Bad boys baby Episode 27 & 28

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Episode 27
Chris’s POV
“You like her?” I scoffed unbelievably.
“Yea..I think so” he muttered.
I continued starring at him to be sure that his really chase.
“Are you perhaps sick again?” I asked him.
He raised his eyes to mine.
“Of course not” he replied and I scoffed again and remained mute for a while.
“When did you start liking her?” I questioned.
“I don’t no, I just found myself liking her” he replied.
“Then for how long? When exactly? Was it the first day you saw her?” I asked.
“I think so” he cooed.
“Then when I asked you what was your reply at first?” I snapped.
“Why did you lie to me? You’ve finally succeeded in ruining my plans, I had plans for her, what if I had accomplished it you moron?”
“Gosh I can’t seriously believe you lied about such things” I half yelled angrily.
“Plans? What plans did you have?” He asked.
“I think its had now, you’ve succeeded in destroying it” I gro-an ed.
“Were you planning on asking her out? Or perhaps slee-ping with her? Wait, you wanna have se-x with Natalia?” He skrie-ked.
“Get the hell out, I don’t have to reply you. I’m seriously not in the mood to look at you, so get out” I snarled.
“I’m sorry for lying but I didn’t know how to say it, I just..didn’t no how you’ll react and…I’m sorry” he apologized and left.
I sighed and rested my head on the pillow.
I could recall that first day I saw her.
I think I also saw him looking at her.
So he has liked her ever since, the idiot should have just told me.
Oh gosh. This is annoying and unbelievable at the same time, I feel like knocking some s-en-se into his head right now.
If I could have had my way with her, if she wasn’t proving stubborn and I succeeded in having my way with her then when he finds out he’ll get shattered.
That idiot.
I can’t believe he has finally fallen for someone. I thought he was gonna remain like that forever.
But who couldn’t fall in love with Natalia?
Her big a*s alone can kill, her big b00bs, her looks and even her hair can throw someone off feet.
Well, I don’t blame him tho. I didn’t know he has such great taste.
So he was waiting for someone like her to show up.
I guess she’s lucky too that chase likes her.
Its time i let go of my plans for her then.
I’ll find more delicious girls to scre-w later.
2 days later.
Cindy’s POV
Its the weekend and Aunt isn’t around.
I had earlier planned on visiting Chris so I’m so excited.
Natalia is in the sitting room, I’ll find a way to lure her out.
Mona can pl@yon her own, she’s always distancing herself anyways.
I put on makeup and wore a very gorgeous dress.
I went to the sitting to see Natalia.
“Are you going somewhere?” She questioned.
“Um..not really, can you follow me to Chris house? You can also see chase you no, pretty plea-se?” I pleaded.
Surprisedly she nodded and got up.
“Let’s go” she said.
What? Just like that? Well I guess she also wanna see her cute b©yfri£nd.
We both left and soon got to their front door.
I knocked happily and the door opened revea-ling Chris.
My eyes dilated and I hvgged him immediately.
“Wow! What are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you here” he said as I dis£ngaged and went in fully to the sitting room.
Natalia’s POV
I watched as she hvgged him happily.
I don’t really un-derstand her. In she that in love with him – a pla-yer for that matter.
Well, good luck to her tiny a*s.
I followed her in without sparing Chris much glance and saw Charlie sitting down on the couch there with an empty bottle of alcohol.
“Hello pretty ladies” he beamed.
“Hi” I mouthed looking around for chase but I guess his in his room.
I wonder why he loves staying there so much.
“Hi Charlie” Cindy replied him.
“ chase upstairs?” I turned to Chris and asked.
Before he could open his mouth chase appeared.
“Natalia?” He called and I turned and smiled at him.
“Hey chase” I greeted warmly.
“Hi chase” Cindy greeted but of course he didn’t answer her.
I don’t no why he finds it ha-rd replying people. I noticed he snubs very much, especially the ladies and it some time makes me happy because I know he won’t easily like someone else that way.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked now standing in front of me.
I noticed he spared Chris few nervous glance as he talked to me.
“Well, I c@m£ to see you” I replied.
“Alright, gather up, gather up” Cindy suddenly yelled.
“We’ve got a game we’re gonna pla-y, gather up” she continued ma-king me confused.
“What game is that?” Charlie asked her.
“Its a dare game. You’ll see it’ll be fun” she cooed.
“I love dare games” I heard Chris say as he went and sat down beside her.
Chase and I looked at ourselves wondering if we should join them.
“Come on buddy, are you scared?” Charlie asked chase.
“No, I’m just not comfortable with it” he cooed.
“Let’s do it” I whispered to him and he nodded and we both went to sit.
We sat down in a round circle as directed by the witch and she took the empty bottle there and placed it down.
