Babysitting the bad guy Episode 28

Episode 28
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(The k!ss)
💝 Kendra’s POV 💝
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock as I felt hisl-ips on mine.
What? Is he crazy? I thought and made to push him but surprisedly he held both of my hands.
“Ri…”I tried to say but couldn’t.
His b©dy was pressing strongly against mine.
He de-epened the k!ssgaining full entrance into my mouth.
“Ric…”I wanted to call again but it seems like his using it to his advantage cause once I attempt to call him I open my mouth thereby giving him more entrance.
He bite on my lowerl-ips and su-cked from it giving me strange silly feelings.
But this isn’t right. He has to st©p, I have to make him st©p.
I thought of what to do and b!tt!g hisl-ips real ha-rd was my only option at that time.
Then I did it. I bite hisl-ips so ha-rd that his left me immediately.
“Hey! Are you crazy?” He asked tou-ching hisl-ips.
“You…what did you just do?” I asked starring at him with wi-de eyes.
Then he re-moved his hand from hisl-ips and sm-irked.
“St©p pretending, I no you liked it” he cooed and went to lie on his be-d.
“You can come over for more” he added grinning.
I shook my head unbelievably and opened the door with f0rç£.
I got out of his room and unfortunately saw Angie.
Oh no! She was standing akimbo there.
I gulped down nervously as I thought of what to say but decided to ignore her before I say ru-bbish.
The little girl damn smart.
“Nanny what’s up? Why is your cheeks so red? Did you perhaps paint your face in my brother’s room?” She asked and I quic-kly t©uçhed my cheeks.
“Huh! Em its not that” I replied and ran off to my room while she stood watching me.
I got into my room and shut the door behind me.
My heart beat has multi-plied. I placed my two hands on my che-st and leaned my back on the door.
“What the hell just happened? Is my cheeks burning red?” I thought and ran to the mirror.
I stood in front of the mirror starring at my red cheeks.
Oh no! This is not good at all.
👓Rico’s POV👓
I la-id on the be-d smiling wi-dely to myself.
What was that?
She seems flu-shed but I no that she enjoyed it.
She’s was just trying to prove stubborn. Wasn’t she the one calling for it?
I continued smiling sheepishly to myself and my door suddenly opened with Angela coming in.
“Hey big brother!” She called and climbe-d the be-d to meet me.
“Hey Baby!” I replied still smiling.
“What? Are you smiling because of nanny kendra?” She asked starring keenly at me.
I carried her on kept on my b©dy.
“Why? Can’t I smile because of her?” I asked and she held her chin.
Well, she’s always doing that.
“Something is definitely going on with you guys, am I right?” She asked.
“Hmm who thought you that?” I asked surprised at what she’s asking.
“Come on Rico, am not a little kid of five years anymore. I do watch movies and I see a lot of this in movies.”
“Anytime a guy likes a girl, his always smiling like you’re doing right now” she said and I f0rç£d myself not to laugh.
“Really? So dad let you watch movies, huh!?” I asked.
“Of course, not. I watch it whenever his not home” she replied.
“Okay how does a girl behave when she likes a boy?” I asked and she took her eyes up.
“Hmm the way Nanny Kendra just behaved too” she replied.
“Wait, what do you mean?” I asked pu-lling her closer to my che-st.
“Did you see her leave her?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Of course Rico, her cheeks were like ripe tomatoes” she replied and I busted out laughing.
“What’s funny?” She asked giving me a strange look.
“Nothing Baby. Can you help me with something?” I asked.
“Yes, what is it?” She replied.
” I want you to follow her anywhere she’s going to alright” I said.
“You mean when she’s going out?” She asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“But why?” She asked again.
“Just do it for me and I’ll get you anything you want” I said and she smiled.
“Is that a deal?” She asked and I shook my head.
“Its a deal” I replied.
😊Kendra’s POV 😊
Its evening alre-ady and everyone except The Kids parents are back.
I’m finding it ha-rd to leave my room tho I’m not sure why.
I keep on thinking about the k!ssthat isn’t going away from my head.
I think am going a bit crazy thinking about it.
I stood up from my be-d and pacing up and down.
I heard a knock at the door and my heart skipped.
“Who…who’s there?’ I asked getting really nervous.
“Its me nanny Kendra” I heard Angie tiny voice and held my head.
No! No!
What is she doing here? Why is she knocking?
“Nanny are you in?” I heard her tiny voice again.
“Ye…yes, I’m coming Angie” I replied and opened the door.
I expected her to enter but she stood at the door way.
“Nanny I nee-d you to take me somewhere with you” she said ma-king me confused.
“Huh! Somewhere?” I asked.
“Yes, I wanna leave this mansion a bit” she replied.
“But I don’t…”
I was cut off by a call.
Huh! Is cole calling me again.
“Hold on Angie” I cooed and went to pick the call.
📱Hi cole. You called again.
📱Yes, I missed you and i really wanna see you. Can’t you just come over?
📱Em..I don’t think I can…
I was saying when I took my eyes to the door and Angela was glaring at me.
📱Um..I’ll be there but I won’t spend more than twenty minutes.
📱I’ll be expecting you.
I cut the call and dropped the phone on the be-d.
“So where are we going to?” She asked coming in.
“Since you wanna go out, I’ll take you somewhere with me but we won’t stay long alright?” I said.
“Yea noted” she replied and I wore my sli-ppers and looked at myself in the mirror.
I’m good to go.
“Alright let’s go” I said and she held my hand and we walked downstairs.
This is a way of getting far from Rico too.
I don’t think I wanna see him anytime soon.
We got down and a car was alre-ady opened for us.
Huh! How come?
“Come on Nanny” she urged and we got into the car.
“Where to miss?” The driver asked.
“ saint Darwin hospital” I replied.
We got to the hospital and I went straight to his ward with Angie by my side.
I opened the door gently and got in with her.
She screamed immediately she saw cole.
“Cole!!!!” She screamed and ran to him.
“Oh my! Baby?” Cole called surprised and hvgged her.
“You c@m£ here with her?” Cole asked after a while and I nodded and went to sit at a couch nearby.
“So I heard you fought with Rico. But why?” Angela asked and cole f0rç£d a smile.
“Um..that’s nothing but you’re still my friend alright” cole said patting her hair.
“Yea, so its you nanny Kendra c@m£ to see?” Angela asked.
“Yea of course” Cole replied still smiling at her.
“Okay now I no. But why is she coming to see you? Is she also like that with you?” She said ma-king me look at her.
What is this little girl saying?
“What do you mean?” Cole asked her also confused.
“I mean is she really close with you the way she’s close with Rico?” She asked starring at Cole who couldn’t say a word.
“I always see them together. I think they spent the night together the other time and today they both c@m£ back early from school and I shockingly saw Kendra coming out of Rico’s room with her cheeks really red” she blurted and my heart skipped.
“Is this girl planning on giving me high blood pressure at my age?”
“Isn’t that right nanny?” She asked and turned to face me.
Cole also starred at me probably expecting me to answer.
My throat suddenly bec@m£ dry and my b©dy started itching me.
I really nee-d to drink water.
Yeeh 🙆🙆
If you mistakenly have this kind of sister then you’re dead.
She wants to give Kendra heart attack.
Kendra,Cole and Angela.

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