Babysitting the bad guy Episode 27

Episode 27
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny]💯
By: Blessing D writes
(Silly feeling)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I finished washing myself and left for the mansion.
Thank goodness tomorrow is weekend so I won’t have to face the students.
I feel so ashamed.
The driver took me to the mansion and returned to school to pick kora.
I went into my room and showered again then changed into a different cloth.
I walked downstairs afterwards and met Angela watching cartoon.
“Hey Angie” I called and walked pas-s her to the kitchen.
“Hey nanny kendra, why are you back?” She asked following me into the kitchen.
“Em..something c@m£ up so I had to come back” I replied pouring water into a glas-s cu-p.
“So how about my brothers? When are they coming home?” She asked.
“Well, when the school is over they’ll be back” I replied.
“Alright, you still haven’t answered my questions nanny” she said after a while.
“What questions?” I asked pretentiously.
“About you and Rico” she replied.
“Angie nothing is really going on between your brother and I” I replied and squ-atted to her size.
“Hmm” she hummed and pouted herl-ips.
“I’ll see ” she replied and walked out of the kitchen.
But what is she really implying?
This little girl.
I drank my water and dropped the cu-p inside the sink and left to the sitting room. She has returned to her position.
“But where are your parents Angie?” I asked her.
“They went for convention and won’t be returning until tomorrow evening” she replied and I nodded.
Aha! I forgot to check up on cole.
“I’ll be back Angie” I said and rushed up stairs.
I went into my room and searched for the phone he gave me.
I brou-ght out the phone and dialed his number. His number is the only contact I have.
He picked up at the second ring.
📱Hi babe
📱You’re at home alre-ady?
📱Yea, had to come back because of something.
📱Why don’t you come see me then?
📱 I can’t. I have something really important going on here.
📱Alright, see you on Monday then.
📱Yea, take care.
I dropped the call and exhaled.
Now that problem is solved.
I heard car hones and looked out throu-gh the window.
That seems to be Rico’s car.
What’s he doing home by now?
I dropped the phone on t©p of the be-d and rushed downstairs.
I got to the sitting room and Angela was alre-ady asleep on the couch.
The door opened almost immediately and Rico appeared.
“Hey, why are you home?” I asked but as expected he ignored me and went upstairs.
I followed him slowly and when he got into his room he slammed the door close.
I turned back and went into my room.
Why? Why is he here?
What will I say if Mrs Rebecca ask me about it?
“No, I’ll have to find out in anyway possible.”
I walked to his door and knocked softly on it but didn’t get a reply.
I knocked for the second time but still nothing.
I t©uçhed the door knob and turned it.
I got in and didn’t see him.
Huh! Is he out alre-ady? I wondered coming in fully.
“Rico”I called but didn’t get a reply.
Maybe he’s out, my inner mind told me and I turned back to leave but heard foot steps.
He c@m£ out from the bathroom dripping we-t.
I opened my mouth to say something but suddenly forgot how to talk.
He was only putting on a short and all his b©dy is covered with water.
His we-t hair glued to his face ma-king him extraordinary handsome.
“What do you want now?” He asked starring at me but I couldn’t say a word.
He noticed how I was starring at him and started approaching me.
I gulped down nervously trying to shake that silly feeling off.
I took a step back so he’ll st©p coming closer but no he kept coming close and I kept moving back till my b©dy was pressing ha-rd against his door.
I don’t really no what’s wrong but it seems like my s-en-se has travelled.
He rested one of his hand on the door facing me.
We continued starring at ourselves and he suddenly took his other hand to my hair c@r£ss!ngit downwards.
“I see you c@m£ for me, huh!?” He spoke in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.
His hand suddenly left my hair and he took it to my chin and raised it up a bit.
“I think its high time I do this” he cooed and leaned closer to me.
His breathe fanned my face and my breathing st©pped for a moment.
What…? What is he doing?
His eyes left mine and travelled to myl-ips.
With his hand still on my chin he took one of his f!ngersto t©uçh myl-ips.
Then he c@m£ closer again and again.
Now our nose has t©uçhed each others.
He stayed like that for a while and finally placed hisl-ips on mine.
🚶🚶 Kendra and Rico