Bad boys baby Episode 15 & 16

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 15
Next day.
Natalia’s POV
I woke up early and did my early morning routines.
I got really tired last night from arranging the spare room for the witch.
Get along? There is no way I’m getting along with her with what she did to me in the past.
After everything I left the room for the dinning to have breakfast with mom and Mona.
Mom is a ha-rd worker, even if she’s tired from work, she’ll still wake up early to make breakfast for us.
“Morning mom” I greeted and gave her an early morning k!ss.
I looked at Mona and pinched her nose.
“Learn how to be respectful alright” I said in a ha-rd voice trying to put some fear into her but no.
She’ll rather cry all night than greet me.
“St©p that” mom ordered me and I left her.
She eyed me and munched on her spaghetti.
“Spaghetti in the morning mom? That’s new new” I chuckled.
“What’s so odd about it?” Mona asked rolling her eyes.
“Hey, are you mom?” I questioned.
“You both should st©p this ru-bbish and respect yourself in front of your cousin – especially you Natalia.”
“Don’t fight with her, I’ll get you grounded if she complains of anything” mom said.
“Mom, I’m your daughter and you should always be on my side, why are you always supporting her and not me?”
“Did we perhaps get switched? Is she your real daughter?” I rushed my words and mom dropped her cutleries.
“What nons-en-se are you talking about Natalia? Do not anger me early this morning” she growled.
“Mom, I’m just joking okay? You don’t have to get mad. I’m sorry” I apologized immediately.
“Joking early this morning” I heard Mona say and rolled my eyes.
“Silly br@t” I mumbled.
“Be fast with your meal before you del@yme” mom said referring to us both.
“Mom, aren’t you gonna finish your breakfast? I’m so sorry alright? I really didn’t mean what I said” I called out to her as she left the dinning but she didn’t respond so I stood up and went after her.
“Mom” I called holding her both hands when I got to her.
“I won’t pick a fight with her. I promise you that I’ll always behave from now on, it’s just that you always side with her even when she’s wrong and I’m right but I’m so sorry mom. Forgive me plea-se” I pleaded pouting myl-ips.
“Its alright I’ve heard heard you. Just go and finish up your breakfast, I’ll pick her from the airport when she arrives” she replied and I hvgged her slightly.
“Thanks mom” I beamed and left to continue with my unfinished business.
There might be something wrong. Mom is always behaving that way whenever the witch comes into the picture.
Well, maybe its because its her sister’s daughter and we were surprisedly given birth to on the same day.
Well I heard she s£niors me with time but she’s always acting bossy so I don’t like her at all.
I c@m£ down from mom’s vehicle and waved her bye.
She reversed and left.
I sighed and faced the entrance of the school.
Now where is he? I thought and sauntered into the hallway.
I was on the hallway smiling happily to myself ignoring the students that were starring at me.
Well, I am smiling because of yesterday’s incidents.
What happened yesterday hasn’t left my mind one bit.
“Hey pretty” i heard someone call from behind but ignored it since I don’t no the voice.
“Pretty” the voice called again and t©uçhed my shoulder.
I turned and looked at him.
He was tall, long face and handsome.
What is it now? I thought.
“Can I help you?” I asked giving him a straight face.
“Well, I’m a clas-smate actually. My name is frank” he introduced extending his hand for a hand shake.
“And you’re Natalia right?” He asked when I didn’t accept the handshake and I reluctantly did.
“Yes” I replied.
“Alright, nice meeting you and you’re really beautiful. If you don’t mind can we be friends?” He asked and I tucked my hair behind my ear and coughed.
“Um..yea, sure” I replied and he smiled.
“Thanks, lemme walk you to the clas-s” he proffered and we started going.
“So, are you new in town?” He asked probably trying to start up a conversation.
“Um..kind of” I cringed.
“Okay, I’m just asking because I’ve never heard of you. Did you know that you’re currently on everyone’sl-ip. The guys, the ladies are all talking about you” he explained.
“Hmm really? But why are they talking about me. Did I do anything wrong?” I asked and looked at him.
“Of course, not, the guy’s are talking of how beautiful and attrac-tive you are while the ladies are afraid you’ll snatch their b©yfri£ndand crush from them” he said and I found myself laughing.
