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Bad boys baby 2 Episode 3 & 4

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 3
Two hours later.
Chris’s POV
Charlie insisted on going home in order not to make mom and dad suspicious and we had to reluctantly agree.
I must say that his quite strong even tho his slow. His really strong.
We got home and took him to his room then I left to attend to the cops.
I got to the police station and I gave them my statement on how she had also tried to kill me in the h0tel.
But she kept denying that she is the one.
I don’t just un-derstand her, and worse is that there is no evidence to pin her down currently.
But I’m determined to find one now more than ever.
She made Charlie like her with her sweet smiles. I won’t let her get away.
Chase’s POV
I stayed in the room and watched as he sle-pt.
Thank goodness it didn’t get worse, Chris almost died because of a girl’s problem weeks ago and now him??
Why can’t they just stay with a girl and avoid problems? I thought and sighed de-eply.
I then heard car hones downstairs and figured out that either one of my parents or Chris is back from the station where he went to give them his statement.
I stood up from the be-d beside Charlie and went downstairs to find mom coming in with her hand bag.
It doesn’t look like Chris told her about the lady.
But he told me he was gonna inform them on his way.
“Mom” I called and she looked up and saw me.
“Oh my baby boy, come over, how’re doing? Where are your brothers?” She asked at once and I went down and [email protected] her.
“I’m good, they..are also good and Charlie is slee-ping in his room while Chris is out” I replied.
“Charlie is slee-ping? Chris is out?”
“Why is Charlie slee-ping by this time? Why is Chris still out and where is he?”
“Well, I think he just felt like slee-ping early and Chris is in a police station” I informed her.
“What? What did Chris get himself to? Did he fight? Why is he in a station?” She screamed.
I took time and explained things to her.
“Okay, I’ll be leaving for the station right now” she said and dropped her hand bag on the couch.
“Lemme get something, wait here for me” she said coyly and left.
I sat down and was about dialing Chris line to ask him if he was still there when I heard mom scream.
Why is she screaming? I thought and rushed up.
I went to her room but she wasn’t there, then I checked the bathroom in case but still didn’t see her there.
I [email protected]£ out and was about calling her when i saw her coming out of Charlie’s room.
“What…what happened to him? Why is there bloodstain on his be-dsheets?” She panicked pointing into his room.
Bloodstain? I thought and went into his room and confirmed it.
The side of his tummy that was stitched was alre-ady bleeding.
Damn! We shouldn’t have listened to him, now mom found out and his situation is becoming worst.
“What happened to him?” Mom questioned behind me.
“Mom, I’ll explain that to you later. I’m sorry for not telling you the truth” I was still talking to her when the door opened and Chris [email protected]£ in.
“Mom? Why were you screaming? I heard your voice from outside?” He asked looking at mom.
“Chris, I think we need to take him back to the hospital” I pointed at Charlie who wasn’t even responding and his eyes went to him.
“F**k, what happened?” Chris asked and rushed to him and lifted him up.
He gro-an ed as he sat up.
“Can someone explain what is happening to me?” Mom yelled.
“I’ll explain later mom, help me get him up” Chris replied her but referred to me in his last statement.
We all arrived hospital and Charlie was admitted.
And now Chris is busy explaining what happened to mom all over again.
Chris’s POV
“Why? Why did you have to listen to him? Did you see what happened?”
“What if I hadn’t suspected something and went to check on him? If we had left him and come back 2 hours later, maybe he could have died, what is all this nons-en-se? Are you boys planning on killing me early?”
“What on earth did I do to deserve this? I always warn you boys to be truthful” mom kept yelling after I told her what happened.
“I can’t believe you even looked at me in the eyes and lied, chase” she said and turned to look at chase who was looking speechless and guilty.
“You are different from them both so what’s happening? Have you joined them to start lying?”
“What if he died? What if…” she paused and broke down in tears.
“I’m sorry mom, its wasn’t intentional” chase apologized and [email protected]£ close to her.
“I really can’t believe you anymore, you are the only one I could fully trust but I can’t do that anymore, chase” she cried and chase made to hold her but she pu-ll-ed away from him.
“You two should thank your stars nothing worst than this had happened to him” she concluded and left us both.
I took my hand to my hair and ruffed it.
Mom and her tantrums.
I’ve gotten used to her, I thought and was about sitting down before I heard chase sniffing.
“Wait, are you crying?” I asked and peeped into his face confirm.
I chuckled inwardly.
Momma’s boy.
