Bad boys baby Episode 9 & 10

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
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Episode 9
Chris’s POV
Perfect, I thought as I saw her coming out of the principal office.
She’ll surely nee-d someone to show her around.
I walked closer to her and stood facing her.
“So we meet again pretty” I beamed but she kept starring at me with a straight face.
“You just registered, you’ll nee-d someone to show you around, why don’t you let me be that person?” I cooed.
“No thanks, I have the school map with me” she replied and made to walk pas-s me.
“Do you know where you’ll collect your uniform then?” I asked with a sm-irk and she st©pped.
“Alright, you can just direct me stranger” she replied and I cracked.
She’s not only arrogant but funny.
“What’s with the stranger thing?” I inquired.
“Well, we don’t no each other so I don’t no what else to call you ap@rt from stranger” she replied bluntly
No worries, soon you’ll be screaming my name in be-d, I thought.
“Alright my name is Chris, everyone knows me around here. I’m actually the school most popular male figure and I know each and every corner of the school, so do you mind?” I asked stretching my hands forward and she made a slight cough and took the lead.
I followed her from behind and my eyes settled on her backside.
Damn it, this is a killer. Look at the way its dancing.
Gosh, I can’t wait to hold and beat it, I thought and chuckled at my own thoughts.
“Hey” I heard her call and realized she was now looking at me.
“Um..yes, what is it? Go on” I beckoned.
“You’re walking behind me, you should take the lead since you’re the one showing me around” she said and rolled her eyes.
I think she caught me starring at her backside.
She’s just too perfect.
With her catlike eyes, blond hair, big b*o*s and a*s.
She’s just too perfect. Even her straight legs can turn a man up.
Her voice sounds like one of those choir that sings in church.
Maybe she’s a chorister.
Well, my goal is to scre-w her at least thrice before moving on and I’ll make sure I’ll s**k and eat her up well.
“Stranger!! Stranger!!!” I heard her voice in my head and looked at her.
“Huh! What?” I asked.
“You have been standing there for a few minutes now. Don’t you wanna show me around anymore, plea-se tell me so I can move on on my own” she said looking pissed.
“Goodness! I’m sorry Nat, I was thinking of something” I said calmly.
“What is that, and how did you know my name?” She asked and I arched.
“That isn’t really important right now, let’s go before clas-ses commence” I replied and walked ahead.
She hesitated for a while before joining me.
Natalia’s POV
This guy looks so creepy.
I caught him starring at my a*s a while ago and now his lost in de-ep thoughts.
I hate his type a lot.
He looks handsome but I still hate his type.
His type that is only interested in what the girls has.
That is how I stupidly lost my vir-ginity. I won’t make such mistakes again especially with his types.
I thought as I watched.
We got to a door and he told me that I’ll be collecting my uniform there.
I got in and explained things to the lady there and she gave me a uniform.
I got into a room inside there and changed my dress.
Hmm perfect but I still think the Sk-irt is a bit too short.
Well, I’ll manage it.
I c@m£ out of the office and saw him there. He was still there even tho the bell for lectures has been rang.
“You are still here?* I asked.
“Yes,” he replied and glared at me from head to toe and finally shook his head.
“Lemme take you to your clas-s” he cooed and started off again.
I followed him from behind.
“How do you know which clas-s I’m in?” I asked.
“Well, I know you’re eighteen so you’re definitely in my brother’s clas-s” he replied and soon he st©pped in front of a clas-s and beckoned on me to enter and I did.
Chase’s POV
I stayed at my usual position in the clas-s.
The backside where no one will disturb me.
Where no lady will be able to secretly sneak a love letter into my bag or locker.
The teacher has alre-ady started teaching but I wasn’t really focused on her.
The door opened and I looked at the door to see her.
What? Its our neighbour.
What is she doing here? Is she a new student here? I thought even tho I knew the answers.
“Morning ma’am” she greeted the teacher and the teacher turned to her.
“Morning, I guess you’re the new student, plea-se introduce yourself to the clas-s” the teacher said.
“Hi everyone, my name is Natalia Daniel, I hope to enjoy my stay with you” she voiced out and the whole clas-s cheered with a yes response.
All the guys eyes were getting bigger which is annoying.
“Alright, you can take a sit’ the teacher said and turned back to the board.
