Bad boys baby 2 Episode 1 & 2

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Episode 1
Chris’s POV
I continued starring at her in shock as I couldn’t believe she actually c@m£ to me by herself.
Like, she c@m£ to my parents house?
“Chris, buddy is there a problem?” Charlie’s voice broke into my thoughts and I took my eyes to him.
“Can you meet me outside, I want to show you something there, it won’t take long plea-se?” I cooed and he nodded.
“I’m sorry Nancy, plea-se give me a minute” he said to her and followed me.
I got outside and went to the garage where I’m sure she won’t be able to listen to our conversation even if she wanted to.
“How did you meet her and where did you meet her, Charlie?” I questioned him and he pu-ll-ed a puzzled look.
“I’ve explained all those $h!t to you man, is that why you called me out?” He asked back.
“Of course, not, but I want you to explain again. Was it a strange meeting?” I inquired.
“Um..I met her in school but I still don’t no her clas-s because she refused telling me, I always meet her at the deserted area in school and yea…our meeting was a little bit kind of strange” he explained and I nodded.
“But yea, why all this question?” He asked looking curious.
“Because I’m suspicious of her, I think she’s the bit*h that poisoned me at golden eye h0tel. Do you still recall?” I asked.
“Of course I do, how can I forgot such thing and did you say she’s the bit*h?” He asked now getting more serious.
“Yes, you know I explained that I couldn’t see her face because my eyes was blurry due to the poison or what she mixed with the poison, but I definitely heard her voice and she has the same voice with the bit*h.”
“And secondly even if I didn’t see her face, I at least saw her leg and knee when she got into the room.”
“Her leg was the first thing I saw before I looked up at her face.”
“So, that night I vividly remember that she has a line – like a cut on her knee area. When I recalled that I looked at her knee and still saw the same line” I explained further.
His face dropped instantly in sadness and disappointment.
“I thought she was a good person Chris, how on earth could she be an evil bit*h?” He gro-an ed in pains.
“Hey, it seems you like her a lot. Let’s just forget about it, she’s the first girl you’re so excited about, how can I ruin this chance for you, so its best you forget about it” I said lowly.
“I can’t, I’ll call the cops immediately, even if I like her, I can’t risk your life for that” he replied.
“Hey, I’m still alive alright?” I argued.
“You’re more important than some evil bit*h, Chris, do you know how worried and scared I got when I saw you lying unconscious on thefu-ck*ng h0tel be-d?”
“I bet you don’t, but I won’t risk this chance, maybe she has other evils plans for you or I or even chase, do you think I’ll ever forgive myself if I ignored it and something bad happens to either of you?” He snapped looking really angry then he brou-ght out his phone from his pocket and I watched as he dialed the cops line.
About 20 minutes later I heard the siren and figured out that the cops are nearby.
Charlie had suggested I stayed outside while he goes inside to distract her.
I was still waiting outside for the cops to arrive when I heard light screams followed by painful gro-an s.
Then almost immediately the door bur-sted open and she ran out – the evil bit*h.
I ran to her and pinned her down to the floor.
What the hell happened to Charlie? I wondered and thought of leaving her to go check up on him.
“Charlie??” I yelled instead but no reply.
“Hey, come hold her,”I instructed the securities guarding the gate and they ran to me and held her.
“Hand her over to the cops” I ordered and ran inside.
To see Charlie sitting down with one of his hands on his tummy.
“Charlie?” I called and moved closer to him.
I saw the side of his tummy that he was holding and bec@m£ petrified.
Good lord!!
“Charlie??” I yelled and rushed to him.
I saw a knife stained with blood lying on the floor next to him.
“Did she stab you?” I questioned even if I knew that that was the case.
He nodded still holding the side of his tummy.
“But its isn’t so de-ep, I just don’t want to move because I don’t want to loss much blood” he replied feebly.
“Man are you blind? Why did you allow her stab you?” I asked bitterly.
I heard noise outside and figured out that the police alre-ady arrived.
“Let’s take you to the hospital, can you get up?” I said and helped him up.
I wra-pped his free hand across my n£¢k as I helped him out.
Chase’s POV
I was in my room when I heard the cops siren.
What are they doing in this estate? I wondered and left my room.
I was still in the staircase when I caught sight of Chris helping Charlie walk.
Wait, what’s going on? I thought and speed my way to them.
“Charlie? What happened to you! Why are you bleeding?” I asked terrified and shocked.
There were about two cops car outside and everything looked confusing.
