Bad boys baby 2 Episode 7 & 8

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 7
Natalia’s POV
“Mo…mom” I called and moved a bit closer to her.
She was still starring at me in surprise probably wondering why and how I got here.
“’re you?” I inquired when she didn’t reply me.
She took her eye to chase who was just starring blankly.
“ my b©yfri£ndmom, his name is Chase” I introduced Chase to her.
“Isn’t he the boy living next door?” She suddenly asked after a long while.
“Yes ma, I’m sorry that you had to see this, I was planning on coming to see you” chase stepped in and said.
Mom then re-moved her eyes from chase.
“I’ll like to see you before you leave” she said and left us.
Oh..that was awkward.
“Is she mad?” Chase asked immediately she left.
“Um..not really but I can bet that she’s shocked, that’s just it.”
Mom don’t really like being surprised, that was why I was pestering you so we could meet each other parents.”
“I wanted to avoid this type of incident” I said with my gaze on the floor as I turned back to face him.
“I’m so sorry, I now un-derstand your point. I’ll make sure to see her probably this evening and wait, is she working late?” He inquired.
“No, she’s gonna be back in the evening” I replied and heard him sigh.
“I won’t del@yit anymore, I can introduce you to mine probably tomorrow or next weekend, which one do you prefer?” He asked.
“Next weekend, I want to know who your mom is, so next weekend is the perfect time to see and spend time with her” I replied and he smiled and pinched my cheek.
“Let’s go in now, you also wanna see Charlie right?” He asked and I nodded and he led the way and we st©pped at the front of the ward.
He opened the ward door slowly which revealed Chris who was sitting on the be-d beside Charlie who was sitting up.
“Charlie?” Chase beamed immediately.
“You’re awake” he added and went to sit beside him.
I c@m£ in quietly and stood watching them talk.
“Natalia is here?” I heard Charlie ask chase and he nodded.
“Hey, welcome” he cooed.
“Yea, how’re you doing?” I inquired.
“Well, I’m okay, I know you’re not entirely here to see me but thanks for showing up here” he cooed again and I smiled.
“Yea, you’re welcome” I replied.
“Chase, I want to go see my mom now, see you later” I told him and turned back to leave.
“Hey wait, what of your cousin?” Charlie’s voice st©pped me.
I turned to look at them.
“She’s not feeling too well, she doesn’t know you are here” I responded and took my eyes to Chris but he wasn’t starring at me.
“Okay, s£nd my greetings to her” he said as I opened the ward door.
“Sure” I answered and left to look for mom in her office.
Wait, where is her office located in this hospital cause I don’t think I’ve been here to visit her before. She alre-ady told me she works here but I haven’t visited her for once.
I then st©pped a nurse that was pas-sing by and inquired about mom’s office and was directed.
I followed the direction given to me by her and soon I was standing outside her office.
I stood outside her office for a while before I knocked and she beckoned me in.
I pushed the door open and went in to see her scribbling some things down in a paper while their was a man who was sitting and watching her patiently.
I also sat down without a word until mom finished with the man and he left.
“Mom” I called as she re-moved the eye glas-ses she was putting on and focused her gaze to me.
“Mom” I called again wondering what was going on in her mind because she wasn’t answering me.
“Do you like him?” She asked after a long silence and I smiled and nodded.
“Yes mom, I really really like him so plea-se give me a chance to d@t£ him” I clasped my hands together and pleaded.
“Does he like you too?” She asked again.
“Yes mom” I answered.
“Are you sure? How sure are you?” She inquired.
“I’m hundred percent sure that he likes me too mom, his just being shy and nervous like me back there” I responded.
“How long have you two been d@t!ng?” She asked.
“Its getting to two weeks, he was planning on coming to introduce himself mom, I’m sorry you found out like this” I told her.
“Does he come from a decent family? Have you met his parents?” She kept questioning.
“Um..I’m sure he comes from a decent family but I haven’t met his parents, just his brothers” I replied.
“How did you two end up liking yourselves?” She asked further.
“We met at school, we’re clas-smate so it’s kind of happened, I really like him, mom” I said and heard her sigh.
“Mom, he’ll be coming to see you tonight, plea-se don’t act too strictly with him. His the last born and his really really shy so…”
“No nee-d to tell me, I’ll behave well with him, happy now?” She said and I smiled and stood up then ran to hvg her.
“Thanks mom” I appreciated.
Episode 8
Charlie’s POV
“I’m so sorry about that guys, you got yelled on because of me right?” I asked and heard Chase sigh.
“Well yea, mom yelled at me a lot, she probably won’t trust me from now on as she said, but I’m gonna be apologizing when I see her, I’m gonna be apologizing again” he said coyly.
