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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Bad boys baby Episode 29 & 30

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🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞

Written By Kebby NG

Episode 29



Natalia’s POV
At first I stayed without responding to the kiss due to shock.

I never expected it but slowly I reciprocated to it.

Well, his not bad at it either. Maybe I’m not the first girl he is kissing.

My hands found it way to his shoulder and I wrapped it around his neck pulling his head downwards to me.

The joy in it is unexplainable. I love him, I so much do, I’ve fallen in love with him.

Its no longer a crush or just likeness. I just love him now.

Even if his shy and snobbish I still fell in love with him.

My body system started rejoicing in happiness as he moved me to the door and I leaned on it.

He also leaned in and now our bodies touched, my breast is pressing hard against his chest.

The kiss was smooth and slow at first but it started becoming rough.

The way it is, its like he has been hungry for it for years.

I felt my nipple harden the more as the kiss continued.

Soon I was becoming breathless but it seems his not ready to stop.

But I disengaged from the kiss to catch my breath.

My eyes were still full of shock as I starred

into his eyes.

Like, for real? Is he still the same chase few minutes ago.

We both didn’t talk but continued starring at each other.

Then slowly he cupped my cheek with one of his hand.

“I..I’m in love with you Natty, I’ve fallen in love with you” he mouthed and for that moment my heart stopped beating.

I felt tears gather up my eyes as I starred into his eyes.

I never expected it – so he loves me? He has been in love with me? I thought as my cheeks flushed and tears fall down my eyes at the same time.

I hugged him immediately as I didn’t no what else to do.

He loves me? He does? So it was his shyness that prevented me from knowing his real feelings all these while.

I felt him hold and hug me back.

“And I’m sorry for my silly attitudes, I..just didn’t no how to do all those stuff, its kind of embarrassing” he let out and I hugged him the more.

I just feel happy right now. I’m the happiest person in the whole universe.

The door made sound and we both disentangled from the hug and I starred at the door as he opened it.

And there was Cindy smiling like a bloated cow.

“Hi guys” she waved both we both continued starring at her.

“I’ll just get going now” she added and left.

Chase turned to look at me immediately she left.

“We should go join them to complete the game” he cooed and I nodded and grabbed his hand.

He smiled and adjusted

the door properly and we came out.

He closed the door back and we went down still holding each other’s hand.

Chris’s POV
Immediately I saw them holding hands I confirmed it.

I knew he was gonna do it after much thinking – his not that stupid anyways, especially when he likes her.

I just knew it, his chase, my brother after all.

They both sat back at their position.

My eyes were fixed on him the whole time but he didn’t dare stare back.

He knew I was starring at him but he was starring elsewhere.


“So, Charlie should spin the bottle next” Cindy’s voice came.

“” He asked and got hold of the bottle and did justice to it.

It pointed at Cindy when it stopped and she laughed.

“I guess its my turn” she said and we a concentrated on Charlie.

What is he gonna give her? I wondered.

“Well, lemme make it easy for you, I don’t wanna be hard here so mine is to have a hot romance with….” He paused and rubbed his jaw.

I guess he’ll wanna choose himself.

I mean that’s what he wants right?

“Chris” he revealed.

“Huh! Me?” I asked in shock.

I thought he was gonna do it himself, well I want her too, he just did me a favour but its unlike him.

“Yea, in forty minutes go make out with him the time is clicking” Charlie added and looked at the time on his phone.

“Can she do that?” Chase chipped in with unexplainable look which is explainable to me, I guess his too timid to realize the kind of girl she is.

Natalia is just not like her cousin, they are both different.

“Of course, why can’t I?” She voiced out and stood up.

“Alright then, don’t beg me to continue after forty minutes” I whispered into her ears.

I winked at Charlie who winked back.

He surly knows where its leading.

Why will I romance without s*x?

I’m definitely gonna have s*x with her today.


