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Bad boys baby Episode 13 & 14

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 13
Chris’s POV
I took a step in but was st©pped by Charlie’s voice.
“Chris” he called in a whisper and I looked at him.
He beckoned on me to come over and I wondered why he was behaving that way.
I shut the door slowly and went to meet him.
He took me downstairs to the sitting room.
“Your car, I think your car is behaving strange. Its needs servicing else we won’t be able to make use of it or we might get into an accident if we make use of it” he said ma-king me surprised.
“You called me because you were suspecting that my car is faulty Charlie? Are you for real man? Let the engineers do their work then or have you haven’t we have personal engineers that helps repair our cars?” I questioned and he [email protected]£ confused.
“Hey, you’re acting weird. Why did you call me like that? As if you were whispering so no one else will hear you or what?”
“You aren’t chase, I could have called the doctors for you” I said and turned to leave but he blocked my way.
“Come on, Chris, you have to check the car out yourself and beside I’m bored and need company” he insisted ma-king a pitiful face.
“The engineers will check it, they no better and when did I suddenly started keeping you company?”
“You can go to a club or h0tel to keep yourself busy man, I have something important to do now” I replied and made to leave again but he held my arm and started dragging me outside.
“Charlie, Charlie? What are you doing? St©p pu-lling me” I hushed but he continued and we got outside.
There was a bottle of drink in the bonnet of one of my mom’s car and he picked it up and gave it to me.
“Here take” he offered and squee-ze it into my hand.
“I don’t un-derstand this anymore, Charlie. I don’t un-derstand your sudden change of attitude” I complained.
“Don’t worry, it won’t be that long. Lemme go get more bottles from inside” he replied and left.
I raised the bottle up to the brim of myl-ips and sipped from it.
Charlie’s POV
I got to the fridge and took out three different cans of alcoholic drink.
You must be wondering why I did that.
I did it because I no he’ll surely ruin my plans.
After Chase must have finished with her, I want to be the second to scre-w her.
Chris might go in to chase’s room and find her, he might decide to do something foolish which will spoil my plans so its actually for my benefit.
I chuckled softly and went back outside.
Its not easy confusing someone like Chris.
He deserves to be a cop with that act of his. He suspects things easily.
I got outside and found out that he has finished the drink I gave him so I opened one of the canned alcohol and gave it to him.
Lemme try to bring up a conversation so he’ll be fully convinced.
Natalia’s POV
I watched as his mouth moved.
I originally wanted to pay attention but my eyes mistakenly went to his cute redl-ips and I couldn’t move my eyes away again.
Sh*t! I can’t even hear a word his saying right now, I mean I can’t comprehend a word his saying even if I know his talking.
The sound of his tone, his voice is so magical.
Is he a musician or what? Seems I’m just getting to notice all his cute attributes.
No wonder Mona likes him a lot.
Why didn’t I look at him very well the first day.
Oh I was so tired and ignored him and I wasn’t even interested in knowing him then but now everything seems to be changing.
His damn cute and I can’t kept my eyes off him.
I don’t no why tho.
“Do you un-derstand?” I heard him ask loudly with his eyes focused on the book.
“Yes” I replied unconsciously.
“Alright that’s good” he said and closed the textbook.
I was still looking at him.
“Natalia?” I heard him call loudly and I blinked and stood up immediately.
“Of course, I’ll get going now” I cooed and started searching for the books I [email protected]£ with.
Where are they? I thought fli-pping other things on the table and my hands mistakenly t©uçhed his.
Our eyes locked and we starred at ourselves for minutes and just as if we were being ordered we both flin-ched and shifted away from each other at the same time.
“I’m sorry” I heard him apologize.
“No no need, I’ll just get going then” I said nervously and took my paper and headed out of his room.
He followed me from behind and we got downstairs to the sitting room.
Chris’s POV
I was still in the garage, Charlie has left to get another drink since he insisted I stayed with him.
I was still there when the sitting room door opened and the person I least expected to see there [email protected]£ out followed by chase.
I flin-ched and got down from the car I was sitting on
Episode 14
Chris’s POV
“Hey, st©p” I called out to them but I was too late because Natalia alre-ady stepped out from the gate and chase has locked it.