She walked in to the roll and I kept starring at her.
Her eyes met mine and she started approaching where I was sitted.
What? Don’t tell me she’s gonna sit beside me, I thought and adjusted properly.
Is she really gonna sit with me??
Episode 10
Chase’s POV
She got to my side and took a sit beside me.
I gulped down and blinked repeatedly.
She’s really sitting down next to me. But why? Why is she sitting here? I thought.
“So clas-s, I nee-d you all to solve this equation” the maths teacher turned and said earning everyone’s attention.
Her is Natalia, what a beautiful name.
Her attention was also focused on the teacher giving me an opportunity to stare at her.
I stared at her catlike eyes, her pointed nose, her hair. Everything about her is just so fascinating.
But when did l change this much? I aren’t like this originally, I thought to myself.
“Chase, aren’t you joining the clas-s in solving the equation?” The teacher’s voice rang out and everyone turned and looked at me.
Even Natalia also looked at me.
“Uh… Yea” I mumbled and took out my pen and started solving the equation.
Few hours later the bell for lunch break was heard and I stood up immediately.
I feel nervous being around her. My b©dy is heated up I nee-d to cool off with a cigarette or two.
I stood up to leave immediately but suddenly heard her call my name.
It sounded so sweet to the ear that I wished she’d repeat it again.
I looked down and looked at her as she also stood up on her feet.
“Uhm…hi, the new neighbour, do you remember me?” She asked starring at me.
“Ye..yea” I managed to reply.
“Okay that’s good, are you going for lunch? I might as well join you because I don’t no my way around here” she cooed.
“You wanna join me?” I asked my b©dy heating up the more.
She looked down at the floor immediately.
“Sorry if I’m bothering you, you are the only one I know here” she cooed again.
“No, no, you aren’t bothering me at all, let’s go for lunch I’ll take you there and any other place you wanna head to” I replied and her eyes wi-de-ned.
“Oh my goodness! Thanks a lot chase. I really appreciate” she beamed and I smiled.
“Let’s go then” I urged.
Natalia’s POV
My eyes met with that cute neighbour so I decided to go sit with him.
I never expected to see him here. So his actually my age?
Awesome and he looks quite as well.
Well he showing me around is more comfortable than that creepy guy.
We both left the clas-sroom as I walked side by side with him.
People kept starring at us as we pas-sed them.
Some girls were eying me in annoyance while the guys were giving me that stare – that lvstful stare which I always ignore.
“Oh my gosh! They look so good together” a girl by a corner said to her friend.
“Shut thefu-ck up. Don’t you no that I’ve been crushing on chase for a long time now” her friend replied her and I chuckled.
Chase didn’t act like there were other people starring at us. He just kept his gaze straight and I noticed that his b©dy was a bit red.
He took me throu-gh the hallway and soon we arrived at a very hvge door which he opened and let me get in.
I got in and a wow escaped myl-ips.
The canteen is so hvge and beautiful.
The chairs and tables were arranged properly.
Gosh so beautiful.
The students sat according ma-king it look more beautiful.
Chase also got in and all eyes again turned to us.
“Let’s go” I heard chase say and he started approaching a table.
I followed him from behind and soon we got to a table and sat on it.
An attender c@m£ to us immediately.
“What do you wanna take?” I heard chase ask immediately the attender c@m£.
“ choose, I’ll take whatever you order” I replied and he pu-ll-ed a surprise look.
“R…really? You are sure about that?” He questioned and I nodded in response.
“Alright, bring two trays of chickens fries and milk” he said to the attender.
Milk? Why order milk? I thought but kept it to myself.
The students eyes weren’t leaving us. They were all still starring at us ma-king it seems really weird and awkward.
Do they really have to stare too much? Don’t they have other things to do other than starring?
The attender arrived with a tray and served it to him. Another followed and served me mine and I started eating.
I noticed he was picking on his food and occasionally steal a stare from me but I didn’t bother at all.
He doesn’t seems like a j£rk, like the one I met earlier today so I like this one better.
Chris’s POV
I got to her clas-s and asked of her but was told she left with chase.
Damn! I can’t believe chase left with a girl.
I rushed to the canteen and sighted them.
They were both eating and chase occasionally looked at her.
Huh! Could it be?
Chase is never like this.
Could it be he has feelings for her?
Does he like her?