Episode 4
Chris’s POV
I sat down and ignored him but noticed he continued after a long while.
“Hey, its okay, she’ll come around later. You know how she is, she’s just scared that something worst might have happened to Charlie, just st©p it okay” I cooed but he continued.
I rubbe-d my temples thinking of what to do about him.
“Yea, if you don’t st©p I’ll record you and s£nd the video to Natalia, you’ll be very [email protected] about it” I tea-sed hoping he’ll come out of it but it seems mom got to him real well.
Oh, now I get it. This is the first time mom is yelling at him.
This is the very first time, its always me or Charlie, always the both of us.
I now get why his like this but anyways he is supposed to know mom by now, she’s just too worried and had to let out the anger she felt on someone.
I stood up and hvgged him.
I am forgetting the that fact his the baby of the house because he got himself a girlfriend?
I shouldn’t forget that, he’ll always be a baby.
I patted his back as he cried the more and after some minutes he st©pped and went to wash his face.
The doctors had to restitch Charlie’s wound and let him rest.
And we weren’t allowed in because of what happened early so chase and I had to go home while mom stayed back at the hospital.
Dad haven’t returned. I guess his working late today.
Next day.
I yearned and stretched my b©dy and got up.
I feel pains all over my b©dy.
I think I’ll be leaving for the hospital with chase since we needed to see Charlie.
I got into my bathroom and freshened up.
I went to chase room and knocked on his door but didn’t get a reply.
I tried opening the door but couldn’t.
“Chase, meet me downstairs in ten minutes. Let’s go see Charlie” I informed him and heard his grumpy voice reply with an ‘okay’.
I went downstairs and decided to get a bottle of water to drink since no morning exercise today.
I can still keep my b©dy refreshed with a drink.
I was still taking the drink out when I heard a knock and immediately went to check it out.
I opened the door and saw Cindy.
“What are you doing here?” I gro-an ed as she made her way inside.
“Why are you doing this to me Chris? I really like you, you haven’t replied to a word i say for this past few days.”
“plea-se just forgive me and speak to me at least, I promise I won’t get mad even if you sleep with ten girls at a time, plea-se just talk to me, st©p being angry at me plea-se” she pleaded but i had no time.
“Can you just leave? I might talk to you later” I said simply.
“Chris, plea-se I really like you, that was why I let you have me easily, does it not mean anything to you?” She cried.
“I..I don’t want to offend you Cindy but how can it mean anything to me? I have s*x daily, it has become [email protected] of me so…”
“You mean you took me like other girls? It meant nothing to you?” She sobbe-d.
“Yes” I replied and opened the door for her but was shocked to see mom standing there probably listening to our conversation.
“” I called surprised and shocked.
“Did I hear you right, Chris?” She asked as she walked in to meet me.
I took a step back seeing the look on her face.
“Did you say s*x means nothing to you? You have s*x everyday so it means nothing?” She asked still moving closer to me with that look on her face.
“I..I..can explain” I stuttered a bit.
What thefu-ck?? I shouldn’t have replied her.
She has landed me into a different trouble.
Chase’s POV
I finished up lazily with what I was doing and left my room to meet with Chris downstairs.
I was about to climb down the stairs when I saw Natalia’s cousin talking to Chris.
I listened to everything she said and felt a bit sad.
But she shouldn’t have done what she did.
She shouldn’t have allowed Chris use her.
Chris opened the door and it happened that mom was right outside.
Oh my!
This is not good at all.
She looks really mad right now.
I think the exact way she looked last night.
“She allowed you sleep with her and this is your answer to her?”
“She likes you but you’re joking with her feelings?” Mom kept questioning.
“Mom..its..not..what you..think” Chris tried saying but two [email protected] landed on his right cheek and he didn’t utter a word again.
“How could you be this bad? How could you treat ladies like that?”
“Did you also forget that I’m a woman? Did you loss your feelings alongside your [email protected]? Tell me!!!” She screamed.
I sighed and took my gaze to the floor.
I knew something of such was bond to happen.
Mom doesn’t like having numerous ladies or men, she always preached against it and that was why I don’t like it either but Charlie and Chris refused listening to her and now she has also found this out.
Cindy left immediately mom [email protected]£ in.
“Do you know how she must be feeling right now? The guy she likes and left him to have her doesn’t value her.”
“I didn’t raise you like that Chris, I didn’t raise you to mistreat ladies” mom screamed walked away from him.
I felt a single drop of tears roll down my eyes.
Can’t things get better?

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