Bad boys baby 2 Episode 19 & 20

🎧Bad Boy’s Baby 🎩
👗[The new girl next door] 🔞
Written By Kebby NG
Episode 19
Chris’s POV
I kept mute as I starred at her.
So that was why she wanted me dead, she wanted to kill me because of Stacy.
Well Stacy was my formal bit*h.
More like friends with benefit until she died.
I never knew she had an elder sister.
Thank goodness none of us died.
I kept starring at her as she cried.
Gosh, what to do with her?
I don’t no what to do again. I sighed tiredly then left the cell leaving Charlie with her.
Few hours later.
At home.
“So, its actually a misun-derstanding? She thought you were responsible for her younger sister’s death?” Mom asked in shock.
Dead was also there.
“Yes mom, just a mere misun-derstanding” I answered and she exclaimed.
“When did she die?” She asked.
“A year ago” I answered her.
“So, what are your plans now? Are you guys dropping the charge?” Dad ch!pped in.
“I..I..” I paused and starred at Charlie who wasn’t saying a thing.
“I will drop it, I’ll drop the charge against her if Charlie agrees, it was just a mere misun-derstanding right?” I said and they all kept starring at me like I’m a different person.
“Why..why are you guys starring at me like that?” I asked.
“Are you my son or someone else? You just decided to drop it, when did you grow such a big heart?” Mom questioned.
“Well, I always had a big heart, just that you didn’t notice” I mumbled the last p@rt.
“So, Charlie are you gonna agree? Do you want Chris to go ahead and drop the charges against her?” Dad asked him.
“Yes,since Chris alre-ady agreed, plea-se excuse me” he replied then left us.
I starred at him as he climbe-d up the stairs.
He is not happy. He clearly is not happy.
Fast forward.
Next day.
Natalia’s POV
We c@m£ down from mom’s car and waved her goodbye then she drove off immediately.
Cindy has been in a good mood since yesterday, I don’t know the sudden reason for her over happiness.
Maybe something good happened to her while she was away.
I followed from behind and saw her speaking to a girl, she exchanged something with her and the girl left.
Has she made a friend? I wondered and continued on my way.
Chase appeared few minutes after I’d arrived and we sat down together and started talking.
We were still discussing about random things before the students started rushing out of the clas-s.
“Huh, what’s happening?” I asked out.
“Don’t know” chase replied feeling less concerned about whatever but I was edger to know.
“I’ll be back real quic-k” I told him but he didn’t want me to go so he held me back.
“I’ll be back real quic-k chase” I laughed at him and freed my hand from his and went out of the clas-s then followed the direction the students were running to.
I saw two teachers in the middle of the students and f0rç£d myself to the front then saw the real thing.
I saw a girl, the girl I’d seen in the morning with Cindy.
Her clothes were toned and stained with blood.
Okay, what’s happening? I wondered and bec@m£ shocked seeing Chris there too.
Then I listened to what they were talking about.
“Did you or did you not r@p£ her? You were caught by students, they alre-ady confirmed everything Chris” the male teacher there asked him ma-king me really shocked.
Did he just say r@p£?
“fuc-k why on earth will I r@p£ someone like her? I’ve never done sh*t like that” he answered obviously angry about everything.
“But you were caught in a room with her?” The female teacher insisted.
“Yes, that’s because… Hold on, I don’t really nee-d to explain myself, the bit*h isfu-ck*ng lying, she’s is telling a goddamn lie”
Chris answered.
“You’ll have to follow us Chris, there are a lot of evidence which we can’t ignore” the male teacher said and the students started saying different kind of things.
I nee-d to tell chase about this, I thought and turned to go before I saw Cindy, I didn’t notice that she was standing right beside me and shockingly she had a smile plastered on her face.
Okay, what’s funny?
Why the hell is she smiling?
Episode 20
Natalia’s POV
“Hey, what’s funny?” I asked and tapped her.
“Its really funny you know.”