Episode 30


Chris’s POV
We got to my room and I let out a smile while locking my door.

I love p***y so much.

I made to unbutton my shirt and she stopped me.

“Lemme do it” she winked and I let her.

She doesn’t no what’s coming for her.

She unbuttoned my shirt and immediately engulfed my lips in a hot, rough kiss.

I walked her to the bed and made her lie softly on it.

Then I slid in one hand into her dress and got hold of her b*o*s, middle sized.

I fondled and played with it and next I started pulling the hand of her dress aside.

She pulled out from the kiss immediately.

“Wait, I’ll be the one doing everything” she said and stood up.

I lied on the bed wondering what she had in mind.

She came to me and got hold of my trouser and zipped down the zipper.

Seriously? Is she gonna give me a blow job?

Well, that’s nice of her. Haven’t had that in a while.

She brought out my d**k which was already becoming hard due to her touch and stroke it repeatedly with her eyes fixed on mine.

A smile was playing on her lip as she did that.

“Gosh, feels so great” I moaned out and she chuckled and took my lips in hers again.

She kissed and stroke my d**k at the same time for a while and finally stopped.

Then she pulled down my trouser completely.

I immediately stood up knowing what she wanted to it.

Aw, I’ll really enjoy. I might f**k her numerous times if she’s this great at making guys feel great pleasure.

She squatted and took my d**k into her mouth.

I swallowed as her warmness wrapped around my d**k.

Oh gosh. Why don’t I normally have girls do this style for me?

I shut my eyes and facing upward.

The pleasure is unexplainable. The pleasure I feel right now.

She continued s**king my d**k as if its lollipop for a while and later stopped.

But I didn’t want her to stop so I grabbed hold of her hair and inserted my d**k into her mouth and started thrusting in and out of her mouth at a fast pace.

“Ohh…so great. It feels so great” I moaned and thruster in even faster than before.

I did that for a long while without stopping and felt my cum building up.

I pulled out from her mouth and made her open her mouth more widely then I released everything into her mouth.

“Take it all in” I hushed and she did it.

Hah! Feels good but this is just the starting aspect, I thought with a smirk.

Natalia’s POV
“Is your cousin capable of that? A guy she barely knows?” Chase questioned me after some minutes that she left with Chris for the hot romance Charlie dared her to do.

“Well, yea, she’s that kind of person. She could steal my first boyfriend what can’t she do?” I replied getting angry as past thoughts started flooding into my head.

“Sorry? Did I hear you say first boyfriend?” Chase asked peeping into my face.

“ don’t need to mind me chase, I didn’t mean what I said” I forced a smile but he wasn’t convinced.

“What happened with your first boyfriend?” He asked and I cringed a bit.

“Well, its a long story chase and..I don’t want to talk about it” I replied with my gaze downward.

“Um..okay, but I’ll seriously like to no so..”

“I’ll talk when I can” I cut him in and he nodded and looked away.

Chris’s POV
I made her lie on the bed even when she refused and started playing with her b*o*s again. I played with them for a while before I licked and s**k*d from both b*o*s one after the other.

She was busy moaned out her lungs and my smile grew wider as I kissed her down to her V.

I already took off her clothes before making her lie on the bed.

So I firstly circled my finger round her V and she jerked.

Must have been so sweet.

I shifted her two walls apart and licked it.

She vibrated again.

“What the f**k are you doing to me Chris?” She bemoaned.

I did that for a long while before I fixed in two of my fingers into her V and started fingering her.

Hmm she’s not that loss.

Maybe she already had two d*c*s screw her.

I started thrusting into her at a fast pace and she kept calling and moaning my name throughout out the ride.

Then I stopped.

Now time for the main action, I thought happily and moved up and engulfed her lips in a slow sensitive kiss.

I used one of my hands to hold her cheek and the other to fix my d**k properly into her V.

After much difficulty, I succeeded and started thrusting into her deeply.




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