Bad boys baby 2 Episode 9 & 10

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Episode 9
In the evening of that same day.
Chase’s POV
We’re all back home and I’m currently preparing a visit to Natalia’s home.
The nervousness I’m feeling is unexplainable, I’ve alre-ady gotten a rose flower for her mom and I bought a silver n£¢klace on my way home as directed by Charlie.
I bought the n£¢klace for Nat. I pray she loves it.
I prepared myself and left my room to see mom in the sitting room with dad.
She took her eyes to the rose flower with me and her eye remained on it.
“Chase, what’s happening? Where are you going with that?” She pointed at the flower.
“Mom, I can’t tell you now but I’ll tell you during the week.”
“Its for someone plea-se don’t f0rç£ me to tell you now” I cooed and she took her eyes to mine.
She starred at me for a while and nodded.
“Okay, be home quic-k” she said and went to sit with dad.
I re-leased the breath I didn’t know I was holding and continued on my way.
Natalia’s POV
I arranged the whole sitting room and aid my mom in cooking.
Gosh I am so excited.
This feeling is new. Tho he isn’t my first b©yfri£ndbut his the first that’s gonna be visiting and I’m so nervous and super excited.
My mom kept sparing me glances but I ignored it and continued jumping and giggling to myself.
I bet his gonna knock at any minutes, I thought and ran into my room and went to look at myself in front of the mirror.
I specially selected clothes I haven’t worn before, I wore them on.
Its not as if we’re going out on our first d@t£ but I’m too excited.
And I wish he’ll ask me out on a d@t£ anytime soon.
I was still in my room when I heard mom’s voice, then another voice which sounded familiar.
My heart beat st©pped.
He’s here, I thought and exhaled sharply then ran out of my room to see mom beckoning him in.
“Chase?” I called and smiled.
He also beamed smiles at me and went to sit.
“How’re you doing chase? How’re your parents?” Mom asked him.
“I’m good ma’am, they’re good too” he smiled and pres£nted the flower to mom.
Mom pu-ll-ed a surprised look as she collected the rose flower.
“ did you know that I love flowers? Especially rose” mom asked.
“Well, I kind of heard of it” chase replied and mom looked at me.
I win-ked at her and went to sit beside chase.
“Hey” he cooed.
“Hey, you’re welcome, I have been waiting for you” I said and he nodded.
“I know you must have been, I’m sorry for ma-king you wait, I’m just really nervous and all” he said.
“Yea, same here” I agreed.
“You’re nervous?” He inquired.
“Yes, I’m really nervous” I replied as we starred at each other.
Mom coughed bringing us back to our s-en-ses and we took our eyes back to her.
“You’ll be eating dinner with us chase since you’re alre-ady here” mom said to him.
“ ma’am, its not necessary” he disapproved.
“You’ll have to, or don’t you want to?” She asked.
“Of course I want to but I want wanna..”
“Come on chase, just join us, I’ll be so happy if you do that” I pouted.
“Uh..okay ma’am, I guess I got no choice then” he agreed and I smiled.
“Okay, lemme go set the table” she cooed then left.
Chris’s POV
I went to my wardrobe and searched for it.
Then I saw it after a while.
I closed back my wardrobe and went into the toilet. I sat on t©p of the WC and lighted the cigarette.
Yes, I wanted to smoke badly.
I can’t just st©p thinking about what mom said.
She’s mad at me till now and I haven’t apologized to her.
I’m so confused, my thinking is just not straight so I nee-ded to take at least two sticks.
I fixed the cigarette on the brim of myl-ips and puffed in the smoke real well.
I brou-ght out the stick and puffed out the smoke.
Everything is shi**ing up. I don’t un-derstand what to do anymore.
Her words got to me more than ever.
And I’ve never seen her that angry before, she’s always mad but not to this extent.
She has even refused replying my greetings, its because I’m yet to apologize which I wanna do but I’m confused.
I wish she could just take back those words tho – it hurts real well.
Natalia’s POV
We got to the dinning table and sat around it. Mom alre-ady set the table.
“What happened to Cindy and where is Mona?” She questioned me.
“They are both in their rooms, Cindy will eat later because she doesn’t wanna come out now and Mona is unexpectedly slee-ping” I replied her.
“Are you sure about that? Go check up on them again” she ordered and I gro-an ed and stood up.
I just don’t feel like leaving Chase side.
Chase’s POV
“So chase, you like her a lot?” She asked and I nodded shyly.
“Hmm I hope so, because I can see that she likes you a lot.”
“I don’t want her heart broken okay?” She cooed.
“Yes, of course ma’am, I won’t hurt her” I as-sured her.
“Have you had any girlfriend? If yes how many?” She inquired.