“Who knows that the almighty Chris could be a ra-pist” she added and laughed this time around.
I starred at her stunned at her behaviour. Its really weird, really weird and abnormal for her to be happy.
I turned back and left ignoring her as she continued laughing to inform chase about it.
I went back to the clas-s and met him.
“Chase?” I called worriedly.
“Yes, is anything the matter?” He asked simply and I nodded and narrated everything I saw and heard to him, by the time I was done he was alre-ady standing in his feet.
“Really? Where is he now? Where are they” He questioned scared and sad.
“I don’t no, he must be in that man’s office now” I replied him and he immediately left the clas-s.
I know Chris is a se-x freak but I don’t believe that he actually R@p£d a girl. She isn’t that beautiful, why will he f0rç£ himself a her when he gets a lot of girls that are more beautiful than her to scre-w daily?? I wondered but couldn’t come to a conclusion.
Seriously I don’t want something that will make Chase really sad. I don’t want that situation at all.
“Hey Nat” Frank’s voice rang out and disrupted my thoughts.
“Hey” I greeted flatly.
“You heard about the trending t©pics right? Where is Chase?” He asked and sat down beside me.
“He..he went to look for Chris” I answered.
In case you don’t know I’ve talked to chase about Frank’s sincerity and chase is no longer that cold to Frank.
Not that they are friends, its ha-rd because of chase’s snubbish attitude but I know they will later become best of friends, yea – later in the future.
“So do you believe the rumours? Is Chris really capable of ra-ping? Of course we all know he is the king of the school and girls glue to him but ra-ping?” He asked but the last statement isn’t a question.
“Yea, I think so too, I don’t think he can do that expect someone set him up…” I paused.
“Hold on, set him up? Could it be possible someone set him up?” I questioned Frank.
“Well, maybe, we’ll have to wait and find out the results of it all” Frank answered.
Set him up?
Cindy? No, no, Cindy can’t possibly do such right? I asked myself.
I’ll have to confirmed, I really have to confirm.
Charlie’s POV
I was sitting quietly in the clas-s lost in de-ep thoughts.
I don’t even un-derstand my own feelings again, I should be happy that Chris isn’t guilty of any crime, I am also good now .
I should be happy about a lot of things but I’m not, why tho?
I sighed and fixed my hand on my jaw when Drake rushed to me.
“Bro, you didn’t hear what’s going on? Chris is being accused” he rushed his words.
“What do you mean? Accused of what?” I inquired.
“He is being accused by a girl, she said he R@p£d her and there are evidence which is holding Chris down right now” he explained.
“What?? That’s never possible, Chris can never do such, where the hell is he right now?” I inquired.
“Come on, lemme lead you to where they are” he offered and we left together.
Natalia’s POV
I got up from the clas-s and left in search of her.
I searched for her in a lot of places before I finally saw her.
“Cindy” I called and immediately went to her.
“I nee-d the truth from you Cindy, do you have a hand in what’s happening to Chris? Did you set him up?” I questioned.
“No” she replied and made to walk away when I gr@bb£d hold of her wrist.
“Tell me the damned truth, don’t lie to me” I half yelled.
“And I told you no, what else do you wanna hear, huh!?” She screamed louder.
“I know you have been angry with him lately, considering your type of person its won’t really shock me if you turn out to be the one” I yelled back.
“Then what if I truly confess to it? What if I tell you now that I planned everything that happened to him? What if I tell you that huh!?”
“What will you do, tell me? Will you go ahead and report me? I did it because I was mad at him so will you go ahead and report me then?” She inquired yelling.
For a while I kept quite just watching her.
“You really did it?” I asked my voice coming out cracked and low.
“Yes I did, I can’t get over the insult unless I did this, I can’t get over it, till now he didn’t dim it fit to apologize alright?”
“So, leave it, this is my own way of revenging. I just want to see that smile that he always has wiped off so you can go ahead and report me” she added and left me standing there, speechless.