“I’m sorry, but why do I have a feeling that there is something bothering you Chris, did anything happen?” I inquired looking at him.
Since I opened my eyes and saw him, he has been trying to hide that painful feelings his having but just couldn’t.
Others couldn’t have noticed but I did. His my brother anyways, I know him well.
He took his gaze down and let out a de-ep breathe.
“You don’t have to bother yourself about that Charlie, just recover for us all alright?” He cooed.
“Hey chase, what’s up with him?” I inquired from chase instead.
“It’s better he tells you, but to cut it short he had a very big fight with mom which got him two sl@ps” chase answered and Chris turned and glared at him.
“I was only saying the truth, why are you starring at me with those killer eyes?” Chase gro-an ed.
“Hey!!” Chris snapped.
“Get out” he added and chase huffed.
“I will, I was planning on” chase retorted.
I chuckled as I watched him leave.
He is getting more bold, he is changing, maybe because he got himself a special girlfriend, I thought to myself.
“Now will you explain what happened Chris, why are you looking that way?” I asked again and heard him sigh.
He has been sighing since. Did it really get to him?
“Its about Cindy” he finally let out.
“What happened to her?” I inquired.
“She..she made mom yell at me” he responded.
“She? Really? Explain how” I said and he began his explanations.
He concluded it and my mouth fell open.
“Aunt told you that? Coupled with the sl@ps?”
“Wow, I’m surprised tho I’m not too surprised. She has always hated what we do anyways.”
“So, what do you plan to do now? Are you gonna apologize to her or…”
“Of course, I have to, I’m just a bit hurt by her back there” he responded and I nodded.
“Yea, you should” I agreed with him.
“So, what about Nance? What happened to her?” I further asked.
Chase’s POV
“So, you’re going now?” I asked starring at her.
“Yes, I have to, Cindy was really hurt and she’s gonna be away for the time being, I nee-d to be there for her” she replied.
“What about your mom? Is she cool?” I asked and she smiled and nodded.
She wra-pped her hands around my n£¢k and pu-ll-ed me closer to her and I chuckled.
“Make sure you show up and bring a rose flower for Mom along, she loves it” she cooed and I cu-mpped her cheeks.
“Of course I will, so am I gonna be receiving a k!ss?” I asked and she took her face downwards.
I’m sure she must be blu-shing.
I raised her face up and of course she was truly blu-shing.
“Yea, you aren’t supposed to ask yunno, you made my heart beat increase” she smiled.
“Alright so should we do it now or.. ”
“You don’t have to speak further, you’re ma-king my heart beat increase, just k!ssme alre-ady” she pouted and I smiled and leaned closer then k!$$£d her.
We k!$$£d for a while before we pu-ll-ed out from the k!ssto catch our breathes.
“I’ll be going now, this is enough for now, we’ll continue later” she win-ked and took few steps away from me.
“Okay pumpkin, greet your kid sister for me” I said and she laughed.
“You mean that stubborn girl? And wait she might propose to you if she sees you this night tho.”
“Just do me a favour and accept her proposal cause I know she likes you a whole lot” she said and I nodded.
“I will, be careful on your way okay?” I cooed and she nodded and left.
I sighed then tucked my f!ngersinto my trou-ser pocket.
I can’t seriously believe I’m de-eply in love with her, she’s so amazing and the kind of girl I prefer.
She’s totally cool. I won’t let anyone snatch her from me, I thought and turned back to go into the hospital but sighted dad’s car driving in.
I waited and they both c@m£ down from the car.
I went to them and collected the bags which probably contained boxes of food from mom.
She gave me an eye which proved she was still mad at me.
“Mom” I called getting sad all over.
“Can you plea-se forgive me? I promise I won’t lie or keep secrets from you again” I pleaded but she ignored me and made her way into the hospital following dad from behind.
I sighed sadly and followed them until we got to Charlie’s ward then we got in.
“How’re you doing Charlie?” Dad asked him immediately.
“Hi uncle, I’m doing better.”
“Hi Aunt” he greeted them.
“How’re you feeling?” Mom asked him simply.
I bet she’s also annoyed with him but she’ll try and hide it.
I dropped the bags with me and turned to mom again.
I’m determined to make her forgive me right now. I love her too much and can’t bear the fact that she’s mad at me.
I took her hands in mine and looked at her.
“Mom, if you don’t forgive me I’ll starve until you do, can you forgive me plea-se?” I inquired and heard her sigh.
She freed her hands from mine and went to sit down.
“How can I continue staying mad at you? Do you know how ha-rd it is for me?” She cooed and I beamed out smiles.
“That means..that means you’ll forgive me.”
“Thanks a lot” I thanked and went to embr@ce her.