it after thinking of it.
Its just so unfair and unjust.
The bell went out for lunch break and the whole [email protected] [email protected]£ happy.
I am [email protected] happy because I want to eat with chase and ask him a question while eating.
“Let’s go to the cafeteria, chase” I urged and he stood up and we left.
He ordered for our meals when we got there and we sat down facing each other.
“Eat” he beckoned and I started eating and he did the same.
I noticed his not good at eating in public too.
His just picking on his food.
“Chase, can I ask you a question?” I inquired.
“Go on” he allowed.
“Should we do it today? The Introduction? Let me meet your parents today” I asked and he spilled the meal in his mouth.
“What?” He exclaimed.
Episode 34
Natalia’s POV
“Are you okay, chase?” I asked surprised at his reaction.
He cleaned his mouth and looked around to see if anyone saw what he did then he took his eyes back to me.
“Um..I’m sorry” he mumbled.
“Don’t you want me to meet your parents or it is a problem?” I questioned him.
“No…I want you to but…”
“But what chase?” I cut him in.
“I don’t no how their reaction will be? Chris recently got poisoned because of a girl I don’t think they’ll like the idea of me [email protected]!ngsomeone” he stuttered a bit.
I dropped my spoon and faced him.
“So what? You want to keep our [email protected]!nga secret? You don’t want our both parents to know? But we are both adults, why should we hide it?”
“Chase seriously, I want to get straight with you. I want everyone to know that we’re an item, that we love each other” I said saddened.
“I’m so sorry Nat, but can we pros pond it a bit? plea-se just for a short while?” He pleaded and took my hand in his.
I looked away sadly as I thought about it. I really don’t like this idea at all.
“Okay, let’s do it” I mouthed and re-leased my hands from his then picked up my spoon and resumed eating without a word.
Chase’s POV
I watched her with her saddened face as she started picking on her food.
Everything is new for me, I don’t no what mom will think especially cause dad might not mind.
But mom..she might get really angry with me, mom loves me way too much, I don’t want to get her angry but I’ll have to try.
I don’t want Nat being angry either, mom might later un-derstand and learn to accept it, I thought and picked up my spoon and joined her.
Cindy’s POV
I [email protected]£ out from the [email protected] and leaned against the wall waiting for him to come out.
After some times he [email protected]£ out but not alone, two funny looking girls were with him.
He was holding the both of them by the [email protected]!st and they were giggling their self to hell.
So annoying.
Immediately they got to where I was I went to stand blocking them.
“Chris, we need to talk and its important” I said looking at the two bit*h*s instead.
“Let’s talk later Cindy, I’m quite busy now” he replied enraging me.
“No, its really important. Its can’t wait, rather tell this two [email protected] to excuse us” I said now looking at him.
“Are you crazy, bit*h? Who the hell are you calling [email protected]?” One of the two bit*h*s said and shifted closer to me.
“So? Aren’t you a di-ck s**king [email protected]?” I mocked and heard her scoff.
She made to lift her hand to do whatever but Chris held her back.
“Baby, what are you doing?” He asked her and my face wrinkled.
Did he just call her baby?
“Didn’t you see that she’s insulting me? I want you to get revenge for me as my b©yfri£nd” she pouted and I fisted my hand ti-ghtly.
I’m so gonna have her buried one day.
“Come on, let’s just go” he urged her and they left.
They left – hefu-ck*ng left with them.
I’m gonna get you and that’s a promise, Chris.
Charlie’s POV
I was on my way to a deserted place in the school when I heard tiny voice calling for help.
I turned towards the direction of the voice and followed it.
What’s happening? I thought and hastened my foot step when the cries kept coming.
I got to the place and saw a girl sitting on the floor with her head buried on her arms.
“Hey, hey, why are you here? Why are you crying? Are you okay?” I questioned at once but didn’t get a reply.
“Hey” I called again and t©uçhed her shoulder.
She raised her head up and starred at me with tears in her eyes.
“Huh, where are they?” She asked looking around.
“Who? Who are they?” I asked her.
“Those boys that wanted to [email protected]£ me, hope you’re not one of them” she said and stood up on her feet.
“Excuse me? I just got here and I don’t see boys around here” I defended.
She dusted her b©dy and cleaned her face.
“Okay, thanks anyways” she said.
“Okay, what are you doing in this area by the way?” I questioned and she smiled.
“Nothing, just walking around because I’m new here” she cooed.
“’re new? What’s your name?” I inquired.
“Nance, you can call me Nance” she smiled and extended her hand for a handshake which I took.
“Mine is Charlie” I replied and she nodded.
“Nice name” she complimented.
“Yea, same” I replied and she smiled again.
But, its weird. There is only way to get here so if there are boys that truly wanted to harm her then why didn’t I bomb into them on the way.
She said she’s new and they are alre-ady planning to [email protected]£ her?
And if truly they wanted to [email protected]£ her why did they suddenly st©pped?
Really weird.
Episode 35
Charlie’s POV
“So, can you plea-se walk me back to the hallway?” She asked calmly breaking into my thoughts and I nodded.
