Bad boys baby Episode 11 & 12

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Episode 11
Chase’s POV
I kept starring at her unable to look away even tho I knew she caught me.
“So chase, can you show me around after lunch?” She suddenly asked.
“Yea sure” I replied and sipped from my cu-p of milk.
Those n@ûghty ladies were starring at us.
I wish I could just pluck their eyes out.
Even the bit*h at Drake’s house p@rty was there throwing glances at us occasionally.
The door to the canteen made a sound and I looked up to see someone that looks like Chris walking out.
“So, can we go now?” She asked and I turned and looked at her.
“Yea, lemme pay for these” I referred to the meal we had.
I made to stand but she held me back by tou-ching my hand.
Her skin felt so soft against mine.
“I’ll pay for both, its my way of saying thank you” she smiled.
“No no, its not proper at all. I should be the one paying plea-se let me do that. Its kinda of embarras-sing to allow you pay” I insisted.
“Um..really? Okay I’ll be the one to pay next time” she said.
Next time? Will there be a next time? I thought to myself.
“Alright then, I’ll go ahead now” I cooed with my heart beating fast.
Her soft hand left my skin and I left to pay.
I got back after paying and she followed me out.
“So, where should I take you now?” I asked even if I wasn’t supposed to.
I’m just feeling so weird. This is the first time this is actually happening to me.
Me being so close to a girl, this is the damn first time.
“I think places like, the basketball court, the swimming pool, the field and places like that” she replied walking really close to me.
“Yea right”I replied and she clasped her hands together.
“Its nice that we live together, I have you if anything at all happens right?” She smiled and looked at me and I nervously nodded.
“Yea right” I replied.
I took her to the basketball court as she requested and so many other places.
She was just exclaiming and giggling ma-king me smile at her act.
She’s just so cute – unbelievably cute.
“I never knew t©p hill had such beautiful places tho I heard its one of the best schools. I thought its alone silly things that happens here.”
“I never even imagined to meet someone so cool as you. Thank you for showing me around, chase”she beamed as we headed back to clas-s because the lunch break was okay.
“You think?” I asked.
“Yes, I met one creepy guy this morning, I thought its only his type that’s here” she replied and I chuckled.
Creepy indeed? I thought.
We got to clas-s and entered.
We are to have further maths but the teacher isn’t around since he hasn’t arrived.
He arrives early but today I don’t think his gonna come since its alre-ady few minutes late.
I sat down and she sat down beside me.
The students were still starring at us and I un-derstand why today’s own is quite different.
Its because of Natalia.
I know what they are all thinking.
I don’t roll with girls at all. I find most of them disgusting.
I started hating them when they started sneaking up me with their love letters.
I could always see love letters in my school bag, locker, desk, they could even s£nd another guy to pas-s the letter to me.
Its just so so annoying so I stayed away from all of them till d@t£.
“” I heard her call.
“Yes” I replied and looked at her.
“Why isn’t the teacher here?” She asked with worried ness.
“I think he is not available” I replied and she pouted.
“I can’t believe I’ll be missing a lesson on my first day. I really wanna learn further maths, I really don’t no that subject and don’t have anyone to teach me” she kept saying.
“Um..lemme teach you then” I said before I could st©p myself.
I didn’t like the face she was ma-king, it was tearing my heart ap@rt to see her that way.
She looked at me immediately.
“’ll teach me?” She asked and I nodded.
“Oh my goodness! Thanks a lot, you’re so so cool” she hollered and everyone that wasn’t starring turned and looked at us.
“So, should I come over to your house then? You live at the next house to mine right?” She questioned and I gulped.
Geez, I meant to explain things to her here, but can I refuse her?
“Um…yea” I stuttered a bit.
“Today? Should it be today?” She asked clearly excited.
“Yes, want” I replied and she exclaimed again and laughed.
“You’re the best chase, really? You’re cool” she laughed and I found myself blu-shing.
I took my gaze down to avoid her finding out.
So, if she’s really gonna be coming over then I’ll be in a room with her.
Just the both of us.
Episode 12
Charlie’s POV
I was sitting in the sitting room with my legs on the table watching a football match.
We c@m£ back a bit late all thanks to Chris.
And speaking about Chris he has been a bit off. He didn’t speak throu-ghout our journey from school but chase on the other hand seemed happy tho his always in his room.