I stood blocking his [email protected]
“Didn’t you hear me calling? How come the new neighbour is here?” I questioned.
“Well, she’s my [email protected]” he replied flatly and made to walk [email protected] me but I blocked his way again.
“I know she’s your [email protected] but how come she’s here and what did she come here for?” I asked.
“For studies” he replied and walked [email protected] me.
Charlie [email protected]£ out with two cans and looked at the gate.
“Has she left?” He asked chase who was now on the stairs.
“Yea and don’t try what you did again, plea-se” he said.
“Wait, what’s going on? Charlie you knew the blonde was here? Is that why you prevented from going into chase room?” I inquired.
“Obviously” he replied and turned.
“Now, that’s she’s gone lemme go back to watching my match, you can do whatever you want now” Charlie said and left.
I scoffed as I stood watching them.
Seriously? Can’t believe chase brou-ght a girl into his room then is it really real? Does he like her?
Lemme go ask now that no one is gonna hold me back.
Chase’s POV
I got into my room and picked up my headphone.
I put them on and sat on my study chair.
A smile curled up my face as I looked at the chair beside me.
She was sitting right there beside me minutes ago.
Its just unbelievable.
Totally unbelievable.
I closed my eyes as I vibe to the music pla-ying into my ear.
I didn’t no when Chris got into my room.
It was when he re-moved the headphone from me that I realized he was there.
He must be here to ask more questions regarding Natalia.
Its weird honestly, really weird but I aren’t telling him a thing.
“You, do you like her?” He questioned immediately I stood up to look at him.
I [email protected] as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
“What do you mean?” I asked acting like I don’t un-derstand what he was talking about.
“The new girl – Natalia. Do you like her?” He asked again.
“Why…why do you ask? I don’t un-derstand you” I replied still pla-ying dumb.
“I’m gonna tell mom that her lovely son brou-ght a girl home and into his room and guess what? I’m gonna add a lot of lies while telling her.”
“Do you wanna hear them? I’m gonna tell her that I heard….”
“I’ll talk, I’ll talk alright, so just st©p” I cut him in and he smiled satisfied.
“Now, do you like her?” He asked again and I hesitated for a while.
“No, I don’t” I replied and he starred at me more keenly.
“Hmm are you sure?” He asked suspiciously.
“Yes, I don’t seriously” I replied and heard him sigh.
He coughed after sighing and stepped back.
“Good of you and i hope aren’t lying chase. Good of you” he smiled and turned to leave but I st©pped him.
“Why..why are you asking? Do you have interest in her?” I questioned.
He turned back and smiled again.
“That shouldn’t concern you chase. Continue with your music” he cooed and left.
“But…”I made to say but concluded that its pointless.
Now, why is he asking?
My brother is very smart he might find out that I lied.
Hope his not planning anything dangerous anyways.
Natalia’s POV
Few hours after I returned from chase house.
I stayed in my room and couldn’t help but smile.
I really like him or don’t I?
Well, I think this is the second time I’m liking someone.
The first person is a devil. He just wanted to use me and I foolishly fell into his tra-p but it wasn’t that easy to find out the truth tho.
His just too cunning reasons why I don’t like that guy named Chris or whatever.
He just looks cunning despite his looks.
I heard car hones and jumped down from the be-d and went down.
Mom [email protected]£ out of her car and I rushed to meet her.
“Mom” I called surprised to see her.
I didn’t expect to see her now.
“Mom, why are you here?” I called when I’d gotten closer to her.
“Do you remember my sister that died two years ago?” She asked.
“Um..yes, what about her?” I questioned in curiosity.
“Well, her husband is gonna be travelling so he asked that their only daughter who is also your age stays with us” she explained.
“What? You mean the wicked witch is gonna be staying with us from now on?” I asked.
“Yes dear, I’m gonna be picking her up from the airport tomorrow. Its good actually because you guys will become friends and will be inseparable” she cooed and I scoffed.
“Mom, you are not serious, are you? There is no way we can ever become friends” I said.
“Well, you’ll have to find a way. Go arrange the spare room fast” she ordered and left.
I stood in shock watching her.
Mom must be kidding me.

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