“Yea, let’s go” I pointed to the direction and she started going while I followed after her.
We got to the hallway and she st©pped and turned to look at me.
I starred back at her wondering why she suddenly st©pped and why’s the looking at me.
She didn’t talk but smiled instead ma-king me a little puzzled.
“Why? Why are you smiling?” I questioned.
“Well, I’ve been trying to say this for long but you’re really cute” she beamed with her gaze on the floor.
I chuckled.
“Thanks, you too, you’re extremely beautiful” I complimented and felt her blush.
“Thanks” she cooed.
“I’ll take it from here” she added and before I could ask her which [email protected] she belonged to she disappeared.
Huh, so fast? I wondered and took the path to my [email protected]
Chris’s POV
I bu-ttoned up my shi-t and Zi-pped my trou-ser.
I just finished scre-wing the two bit*h*s with me in the male restroom and they have left.
I washed my hand and cleaned the sweats on my forehead off.
I starred at myself in the mirror and sm-irked.
You’re cute, I thought and chuckled.
I left the restroom and headed back to [email protected]
Students weren’t out again, lunch break is over.
I was tucked my f!ngersinto my trou-ser pocket and walked towards the direction of my [email protected] before a familiar voice st©pped me.
I turned towards the direction the voice [email protected]£ from and saw her – Cindy standing in front of the music room with her hands folded.
She has that angry look on. I chuckled and walked up to meet her.
“Hey” I hushed but she only rolled her eyes.
“Aren’t you supposed to be in [email protected]?” I asked.
“Well, I was waiting for you” she mouthed.
Anger is clearly written on her face but do I really care? Of course, I don’t. I can’t be tied down to one bit*h.
“Why were you waiting for me?” I inquired.
“Did youfu-ck them? Those two bit*h I saw you with, did youfu-ck them?” She asked and I grinned.
“Of course” I hushed.
“Why?” She retorted immediately and I scoffed.
“Why? You ask me why Ifu-ck them? I love pu-ssy that’s why” I replied flatly.
“So you really didfu-ck them?” She asked her voice breaking down.
“Yes, or do you need prove? Ifu-ck*d them, do you need to see mefu-ck them before you believe? Okay I’ll take you along tomorrow so you could…”
I didn’t complete my statement before a [email protected] landed on my cheek.
My eyes wi-de-ned as I starred at her dumbfounded and shocked.
“You’re so mean, how could you tell me such a thing when you know my feelings for you? Why do you keep on saying it with proudness? Why?” She cried.
I was still shocked at the [email protected] and I found myself tou-ching my cheek to be sure that’s its real.
Like I really got [email protected] by a girl.
“I gave you my damn b©dy but you don’t appreciate it? Do you think I just gave you my b©dy because I’m a slut? I like you that’s the reason” she cried [email protected]
I sighed trying to control my anger and I brou-ght down my hand from my cheek.
“Don’t you ever talk to me again!!!” I warned and left her.
I don’t give a sh*t about her feelings.
Days later.
I was at the house sitting with Charlie and chase.
Chase just informed us about his plans of introducing Natalia as his girlfriend to our parents.
“You wanna do that? Are you sure Aunt won’t disown you?” Charlie asked him.
“How can mom do that? She loves him way too much, she won’t do it” I ch!pped in.
“But still, I’ve known her for long,she might get angry with you” Charlie insisted.
“Well, I don’t no chase. Just do whatever you want to do” I ch!pped in again.
“But I’m scared” he voiced out.
“If you’re scared then don’t do it alright, lemme go see if she has arrived” Charlie said and got up.
“Who?” I asked him.
“Well, the girl I told you about, Nancy” he replied and I gave him a strange look.
“What’s that look for bro?” He asked.
“Don’t tell me you’re falling for this, Nance” I tea-sed.
“Of course not, but think she’s special so it won’t be a crime liking someone like her” he cooed.
I nodded and watched him go outside.
“Lemme go change my shi-t, its suddenly looks ugly” he complained immediately he [email protected]£ back.
He [email protected]£ back after putting on a different shi-t and immediately the door bell rang.
He looked at me and hastened up his foot steps and soon he was asking the girl in.
The girl [email protected]£ in with him.
“Hi guys” she waved at chase and I.
“Hey” I replied but chase just stood up and went upstairs.
I don’t even un-derstand this problem.
“So, you’re Chris right?” She asked smiling and I suddenly felt like I’ve heard that voice before.
“Ye..yes” I replied.
“Nice to meet you” she beamed.
Wait, this is the first time am meeting her. Why does her voice sound familiar? I thought and recalled that evening at the h0tel.
Its [email protected] to forgot that bit*h*s voice.
The bit*h that poisoned me.
“Murderer!” The voice [email protected]£ back and matched with hers.
I took my eyes to her in shock but recalled I didn’t see her face clearly but I saw her leg at least and if I could remember.
There was a line on her knee.
I went closer to her and looked down on her knee.
What? That mark is there.
My suspicious are correct.
She’s the bit*h that poisoned me.
Cli-ck here to re-ad bad boys baby 2


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