Well, I’m just here all by myself until I heard a knock at the door.
I stood up and went to answer the door. I opened the door and bec@m£ surprised at the person at the door.
She also looked surprised on seeing me.
I smiled immediately.
She is coming on her own when we seriously nee-d her.
I especially nee-d my di-ck inside her pu-ssy which I bet will be sweet.
“ live here?” She questioned and I smiled more broadly.
“Come in” I said stepping out of the way.
Damn! I don’t wanna know why she’s here but my main target is to have her.
She hesitated a bit before coming in.
She c@m£ in and stood at a corner.
“So, the beautiful princess charming in here” I cooed and smiled while moving closer to her.
She started moving backward as I moved towards her but that didn’t make me st©p.
“You…what are you doing? I aren’t here for you” she said with a fearful voice.
“Relax baby, I promise not to be too ha-rd on you” I smiled mischievously.
“I don’t un-derstand you plea-se st©p coming closer” she stuttered a bit and reached the wall.
She looked back and found out that she couldn’t move back anymore.
“What are you doing?” She asked when I continued moving closer to her.
“I’m not doing anything so calm down” I tried calming her down.
“plea-se just move back alright? Its getting stuffy” she said again but I didn’t listen.
I got so close to her that I might enter her if care is not taken.
“Charlie?” I heard a familiar voice call from the behind as I was about to t©uçh her blond hair.
“fuc-k!” I gro-an ed when she escaped from me immediately due to the distraction.
She ran and went to stand behind him.
“Chase? Why are you down?” I asked in-serting my f!ngersinto my trou-ser pockets totally forgetting about the football match.
“What were you doing to her?” He asked his voice mixed with gro-an s.
“I aren’t doing anything, I’m just welcoming her since she’s here but she looks really scared.”
“I don’t no why she’s scared tho. Its not as if I’m putting on a criminal mask” I lied and heard him scoff.
“But you haven’t replied my own questions chase. What are you doing downstairs? Aren’t you supposed to be in your room listening to music?” I asked.
“I c@m£ to see if she had arrived, plea-se don’t scare her anymore’ he rolled his eyes and turn to her.
“Are you okay? Hope he didn’t hurt you anywhere” chase said to her and she looked at me and nodded negatively.
“Alright, let’s go up to my room then” he added and they left.
Your room? Hmm is he becoming like us too? I chuckled at the thought and went to sit down.
So, his gonna be scre-wing her? Hope he makes her scream ha-rd , I thought again and laughed this time.
Chase’s POV
I took her up to my room and we sat down in front of my study table.
Immediately I got home I had to rearrange my room to look more beautiful.
Hope to impress her with it.
I waited nervously in my room for long and decided to go down to continue waiting for her since she’s gonna be pas-sing throu-gh the sitting room.
Don’t want any of my brothers speaking to her.
I got down and met the biggest shock. Was Charlie trying to cudd-leher or what?
Well, thank goodness I got her away from him safely but she looks a bit annoyed about it.
“Hey Nat, I’m sorry about his character” I apologized and she smiled but I noticed it was a f0rç£d smile.
I feel bad because she’s annoyed but what can I do? Charlie is my brother and his older than I am.
I can’t guarantee he won’t do worse a second time.
Maybe I won’t allow her come a second time before Chris tries his own.
“Your room is so beautiful and its smells like you” she said after a long pause.
“Thanks” I mumbled still feeling bad.
“So let’s start with the further maths question. Did you bring the textbook?” I asked and she g@sped.
“Oh my! That didn’t occur to me chase, I’m so sorry, maybe I should go back and bring it” she said and made to stand up but I st©pped her.
“We’ll just use mine, don’t bother” I st©pped her and stood up to search for it.
After I’d gotten it I c@m£ back and started explaining some things to her there but I noticed she was mostly starring at my face.
I had to hold myself else I could have sure become all red.
Geez, why is she starring at me? I thought but couldn’t stare at her face back.
I just couldn’t with my heart beating fast and all that.
Chris’s POV
I stayed in my room thinking.
Thinking about chase.
I think I should go ask him now if he likes Natalia.
I can’t hold it in anymore.
I stood up immediately and went out to his room.
I stood outside his room and heard his voice.
Is he singing? I wondered and t©uçhed the door knob to open the door.