Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 7

Episode 7
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(Promise you won’t leave me)
💝Kendra’s POV💝
“Thank you” I muttered as I hvgged him.
He patted my hair downwards and I smiled in relief.
Thank goodness.
This problem is now solved.
I got home from school in Rico’s car.
He asked the driver that takes us to school to leave and he drove me in his car.
We c@m£ down hand in hand and entered the sitting room where we saw the twins sitted pla-ying a video game.
“Hey j£rks” Rico called to his brothers and they turned to spare us a glance.
“Hmm seems someone is in a good mood” I heard mason say and I chuckled.
“I’ll be up” I mumbled to him and he let go of my hand and I took the stairs.
I heard Rico say something to the twins and they all laughed.
I sneered and open the door to my room and got in.
Immediately I dropped my bag my phone started ringing.
I opened the bag hastily and looked at the caller.
Cole of course. I smiled and picked it up.
📱Hey cole, I beamed.
📱Hey, I heard him reply in a slow ha-rd voice.
📱Are you back now or when are you getting back?
📱I’m back, I heard him reply.
📱Really? Alright lemme come over to you. s£nd me the address of your house.
📱No, don’t bother.
📱come on cole. You have been out for days. To be really honest I missed your face.
I heard him chuckle immediately I said that.
📱Really? Alright I’ll s£nd it throu-gh text.
I dropped the call and ran to the bathroom to freshen up.
Because I love Rico doesn’t mean I don’t care about Cole. That’s the mean reason why I can’t just break up with him.
He has been good to me.
I freshened up and within minutes I was out of the bathroom.
I wore a simple dress and ran to the kitchen to eat something quic-kly.
I had milk and bacon then asked that driver that takes us to school to drive me and he agreed.
I brou-ght out my phone on the way and texted Rico that I’m out.
I didn’t want to tell him before going out cause he’ll want to find out where I am heading to
We got to Davies mansion and wow.
Its just as beautiful as Salvador’s.
Gosh wealthy people are really lucky.
The gate was opened for us when i told them I’m Cole’s girlfriend and school mate.
I knocked on the door after getting in and a maid opened the door.
She ushered me in and took me to Cole’s room.
I knocked softly on the door and heard his voice.
“Come in.”
I hesitated for a while before opening the door to get in.
He was sitting down on a chair and scrabbling something on a white piece of paper.
“Hey” I cooed getting closer to him.
His room was all boyish but damn beautiful.
“Hey” he replied and st©pped what he was doing.
“How are you?” I asked still starring at him.
There is sadness written all over his face ma-king me wonder if there is a problem.
“I’m okay, I see you’re doing good too” he said calmly and I nodded.
“You can sit on that couch” he beckoned on me and I went to the two sitters couch there and sat down.
He stood up and c@m£ to me.
Why is his face like that? Is it because of where he went to?
“Cole, why are you sad?” I asked with concern written all over my face.
“Did something bad happened where you went to?” I asked and he chuckled.
“Of course, not. Its just that I’m scared of loosing you to someone else” he cooed and my heart melted immediately.
I took my eyes away from him as guilt pla-yed it p@rt in me.
He took hold of my hand and squ-atted down to my size.
“Promise me you won’t leave me kendra” he said calmly and I took my eyes to his tears threatening to spill.
“Promise me” he said again almost pleading and I nodded slowly.
If you were in my shoe you would.
Gosh I don’t no how to escape this anymore.
He smiled and fondled my hand.
“Thanks” he added and I nodded then he gave me a quic-k k!sson the forehead.
Its ha-rd for those that doesn’t know.
The twins.