“Come on, Frank, are you serious?” I laughed and he also laughed.
“Of course, it’s the truth anyways” he replied and I smiled.
“You seem like a joker yunno” I tea-sed and he chuckled.
“You can call me one if you want to” he said and I smiled.
I looked forward and my eyes caught chase.
He was leaning beside the clas-s door starring at us.
I paused and looked at him.
Has he been starring at us for long?
The way I laughed with him and all that.
Don’t tell me he has been watching.
Episode 16
Natalia’s POV
“Natalia? Natalia? Are you okay?” Frank’s voice broke into my thought.
I turned and looked at him.
“Of course, I’m cool” I replied and turned back to look at chase but couldn’t find him there anymore.
Huh, where is he? I thought and went closer to the clas-s.
I opened the door and looked inside the clas-s but couldn’t find him.
Am I imagining things? I thought puzzled at what just happened.
“Natalia? You’re acting strange, what is it?” Frank c@m£ to me and asked.
“Did you see chase? He was standing outside. Did you see him?” I asked peering into his eyes.
“No, I didn’t see him. Why are you looking for him? He ba-rely speaks” frank replied.
I sighed and held my w@!st.
“I’ll help you ask someone about him then” he said and went into the clas-s.
“Hey, where is chase? Do you know where he is?” I heard him ask a fellow student.
“No, I don’t no where he is but I wish I knew” the student replied and giggled.
Frank turned back to me and I sighed again.
“Do you have anything with him? You are looking so worried” he cooed.
“No, just forget it, thanks for your help anyways” I thanked and went to sit at the position Chase and I sat yesterday.
“Hmm today is your second day in school and you’re looking like this” a voice rang out from the door and I looked up to see him – Chris.
Student g@sped and the girls started adjusting properly on their sits smiling broadly at him but he ignored them all and walked up to me.
I kept a straight face watching him as he c@m£ closer to me.
“What is your business with it?” I questioned flatly.
“Well, I have a lot of business if its regarding you. One doesn’t get to see a rare beauty in all occasions you no, so one gat to gr-ab any opportunity he has and make use of them” he spoke so proudly taking steady steps towards me until he got really close to me.
He stood facing me but I didn’t spare him a glance.
All the students attention were focused on us as if they were watching a TV show.
He then sat down on a sit in front of me. He sat in a way that he could face me properly and he did.
“Hi Natty” he beamed.
“Hey, don’t call me like that. We aren’t even close so don’t behave like you no me” I hushed and he smiled.
“Come on Nat, what are you afraid of? I c@m£ to look for you yesterday but I guess I c@m£ too late. I just want us to be friends and nothing me” he said in a soft voice.
I looked at him immediately and threw my eyes away.
Is he the one speaking so softly?
“I’m not interested in having more friends so I’m sorry to disappoint you” I said plainly.
“I’m not gonna f0rç£ you Nat, friendsh!pcan’t be f0rç£d so I’ll leave you to decide on it” he smiled then stood up and left.
Gosh! What a j£rk!
So proud.
The teacher c@m£ in almost immediately Chris left and we greeted him.
He turned to the board to start teaching but the clas-s door opened revea-ling chase.
My eyes wi-de-ned as happiness clouded my mind.
Thank goodness. I was beginning to think that his not gonna come to clas-s.
“Chase, why are you late to my clas-s?” The teacher questioned him immediately.
“I’m sorry sir” he apologized and without waiting for his apology to be accepted he c@m£ and sat down beside me – the position he sat yesterday.
I smiled more broadly as I looked at him but he wasn’t looking at me.
Could there be any problem? I thought still starring at him.
“Young miss, will you concentrate and st©p admiring him?” The teacher’s voice rang out and I looked at him.
Students started laughing immediately.
I bec@m£ embarras-sed and looked down at my desk.
Why does he have to say it out loud?
Chase’s POV
I looked at her as she looked down at her desk and sighed.
I don’t just un-derstand but it could be best if I no how to handle this feeling building inside me.
It could be best if no one notices then I’ll be at peace.
I don’t even no what c@m£ over me when I saw her laughing with that frank guy.
It’ll be better. Really better if this feelings remain hidden.
They should remain hidden forever.