“I’ve had none ma’am,she’s the first” I replied a bit uncomfortable.
Staying with just her mom is not really fun.
Where is Natalia?
I want her by my side, I thought nervously.
“So chase, can you explain how it all happened? How did you start developing feelings for her?” She further asked and I gulped and went into de-ep thoughts.
Episode 10
Natalia’s POV
I finished checking up on Cindy and Mona as instructed by mom but its still the same result.
I left for the dinning room and when I got close I heard mom saying something to chase but when she sighted me she st©pped ma-king me wonder why.
I glared at her and took my sit beside chase.
“So chase” she said and I thought she wanted to continue what she was saying to him.
“I’ll leave you two now, take care, I nee-d to go to be-d now” mom announced and got up.
“Mom, so early? You’re retiring to be-d now?” I questioned.
“Yes, or can’t I?” She asked.
“Of course you can, its just surprising” I smiled at her.
She gave me a glare before leaving us.
“What was she asking you?” I turned to chase and asked him.
“Um..nothing, nothing relevant” he cooed and I nodded.
“So, how is the meal?” I inquired with my eyes fixed on him.
“Its delicious, really delicious, I’m actually asking myself between my mom’s and your mom’s meal which of them taste more great but I can’t still come to a conclusion yet” he replied and I laughed.
“You’re silly chase, come on, st©p thinking like that” I laughed.
He st©pped eating and then turned to face me properly.
“Can we go out? Let’s just stroll outside” he asked.
“Of course, let’s go but firstly finish up your meal” I replied.
“Oh I’m sorry I’ll have to refuse, I can’t get over fed here, my mom will still f0rç£ her meal on me so if you don’t want me to get fat you’ll have to agree with me” he cooed.
“Come on chase, I want you to get fat” I said.
“What? You want me to get fat?” He questioned and coughed.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked and looked at him.
“No, its nothing” he answered.
“Have you caught a cold or something?” I asked worriedly.
“No, its…”
He coughed again and sweats started forming on his fore head.
“Hey, you’re sweating, what’s wrong?” I asked getting more curious.
“Wait, you know if your mom added garlic to her meal?” He cracked.
“Yea yea, don’t you like..”
I couldn’t complete my statements because he coughed again ma-king me afraid this time.
“Oh my! Are you allergic to garlics?” I inquired and stood up.
“Y..yea, I am” he replied and I ruffed my hair.
“Oh gosh chase, why didn’t you tell me?” I said getting more scared than ever.
He stood up on his feet.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to have dinner here, I….” he paused and coughed again.
“Have you taken water? Your skin colour is changing chase?” My voice c@m£ out feebly.
I was too scared for him.
“Lemme help you to your house chase, don’t say any other word” I hushed when he wanted to speak again.
I held one of his arm and esc-rted him out of the house immediately.
I could easily got mom since she’s a doctor but I don’t want chase to feel embarras-sed, shy or sorry. Its better he gets treated among his family members.
I know the type of person he is now its better he stays with familiar people.
I took him out and to the front of his gate when he suddenly turned and di-pped his hand into his pocket and brou-ght out a small box.
“I won’t allow what’s happening to me right now prevent me from seeing you wear this one” he said.
“Chase?” I called and looked at the box surprised at it.
“plea-se just put it on” he said pleadingly.
I quic-kly opened the box and was stunned to see a silver n£¢klace.
“Oh my chase, where did you get the money from?”
“Just put it on, its actually p@rt of my savings” he cut me off.
“Its beautiful” I cooed but couldn’t bring myself to check it out well.
I unlocked the n£¢klace and quic-kly wore it on.
“Thanks” I thanked and opened his gate quic-kly.
The way his skin colour is changing is the worst thing.
I’ve never seen something like it before.
We got to the front door and he opened it.
He looked at me with a worried look but didn’t let his feelings out as I helped him in.
He is probably worried about me meeting his parents in this manner.
“Chase?” I heard a woman’s voice call and immediately she rushed to him.
They have a striking resembles but I can agree that Chris looks more like the woman.
She held him and took him to a sit.
“Honey, call the doctor” she half yelled.
A man appeared from the other side of the room which I know its chase dad.
Yea, this is the person he resembles more – him, tho he also resembles the woman.
The man brou-ght out his phone on seeing chase and probably dialed the doctor’s line.
“Come on chase, what did you take this time?” The woman asked full of fears.
“Mom, I’m sorry, its garlic” he managed to reply.
“How many times will I tell you to avoid garlic, shrimps and things containing orange, huh!?” She skrie-ked.
Garlic, shrimps and…
Wait, did she just say things containing orange?
He is allergic to orange too?
How come?