Remember its just a dare – just dare and you no the rules to it.
“We know, you can proceed” I interrupted and she smiled mischievously and spined the bottle.
It turned and finally st©pped at chase front.
Why him first? I thought.
She smiled and looked at him.
“Now chase, I dare you to k!ssNatalia for twenty minutes without a pause. She’s your girlfriend so it shouldn’t be a problem” she said happily.
My eyes dilated as I looked at chase.
Chase that is really shy.
Twenty minutes non st©p?
Episode 28
Chase’s POV
I should k!ssher? For twenty minutes without st©pping?
What the hell? How could she ask me to do that?
“I..I..can’t do it” I muttered feeling really shy and embarras-sed at the same time.
“You can’t do it? What does that mean? Or are you scared of us watching you? Isn’t she your girlfriend?” Natalia’s cousin asked immediately looking from Natalia to Chris and then to Charlie.
They all kept quite just listening to her.
“Seriously? You are not just snobbish, you’re a baby too?” She scoffed.
“Hey Cindy, watch your mouth” I heard Natalia defend.
“I can’t do it either” she said and I looked at her.
She didn’t look at me but kept a straight face.
“Then you know the rules chase, you’ll have to get punished. You drink a full bottle of alcohol” she said.
“I can’t do that either, I can only drink a glas-s” I blurted.
“What? You’ll have to do either of them, so choose” she folded her arm looking pissed.
“The both of you can leave, I heard Chris say and I looked at him.”
“Leave? Why should they leave? We haven’t even start fully..”
“I mean they should be given space, I don’t mean they should leave the game” Chris cut her in and I looked at Natalia.
My heart has been beating so fast ever since.
“Chase, what are you waiting for? Get up” Chris urged and I nodded and stood up.
“You can go, go to your room” he further said.
I spared Natalia a glance and finally climbe-d up.
She was right behind me.
“Chase?” She called and I looked at her.
“You don’t have to f0rç£ yourself, we can just lie that its done, they won’t know a thing” she said and smiled.
“Uh..yea” I replied still nervous.
We got into my room and I closed the door.
She went to sit down immediately.
“We just have to stay for twenty minutes then” she said and relaxed on the couch.
I leaned on the door and watched her as she starred up.
“Are you that shy?” She suddenly asked me but I couldn’t reply her.
“Chase? You have never k!$$£d a girl before?” She asked again.
I hesitated for a while before I replied.
“I’m sorry if I disappointed you” I mouthed and heard her sigh.
“Its alright, I’ve gotten used to you alre-ady” she mumbled the last p@rt but I heard her.
Gosh. I can’t believe myself.
Cindy’s POV
Five minutes after they went up I decided to go check if they were really k!ssing.
I stood up and made to go but was st©pped by Chris.
“What are you doing?” He questioned.
“I want to go check on them to be sure they aren’t breaking the rules” I replied.
“How do you intend to do that?” Charlie asked.
“I’ll peep throu-gh the door hole then, I have to check” I pouted.
“Leave them, they aren’t doing anything now, you can check up on them at that exact twenty minutes. I think they will start it then” Chris said ma-king me surprised.
“Why do you say so? Is your brother that shy? Haven’t he d@t£d a girl before? He seems nerdy” I said and Chris rolled his eyes.
“His not nerdy alright, his not just too expo-sed but I think that will all be in the past starting from today” he explained.
“Hmm so its chase that’s the problem. But why did Natalia say she won’t also do it? I was surprised at what she said.”
“She alre-ady d@t£d someone in the past” I cooed.
“She has? I guess the guy must be good at catching woman’s heart” Charlie ch!pped in.
“Yea, well let’s leave the rest. I want to go check on them now” I pressed on.
“Its not yet twenty minute baby calm down” Chris replied me again.
“Alright I’ll wait” I said and we all waited.
I watched the time after some minutes and its 15 minutes.
Lemme wait for two more minutes before I start going.
Natalia’s POV
17 minutes gone.
We have been silence ever since.
I’m somehow regretting that his shy. I just wish he wasn’t right now.
I had to step in for him but de-ep down I wanted it.
I just want him to make a move first but seems that that’s not gonna be happening.
I’m not even sure he really likes me tho that’s what everyone keeps saying.
That I’m lucky to be chos£n by him. That I will enjoy him a lot.
I looked at the time and its alre-ady twenty minutes.
“I guess its time now” I said out loud and stood up.
He moved away from the door a bit and I opened the door, I made to step out but he closed the door back.
I looked at him wondering why he did that, then next he locked the door ma-king me surprised.
“I’m sorry” I heard him say and next he got cu-mpped my cheeks and k!$$£d me.
Did he just…?