What is really going on?
Episode 2
Chase’s POV
“He was stabbe-d, go get the car” Chris replied me as Charlie kept whimpering in pains.
I turned to go get my car keys and saw that girl in cuffs sitting in between two cops.
I sure had a bad feeling about her. So she actually stabbe-d Charlie.
I ran upstairs and in minutes I was down.
The cops alre-ady drove away and I ignited my car engine and brou-ght it out from the garage.
Chris helped chase in and c@m£ to me in the driver sit.
“You nee-d to get off, I’ll be driving in full speed, lemme drive, fast!” He snapped and I got down from the car and went to the back sit and sat with Charlie with my eyes on his bleeding tummy.
We arrived the hospital in matter of minutes all thanks to Chris.
He almost collided with an incoming truck on the way because of speeding.
We got down and helped Charlie out.
The stretcher was brou-ght by the nurses and he was made to lie on it.
After that he was rushed to the emergency room where he got his wound treated.
All this happened un-der 3 hours.
My parents don’t even know what is going on and Chris asked me not to tell them yet.
We went into Charlie’s ward and stayed with him until he regained consciousness.
It didn’t really take time for him to wake up.
He starred at us both and we starred back at him then he managed and sat up.
“Hope you didn’t inform Aunt and uncle like I told you?” He said referring to Chris.
“Yea, not yet” Chris replied him.
“How’re you feeling?” I asked him.
“I’m okay now, the cut wasn’t de-ep at all. Bet its the first time she’s actually stabbing someone” he replied.
“How the hell did she stab you? I’m still in shock, tell me how she did that” Chris told him and he sighed.
“When I got in to the sitting room after our conversation I found her sitting calmly on the couch.”
“Then, in other not to make her suspect anything I went and sat beside her.”
“Can you get me that?” She asked pointing to a side.
“I turned to look at what she was pointing at and she used that opportunity to stab me.”
“I pushed her off immediately and the knife fell with her to the fell so you see she didn’t really get me.”
“So you mean she was alre-ady with the knife?” Chris questioned.
“Yes bro, she was alre-ady with the knife unknown to me” he replied and Chris huffed.
“She’s even more dangerous than I thought. She was only pretending, that bit*h must rot in jail I’ll make sure of that” he gro-an ed but I was still confused at what they were saying.
“Can you guys keep this a secret? I don’t want Aunt or uncle to know about her stabbing me, let’s just delete this from our memory” he asked in a pleading tone.
“You want to keep this a secret?” I asked pointing to his tummy.
“No Charlie, I can’t keep it a secret. I can’t lie to mom and dad” I disagreed.
“I didn’t ask you to lie to them, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t mention it at all to them” he pressed but I stood up on my feet.
“Its the same as lying to them Charlie, I’m sorry but I can’t” I insisted and left his ward.
How could he ask such a thing? What if he had died?
We should just delete it from our memory? I aren’t even a computer so it isn’t possible to delete it.
Even if mom and dad doesn’t find out a thing I’ll feel guilty keeping such things from them.
What if they eventually find out one day and get angry at us for keeping it. I don’t think I can ever bear mom’s anger so there is no way I’m keeping quite about it.
The ward door opened and closed.
I was backing the ward.
“Hey chase, why did you ask Natalia to hold on when she asked you to introduce her to mom and dad?” Chris questioned almost immediately he c@m£ out.
I turned to look at him.
“Because I was afraid mom and dad could get angry – especially mom” I replied him.
“That’s what Charlie is avoiding currently. Mom will get really furious when she finds out that the same bit*h got us twice, you no what happened when I got poisoned by her” he asked.
“Wait, is she the bit*h that poisoned you? The same bit*h?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes chase, so you see we will have to obey his wishes.”
“He’ll recover in no time.”
“Let’s just say today never happened” he hushed.
“What about the girl? Aren’t you informing them about her being in custody too? Are you gonna keep that a secret?” I inquired.
“Of course, not, she’s gonna rot in hell for trying to kill me and charlie” he gr-unted.
“But, come to think of it. Why did she come back when she was the one that tried to murder you?”
“Is it that she planned it or what? Wasn’t she expecting to be caught?”
“What are her real motives? And she was alre-ady with a knife?”
“Hmm weird and ha-rd questions to answer but I hope we will be able to get her reasons tomorrow” I mumbled.
“So, are you keeping quite, chase?” He inquired.
I looked at him and sighed.
“Yes, I am” I replied him.